EarnCrypto Review: Is It a Legit Way To Earn Cryptocurrencies?

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Let’s face it, we all want free coins, right? The cryptocurrency market has exploded over the years with an influx of new investors and opportunities to get in on the action. EarnCrypto is a site offering users the opportunity to complete tasks in return for earning cryptocurrency. 

Given that many crypto investors are looking for ways to earn extra money, it’s an intriguing concept. But how does this website work? Is it a scam or does it offer real opportunities for making money in exchange for your time and effort?

I am not going to waste your time with a short review here. I am going to do an in-depth EarnCrypto review for you guys. So, let’s get started.

Quick summary

  • Eligibility: Global availability
  • Supported devices: web browsers
  • Accounts per person/IP/household: 1
  • Minimum earnings to cashout: No minimum threshold
  • Payment options: Cryptocurrency only
  • Cashout period: Payments are made within 7 business days
  • What to do: Complete surveys, watch videos, refer friends, install apps, data entry
  • Signup bonus: None
  • Referral program: Yes (You get 10% of their completed sponsored offers)

In-depth review

What is EarnCrypto?

EarnCrypto is an online platform that allows users to complete simple tasks and earn cryptocurrency in the form of Bitcoin. 

Using this system you can earn a passive income by completing tasks that you normally would do anyways such as viewing ads, referring friends, playing games, shopping online, or searching the internet.

Think of it as a modern-day Get-Paid-To (GPT) site, but unlike GPT sites you can earn crypto from EarnCrypto. You get cryptocurrencies for free because EarnCrypto also earns cash. Taking surveys or watching videos generates a small amount of revenue for them by partnering with advertisers.

After that, the company deposits the cryptocurrencies into your digital wallet. If you are just starting and do not have a digital wallet, I recommend Trust Wallet because of its simple UI and it is also safe.

Is EarnCrypto legitimate? 

EarnCrypto is a decent company. It is a website that allows you to earn cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.. in short, it allows you to mine cryptocurrencies without actually mining them. 

On its official website, the platform claims it offers unlimited earning amounts in over 100 different currencies. They use this business model to attract users, and they use a tagline describing their service as way better than mining.

They pay for the time you spend completing surveys and offers. Earning free cryptocurrency is so simple and easy to do by anybody who has the time. 

It’s also easy to verify if people did earn cryptocurrency as they claim since all transactions are published on the website. Also, beginners can start earning free cryptocurrency from home today by following the instructions on their website.

In addition, the website claims to have 256-bit encryption, so rest assured that security is guaranteed.

Is EarnCrypto worth It?

EarnCrypto has been making some headway as a known crypto faucet site. For those of you who don’t know what a crypto faucet site is, it’s a website that rewards users with small fractions of cryptocurrency for completing tasks like watching videos or completing surveys.

To earn Bitcoin you need to complete simple tasks and watch advertisements. The number of ads and payment per ad depending on your activities. You can earn more by completing tasks faster and by referring more people to join. 

Also, you do not need to invest any money because there is no minimum deposit amount required to start earning. Moreover, one must consider the volatility of cryptocurrencies. 

Although you’re receiving a small amount of cash now, Bitcoin’s value is likely to increase substantially in the future. 

As far as I can tell, it’s worth signing up to see what EarnCrypto is because it’s somewhat transparent.

How does EarnCrypto work?


The process is simple and straightforward. Let me work you through the steps.

1. Register


EarnCrypto registration is simple. To get started, just enter your login information, e-mail address, and password. Be sure to confirm your email address. Note that there can only be one account per IP.

2. Choose your main currency

When you join EarnCrypto for free, your account will be linked to a Dashboard where you can choose to earn your main cryptocurrency for completing simple tasks.

Bitcoin is a trustworthy choice among many if you’re not familiar with which one to use. The currency can be changed later if you wish. You can do this by selecting Balance/Set Main Coin from the menu.

3. Complete your tasks

Having set up your account, it’s time to earn free cryptocurrencies by completing online tasks. EarnCrypto makes it easy to earn cryptocurrency rewards. Complete a variety of tasks such as advertising, surveys, installing apps, or watching videos.  

Every task is designed to be simple and fun; completing several tasks will help boost your earnings. Some of the quickest ways to earn cash are by watching videos and referrals.

4. Redeem to your wallet

I know the biggest question on your mind is: how do I get the money out?  At the moment, there is no minimum withdrawal requirement on the platform. Withdrawing a very small amount is subject to fees. Nevertheless, if you withdraw more than $10, you will not be charged a fee.

Considering that cryptocurrencies fluctuate greatly in value, it is difficult to assess how much this amounts to. If you wish to withdraw, all you need to do is enter your wallet address and click go.

