Get Referrals For PTC Sites: 11 Powerful Ways To Make Money Online

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The key to making sensible cash with PTC sites is referrals. It is quite straightforward to make extra money with PTC sites if you can navigate yourself on ways of getting PTC referrals. The additional referrals you have got mean extra money for you.

Most people that make use of the PTC sites have little or no idea about how to divert referrals to their PTC websites thereby earning 2-3 dollars monthly. 

If you know how to direct referrals to your PTC website, you can earn a substantial amount of money.

However, we will be discussing ways you can get direct referrals continuously. There are voluminous ways you can get referrals. We will be providing you with the most effective ways of getting referrals fast and easily.

1. Tell your friends and family

Once you start to work, inform your family, friends, colleagues, or neighbors about the particular business. Inform them about it so they can try it because it requires little or no investment whatsoever.

It is quite easy asking them, all you need to tell them is they can have an excellent opportunity to earn more money.

You can make use of social media sites like Tik Tok, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and so on by using your banners and referral links.

But make sure you don’t spam it because it could lead to the removal of your account. Your online friends could even delete you from their lists.

2. Create your own blog or site

If you are serious about earning serious cash from PTC sites, then your best bet is to learn how to create your own site. You can give people guidance on your site about legit sites, by writing reviews and how to work on different sites and any other way you feel is better. 

Once people enter your site from the search engine, they are going to convert. Just imagine getting 1000 visitors daily and then let’s imagine 5% people convert, then you get 50 referrals daily and 1500 monthly.

You can actually achieve this but it’s going to take time. You should write quality content on your site and write regularly. This will encourage more visitors to your site.

You need hosting and domain to start this and after that, you can use any CMS system like WordPress for your sites which are absolutely free.

3. Run a PPC campaign with google AdWords

Signing up with Google Adwords and then paying money to run a PPC campaign on Google Adwords can help boost referrals to PTC sites. You will get targeted and instant traffic from google.

You get to direct all the traffic gained to your PTC sites. But is it expensive to run a campaign because of competition?

4. Advertise on popular blogs 

This is one of the best methods if you have the money. Visit blogs that are popular like BlogAds and search for some of the best blogs that are cheap so you can advertise on there.

Your banners will appear by the side of the blog where people will get to see them easily and you can get good traffic from these blogs to your PTC sites.

5. Create YouTube videos for your PTC sites

YouTube is now the most famous video uploading site. It is straightforward to rank any YouTube video in google search results.

Currently, with people doing more videos, it has become increasingly tougher to rank. What you need to do to make your YouTube video rank is to create an interesting video and upload it. Google gives good rankings to engaging YouTube videos.

Talk to your family and friends and ask them to watch your videos. Share your videos on online forums and other video platforms and ask people to start writing comments about the videos.

If they find the video fascinating, they will be interested in sharing what they think about it which enables them to make comments about the videos. 

When you notice your videos are having more views and comments, google will notice its activity. If people are commenting and interacting with your videos, Google will think your video is interesting. Which will enable your videos to get a good ranking in google search.

When your video starts popping up on google search results, your referrals will come automatically. But do not forget to add your referral links in your video descriptions.

Youtube is not the lone video hosting service, there are other websites that offer the same but youtube has over 1.9 billion users that log in monthly.

6. Use WhatsApp to gain referrals

WhatsApp groups are a very good way of getting lots of referrals. All you need to do is to go on WhatsApp and target those big WhatsApp groups, you can tell them to directly contact you so you can give them every detail.

7. Use Referral exchanges

Another method to get more referrals for your PTC sites is through referral exchange. Referral exchange is a situation whereby another person signs up to your site so you can sign up on his/her site back. This is just like the barter system.

This mostly happens on forums. With the use of referral exchanges, it is guaranteed that your referrals are active, but the more you have means more sites to click for you.

In the case of PTC sites, this method functions well and both sides get to profit from active referrals.

8. Article marketing boosts your chances

Article marketing is another method of gaining referrals. All you need to do is pick up your laptop and write an article about making money online.

Then you need to share it all around the net to as many sites as possible. The goal is to share contents that are informative so people will read and then join.

Some places you can distribute your articles:

  • Hubpages

9. Use a downline builder to get referrals

You advertise multiple PTC sites in a downline builder. With the downline builder, you can also advertise affiliate programs and traffic exchanges. This is the best solution for people who have no idea how to build their personal website and the best thing you can get from your downline is to get viral traffic. The more referrals you get in your downline builder means more traffic. 

10. Use images of your payment proof

Upload images of proof of payments with your website or referral link on it to your blog or website and use the “alt tag” to enter certain keywords like “payment proof + name-of-of-your-PTC-site so it will be indexed in the search engines. You can get referrals for your PTC sites by posting your referral link and your payment proof wherever you like.

11. Target data and captcha entry workers

Many people from the Philippines, Pakistan, India, and many other countries are trying to earn money online through data entry websites via captcha codes entry. You can find these people on blogs, websites, forums, classified sites, Facebook groups, and so on and invite them to your PTC site.

Do not fall a victim

You need to be careful of falling victim to some things on your quest for referrals. When people go on google to type “how to get free referrals” they are exposed to various kinds of advertisements that promise them free referrals.

If you are caught, your site will be banned.