DG Customer First – Win $100 Gift Card With Dollar General Survey [dgcustomerfirst]

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Have you heard of the DG Customer First which is an online survey rewarding both new and repeat customers who provide feedback about their experience at the Dollar General store?

Whether your answer is yes or no, in this DG Customer First Survey complete guide, I will discuss in detail, what you need to join and how you can participate in the survey to stand a chance of winning a $100 gift card for free.

Quick Review

Why should you participate in the DG Customer First?

  • It is completely free to join
  • Available nationwide
  • Purchase is not compulsory
  • Short and simple questions
  • No disqualification from surveys
  • No payout threshold
  • Online & Mail-In-Entry
  • $100 gift card
  • Gives 3 days to claim prize
  • Site is mobile friendly
  • 1 receipt per entry
  • Win up to 2 times within the sweepstakes period
  • Survey is conducted by a reliable company

Detailed Review

Here’s everything you need to know about DG Customer First.

What is Dollar General?

Dollar General (DG), Inc. is a Fortune 500 company and one of America’s leading retailers. It has more than 16,000 stores in all 50 states, plus e-commerce operations at www.dollargeneral.com.

The company provides consumers with high-quality products at low everyday prices, including consumables such as food, snacks, health and beauty aids, household cleaning supplies, and pet supplies; apparel and home fashions; hardware and housewares.

What DG does is simple—they help their customers save money so they can live better. They’re one of America’s favorite discount retailers for a reason; DG makes it easy to find amazing, high-quality products for less.

To improve customer satisfaction, DG is allowing their customers to voice out their opinion regarding the shopping experience they had with DG Store.

If you’re already patronizing any of Dollar General’s stores, DG Customer First is the chance you have to help the company give you better customer service the next time you shop at their store. In return, you will stand the chance of winning a $100 gift card.

How Does DG Customer First Work?

Are you a resident of the United States? If yes, then you sure have a Dollar General Store nearby which you’ve probably been patronizing, or can quickly get some items and commodities at a competitive price.

The DG Customer First is an online survey created by Dollar General to allow consumers to provide feedback on their services and goods. With the feedback, the company will be able to better satisfy your requirements as well as the needs of others.

As a customer satisfaction survey, DG Customer First Survey is majorly for those who have purchased an item from the store. What if you’ve never bought anything from Dollar General? You can still participate, but you will have to make a purchase first.

The reason why you need to buy something first is that you need a valid DG receipt to access the survey.

In my experience, this is how most online customer satisfaction surveys work. They use their receipt as a ticket for the participants to access their survey.

Though DG Customer First offers an alternative way to participate in the survey, it’s a stressful process (more about this later).

Once the survey is completed, you’ll be given the option to enter into the sweepstakes to win a $100 gift card. The gift card can be used to buy items at any Dollar General store across the country.

Who Can Join DG Customer First?

DG Customer First Survey is exclusively for the legal resident of the United States, no exception. Therefore, if you’re not residing in the US, I will suggest you check out other international survey sites.

Another important factor that qualifies you to participate in the survey, you must be at least 18 years old at the time of entry. This seems to be the same with other customer satisfaction surveys except for McDVoice (McDonald’s Customer Feedback Survey).

Unlike many other similar surveys, McDVoice allows US residents who are 15+ years old. So if you do not meet DG Customer First age requirement, you should take part in the McDVoice Survey.

Dollar General online survey is conducted in English and Spanish language. Therefore you must be able to write or read in any of the two languages.

In addition to the above requirements, as stated earlier, you must have a DG receipt to access the survey. It’s your ticket. Without it, you will be denied accessibility.

Lastly, since it’s an online survey, you must have a computer, tablet, or smartphone to take the survey.

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How to Avoid Being Disqualified From the DG Customer First Survey

Since the survey is not for everyone, and it’s has a few requirements, you can expect it to have some rules and regulations. As a result, even with a valid DG receipt, you might not be able to participate in the survey.

Employees of the sponsor and administrator, as well as their subsidiaries, parent businesses, partner agencies, affiliates, and consultants, are not permitted to participate in the sweepstakes to assure fairness.

Furthermore, the restriction also applies to the workers’ immediate family and household members. So if you have a family or household member who belongs to any of the mentioned categories, unfortunately, you can’t win the $100 gift card.

In addition, those who enter the sweepstakes are deemed to have provided their unequivocal consent to the official rules and decisions of the sponsor.

I will advise you to join other online surveys like Survey Savvy or MyPoints which don’t have such restrictions.

How Much Can You Possibly Earn On DG Customer First?

Unlike KFC or Subway Survey, DG Customer First Survey rewards participants with gift cards not food. Therefore, it is possible to tell how much you can make by taking the survey.

However, this is not a regular survey site where you will have a stream of online surveys coming from different companies. So if you are hoping to receive a steady amount of survey invitations daily, unfortunately, that won’t happen.

By participating in the DG customer survey, you can make $100 (in form of a gift card).

In my opinion, this is a good thing for an online survey as you can easily tell you may get out of the survey. This will help you decide whether it’s worth it or not.

A similar customer satisfaction survey with a more generous reward is Home Depot Survey with a chance to win a $5,000 gift card.

If you’re looking to upgrade any part of your home or planning to get some home appliance, you can take part in the Home Depot Survey in addition to the DG Customer First Survey.

Overall, DG Customer First has been designed with participants in mind. It’s transparent enough and involves a stress-free process. Therefore, if you have a few minutes to spare, I will recommend you take part in the survey if you’re eligible.