Withdraw requests will be sent to the exchange or payment processor the platform works with. Should your request be rejected for being too small, you will be notified by email.

EarnCrypto pays me for what tasks?

1. Watching videos

If you watch videos, why not get rewarded for it? Watching videos is an option for earning cryptocurrencies from EarnCrypto. You will be paid for watching different advertisements from their advertisers.

What do I like about watching videos? They’re completely passive. Once you hit the play button, all videos continue playing without you having to hit a button to move to the next one. You could run this all day.

Though the rewards are low, it’s one of the most passive things you can do. Watching videos is helpful for this reason.

2. Data entry

EarnCrypto pays you for your effort in doing manual data entry work. The data entry jobs are easy and flexible. It is mainly typing work, you can do this job from any place or country. 

EarnCrypto provides you with the data form which you have to simply fill it and submit on their platform. You can earn more money if you’re able to complete your tasks more quickly. I recommend this task if you type fast.

3. Completing surveys

Completing surveys is one of the most profitable ways to make extra cash on the internet today. Many companies want to understand their customer’s opinions and satisfaction about their services and products. They do these via paid surveys.

A survey is an interview-like process that collects opinions and preferences and asks specific questions. Survey hosts, such as EarnCrypto do this for businesses to provide data that can be used to evaluate their performance, measure consumer trends and ultimately increase revenues.

Answering the questions is straightforward, but sometimes you may have to type your answer. The market research company will approve your survey once you are done and will then send you your points. 

It usually takes about 5 and 50 minutes to complete the survey, and the more effort you put into it, the more points you get.

Learn more: How to qualify for more surveys.

4. Installing apps

Installing apps has never been this fun. You will be required to install apps from interested parties on your phone to earn cryptocurrency. Some of them are free and interesting. 

Though some of them may not be of interest to you, it’s no big deal. Once you have received your points from the app, you can uninstall it.

5. Referring your friends

Refer your friends to EarnCrypto and receive 10% commissions for each offer they complete for life. It means that you will continue to earn 10% of your referral’s earnings as long as it is active on EarnCrypto.com, with no maximum threshold.

The process is pretty simple – they sign up with your referral code.  The referral program is good for earning passively. If you have an audience to promote, you’ll make the most of this.

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What about customer support?


All of these features are great, but if you can’t get any support, you’ll get nowhere. Fortunately, this is one area where EarnCrypto shines. The platform has a help center section with FAQs that answers almost all of the possible questions any user can have. 

So before creating a support ticket, it’s a good idea to check the FAQs section first. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the FAQ, you have the option of creating a support ticket. What you will enjoy about this support system is its ability to monitor the updates on your query.

Pros of EarnCrypto

EarnCrypto comes with many advantages for both users as well as advertisers. It has already gained quite the following, which we can tell from the fact that they are paying out large amounts to users almost every hour. Let’s have a look at some of the pros of this site :

Earn cryptocurrencies for completing tasks

There are many ways to earn cryptocurrency, but most of them cost you money or require you to have a high level of technical knowledge. EarnCrypto is different, it offers ways to earn crypto without any cost or special knowledge

The platform provides many opportunities for earning cryptocurrency. You can earn money completing tasks, doing simple things online, and also by viewing ads and other easy ways too! The more tasks you complete, the more engaging they become as well.

It is available worldwide, so it has many users

It is a platform that is available worldwide and has many users. The use of this platform can be accessed by members globally and even from those with no accounts there. 

The system is indeed beautiful and harmless to the users in a way that it serves its purpose. They also have many users who claim to be making money through their site who are willing to stake the claims for them.

There are plenty of offers available every day 

Earning free bitcoin is fun and easy. EarnCrypto is one of the best sites I have come across when it comes to surveys and offers.

 All you have to do is simply visit EarnCrypto and browse through the featured offers, complete as many offers as you’d like, and start earning free bitcoin today! 

There is no limit to surveys available on this site; you can join any amount of surveys every day and complete them all.

The referral program

EarnCrypto has a referral program that allows you to grow your crypto investment portfolio with every person you refer. As a merchant, you can also earn commissions from your customer’s referrals.

What I love the most about the referral program is that there is no limit to the number of commissions you get from your referrals. As long as they complete their offers, you get your 10% commission. Cool right?

Cons of EarnCrypto

Well, even technology is not free of issues. It can help you in many ways but still, you have to face its disadvantages too. Here is a list of some cons of EarnCrypto:

Reward levels are low 

EarnCrypto is an interesting concept, allowing users to earn free crypto by completing different tasks. Unfortunately, they are missing one crucial element from their reward system, and that is increasing the rate of earning as you complete more offers.

