LiteGPT Review: Is LiteGPT Legit or a Scam?

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Is LiteGPT legit? This LiteGPT review will provide the answer to this question.

When it comes to making money online, there are many ways through which you can accomplish this. One of such ways is joining a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website.

LiteGPT is a GPT site that pays to carry out some specific tasks on its platform. In my opinion, I don’t see it as a great option. However, read this LiteGPT review to the end to see if it’s worth your time.

If you’ve been searching online for ways to earn extra income in your spare time, you must have come across various GPT sites like LiteGPT. But does the website fulfills its promises? Is the LiteGPT legit or a scam?

Let me tackle this issue before I dive into the detailed LiteGPT review.

LiteGPT is not a scam. It is a legit GPT platform that pays its members for completing offers and other activities.

However, that does not make the website a good platform to make money. You should consider many things before concluding that LiteGPT is a great place to make money. That’s what this LiteGPT review aims to achieve.

In this review, I will provide a detailed insight into what LiteGPT is all about so that you can decide if it is what you want or not.

Quick Review

Here is my quick LiteGPT review:

Bonus$0.005 sign up bonus per active referral
ActivitiesPaid ads, paid surveys, watching videos, referral
Minimum ThresholdNo minimum threshold for some tasks
Withdrawal MethodsPayeer, Bitcoin

Detailed Guide

What is LiteGPT?

LiteGPT is a GPT site with different paid-to-click elements. The website offers various earning opportunities that you can find on many GPT sites.

To know the earning potential of LiteGPT, we need to take a look at the earning opportunities it offers.

Highlighted below are the different ways through which you can earn from LiteGPT:

1. Paid ads

Paid ad is one of the PTC elements on LiteGPT. These ads are adverts that you can view to earn some bucks.

To earn through this option, click on an advert, and it will open in a different tab. Wait for about 10 seconds for the ad to completely load.

Once the ad loads, the website will ask you to solve a captcha. To do this, click the right image. After doing this, you will see a message that says you have earned a certain amount of money. That shows you should close the tab and go to the next ad.

Unlike a full-fledged PTC website, the number of ads on LiteGPT will not be many. Also, the rewards for each ad are low. This is not strange because most GPT sites are like this. Their earning potentials are not encouraging.

However, I think it’s still fair you don’t get paid a lot for these tasks because you don’t need to spend lots of time and effort to complete the tasks. In most cases, you need at most 5 minutes to complete each task. I don’t think you need any unique skill or effort to do this.

2. Paid offers

You can also earn from LiteGPT through paid offers. These offers are short tasks that you can complete and get paid for. In the case of LiteGPT, you will find the offers on the website’s offerwalls.

The rewards for paid offers are a little bit higher than paid ads. Every offer on the offerwalls is unique. Each offer will ask you to do just one thing. You may be asked to watch a video, join a site, play a game, answer a quiz, or download an app.

Each offer also has instructions that you need to adhere to for you to be paid for completing the offer.

Ensure you don’t skip any step when completing the offers because if you do, you will not be able to submit the offer and will not earn any reward.

If you are careless, you will only end up wasting your time on GPT sites. That is why you need to imbibe the act of reading instructions. The good thing about the offers on LiteGPT is, they are many. You will not run out of earning opportunities to work on. So, you can even focus on doing only paid offers. There are plenty of them on the platform.

3. AsiaMag session

I think this earning opportunity is unique because I have only come across it on LiteGPT. The task is simple to accomplish; browse a website known as AsiaMag and get paid.

To start making money from this, click the Bing or Google button on the page in your account. This will open a new tab with search results. Click the result that says AsiaMag. This will take you to the AsiaMag site.

The next line of action is to copy your ID session and paste it on the Access ID field on the AsiaMag site. Then, click on any of the posts on the website. When you do this, the website will ask you to watch a video for a particular duration.

Ensure you adhere to the instructions for each step, and you will be paid for completing each task. It’s as simple as that. Once you finish all the steps for the session, you can either start a new session or proceed to other opportunities on the LiteGPT platform.

Note that you can do this as many times as possible in a day. It’s up to you. But it doesn’t pay much. So, I won’t advise you to do it more than a few times every day (unless you’ve done other money-making tasks and you have lots of spare time).

4. Watch videos

This is one of the easiest ways to make money on GPT sites. But before you start thinking that it is the best way to earn from LiteGPT, just know that you will not make a lot of money from this opportunity.

You can watch videos to earn extra rewards, but the rewards are low.

This is peculiar to most GPT sites. The rewards are always proportional to the time and effort you invest into the tasks.

To get paid through this earning opportunity, you need to watch a video. One thing I love about this is that you can open other tabs while the video is playing. This means you don’t need to get stuck watching a video you don’t like. Just let the video keep playing in the background while you do other things.

