CashCrate Review: Is This a Real or Fake GPT Site?

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Have you been searching for a free money-making site? Welcome to my CashCrate review. I’ve spent several months testing this system out in order to determine if it’s a legitimate way of making money or an absolute scam. And in all honesty, it is a legit site.

CashCrate is one of the better sites for extra income online and is a great option to use if you are just starting out with making money. So, if you are interested to join, here’s my honest CashCrate review. 

In this CashCrate review, we will be looking at an online platform that allows you to earn money by completing offers and surveys. 

Like most people, you probably love free money. Now, with CashCrate, you can get paid for things you’re already doing online like searching the web and watching videos. 

This guide is meant to be a comprehensive review guide of CashCrate and I will provide you a complete CashCrate review. You will learn how CashCrate works? If it is a scam or not? What are the features offered by the site and whether it provides value to its customers?

By reading this CashCrate review and signing up, you will have access to hundreds of thousands of potential customers and thousands of companies who want to improve their business.

CashCrate Quick Review

What makes CashCrate unique?

  • Legit paying company
  • Pays via cash or PayPal
  • Free registration
  • Amazing site
  • Simple to use
  • Great surveys
  • Good reward options
  • Multiple survey options
  • Excellent referral program
  • Low payment threshold
  • Excellent customer support

CashCrate Detailed Guide

What is CashCrate?

CashCrate is a worldwide online survey panel that pays you in cash. CashCrate is a website that gives people the chance to make money online by completing offers and surveys.

It is one of the oldest online work at home opportunities that have been around for years. CashCrate is a free online service that gives you an opportunity to make money.

How to make money with CashCrate?

1. Complete offers

CashCrate is a pay-to-surf website. When you join CashCrate, you’ll be matched up with offers to complete. The offers vary like watching 10 minutes of videos or even downloading a file from a mobile app. CashCrate has more than 35,000 different offers and pays each month to its members.

2. Complete surveys

CashCrate gives you the chance to make money by completing free and paid online surveys. You can receive cash and other great rewards, too. The site is easy to use and lets you get started right away making money on opinion surveys and product testing.

3. Referring friends

CashCrate is a website that is in the business of referral marketing. It operates by paying people to refer their friends and family to it, kind of like a referral bonus. CashCrate offers users several ways to make money. 

The main way users make money is by referring friends and family members; if they do, they get paid for this referral. Those who have referred friends and family that earn money from CashCrate get paid as well. 

They will receive a portion of the earnings other members have generated.

4. Shopping

CashCrate is an online rewards program that pays you for shopping. For every shopping portal you visit on the CashCrate site or App, you will earn points that can then be redeemed for check or cash via PayPal. 

5. CashCrate contests

To enter CashCrate’s contests, you need only complete the information requested in the offer available to members. To read new offers and get details about the free entry offers, simply visit the main offers page.

6. Games, videos and bonus

CashCrate is a website that pays you to take free surveys, watch videos, and play games. Each task is worth different amounts of money, with higher-paying tasks available for higher-paying members who earn more points. 

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What are the types of surveys on CashCrate?

1. Market and product surveys

The market and product survey is designed to let you share your opinion on a specific product or the category/categories of products a certain company creates. 

You’ll be asked questions about the product(s) you’ve purchased from the company, what you think of them when you bought them, and the price at that time.

They will also ask if you’d recommend these products to others, and any other related information the company is interested in hearing about.

2. Human resource and employee surveys 

Human resources professionals and business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase company productivity, promote growth in the workplace and maintain a positive work environment. And sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

At CashCrate they want to help businesses turn their needs into actionable strategies. That’s why CashCrate conducts employee surveys designed for human resource professionals and business owners alike.

3. Events and conference surveys 

CashCrate has a wide variety of surveys, including event and conference surveys. These surveys are an opportunity for you to earn money by providing valuable feedback while at conventions, trade shows, or events.

4. Net promoter score surveys

A Net Promoter Score survey is a market research technique designed to gauge the loyalty of customers. It compares your customer base against competitors and benchmarks their loyalty levels, gathering valuable information that will help you run a successful business.

