Eureka Surveys Review: Get Paid Rewards Via PayPal or Gift Cards

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The Eureka app promises to pay members cash for completing surveys, but is it legit? You’ll find out in this Eureka review.

Online surveys are one of the ways through which people can make money online. They are popular because they require no special skills or qualifications. Most of the surveys are also easy to complete. If you have a mobile device or PC with an internet connection, you can easily get started on these platforms.

If you have been searching for a paid survey panel that pays in cash, you must have heard of Eureka Surveys. But can you make money as a member?

I decided to do the hard work for you by compiling this guide so that you will know more about Eureka, what it entails, and if it is worth your time.

In this Eureka review, you will have an inside look at how it works so that you can easily decide if you should sign up or not.

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Quick Review

Here’s a quick Eureka review:

Detailed guide

What is Eureka?

Eureka is a survey app that can be downloaded from the App Store (for iPhone users).

As a member, you will participate in market research studies and will get paid for your efforts. You will also get sweepstakes entries.

Whenever you share your opinions about a particular product or service with brand partners, you will be paid cash that you can easily withdraw through PayPal.

Eureka Surveys is a legitimate website. Members have been paid for carrying out different tasks on the platform.

However, this does not mean that it will be the right survey panel for you to join. So let’s keep exploring the features of the site to see what to expect and how it works.

How Eureka Works

Members can carry out the following tasks on Eureka:

1. Paid surveys

The most popular way through which you can make money on Eureka Surveys is by completing surveys. Eureka has two types of surveys which are Quick Surveys and Sweepstake Surveys.

Each of the types of Eureka Surveys has slightly different rewards. Both surveys are similar in the sense that you can see how much each survey is worth and how long each survey will take before you embark on it.

Judging from the experience most users have with Eureka Surveys, the time estimate is fairly accurate and they offer good rewards per survey when compared to what other survey sites offer.

Also, you will find different surveys on the platform every day, but the highest number of surveys can be found between Monday and Friday.

Just like what is experienced on most survey websites, you will not qualify for all the surveys on Eureka Surveys. However, their qualification rate is high. So you need to be patient to qualify.

Unlike most survey sites, Eureka offers an extra touch by paying you for surveys that you do not qualify for.

You will be rewarded with 2 cents whenever you do not qualify for a survey. Although it is not life-changing money, it makes it less discouraging and frustrating when you are disqualified from completing a survey.

2. Daily polls

You can also have access to a daily poll on Eureka Surveys. Daily polls are short questions that you can answer to earn some additional money. You can do this within one second and you will earn 1 cent.

The reward is not huge but you have to spend just 1 second. If you want to become a member, you can check out the daily poll.

Furthermore, once you have answered the daily poll, you will come across an overview of how other members have answered; this can be interesting.

Just as the name suggests, you can take the poll every day; and you will come across new polls daily.

3. Sign-up bonus

When you sign up on Eureka Surveys, you will earn $1 as a sign-up bonus. You need to complete a welcome survey which is like a short tutorial so that you can be rewarded with the $1.

The welcome survey will take just some minutes and you will earn $1 right after completing the survey. This is a great start and it will take you closer to the minimum threshold which we will shed more light on later.

How To Get Paid on Eureka Surveys

As you can deduce from the previous section, it is easy to use Eureka Surveys. The platform also offers some good money-making opportunities.

But before you decide to sign up, you need to understand how you will get paid.

Eureka Surveys will pay you for each of the surveys you complete and you will see the earnings in your account immediately after completing a survey.

When you earn $10, you can request a payout through PayPal. Provided you have answered the surveys honestly, you will get your cash instantly.

On some survey panels, you will need to wait for many days (or even weeks) before laying hands on your money. That is not the case with Eureka.

As of the time of writing this Eureka review, you can get paid via PayPal and gift cards.

As mentioned earlier, Eureka Surveys has two types of surveys and you will be rewarded for both.

However, for the sweepstake surveys, you will also be able to participate in sweepstakes where you can win extra cash prizes. The rewards for these sweepstakes are usually between $10 and $15. You can earn these bonuses if you are lucky.

The withdrawal methods and conditions on Eureka are easy and great. They make it hassle-free to get your earnings.

Who Can Join Eureka Surveys?

Here are the requirements for joining Eureka:

  • Age requirement: At least 18 years old
  • Country requirement:  The United States only
  • Device: iOS, Android, or PC

Support Quality of Eureka Surveys

Eureka’s support is helpful and quick. They are also active in replying to reviews and attending to members’ problems.

A user shared his experience of how he contacted the Eureka Surveys team due to a payment that wasn’t processed. He got an answer from Eureka within a day and also received his payment on the same day.

