Burger King Survey – Get Free Whopper [mybkexperience]

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Do you want a free Whopper? Or do you like eating at Burger King restaurants? If yes, then the Burger King Survey is particularly designed for you.

With its MyBKExperience Survey, Burger King restaurant wants you to let them know what you like and don’t like. In exchange, they’ll reward you with a free Whopper.

So are you ready to get yourself free Whopper?

In this complete guide, I will discuss in detail, how you can participate in the survey and receive your Whopper the next time you visit BK restaurant.

Quick Review

Why should you participate in the Burger King Survey?

  • It is completely free to join
  • Extremely easy registration
  • No disqualification from surveys
  • No payout threshold
  • Free Whopper
  • Receipt is valid for 14 days
  • You can participate more than once
  • Coupon code is valid for 30 days
  • 1 per person, per receipt
  • 1 Whopper per receipt and per visit
  • Site is mobile friendly
  • Survey is conducted by reliable company

Detailed Review

Here’s everything you need to know about the Burger King Survey.

What is Burger King?

Burger King Corporation is the second-largest chain of fast-food hamburger restaurants in the world, with over 18,000 restaurants in various countries and territories.

Founded in 1954, the first Burger King restaurant is known for its signature flame-broiled burgers and fries. BK has evolved from a single restaurant to a worldwide organization with many outlets in different countries and territories.

Burger King restaurants are identified by the Whopper Sandwich and international award-winning advertising campaigns such as “Have It Your Way.”

BK restaurants serve a variety of cuisine options including freshly made Whoppers, bacon and egg sandwiches, salads, fish, French fries, soft drinks, chicken products, and various side items.

Over 11 million customers worldwide patronize Burger King every day, and with the Company’s strategy to continuously improve the menu and diversify it, the numbers will certainly continue to grow.

To continuously improve its meals, service, facilities, and overall customer satisfaction, Burger King is introducing the MyBKExperience online survey.

If you are ready to provide your honest feedback about a recent visit to a Burger King restaurant, you will get a reward – a free delicious Whopper.

What is Burger King Survey & How Does it Work?

A new way to get free Whopper from Burger King Restaurant. Burger King Survey (MyBKExperience) is the official online customer satisfaction survey of Burger King, which you can easily access and complete in 3-4 minutes.

Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the most effective ways to learn about customer needs and obtain insight into their experiences.

Today’s marketplace has evolved into a fiercely competitive arena, requiring businesses to work tirelessly to provide the greatest quality services while staying current with industry trends.

The main purpose of conducting the BK Survey is to collect the customer’s perceptions about their recent experience at Burger King restaurants.

With feedback, BK can work to improve its products, service, the performance of the employees of the food chain, and overall customer experience.

To reward you for your honest opinion and time spent filling out the brief online questionnaire, Burger King is currently offering a reward of a free Whopper sandwich within 30 days after completing the MyBKExperience survey.

The one thing you need to participate in Burger King Survey is a valid BK receipt. Don’t worry, you will get to know more about that as we progress.

Who Can Join Burger King Survey?

Taking part in the Burger King Survey is exclusively limited to U.S. legal residents and you must have a receipt from a purchase you made at a Burger King restaurant to participate in this survey.

If you’re not living in the US, I suggest you join other international survey sites.

In addition, to participate in the BK survey, you must be at least 18 years old. This age requirement is actually something peculiar to customer satisfaction surveys.

McDVoice seems to be the only similar online survey that accepts ages lower than 18 years as you can participate if you’re at least 15 years old.

Be aware, a receipt is regarded as valid only if it’s not older than 14 days. Therefore, to have a valid receipt, you must have eaten at a Burger King restaurant in the last two weeks.

There are customer feedback surveys that only offer 3 – 5 days before your receipt becomes invalid. So it’s a good thing BK Survey gives you 14 days to decide when you are comfortable taking the survey

Another thing that sets MyBKExperience Survey apart is, it can be taken in 3 different languages. English, Spanish, and French are the languages available. So you must be able to read and write in one of them.

In my experience, this is such an amazing thing as most customer satisfaction surveys only offer two languages, English and Spanish.

Lastly, you will need to have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with a good internet connection to access the survey since it can only be taken online.

Overall, I think BK offers a simple registration process, and the requirement is easy to understand.

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How to Avoid Being Disqualified From the Burger King Survey

Since the Burger King Survey has a few requirements, you can expect it to have some terms and conditions. As a result, even with a valid BK receipt, some conditions might stop you from taking part in the survey.

Employees of the sponsor and administrator, as well as their subsidiaries, parent businesses, partner agencies, affiliates, and consultants, are not eligible for the survey.

In addition, employees’ immediate family or household members can not take the MyBKExperience survey. So if you have a family or household member who belongs to any of the mentioned categories, unfortunately, you are not qualified.

Another thing you must know is that you only have 30 days to claim your free Whopper. If you fail to visit the BK store within the given 30 days, your reward will be fortified.

In addition to BK Survey, I will advise you to join other online surveys which don’t have such rules. There are survey sites that allow multiple members of a household to participate and get paid individually.

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How Much Can You Possibly Earn On Burger King Survey?

Unfortunately, you can’t make money on Burger King Survey. BK is not offering cash as a reward to anyone who participates in the MyBKExperience Survey.

Personally, this is what I don’t like about most of the restaurants that have an online customer satisfaction survey. Many of them do not reward you with money. You get free foods instead.

Whataburger Survey, McDVoice, and Subway Survey are some other examples of customer satisfaction surveys that reward participants with free foods.

