Discover 10 Proven Ideas to Make Money With Your Mobile Phone

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Mobile phones are everywhere, and more than likely you’ve got one too. Have you ever thought of making money with your mobile phone? Do you know how? You’re not alone.

From affiliate marketing to mobile money transfers and even online surveys – you can make money with your mobile phone. Every month people make thousands of dollars using their phones – how do they do it?

Well, I’ve researched and pieced together 10 super simple and proven ideas to make money using your mobile phone.

There are hundreds of ways out there to make money with your mobile, but very few of them are worth it. In this post, I will show you 10 ideas that I believe will work for anyone looking to make money using their mobile phone.

Here are the proven ideas to make money with your mobile phone:

1. Become A Customer Service Agent

Working as a customer service representative over the phone can make you money. If you are an empathetic person who can listen well and has great communication skills, this may be a great job for you. You can help customers resolve their issues by responding to their texts, phone calls, or emails.

You can also become a service adviser, where you assist people over the phone with a variety of issues. In addition, becoming a virtual assistant is another great way to make money with your mobile phone.

Most companies have a wide range of roles available in the industry. Some of them include calling and responding to customer queries, taking phone orders, and helping them with payments. 

The most common way to get a job as a customer service agent is to find a company on the internet that offers customer service jobs. Most websites are looking for candidates that are new to customer service jobs. Many companies will train you, and some will hire you directly without having you trained.

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2. Start Digital Marketing 

Are you business-oriented and would like to make money with digital marketing on your phone? The best way to make money with a mobile phone is to sell services to people. There are loads of these services out there and you can sell them for pretty much any amount.

Digital marketing aims to attract customers cost-effectively and create sales. It’s easy, and it doesn’t even have to take a lot of time to see results. That’s right, you can make a few dollars a month by turning your mobile phone into a digital marketing tool that drives sales.

You can earn money for selling other people’s products by using the Internet. You can sell your products on the Internet as well, which gives you the advantage of having control over the price.

The easiest way to start is to use online platforms to sell things like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp Business. There are loads of apps out there too but you get the same results just in a different way.

3. Play Games and Make Money

Most people have more fun playing games on their mobile phones than anything else. So, you can set up your mobile phone to make money by taking part in apps games. For example, Mistplay is an app for Android devices that rewards you by letting you play different games at the same time. 

After you download and open Mistplay, you’ll be welcomed by a list of the different games you can play. Download any of the games on the list, play them, and earn rewards immediately.

You can earn three types of reward currencies in Mistplay: GXP, PXP, and units. Taking part in a game contributes to earning more GXP (Game Experience Points) in that game. Gift cards, for example, can be redeemed for units. 

Depending on how much GXP you are allowed to accumulate in a game, you’ll be able to earn varying amounts of units. You might not get rich doing it, but you can earn a few dollars a month just by playing games on your mobile phone.

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4. Take Advantage of Online Surveys

Online Surveys are among the easiest and most enjoyable ways to make money online, especially by using your mobile phone. You can make some pretty good money with surveys, depending on how competitive your area is.

In a nutshell, mobile surveys are surveys that you can take from your mobile phone. That’s right, there are surveys for both Android and iPhone users. All the surveys are free, and there are only a couple of questions.

Once you start answering questions, your answers will be sent back to the companies behind the surveys. If the company is paying you, you get a small amount of money for the time it takes you to answer questions.

The good news is you do not have to register or download anything to take surveys. It’s all free and very easy. Some of the best survey sites to make money with on your phone are; Survey Junkie, Vindale Research, Opinion Outpost, and Toluna.

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5. Become A Corporate Spy

Collect valuable information in the field and get paid instantly for your work. And the secret to being a great corporate spy is having the gift of the gab. Also, the ability to pick up on clues in a conversation and the guts to use that information to your advantage.

iPhone users can check up on local retailers using crowdsourcing apps like Field Agent. As a Field Agent, you get paid for collecting photos, videos, and location information for major companies in your area. 

Users typically must begin working on tasks as soon as they are available. Though the more points you make, the more exclusive challenges come your way. The app allows you to perform the following tasks;

  • Snapping a photo or scanning a barcode to view prices
  • Reviewing products
  • Public opinion polls and surveys
  • Confirming the location of businesses
  • Placement of brochures

The process of using the app and getting paid is pretty simple;

  • Download the app from your app store
  • You can find jobs easily by using the ‘Job List’ and ‘Map View’ columns in the main navigation window.
  • Once you’ve selected a job, you can see more information about it and accept it, if it aligns with your skills.
  • Within two hours of selecting the job, you will have to finish it. Choose jobs you can complete in that timeframe.

Depending on the job, you can earn anywhere from $3 to $12/mission, so after a while, the money really adds up.

6. Get Paid to Watch Videos

Do you spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube or Vimeo? Would you like to make money watching videos on your mobile phone and get paid for it? Well, then this is the right job for you. One of the best ways to make money from your mobile phone is through watching videos. 

