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Are you a regular customer at McDonald’s? Do you know you can win a prize, such as a free meal or a discount on your next purchase? Well, McDonald’s has a reward program for its customers called McDVoice customer survey.

You’re quite likely to see a McDonald’s restaurant in most countries on the planet. Therefore, it is easier to participate and take advantage of the McDVoice survey.

In this comprehensive guide, you will know what McDVoice is all about, including its pros and cons, how you can participate, what it offers, and every other necessary information.

Quick Review

Why should you participate?

  • It is completely free to join
  • No disqualification from surveys
  • No payout threshold
  • Receipt is valid for 7 days
  • Safe, quick, and secure
  • 1 per person, per receipt
  • Offer expires 30 days after receipt date
  • Simple, easy questions
  • Limit one Free item per receipt and per visit
  • No tedious registration required
  • Teenagers can participate (15+)

Detailed Review

Here’s everything you need to know about the McDVoice Survey.

What is McDVoice & How Does It Work?

McDonald’s Management deems it crucial to offer a consistent customer experience and satisfaction by using every one of its restaurants situated in almost all countries throughout the world.

This innovation is in addition to the other aspects which make the McDonald’s brand unique and so favored by millions of people.

As a result, McDonald decided to put up the McDVoice online survey.

The objective of McDonald’s is to gather useful feedback from customers on their overall impressions regarding the company’s operations.

Required feedback ranges from food and menu offered by the staff friendliness and efficacy, as well as customer’s dissatisfaction or satisfaction with the surroundings of all McDonald’s locations.

The feedback gathered is beneficial to the management of the massive restaurant chain. It helps to address problems, improve the quality of service and food offered, and keep more customers pleased with their McDonald’s experience.

Like every other online survey, in exchange for your feedback, McDonald’s offers you a prize. Available prize includes a free hamburger, muffin, a specific meal or a different item, or a unique bonus, such as a discount or even a free order on a subsequent trip to the grocery store.

However, be informed that the prize you receive is dependent on the length of the questions or the time required to finish them. To avoid unpleasant surprises, I recommend you go through the term and conditions of the survey before taking it.

Overall, I think McDVoice Survey comes with amazing rewards that might have cost you some money normally.

Who Can Join McDVoice?

As with every online survey, there are criteria you must meet before you can participate in the McDVoice survey.

To be eligible, you have to be a resident of the United States and are at least 15 years of age and not have worked for McDonald’s in the past. Also, it is important you can read and write in either English or Spanish since the McDVoice surveys are conducted only in just both of these languages.

All you need is a receipt from one of McDonald’s restaurants in the last 7 days. Therefore, you must always keep your receipts whenever you order or eat at any of the McDonald’s restaurants.

Even if you meet all other requirements but do not have a receipt for an order you made at any of McDonald’s restaurants, unfortunately, you cannot participate.

Why do you need to have a receipt before you can participate in the McDVoice online survey? Well, you will find out under the “how can you make money on McDvoice” section of this review.

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How Much Can You Possibly Earn On McDVoice?

Unlike Toluna, unfortunately, McDVoice surveys do not run a cash-based or point-based online survey. So, it’s difficult to say how much you can make on McDVoice.

In addition, McDVoice is not like the regular survey or GPT sites with a sign-up bonus for new members just joining the platform.

Well, it’s easy to say you can make a particular amount of money or points after taking a certain number of surveys on regular survey sites. However, on McDVoice online survey, you get a validation code (coupon code) after each survey.

This code is what you will use to redeem any reward attached to the survey. As I have mentioned earlier, don’t expect cash or some fancy product from your favorite online store.

McDVoice survey rewards can be anything like a free muffin, hamburger, a particular meal, or an amazing bonus like a discount or even free order on another visit to the McDonald’s restaurant.

If you’re looking for a survey site that you can actually predict the amount of money you can make, I will suggest you check out Zap Surveys or OnePoll.

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How Does McDVoice Pay Participants?

Well, since you’re aware McDVoice does not offer cash rewards, you might be wondering how you will redeem your reward. Unlike survey sites such as InboxDollars, McDVoice has no payment option like PayPal, Bank Direct Deposit, or redeeming Gift Cards.

Since McDVoice is exclusively for McDonald’s customers, your reward can only be claimed with a coupon code known as Validation Code (more about that later) on McDVoice’s online survey.

So if you’ve been anticipating creating a PayPal account or hoping to have Amazon Gift Card as a withdrawal option, am sorry to disappoint you. McDVoice does not offer any of such payment options.

If you prefer to get paid with any of such payment methods, I suggest you check out survey sites with Direct Bank Deposit, Amazon Gift Cards, or Walmart Gift Cards.