Tips For Getting The Best From Eureka Surveys

1. Follow Eureka on their social media platforms

You will find the details of the social media handles under the company info on their site. It is advisable to follow Eureka on social media because they usually announce new features, giveaways, and other promotions through their platforms.

2. Enable location tracking on the app

According to Eureka, enabling location tracking on their app will give you access to more, high-paying surveys. It also makes you more monetizable.

3. Use the platform on both mobile and desktop

This will help you to take advantage of surveys that are desktop-only. It is important to check your account on your desktop regularly so that you can have access to these surveys and increase your earning potential.

Eureka Alternatives

Here are some online paid survey panels that work like Eureka:

  • Survey Junkie: You can earn about $50 per survey.
  • PaidViewPoint:  Although the surveys are not consistent, they are quick and easy. Also, there are no disqualifications.
  • Pinecone Research: It has no minimum threshold and pays $3 per survey.
  • LifePoints: This is a huge survey website that can be assessed from many countries.
  • YouGov: It is available throughout the world and offers good surveys. Also, it has a minimum threshold of $15.

How To Get Started On Eureka

Here’s a 3-step guide on how you can start making money on Eureka:

Step 1: Create an account on Eureka

To start working on Eureka, you need to download the iOS or Android Eureka app. You can also create an account on their website.

The information you need to sign up on the site is your age, gender, zip code, email, and password.

Step 2: Complete your survey profile

After signing up, the next line of action is to go to the surveys page and fill out 3 short surveys before you start working on the normal surveys. The surveys include

  • Welcome survey: This pays $1 and shows in detail how the platform works. It’s easy money that you shouldn’t leave on the table.
  • Profile survey: This survey pays $0.44 after filling your profile. You need to supply different demographic information for this step so that you can be matched to relevant surveys.
  • Example survey: It pays $0.39 and helps you to have an idea of how you can complete surveys on Eureka.

Step 3: Start earning rewards

After completing the surveys above, you can now start working on the normal ones. Don’t forget to use the tips shared earlier and pay attention to new surveys whenever they are published.


  • Eureka Surveys is simple to use. The app and website are intuitive. The simplistic platform is properly marked and also has an attractive design.
  • A good number of surveys are available on Eureka. You can easily complete a few or more surveys every day.
  • Whenever you cash out, you will receive a $3.50 survey. This will take you less than 2 minutes to complete.
  • The surveys are compatible with mobile and desktop devices.
  • It offers fast payment.


  • Eureka Surveys has low-paying surveys.
  • The site contains some bugs. Sometimes, a survey will disqualify you after completing it. In some cases, you may be sent to complete the same survey more than once.
  • The minimum threshold of $10 is high compared to what they pay per survey.
  • Eureka Surveys are not as short as they claim to be.


1. How does the Eureka app work?

After installing the Eureka app and signing up with your email, you will have access to paid surveys. You can complete most of the surveys within 5 and 10 minutes and they pay $0.15 on average.

This is too low when compared to what other survey sites in the United States pay. Previously, you could complete most of the surveys inside Eureka because the surveys were created by Eureka itself.

But now, the platform will redirect you to different third-party sites to complete surveys.

The downside of this approach is that members get disqualified more frequently.

As a new member, you may have access to 1 to 2 surveys every day.

2. Is Eureka safe for making money?

Yes, Eureka Surveys is safe for making money.

However, you need to use the platform with caution. This is because of the NLP (Natural Language Processing) analysis that was carried out on over 1960,992 user reviews obtained from Appstore (cumulative rating: 4.7) and Justuseapp Safety (score: 34.4/100).

3. Is Eureka legit?

Yes, Eureka is a legitimate online paid survey panel for making money.

4. Can you get support?

Yes, Eureka has swift customer support. They respond quickly to members’ issues and questions.

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Eureka Review Final Verdict: Should You Join Eureka Surveys?

After going through this Eureka review, the main question on your mind will be if you should join Eureka Surveys or not.

First, no proof shows that Eureka is a scam. However, some users claim to have issues with their payments.

Many users are also disappointed and sad about the lack of surveys and disqualifications by third-party platforms. Unfortunately, some members find it hard to withdraw their earnings.

When this is combined with the low-paying offers that Eureka has, you may be discouraged.

However, you are the best person to decide if Eureka is worth your time or not.

What is your expectation from the platform? If all you want is to earn some bucks in your extra time, then you can try Eureka Surveys. But if you are looking for an opportunity that will give you a reliable full-time income, I don’t recommend Eureka for that purpose.

The internet is filled with lots of reward platforms that will pay you to complete simple tasks and surveys. Find out about these platforms here.

Here is a guide on how you can qualify for more surveys. Check it out to increase your earning potential on survey panels.

If you found this Eureka review helpful, you will also love our Survey Junkie review; one of the high-paying online survey sites you don’t want to miss.