Watching videos is something that everyone does from time to time. However, with the growing popularity of smartphones, many people are turning their attention to mobile streaming services.

As a side hustle, there are a lot of ways you can make money just by streaming videos on your phone, without investing anything else. The best part is that you get paid just for looking. 

Sites like Swagbucks allow you to make money by watching videos, taking surveys, shopping, and playing games. This means that every time you look at a video that you like, a reward will be paid which you can redeem for cash or gift cards. The longer you watch, the bigger the reward.

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7. Sell Unused Items

Make money by selling any unused items via your mobile phone. If you have not used it for over 5 to 7 months it should be sold. It might seem a little funny to make money by selling things you no longer use. 

There’s always plenty of demand for your stuff. You just have to be a little proactive in finding and listing the items you want to sell. To sell your used items, you’ll need to find the right mobile phone marketplaces and then list the items.

Your smartphone makes it simple for you to take pictures of these old items so that you can list them on online marketplaces. If you’re planning to do this regularly, you can even turn this into a business.

If you’re looking for a way to make a quick buck, you can use sites like eBay, Gumtree, Tradeshift, and Amazon. With these sites, you can sell your old, unwanted items easily.

8. Sell Your Photos

All smartphones have cameras, and you can use them to snap photos of your kids or pets, to capture memories, or to send them to others. Depending on the type of smartphone you own, you can upload the images to social media sites like Facebook, Google+, or Instagram for sharing and selling.

Getty Images has been the place to get stock photos for decades. But its stock image service is getting crowded. So, other options are to upload the photos to a photo-hosting service like iStockphotos, Fotolia, or PhotoShelter, and get paid for every download.

Getty offers paid and free accounts for individuals to sell their images. Getty says its paid-for accounts will get you $500, while it offers $400 free stock photos. You can also print out your photos for a fee or create a photo book.

There’s no better way to get a bit of extra cash than selling your photos online. Whether you’re a shutterbug looking for a side income or a professional photographer seeking a new career path, you’ll find plenty of options. 

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9. Become A Line Tester For New Products/Services

Most big-name mobile phone manufacturers have a service that will pay you a monthly fee for the privilege of being a line tester. It’s easy to sign up and you may be offered a range of phones to test.

You may always receive an error message when you try to use the latest app for your smartphone or update to the latest operating system. If this describes you, then perhaps you should become a line tester. 

In this role, you could test the compatibility of an app or a new OS for any manufacturer or a new company. 

As a line tester, you would work with a test group to test and evaluate the new product. This would give you an insight into whether the product is working as expected or is producing issues.

How you get paid depends on whether you’re working for a company or doing it for yourself. You might be paid by the hour, a percentage of a sale, or get a monthly allowance. It’s up to the company.

But, it’s great if you enjoy testing new products. It’s also a good way to get a feel for a new device or technology before deciding on buying it.

10. Become An Affiliate Marketer 

This may be the easiest way to make money with your phone, and it may be the least obvious as well. The mobile internet is growing fast. Every day, new things are being invented that are used by mobile phone owners and this is a big opportunity to earn money from them. 

You may have heard of affiliate marketing or at least know what it is. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money online as all you need is a mobile phone, a website, an online marketing service, and access to an internet connection. 

The basic process is to sign up for an affiliate network – you set up the website on their platform and you put links on your site. When someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, you get a referral fee from the network.

There are two ways of doing it. One way is to get affiliate links on your site that direct to their site and sell your website visitors a premium service at a discounted rate. The second way is to sell other people’s products through your website and earn a commission.

The affiliate networks you can use with mobile include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google (AdWords)
  • Clickbank

You do not need to have a lot of products to make a lot of money. Many people who make money on the internet use affiliate marketing.


Why is this worth my time?

There are a ton of apps on the market that let you make money through your mobile phone. They’re really easy to set up and some don’t require a credit card. This makes them an easy, free way to make some extra money without too much work.

Why should I do mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing has grown into a major component of modern-day marketing strategies for businesses. Mobile marketing is a good way to reach out to people who could be potential customers. 

Furthermore, mobile marketing can help you lower your marketing costs because more people have mobile phones than computers.

Mobile marketing is also a good way to add extra income to your overall business and, at the same time, is something that can be done at no cost if you choose the right type of marketing.

Do I need skills to start a mobile phone business?

No. You do not need any special skills to start a mobile phone business. In most cases, all you need is a reliable internet connection and some enthusiasm. All I ask is that you have a passion for your chosen business idea and an ability to think of ways to market it.

Final thoughts

So, it’s been a long journey, but we’re finally here. There are so many ways to make money with your mobile phone and I’ve tried to list the proven ones.

This is just a selection of the most popular options that many people are currently making money from on a daily. It’s not a comprehensive list of ways you can make money from a mobile phone. Remember that the fastest way to make money from your smartphone is to sell your data and your time.

The interesting part is that they can be monetized by using apps you already have or can easily install. Asides from making money with your mobile phone, you also have the option to make money from your laptop. For more information on that, see simple and proven ways to make money with your laptop.

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