5. Customer satisfaction surveys

Beginning customers will take a quick survey about their experience with the CashCrate website and mobile app. Regular customers use the customer satisfaction survey to provide CashCrate insights that help improve the service.

They regularly conduct surveys and polls to gauge public opinion in order to design new features that are in line with the interests of its members. 

Sometimes, they use the results of those surveys to determine what type of offers to provide.

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How does CashCrate work?

CashCrate is a free-to-use earning platform. You can earn money from home, by completing offers such as completing surveys and playing games. Each offer you complete has the potential to give you a certain amount of reward points. 

Every time you complete a CashCrate survey, you’ll find your earnings deposited into your CashCrate account instantly. CashCrate pays in cash or PayPal. 

You must be 13 years old to earn money through surveys with CashCrate.

CashCrate is the easiest way to make money online and earn money. Every user has an opportunity to make money online by completing free offers, taking paid surveys, referring friends to CashCrate, winning contests, sharing coupons, and much more.

How do I join CashCrate?

Join CashCrate by completing the 3-minute online registration form. Once you fill out your information and click “submit”, you will create your own personal account that is really easy to keep organized. 

They will send a confirmation link to your email for you to verify your account. Just make sure you are above 13 years before you register for CashCrate.

How to get started with CashCrate?

Create your account

Simply create your account on and earn a $1 bonus just for signing up. Once you’ve signed up, grab a referral link. This is basically an affiliate code that you share with others in order to make more money. 

For each person that signs up using your link, you make a commission of 20% of their earnings in perpetuity until they delete their account or downgrade their membership (which means you can earn from the same person forever).

CashCrate also gives you the opportunity to create an account via your Facebook account.

Complete your profile

Becoming a member is easy. First, you need to complete your profile by entering your personal information, including your name and email. Then you’re ready to start earning. 

The amount of money you’ll make by completing offers will vary depending on how many offers you select each month. 

They pay members a percentage of the offers they earn, starting at 1%. If you’re brand new, expect to receive a $3 bonus offer just for signing up.

You can also earn additional bonuses if anyone you’ve invited to sign up for CashCrate uses your referral link when they register.

Confirm your email address

Sign up with your email address and quickly confirm your email address by clicking on the link contained within the confirmation email.

You will receive a link to confirm your email address. When you click it, you will be logged into and earn one dollar immediately. 

You can follow the directions from there and start earning money by completing offers and surveys. As soon as you earn $20, you will be able to cash out via PayPal or cash.

Answer the welcome survey

When you first join CashCrate, you’ll be asked to answer a welcome survey about yourself. That’ll give them an idea of your work experience, and let them match you with opportunities that are right for you.

Simply complete the short welcome survey to get started with CashCrate. With CashCrate, you can take online surveys and earn real money right in your account.

Explore your account

You can start earning money on by exploring your account. You’ll see the various ways you can earn money from shopping, searching, and completing offers.

You can earn cash instantly by simply exploring your account and seeing what products you like. Click on any product link above to see what types of offers are available.

Start taking surveys

You’ll earn CashCrate credits by taking online surveys, watching short videos, trying free samples, or unlocking offers. 

Participate in as many surveys as you want to get more chances to win cash. You can complete your profile and create an online identity so members recognize your name every time you win.

Plus, you’ll get personalized offers every week straight to your inbox.


Ready to get paid? Sign in to your CashCrate account, then click on the Cash-out button. Enter your payment information, select your payout method and complete the verification process. 

Confirm your payout via email by clicking on the link in the email or enter the confirmation code sent to you by phone. It’s that easy.

Note that your check will be sent to the address you put in while registering and you must have up to $20 in your CashCrate account before you are able to cash out.

Participate in contests

CashCrate offers every member the chance to earn extra money online by participating in one of their many daily online contests. 

All you have to do is log in, stay active, and wait for the contest to start. You will see a list of contests and offers that you can join. 

Each one has its own instructions on how to apply. You can earn anywhere from $0.50 USD to $25 USD every 5 minutes.

If you need help, use the live chat to get in touch with a customer service rep or check out the FAQ page for answers to common questions.

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What are the Pros of CashCrate?

1. Free to join and is open to people from multiple countries

CashCrate is free to join and open to people from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. Payments are made either by check or PayPal. 