You are charged a fee to withdraw less than $10

Though they claim to have no fixed minimum payout threshold, they charge a fee for withdrawals of less than 10%. So, if there is no minimum threshold, why do they require a fee to redeem points less than $10.

If you want to get the money you earn from the site, not all but some back to your bank account or crypto wallet then you have to wait until it builds up over $10 before you can withdraw. 

This is different from most sites because they usually don’t charge anything to withdraw your earnings.

The number of payment options is limited

The biggest complaint I have about this company is the number of ways that you can get paid. 

Right now, they only offer cryptocurrency as a deposit method and pay-outs. I would like to see a choice of payment choices.

Nevertheless, this is understandable considering that it is a crypto-focused earning website and most people using it are crypto investors.

It’s not very user-friendly 

EarnCrypto is a fairly basic platform with no real eye-catching design, so it doesn’t have a wow factor. EarnCrypto reviewers mentioned that although this platform looks like a promising one, it’s not very user-friendly. 

It’s sometimes impossible to navigate and explore the offered categories without difficulty. However, there is no choice but to try and interact with the website, again and again, to get things done.

One account per household/IP

EarnCrypto does not allow multiple accounts per household/IP under any circumstances. As the website is now, if you do spoof your IP, it’ll just detect that you’re using the same IP and will ban both your accounts.

Though this is one way to stop people from signing up multiple times to earn more coins. EarnCrypto is probably not the main income provider for most people, so they don’t want spam from their websites.

While it’s understandable, the majority of members here are probably sitting on more than 1 device, at least a Laptop, a PC, and a mobile phone. Or if you have more than 2 people living in your household and you all would like to register, you can’t.

As a result, you need to be careful recommending EarnCrypto to members of your household. Having more than one account per IP may cause your account to be blocked.

Alternatives to EarnCrypto


Who can join EarnCrypto?

Anyone anywhere in the world who has a computer, smartphone, or tablet and an internet connection can earn money online using EarnCrypto. 

Furthermore, a prospective member of the EarnCrypto site must be an individual who has a serious interest in earning or accumulating cryptocurrency and altcoins. They should also have a bitcoin wallet.

How much can I earn with EarnCrypto?

EarnCrypto provides a ton of ways for you to earn cryptocurrency by doing things you already do on the internet, like watching videos, reading an article, filling out a survey, watching a video, and many more. There are even ways to earn by referring people through your referral link.

Earning per task or hour might be difficult to determine precisely. Although watching videos is one of EarnCrypto’s most passive tasks, it is the most lucrative. 

The videos will automatically continue playing until you choose to stop them. This means you can even go to sleep or do other stuff while playing the videos.

EarnCrypto has no set limit, it all depends on how much time you can devote to this and how many friends you can persuade to subscribe.

How do I get paid?

The more offers you complete, the more points you earn. Once you’ve earned points, you can then convert them into cryptocurrency. In other words, if you hoped to use this site to pick up gift cards or your earnings via PayPal, EarnCrypto is NOT for you. 

It is necessary to have a crypto wallet before you can withdraw your earnings. Payments generally take about a week to reflect.

How soon do I get paid?

To ensure that EarnCrypto’s advertisers have not had any questions/issues with your activity, the staff must review your account and verify you completed the offers. 

Once your account has been reviewed and approved, they submit your payment request to advertisers on your behalf. 

It can take up to 7 business days for you to receive your payment.

When I use EarnCrypto I get free cryptocurrencies. How does that work?

Through EarnCrypto, advertisers are provided market research that enables successful campaigns. EarnCrypto allows you to earn free cryptocurrency by completing simple tasks such as watching ads, surveys, and visiting websites. 

For your participation, a portion of the money is returned to you. Besides, your efforts also help companies improve their products and services. After you’ve earned your crypto, you can transfer it to an exchange like Coinbase and easily convert it into cash!

Is EarnCrypto free?

EarnCrypto is free to use, however, users must complete a series of advertising offers or watch videos to earn crypto. EarnCrypto never asks for private information from their members who sign up and use our system.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, EarnCrypto has developed an amazing earning opportunity that is set to change the way the world makes money. The idea and concept of being able to earn cryptocurrencies by watching videos or completing tasks online is a great one.

This site does make earning Bitcoin easier than any other website that I have found to date. To work with this site you will need a Bitcoin wallet address of course but that is free to create and use anytime you wish if not already in your possession. 

The way they give out free points is by going around and doing offers just how Swagbucks works. It’s a risk-free way of making money and that’s what I like the most!

Thank you for taking the time to read my EarnCrypto review.

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