EarnHoney Review: Is It A Legit GPT Site? [Read Before you Join]

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The ‘honey’ in Earnhoney depicts that the rewards offered on the platform would be sweet. However, is it ‘sweet’? Find out in this Earnhoney review.

Earnhoney has been around for over five years. The company, which is owned by BayBee, LLC, makes some big claims about its services. Apart from claiming that you can earn three times faster with their platform than other Get-Paid-To sites, they also offer a first-day gift card guarantee.

You will see all this information on their landing page.

So, with all these claims, is Earnhoney real, or are they another time-waster?

Read this Earnhoney review to the end to find out.

Quick Review

Here is my quick Earnhoney review:

  • Legit GPT platform
  • Free to join
  • Offers more ways to earn on the platform
  • Withdraw your earnings via PayPal, Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards
  • You must be 14+ to join
  • Available worldwide
  • Points-based earnings
  • BBB accredited with A+ rating
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold is $5
  • Some offers don’t pay any credit

Detailed Review of Earnhoney

What is Earnhoney?

Earnhoney is a Get-Paid-To website that pays its members for carrying out different activities, such as completing surveys, watching videos, and playing games. The company was launched in April 2015.

When you land on their landing page, you will see a claim that reads; “one of the top two sites to earn money in your spare time.” Although I cannot confirm or deny this statement; however, I find it to be a huge claim to make.

Earnhoney also claims they have been featured by MSN, the Business Insider, Huffington Post, and other prominent websites. They also have an AAA+ BBB rating.

By completing different tasks on the website, you will be able to earn OPTin coins. When you make the required minimum of $5, you will be able to earn gift cards.

There are lots of ways to make money on this platform. In this Earnhoney review, we will look at the different ways you can make money online on Earnhoney.

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What makes EarnHoney different?

Relatively new platform

Earnhoney was launched in April 2015. Thus, they are relatively new in the GPT industry. The company claims that they have paid out over $7 million to their members within this period.

Although Earnhoney is available internationally; however, USA visitors will make the most earnings due to advertiser demand.

As a new member on the platform, you can earn 2 OPTin when you answer three basic questions about yourself through the Answer and Earn popup. This will be displayed in your account as you scroll through the website.

VIP Program

Standard and VIP redemptions are the redemptions that Earnhoney offers. The VIP program helps you to get rewarded faster. If you are a VIP user, you will be able to redeem up to your weekly limit from your Instant OPTin. This allows you to receive your requested rewards immediately.

If you want to increase your available VIP redemption amount, you will need to verify your account information and watch out for videos, surveys, and offers that will help you earn instant OPTin.

Multiple reward options

If you have a standard redemption threshold of 50 OPTin in your account, you will be able to request a reward that worth $5. You can withdraw your earnings by using Amazon e-gift cards, pre-paid debit Visa cards, or PayPal. You can also donate your points to the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross, WWF, and other charities.

VIP redemption amounts start at $5 or $10 worth of VIP OPTin. They include rewards such as pre-paid Visa cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and lots more.

If you want to earn extra points for carrying out tasks and activities, be on the lookout for holidays and bonuses. You will find these in a message at the top of your account.

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How To Make Money On EarnHoney

The main reason why you are on this page is to learn how you can make money on EarnHoney. This section of my EarnHoney review will take care of that.

1. Paid surveys

You can take surveys on Earnhoney and make money by sharing your opinion. This is an earning method that is found on all GPT websites.

For you to qualify for surveys and earn, you need to fill your profile. This is usually easy to do, and it is the same process with all survey sites.

2. Watch videos

This is the biggest section on Earnhoney. This section allows you to earn by watching videos. You can decide to watch videos in different categories. This enables you to find interesting videos irrespective of what your interest is.

You will come across many videos on Earnhoney. And the good part of it is that the videos are easy to get access to.

However, here is an annoying experience I noticed on a GPT site.

Many GPT websites allow you to watch videos and make money by just clicking a button and watching the videos.

On Earnhoney, you will have to go through lots of steps. First, you will have to click the category you want to watch a video in. Then, you will be redirected to a page that contains the rules.