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How Does DG Customer First Pay Its Participants?

DG Customer First pays it participants with a chance to win a $100 gift card which can be used to buy anything you want from DG store across the United States.

As much as a gift card sounds good enough to be rewarded with for participating in a customer satisfaction survey, there are similar surveys with cash prize rewards.

Pizza Hut Survey, Lowe’s Survey, and Taco Bell Survey are a few of such online surveys. Lowe’s Survey rewards you with a chance to win $500 and Taco Bell Survey offers the same reward while Pizza Hut offers an opportunity to win a $1,000 cash prize.

I think cash prizes give you more freedom to spend your money (if you eventually win of course) as you want.

Gift card on the other hand limits you to compulsorily spend the money buying something you might not really want to get because that’s the only way you can claim your reward.

However, a $100 gift card is still a generous reward for an online survey that not only takes a few minutes.

In addition to DG online survey, you can sign up with survey sites that reward participants with Direct Bank DepositAmazon Gift Cards, Visa Cards, and Walmart Gift Cards.

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How Can You Make Money On DG Customer First?

There’s no other way to make money on DG Customer First than answering the customer survey questionnaire.

If you’re not new to online customer feedback surveys, you will know by now most of them (if not all) only provides survey as the way to get rewards for your time and efforts.

I think this is simply because the objective of DG Customer First is to get customer feedback from thousands of the store’s customers scattered across the United States.

This seems to be the most common drawback of customer feedback surveys. However, the good news is that you can join multiple survey sites as many as possible.

One thing I like about joining different survey platforms is that no two survey sites are created the same way. Multiple survey sites open you to multiple earning opportunities, offers, and rewards.

It’s much better and interesting if you have many options when it comes to online surveys.

As mentioned a couple of times, you must have a valid DG receipt in your position before you can participate. However, that’s not the only way you can participate, but it’s the easiest I will recommend.

Let me explain the two entry process in detail so you can decide which suit your preference.

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Entry With a Dollar General Receipt

As usual for most online customer surveys, using a receipt as a ticket is the easiest way to access the survey.

Even if you’ve never patronized the business before, you can easily go to any of their outlets close to your area to obtain a receipt.

In my experience, I have not come across any such survey where you’re required to buy a specific item to obtain a receipt. So, you can choose to buy any item in as much you will be given a receipt. It doesn’t matter if the item costs 1 cent or $100.

The receipt comes with a store number, the time it was printed, and a 15-digit survey code. This is the information you need to access the survey.

Simply enter that information, and you will be taken to the questionnaire page. After you complete the survey, you will be given an option to enter into the sweepstakes or exit.

Be aware, finishing the survey doesn’t automatically enter you into the sweepstakes. It’s a choice you will have to make after answering the survey question. The survey is only a gateway into the sweepstakes.

Entry Without a Dollar General Receipt

It’s possible to take part in the DG Customer First sweepstakes without purchasing to obtain a DG receipt.

To enter the sweepstake with no receipt, you will need to hand-write your full name, stress address, email address, birth date, and phone number on a 3.5′′ x 5′′ card.

After that, you will have to mail it to the promo address at PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, Michigan 48325, with enough postage stamps. It should be sent to the “Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes.”

Mail-in entries will be eligible if they are postmarked during the entry period. Furthermore, they must be received by the deadlines established by the DG Customer First.

In my experience, this is such a long and stressful process to enter a survey site sweepstakes. However, if you don’t have a receipt and are ready to go through the process, you can go for this entry method.

How do You Claim the $100 If You Win?

If you’re one of the winners, the administrator will contact you through phone or email. After that, you will be given three days to submit your mailing address so that your prize can be sent through the post office.

Be informed, it may take six to eight weeks for your prize to be delivered. Also, a prize substitution or exchange is not permitted without the sponsor’s permission.

If a potential winner is found to be ineligible, disobeys the rules, refuses the prize, fails to reply, or the reward is returned undeliverable, the prize may be forfeited.

In this scenario, it may be given to a different entrant at random from the remaining entries. Therefore, ensure you respond with your mailing address as soon as you are contacted.


  • Completely free to join
  • Easy to register
  • Validation code is valid for 30 days
  • Chances of disqualification is low
  • No payout threshold
  • Win a $100 gift card
  • The site is mobile friendly


  • Restricted to only legal residents of US
  • Only offers survey opportunity


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How long will the DG Customer First Survey take?

The DG Customer First Survey takes approximately 6 ‐15 minutes to complete.

What kind of questions are asked in the DG Customer First Survey?

Since it’s a customer feedback survey, questions can include overall customer satisfaction, quality of products and services, prices of the products and services, how often one visits the store, and behavior of the staff during your visit.


The DG Customer First is an excellent way for the company to get customer feedback. The purpose is to improve the quality of their service and increase customer satisfaction.

In exchange for your opinion, you get a chance to win a $100 gift card to shop at Dollar General Store. It offers a stress-free process from the beginning to the end. If you would like to enter for a chance to win the $100 gift card, you can choose to use any of the entry options.

Finally, If you are looking for survey sites with numerous offers and rewards in addition to the DG Customer First Survey, here are the best-paid survey sites.

Surveystor provides relevant details on how to earn extra income on survey platformsGPT sitescashback platforms, and PTC sites.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Thanks for reading.

Ready to Participate in DG Customer First?

Click the button to get started. If you are contacted as a winner, don’t forget to send your mailing address within 3 days.