2. Has an excellent referral program

CashCrate has one of the best referral programs of all the survey sites that I have come across. Once you have earned $20, you get a $10 bonus for each friend that you refer. 

Plus, the person that you referred to gets $5 and you get a smaller bonus as well.

3. A good number of tasks and surveys are available

There is a growing number of survey sites to choose from but CashCrate stands out from the crowd. 

CashCrate offers a good number of surveys, tasks, offers, and promo codes for money so making money online with Cash Crate is possible. 

CashCrate has a good number of tasks and surveys available. Some of the tasks that you can do include interacting with companies, downloading apps, taking surveys and watching videos. 

Many people choose to watch videos about products or services in exchange for money. Overall, this seems to be a good way to make extra money without being dependent on someone else.

4. A very friendly site which is clutter-free and easy to navigate

CashCrate is a very friendly site that is clutter-free and easy to navigate. CashCrate isn’t overly complicated, and most users will be able to find all the information they need without any problems. 

Newcomers will find the FAQ section useful, as well as the cash-out tracker, which tells members how much money they need to earn before they can request payment.

5. Doesn’t have the pesky point system and pays members in cash

CashCrate is a site that pays you for completing free offers on the Web. It actually pays you in cash. There are no points to track—it’s simple.

6. Fairly low payment threshold

CashCrate is one of the only free sites that pay you in cash rather than points or miles. This makes a big difference in your earnings when you can take money out rather than spend it on a travel credit card. 

The minimum payment threshold at CashCrate is $20, so you’ll get your first money out with $20. There is no minimum payout and you can have money taken out at any time, without any fees.

7. Excellent customer support

CashCrate understands that you have a choice. That is why they provide top-notch customer service. They will answer all your questions via their site and social media and quickly respond to any email you send.

What are the Cons of CashCrate?

1. Some offers involve using your credit card information

CashCrate is a popular site that offers users the opportunity to earn money completing tasks such as taking surveys and watching videos. 

In addition to this, you can complete offers, some of which require you to use your credit card information for financial transactions. This could be risky for individuals and cause issues with identity theft.

2. Harder to qualify for higher-paying surveys

CashCrate makes it easy to earn cash, but you could still have a hard time qualifying for some of the higher-paying surveys. 

In our experience, you won’t qualify for any meaningful survey until your opinion has earned at least $5.00 in reward money. 

Although, that’s not much money if you want to get paid on anything other than a few fast, casual surveys.

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Alternatives to CashCrate


Is CashCrate a legit platform?

Yes. CashCrate is a legitimate platform for making money online. If you are looking to make money completing small tasks online or filling out surveys, then you should sign up.

Can I make money on CashCrate?

Yes, you can make money on CashCrate. You have the potential to earn $100 or more per survey. This is a nice way of earning extra cash while doing what you are already doing online – exploring the internet and taking surveys.

Is CashCrate a secure site?

Yes. CashCrate is a secure site using the latest 128-bit SSL security encryption technology. This ensures that your personal information is protected as it travels over the Internet. 

You will see “https” at the beginning of the web address and a locked padlock icon in the URL field of your browser, which confirms that you are on a secure site.

Can I join CashCrate for free?

Yes, you can join for free and start earning money from home whenever you want. You do not have to pay anything to join CashCrate and signing up is straightforward and simple.

Can I ask my friends to join CashCrate?

Yes! You can ask as many people as you like to join CashCrate. It would be a good idea to have some of your friends sign up under you so that they will start getting paid for everything they do.

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Final Thoughts

I’ve been using CashCrate for a little over 11 months now, and I can tell you that it absolutely works. My fiancé was actually the one who found it, and she told me all about it. 

We both started using it around the same time, as well. It took her a little over a month to start earning cash from it, while it took me just a week or so to start making extra money on the side. 

It’s easy to use and really fun once you get into the mode of completing offers and surveys and such. This is what motivated me to write this CashCrate review.

So if you’ve finished reading this CashCrate review, I hope you have learned a bit more about CashCrate. At the very least, I hope your view of them has changed and shifted from “scammy” to hopeful. 

I hope this CashCrate review has at least made you somewhat reconsider what you thought you knew about them.

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