MarshallFeedback: A Chance to Win $500 Marshalls Gift Card

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The MarshallFeedback is a chance to win a $500 Marshall’s gift card for free. This is a new series of giveaways from the Marshalls. If you shop frequently at the store, you may be in for a chance to shop for free with a $500 gift card.

It’s very easy to participate, you just need to answer a few questions about your recent visit(s) to the store. However, there are important things you need to increase your chances of winning, and that is why you need this guide.

In this guide, I will walk you through each step, how to take the survey, enter the sweepstake, and then claim your prize if you win.

Let’s get to it if you’re ready.

Quick Review

Why should you participate in Marshallfeedback?

  • It is completely free to join
  • Extremely easy registration
  • No disqualification from surveys
  • No payout threshold
  • Win a $500 Marshalls Gift Card
  • One entry per person per month
  • 1 per person, per receipt
  • Site is mobile friendly
  • Survey is conducted by reliable company

Detailed Review

Here’s everything you need to know about Marshallfeedback.

About Marshalls

Marshalls is a department store in the United States and Canada. At Marshall’s, they are dedicated to providing their customers with an unforgettable shopping experience and drawing them back again and again.

They are known for selling almost-new designer styles, holiday decorations, home goods, jewelry, and beauty products at great prices.

When it comes to digging deep into the universe of fashion, Marshall’s is definitely a place you may want to pay a visit to. With so many stores all over the country, you have tons of opportunities to buy various items, from watches and jewelry to clothing of all kinds.

What is Marshallfeedback & How Does It Work?

Marshallfeedback is the official Online Customer Satisfaction Survey designed by Marshalls to focus on gathering customers’ feedback regarding their shopping experience at any of the Marshalls Stores.

By taking this survey, you are assisting Marshalls in determining what needs to be changed and what should remain the same. To compensate you for your time, you will be given an entry into its monthly sweepstake for a chance to win a $500 Marshall’s gift card.

These rewards are given out once a month and Marshalls is giving you an opportunity to participate in it for free as a way to thank you for taking its customer feedback survey.

However, it is not necessary to give your feedback to enter the sweepstakes. I will explain this better in this guide later.

Overall, taking the survey and entering the sweepstake for a chance to win the $500 gift card is all a simple process. It will only take you a few minutes with no stress.

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Who Can Participate in the Marshallfeedback?

Exclusively, this survey is open to legal U.S. residents residing in the fifty (50) United States (including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico). That’s not all. In addition to being a resident of the U.S., you must be at least 18 years of age or older to take the survey.

If you do not meet the following requirement, you can not participate in the Marshalls customer survey. I will advise you to sign up with some of these reliable international survey sites.

Perhaps, you’re in the U.S. but not up to 18 years old, there are similar customer feedback surveys that allow people under 18. One of them is McDVoice (McDonald’s Customer Feeback Survey). You will get to eat at the restaurant for free instead of the sweepstake entry Marshalls offers.

Additionally, since it’s an online survey, you will need a smartphone or tablet with a good internet connection.

If you live in the U.S. and are at least 18 years old, then you may want to hack out other similar surveys with a better reward here. Some of the survey sweepstakes even have prizes as huge as a $5,000 gift card.

I will encourage you to take advantage of them.

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Marshallfeedback Sweepstakes Eligibility

According to the Marshalls Official Rule, you cannot participate in the monthly sweepstakes If you’re an employee of the sweepstake sponsor and administrator, advertising agency, affiliate, subsidiary, supplier, or distributor.

None of these individuals is allowed to enter the sweepstakes. Even, whether you are a relative or household member to them, you’re not also eligible.

If you’re lucky to be a winner, your eligibility will be proved before you can get your prize. So if you know you’re not eligible, I will advise you not to waste your time. Instead, you can take paid surveys on reliable GPT Sites.

You can sign up with TimeBucks, Toluna, or LifePoints where you can get paid on a daily for answering survey questions. These sites pay you for every survey. No sweepstakes entry.

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Can You Make Money on Marshallfeedback?

You cannot make money on the Marshallfeedback Survey. Marshalls is not paying anyone for taking its customer feedback survey. However, there’s a cash value reward but you will have to contend for it in a monthly sweepstake.

Customer feedback surveys are only a strategy to gauge customer satisfaction and find out where and how a business can improve on its products and services. While you can take advantage of them to make quick extra cash, they’re not designed as a source of income.

If you’re looking for paid online surveys, you have to sign up with a GPT site like Swagbuck and ySense or a paid survey aggregator like SurveyBee. These are legitimate sites designed to help you make some money with your spare time.

Interestingly, many of them offer opportunities beyond just answering survey questions. You can get paid to test apps, play online games, test products, participate in a focus group, or even watch a movie or TV show. In short, there’s something for everyone.

I will encourage you to join some of these sites in addition to the available customer feedback survey I have reviewed on this site.

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How Does Marshallfeedback Reward its Participants?