If you want to proceed, you need to click a link that will take you to a Facebook page of the partner with the video. When you get to the Facebook page, you need to click on a link that will take you to another website where you will watch the actual video.

You will earn about 0.02 OPTin for watching a video. 1 OPTin equals $0.10. This implies that you will have to watch 50 videos to earn 10 cents.

I do not think it is worth the hassle.

3. Take offers

Paid offers are a great way to increase your earnings on GPT websites, provided you select the right offers. I don’t have much to say about this option on Earnhoney.

Maybe it is because of the country where I live. However, I was able to invite friends to join the platform; that was the only ‘offer’ I got.

Ideally, an offer section on survey websites will have lots of free trials, apps that you can download, and contests amongst others.

I could not find anything like this on Earnhoney.

4. Play games

Earnhoney allows you to play games and make money. This section allows you to download three apps for low rewards.

It is important to note that your earnings here will not directly be in your Earnhoney account. The apps appear to be a part of the same network as Earnhoney. As a result, EarnHoney will reward you with OPTins.

However, this task will not make you lots of money.

5. Earnhoney codes

When you log in to your Earnhoney account, look at the top of the member area. You will see an option that allows you to earn free OPTins by finding Earnhoney codes.

You will need to be patient to find Earnhoney codes.

They are promo codes and are often used by survey and GPT websites.

Earnhoney also stated that you can find these codes on their social media platforms. 

You can check the company’s Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages for the codes. If you subscribe to their email list, you can also find the codes in their emails.

However, I checked out their social media accounts and could not find any codes there. No code has been posted there for a long time. That does not mean you will not find one when you check; it simply means you will need to be very patient if you want to find these codes.

The codes are valid for a limited period. So, if you are lucky to find one, ensure you use it as soon as you can to enjoy the easiest way to make money on the website.

In this area, Earnhoney’s payment is not as good as what is seen on other websites. That’s my opinion though.

When you first register on Earnhoney, you will come across a field asking if you have an Earnhoney registration code. This is different from a promo code that will earn you free points. It is a code from a friend that referred you to the website. This code will not give you free rewards, so do not worry if you don’t have it.

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Other Ways To Make Money On EarnHoney

As we proceed in this EarnHoney review, let’s take a look at other ways through which you can earn on the platform:

1. Referral

GPT websites allow their members to refer their friends and loved ones.

If your friend uses your unique referral link or referral code that is found below your “invite” tab close to the top of your screen, you will earn 10% of whatever they earn for life.

Irrespective of what you do, whether you’re a blogger or a social media influencer, you can track all the people you refer to EarnHoney through your dashboard.

2. User panel

The user panel on EarnHoney provides the availability of ad demand, based on a scale of 0 to 9; with 9 being the ad that has the highest demand. This panel is connected to your account.

From my observation, you will be able to have access to the service provider and make money doing the necessary tasks provided your number remains in the green.

However, if your number falls into yellow or red, EarnHoney may ban your IP temporarily. I guess this was implemented to give you an idea of where your account stands with the service providers. You could be permanently banned in some cases.

As long as you adhere to the rules of the website and you’re not using bots to watch videos for long hours straight, you don’t have anything to worry about. Some users also suggested you should try and limit your credits to about $1 every day.

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How To Redeem Your Points

You join paid surveys and GPT websites for one reason- to make money (no matter how small it is).

EarnHoney allows you to redeem your earnings in many ways. You can redeem your points either through the platform’s VIP redemption or as a standard VIP redemption.

To become a VIP and have access to fast redemption turnaround, you will be asked to verify your information. This will allow you to earn a particular amount of surveys or offers.

As a VIP member, you will receive your payment faster through an online Visa voucher which is usually processed within 24 hours.

Standard redemptions, on the other hand, allow members to withdraw through Visa debit card, OPTin coin, Amazon gift card, or PayPal. Those on standard redemptions can also donate their earnings to charities.

Your minimum payout will be determined by your payout method. Some members stated that their minimum payout was 48.50 OPTin coins for Visa cards while others said theirs was 50.00 OPTin coins for PayPal.

As stated earlier, 1 OPTin coin equals 10 cents (or 10 OPTin coins per $1). This implies that the minimum payout is roughly $5.

How much money can I earn on EarnHoney?