One of the very few things that encourage people to take online surveys is knowing how they are going to earn in the process. Unfortunately not with the BK survey.

However, I think it’s not a bad idea to get a free Whopper for a 4 – 5 minutes questionnaire. After all, this is something that will cost you some money if you’re to pay for it. So why not get it for free if you can?

If you’re looking for a customer feedback survey that will reward you with cash, I will recommend you check out Pizza Hut Survey which offers a $1,000 cash prize.

Also, it will be helpful if you can join regular survey sites like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and PrizeRebel among others who give you the option to redeem your rewards as cash.

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How Does Burger King Survey Pay Its Participants?

Burger King Survey pays you with a free Whopper for participating in its online customer satisfaction survey.

You will be given a coupon code (validation code) after answering the MyBKExperience survey. You can then claim your reward with the code on your next visit to BK restaurant.

It is advisable to write the code down on the receipt itself and keep the receipt to receive your free whopper on your next visit to the restaurant.

Since BK only rewards participants with a free whopper, there is no money to withdraw, and no gift card to shop with. This is the same with all customer satisfaction surveys with free foods as the survey rewards.

No option to withdraw your reward via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer, because money is not involved. You only get to claim free Whopper with your validation code.

As good as it sounds to get free food that might have cost you some dollars, there’s no better feeling than getting a cash reward that can be withdrawn in multiple ways.

Unlike Burger King Survey, customer satisfaction surveys such as Lowe’s Survey and Taco Bell Survey offer a chance to win a $500 cash prize.

Personally, I think this is much better than free food. However, they don’t guarantee you will win or get the prize since it’s sweepstakes. So, on a contrary, Burger King Survey’s free Whopper is worth it.

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How Can You Make Money On Burger King Survey?

Unfortunately, the only way to get something out of the Burger King Survey is by answering the survey’s questions.

Well, this is another drawback of an online customer satisfaction survey. They only offer survey opportunities. Nothing more.

Personally, I really do not see this as a bad idea. Since the goal is to collect customer feedback, it’s appropriate they don’t include opportunities different from surveys.

The good news is, you can join multiple survey sites as many as you want. No limit on the number of online surveys you can join in as much you’re eligible.

The more survey sites you join, the more earning opportunities you will have at your reach.

There are many survey sites where you can choose to play games, watch short videos, invite friends, enter a contest, test a new product, or even takes pictures to get paid. Some of these sites even welcome you with a generous signup bonus.

Nevertheless, one thing I love about the Burger King Survey is, you can participate more than once in the survey and claim your Whopper. The only thing you need is a valid receipt for each time you choose to participate.

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How Participate in the Burger King Survey

First, visit the MyBKExpereience survey site.

To access the survey, enter the number of the BK restaurant and the survey code printed on your recent receipt. Make sure you double-check it to get all digits right, without any added spaces in between.

After that, you’ll be redirected to the questionnaire page where you get to answer the survey questions. Once you’re done answering the questions, you’ll be given a validation code.

I will advise you to write your validation code on the receipt itself because you need both the receipt and code to claim your free whopper on your next visit to the BK restaurant.

Be informed, the survey code (invitation code) printed on the receipt is different from the validation code (coupon code). Survey code is what you need to access the survey while your validation code is what you’re given after taking the survey.

Also, do not forget, you only have 30 days to visit Burger King restaurant to claim your reward.

Note, you can only collect your free Whopper from the same BK restaurant you obtained your valid receipt from. This is the reason you need to enter the restaurant number first even before the survey invitation code.

Overall, Burger King Survey is quite a simple online survey site you should take advantage of.

With a valid receipt and a smartphone or computer that has a good internet connection, you can get a free Whopper on your next visit to BK restaurant.


  • Completely free to join
  • Easy to register
  • Validation code is valid for 30 days
  • No disqualification from survey
  • No payout threshold
  • Receipt is valid for 14 days
  • Get a free whopper


  • Restricted to only legal residents of US
  • Only offers survey opportunity


There are many other survey platforms like Burger King Survey that lets you take surveys to earn amazing rewards in your spare time. These sites include:

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What are the best times to take the survey?

No specific time is specified by Burger King, you can take it anytime. However, you should not forget your BK receipt is only valid for 14 days. In other words, you must take the survey within 14 days after the receipt is obtained.

What should I write in the Burger King Survey?

Your sincere opinion. Don’t worry about expressing yourself regarding the recent experience you had at the Burger King restaurant.

It is honest feedback that Burger king is looking for. Negative feedback will not ruin your opportunity to receive your free Whopper as a reward for your participation.


Overall, the Burger King Survey is a great way for you to tell the company what you like and don’t like. The questions are short, simple, and interesting. Basically, they are questions about your experience at Burger King restaurant the last time you visited.

So if you are thinking of getting some free Burger King’s Whopper, stop thinking and get involved now.

Since BK Survey only offers survey opportunities, your next move should be to join more reliable survey sites as recommended earlier. It’s always better to have multiple options when it comes to making money from online surveys.

Here are the best survey sites that will pay you for your opinion. The interesting thing about these sites is, they offer a variety of earning opportunities you can choose from, depending on your preferences.

Surveystor provides relevant details on how to earn extra income on survey platformsGPT sitescashback platforms, and PTC sites.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Thanks for reading.

Ready to Participate in MyBKExperience Survey?

Click the button below to get started. Don’t forget your receipt is only valid for 14 days and you must claim your free Whopper within 30 days.