Marshalls rewards you with an opportunity to enter its monthly sweepstakes to contend for a $500 Marshall’s gift card.

As said earlier, the store is not paying you or anyone for taking the survey. You will only have a chance to participate in the sweepstake. If you’re lucky to win, you will receive your $500 gift card to shop at the store.

Generally, this is how customer feedback survey with sweepstake rewards their participants. You get an entry into the sweepstakes after completing the survey.

However, some of them like the Marshalls store does not make it compulsory to take the survey before you are allowed to enter its sweepstakes.

I think this is a good thing. It’s always nice to let people choose what they want to do. In fact, that’s the best way to get sincere customer feedback. Only customers that are concerned about the business will certainly take the survey in such a case.

But I must say, taking the survey does not guarantee or increase your chances of winning the sweepstakes. It’s only a means to enter the sweepstake while providing valuable feedback to help Marshalls.

Customer feedback surveys gift cards, cash prizes, and free food are all great rewards. But there are survey sites ready to pay you cash via PayPal. You may way want to check them out here.

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How to Participate in the Marshallfeedback

As said at the beginning of this guide, Marshalls is not making it compulsory for anyone to take its customer feedback survey to enter the sweepstake. It’s a matter of choice.

The department store offers two entry methods into its sweepstakes. Below is how you can use each method to enter the sweepstake.


This is where it’s compulsory you take the survey if you want to participate in the sweepstake. To use this method, you must have shopped recently at any of the Marshalls stores across the country.

A purchase is mandatory because you will need a valid receipt (with the survey invitation) obtained from the store to access the survey before you can take it.

If you have your receipt ready, visit the Marshallfeedback official page at


On the page, you will need to enter the Survey Number, Date, and Time of visit printed on your receipt as seen in the image above.

Make sure you enter them correctly and click the “Start” button when you’re done. The questions are straightforward. Even in some of them, you only need to check boxes. The most important thing is to answer the questions honestly.

Once you finish the survey, you will be asked to submit your personal information like your name, email address, phone number, year of birth, etc. The purpose of this is to prove your eligibility and be able to contact you if you win.

By Mail

This is the entry method that does not require you to take the survey or having to make a purchase for the sake of obtaining a Marshalls registered receipt.

To use this method, according to Marshalls, you will need to hand-print your on a 3”x 5” card or paper the following information:

  • Full name
  • Complete mailing address
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

After that, you’re required to mail the card or paper in a #10 envelope to Marshalls “Customer Satisfaction” Sweepstakes, PO Box 154, Macedon, NY 14502-0154.

Be aware, if you’re using this method, your entry must be postmarked by the final day of the month and received by the sweepstake administrator on or before the fifth day of the next month.

Whether Online or By Mail, all entries have equal chances. And the odd of any entrant winning are solely dependent on the number of eligible entries submitted.

How to Claim Your $1000 or $100 Gift Card

If you’re lucky to win the Marshallfeedback sweepstake, you will be notified via telephone, email, and/or USPS mail, or other home delivery service of Marshall’s choice.

To receive your prize, you must sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability & Publicity Release within 5 days. Otherwise, your prize will be forfeited.

Note, you won’t be allowed to transfer, substitute or exchange the prize for any reason. Furthermore, the gift card must be used in compliance with the terms and conditions of gift card usage at Marshall’s store.

Can You Enter Marshallfeedback Sweepstakes More than Once?

Yes, you can enter the sweepstake multiple time. However, you can only enter once a month. Marshalls only allow one entry per household per month

Any attempt to make more than one entry in a month will void all your entries.


  • Completely free to join
  • Easy to register
  • Win $500 Marshalls gift card
  • Sweepstakes offer 2 entry methods
  • No payout threshold
  • Survey is less than 5 minutes


  • Restricted to only legal residents of US
  • Only offers survey opportunity
  • No cash prizes


There are many other survey platforms like Marshallfeedback that lets you take surveys to earn amazing rewards in your spare time. These sites include:

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Do I get paid when I complete the entire survey?

No, the only reward you will get is an entry into the Marshalls sweepstakes with a chance to $500 gift card and you can enter each month.

Does the survey take long to complete?

No, the survey is very short. It will not take longer than 5 minutes of your time to complete.


Obviously, Marshallfeedback is worth it if you win the sweepstakes. Not only does it offer a chance to win a $500 gift card, but you can also enter the sweepstake without taking the survey.

I think it’s a business that respects its customer choice and they don’t want to compel them into giving feedback before rewarding them for being loyal customers. If you have a few minutes, I strongly recommend you take the survey and enter the sweepstakes.

Even if you don’t win, at least, you would be helping the store to provide a better shopping experience for you and all other customers.

In addition to the Marshallfeedback, Kroger Feedback is another interesting customer feedback you should take. It’s an opportunity to win a $5,000 Kroger Gift Card by answering a few questions about your last visit(s) to any Kroger store. 

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I hope you found this guide helpful. Thanks for reading.

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