The amount of money (HoneyDollar) that you can earn on EarnHoney depends on how active you are on the platform. The more difficult the tasks you complete are, the more money you stand to earn.

For example, a one-minute video pays 0.2HDs while playing a game for 10 minutes can pay you about 3HDs. So, you can increase your earnings by ensuring that you are active on the platform, and by taking part in complex offers.

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Who can join EarnHoney?

If you go through the FAQ section on EarnHoney, you will discover that only those from the USA can join.

The truth is anyone can join from any country because you can choose any country in your account settings.

So, you can join EarnHoney from anywhere if you want to.

However, after logging in to your account, you will see a message at the top of the screen that says international members will have fewer earning opportunities than those living in the United States.

But my opinion is irrespective of the country you live in, I’m sure there will be better alternatives in your country.

Does EarnHoney have a mobile app?

If you register on EarnHoney and you like the website, you may consider using it on the go. You can do this with the EarnHoney app.

By making use of the EarnHoney app, you can easily have access to the platform on the go. The app does not offer anything new or anything different from what you have on the website. But the app can be an awesome way to have easy access to the website if you love using it.

Does EarnHoney provide support?

It is not easy to find the support section of EarnHoney. However, it is there if you need help at any point in time.

You will find it at the bottom of the screen (in the website footer). There is a link called ‘support site.’ When you click this link, you will be redirected to a page that has different questions and answers.

There is a small link called ‘Submit a Request’ when you check the top bar of this page. You can click on this link to send a message to support.

Based on the members’ feedback that I read, most users complain that the support is slow in responding to their complaints. I have not had any reason to contact them so I can’t say much in this area.

However, when I looked at the social media pages of the company, I discovered that the support does not reply to those that commented on their posts or asked questions. I feel EarnHoney support can improve in this area to project their brand image in good light.

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Listed below are what I found advantageous about the EarnHoney platform:

  • EarnHoney has a $5 redemption rate. This comes with awesome choices like Amazon gift cards and PayPal.
  • The platform appears to be an easy way to make extra money online when you are watching videos.
  • It is 100% free to sign up.
  • The website is good if they have lots of offers that members can choose from.


Here are the issues I have with the website:

  • Problems such as a black screen can be encountered while watching videos.
  • It takes customer support a long time to respond to members’ complaints.
  • Lots of members complain about their accounts being banned.
  • Lately, there are not too many offers to choose from.
  • Redemptions either take too long or are rejected for some members.
  • Some users complain of their accounts being restricted for some days.
  • Some offers don’t pay any credits.


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Is EarnHoney a scam?

Judging from the fact the company has paid out lots of money to its members ever since it was launched in 2015, I can say that it is not a scam GPT website. It is legit (despite the minor issues it has).

Is EarnHoney free to Join?

Yes. The platform is free to join, so you have nothing to lose. The only thing you’ll lose is the time you spend completing offers and surveys, and they compensate you for this through the rewards you earn.

Is EarnHoney safe?

According to my findings, EarnHoney attracts thousands of new users every week. This confirms the fact that they are safe to join. With millions of users, EarnHoney is definitely doing something exceptional and attractive that compels people to keep joining the website.

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EarnHoney Review Final Verdict: Is EarnHoney Legitimate or a Scam?

This EarnHoney review has done justice to all you need to know about EarnHoney. We have considered what EarnHoney is, what it has to offers, and the benefits you stand to gain from joining the platform.

As I round up, I want to give my final verdict about the website.

So, is EarnHoney as sweet as its name suggests or is it another time-waster?

Well, despite the series of complaints the website has, it appears to be legit. Yes, it has its issues and payments may be slow, however, this is not peculiar to EarnHoney alone.

Moreover, one of the co-founders of the company is active on some of the forums about EarnHoney. He attends quickly to complaints. He also offered HoneyDollar$ if some users post their screenshots and have spoken with the support. This shows the founders actually take action and also care about their members.

So, that’s a good sign and shows that it is legit.

The website also pays its members for their activities. There are many screenshots on the internet where members display proofs of payments made by EarnHoney.

So, if you’re ready to make money online in your spare time, by completing simple tasks, go ahead and sign up on EarnHoney.

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