Again, I don’t think you should invest all your time and effort into watching videos because this earning opportunity does not pay much. You can do this if you don’t have any other thing to do on the website.

5. Referral program

You can also make money from LiteGPT by inviting people to join the website. Once the person you invite referral signs up via your referral link, code, or banner, he or she will become your referral. LiteGPT will pay you $0.005 per active referral.

By active referral, it means your referral needs to complete at least one task on the website for you to earn the referral bonus. The bonus is not much, but it is better than nothing. It is also not hard to get the bonus since the tasks are not difficult to do.

LiteGPT’s referral program goes up to two levels below. If your referral refers another person and that person makes another referral, you can earn from them (but at a lower rate). This explains how multi-tier referral programs work.

When you compare LiteGPT’s referral program with other GPT sites’ referral programs, the rates on LiteGPT are low.


  • LiteGPT does not have any minimum threshold for some payment methods.
  • The platform has lots of earning opportunities.


  • LiteGPT rewards are low.
  • Some of the earning opportunities are spammy.
  • Most of the tasks are best completed on desktop.
  • They do not have a mobile app.


1. Is legit?

Yes. LiteGPT is legit. The platform pays its members for the tasks they complete on the platform.

2. How do you get paid on LiteGPT?

There are two main currencies that you need to pay attention to on LiteGPT. They include your main balance and your BTC wallet.

You will earn a certain amount when you do all the tasks the site offers except paid offers. Paid offers pay you satoshis (the smallest unit of a Bitcoin).

You can withdraw your earnings via Walcrypt or Faucetpay. This means you do not need to reach any threshold before withdrawing your earnings. This is good because you do not need to wait for a long period before having access to your earnings.

If you want to use Payeer, you need to have a certain amount in your account balance before withdrawing your earnings. However, the website does not specify what the threshold is. You will know what it is when you are ready to withdraw your rewards through Payeer.

Earnings from paid offers must be withdrawn via your Bitcoin wallet. You can also convert your main balance into Bitcoin if you wish. The conversion rate will be determined by the current Bitcoin rate.

3. How much money can you make on LiteGPT?

This is the area where we need to evaluate the earning potential of a website. With LiteGPT, the amount of money you can earn depends on well they pay because the availability of tasks is not an issue.

This is one of the pros of this platform, in my opinion. You will always have earning opportunities to work on. But can you earn efficiently on LiteGPT? The time-to-money ratio needs to be good so that you can earn efficiently.

This is not remarkable in LiteGPT’s case. The site offers low rewards for all its earning potentials. If you want to earn a significant amount, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort. I believe it is better to invest these on sites that pay better rewards.

4. Can you use LiteGPT on mobile?

LiteGPT does not have a mobile app. However, you can still have access to the website from your mobile device via a web browser. Just type in their URL in a web browser, and you will be able to sign in to your dashboard.

The platform is optimized for mobile devices. But I do not recommend using it on mobile devices because of the types of earning opportunities it has. Most of the tasks on the site open in new browser tabs. This can make closing browser tabs on a mobile device stressful and annoying.

The pop-ups and ads are also not left out. These make it difficult to use LiteGPT on mobile. If you want to have a smoother and more comfortable experience, I recommend using LiteGPT on a desktop or laptop.

5. Who can join LiteGPT?

LiteGPT is available globally. You can register and become a member irrespective of where you live. Do not use a VPN because this is against their terms. Your account will be banned if they suspect that you are using a VPN.

To become a member, fill out their sign-up form and click the link in the activation email they will send to your mail. This will activate your account. After doing that, log in to your dashboard and start earning. Do not forget to add your payment information once you log in to your account.

6. Can you get support on LiteGPT?

LiteGPT has a FAQ page that tackles just 6 topics. Reading these FAQs will not give you a complete picture of how the website operates.

If you encounter any challenge on the site, you need to contact their support since their FAQ page does not provide the information you need. There is a way to contact their support team on the website.

To contact their support team, you can create a support ticket for your questions. This is the best way to ask your questions because you can easily track the progress of your inquiries.

Overall, LiteGPT provides a decent level of support for its members.


My LiteGPT Review Final Verdict

This LiteGPT review has confirmed that the site is legit. It will pay you for completing different tasks. There are lots of interesting features on the site. However, there are limitations that one cannot overlook.

In my opinion, the problem with the site is the low rewards it offers. Although this is not peculiar to LiteGPT alone, however, the rewards on LiteGPT are low.

If you are looking for an earning opportunity that will buy you a Ferrari, I am sorry this is not it. But if you do not mind using your spare time to do simple tasks that will earn you a few bucks, then you can check out LiteGPT.