Overall, I don’t think the coupon-based reward is a bad method to reward you for your opinion. After all, the opinions gathered are to better improve McDonald’s customer satisfaction.

Personally, I believe it will only be appropriate they appreciate you with free food or a discount on your next order.

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How Can You Make Money On McDVoice?

Unfortunately, McDVoice doesn’t offer multiple opportunities to earn rewards like other online surveys such as Swagbucks and PrizeRebel. The major reason for this is simply because McDVoice is not designed as a normal online survey platform.

McDVoice survey is only a way to gather feedback from McDonald’s customers while they get rewarded for their sincere opinions with free food.

Well, one could say they adopted an online survey sites system since the aim is to improve McDonald’s customer satisfaction. However, McDVoice can’t be totally categorized as an online survey site.

As a result, the only way you can get a reward from the McDVoice survey is by answering surveys designed for McDonald’s customers.

To participate in the survey, you must have a valid receipt. All you need from the receipt is the 26 lineup survey code printed on it.

However, in a situation whereby your receipt does not have the survey code, the McDVoice survey offers an alternative method. In such a case, simply enter the store number, visit date, and time after selecting your preferred language.

You must ensure all information you enter is correct. As soon as you are done entering the required information appropriately, you will be given access to the survey page where you get to answer the survey questions.

One of the things that set the McDVoice survey apart is the fact that you can never get disqualified from a survey. It’s frustrating to waste your precious time on a survey you’re not eligible for. McDVoice get rid of that introduced the receipt-based system.

I’m sure you understand the aim and objective of McDVoivce by now. Therefore, you should expect questions regarding the quality of food, service and also the attitude of McDonald’s staff.

How to Avoid Disqualification

To make your effort and opinion count, I advise you to answer each question honestly.

If your feedback is not candid, you’re not helping the company. In fact, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be honest with your answers. After all, it’s all about improving their service so you can be happy and satisfied next time you eat at any of their restaurants.

McDVoice isn’t your regular survey site where member’s personal information is requested. So even if your answers sound negative, don’t worry, you’re safe.

The last important thing about the McDVoice survey is your “Validation Code”. How do you obtain a validation code? After answering all the survey questions, simply click the “Submit” button. Once you submit your answers, you will be given a validation code.

You must have this code recorded somewhere safe. You can screengrab it, write it down in a notebook or anywhere you can access it next time you visit McDonald’s restaurant. The Validation Code is what you need to redeem your reward.

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  • It is completely free to join
  • No disqualification from surveys
  • No payout threshold
  • Simple, easy questions
  • Teenagers can participate (15+)
  • Owned by a reliable company


  • Only available to US residents
  • No cash reward
  • Validation code can be suspended anytime
  • Limited earning opportunity


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What are the surveys on McDVoice about?

Anything that has to do with McDonald’s restaurants. It can be about their foods, menu, surrounding of the restaurants, or the attitude of their staff. It can even be about a particular meal you’ve taken at McDonald’s.

The surveys on McDVoice are aimed at finding out the customer experience and opinion towards McDonald’s in general. Through a structured questionnaire, you will have the chance to tell them what you think.

How long does McDVoice surveys takes?

The processes are simple, and there are no complicated or perplexing questions. So you should be able to complete the survey in about 5 – 10 minutes.

Can all the member of your household participate in the McDVoice survey?

Yes, each member of your household can take part in the McDVoice survey provided each of them has a valid receipt. Don’t forget, a valid receipt mean a McDonald’s receipt you obtained 7 days ago.


In conclusion, unarguably, McDVoice online survey is a legit way to get yourself and your family a free delicious meal or amazing discount on your next order from one of the many McDonald’s restaurants.

McDonald’s is always working to ensure customer happiness and maintain high standards. They are attempting to obtain genuine input through their survey and feedback site, as well as rewarding customers who complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

I believe the McDVoice survey is a great opportunity to express yourself about their foods, services, and their staff attitude towards you if you’re already eating at McDonald’s restaurant.

It’s obvious the online survey offers very limited opportunities and does not even reward the participant with cash or Gift cards like other survey sites.

If you are looking for a survey site with numerous offers and rewards in addition to the McDVoice survey, here are the Best Paid Survey Panels.

Surveystor provides relevant details on how to earn extra income on survey platformsGPT sitescashback platforms, and PTC sites.

I hope you found this McDVoice guide helpful. Thanks for reading.

Ready to Participate in McDVoice Survey?

Click the button to get started with McDVoice online survey. Make sure you have a valid last week’s (7 days) McDonald’s receipt at your reach.