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Do you often eat at KFC? Or maybe you just love that special KFC menu. If that’s true, then you would definitely want to win a prize in the KFC Survey.

If you have any of the Kentucky Fried Chicken stores in your area, then the KFC guest experience survey is definitely something for you. However, how can you join the survey if you don’t know about it?

No problem, I’m about to tell you everything you need to know. In this article, you will learn how the survey works, how you can participate, and what’s in for you.

Quick Review

Why should you participate in the KFC Survey?

  • It is completely free to join
  • No disqualification from surveys
  • No payout threshold
  • Receipt is valid for 7 days
  • Validation code is valid for 30 days
  • Safe, quick, and secure
  • Simple, short questions
  • 1 per person, per receipt
  • Only for 18 years old US residents
  • Limit one Free item per receipt and per visit
  • Easy, fast registration
  • Enough time to claim your reward
  • Survey is conducted by a reliable company

Detailed Review

Here’s everything you need to know about KFC Survey?

What is KFC?

Since its founding in 1930, KFC has been operating for over nine decades.

KFC is one of the largest restaurant companies in the world, with more than 25,000 outlets in over 140 countries and territories.

KFC is the new name of the restaurant that was originally known as Sanders Court and Cafe. There was no other American restaurant of its type that offered global service before it.

The restaurant company has made history by becoming the first Western franchise to open a location in China. KFC offers a delicious range of food options available for dine-in, carryout, and delivery.

Aside from the popular pressure-fried chicken, they’re known for, KFC also offers Chicken Fillet Sandwiches, wraps, salads, and a variety of other food.

The KFC Survey known as “My KFC Experience or KFC Customer Survey” serves as a bridge between customers and KFC restaurants. Customers get to provide candid opinions about their experience.

The KFC Customer Satisfaction Survey helps the fast-food business better understand the needs and wants of its consumers. With such insights, they can make better decisions and improvements to increase customer satisfaction.

How Does KFC Survey Work?

As mentioned earlier, the KFC survey is conducted by the company to get honest customer feedback. With the help of customer feedback, the company can better improve its service.

We now live in a world where every business and company need to find out what their customer think about the products and services. Customer feedback serves as a tool to gain insights that can be used to achieve customer satisfaction.

Just like every other survey site like Superpay.me and SurveyBee, KFC surveys aim to achieve the same objective – improve products and services.

However, the KFC survey is a bit different from the regular online survey platforms. It is exclusively designed for KFC customers to express their opinion about the fast-food company.

KFC’s survey contains questions about customer satisfaction with the restaurant. The survey questions include customer’s happiness, the quantity and price of food, the precision of the order, KFC staff attitudes to customers, and the choices for simple purchase and payment, among other things.

Similar to McDVoice (McDonald’s online survey), KFC reward customers in exchange for their candid opinion. The reward you will receive for taking part in the KFC Customer Survey is Crispy Colonel Sandwich.

So, if Crispy Colonel Sandwich is your favorite, this is the perfect opportunity to get it all for free.

After answering the survey questions, you will be given a coupon code called Validation Code (more about that later). This code is what you need to redeem your reward the next time you visit KFC restaurant.

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Who Can Join KFC Survey?

As with regular survey sites or GPT sites like ySense or LiteGPT, there are important factors that will determine your eligibility to participate in the KFC survey.

The first of the requirements is that you must be a resident of the United States and must be at least 18 years old. The age requirement is a bit higher than that of McDVoice (15+). However, this shouldn’t be a surprise if you are familiar with online survey sites.

In addition to the age requirement to participate in the KFC surveys, you must be able to write and read in English or Spanish language. If you don’t meet this language requirement, you won’t be able to take part in the survey.

The last requirement which is what will give you access to the KFC customer survey is a valid receipt (more about this later). Be informed that even if you meet every other criterion but do not have a valid receipt, you can’t access the survey.

In as much, you have a computer or smartphone with good internet and you meet all the above requirements, you have no reason not to take part in the KFC guest experience survey.

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How Much Can You Possibly Earn On KFC Survey?

Unlike the Prolific survey site, unfortunately, My KFC Experience Survey does not run a cash-based or point-based reward. So it’s totally impossible to tell you how much you can earn taking the KFC survey. Obviously, there’s no money to earn.

I know this might sound like a discouragement but don’t let that stop you from participating in the My KFC Experience survey. You can always join other online survey platforms in addition to the KFC survey, so you will have multiple rewards to receive.

As mentioned earlier in this review, instead of receiving points like regular survey sites, KFC gives you a validation code after answering the survey questions. With this code, you will be able to claim your reward (Crispy Colonel Sandwich) next time you visit KFC restaurant.

Interestingly, there’s nothing like been kicked out of a survey. In as much, you have a valid receipt and you enter the required information correctly, you will definitely be able to finish the survey and get your reward.

Overall, I think this is a great opportunity to enjoy a delicious Sandwich all for free from the great Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

However, if your interest lies in survey sites with rewards you can redeem for cash or goods on your favorite online store, you should sign up with LifePoints or QuickRewards survey site.

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How Does KFC Survey Pay Its Participants?

I’m sure it’s clear to you by now that KFC doesn’t have any money to pay you for your opinion.

Well, on other regular GPT sites, you can have options to get paid through PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, or Gift Card to one of the popular online stores. However, in the case of the KFC survey, you will only be given a validation code to claim your delicious Crispy Colonel Sandwich.

In comparison to other survey sites, this might not sound great to you if you are not a fan of Sandwich. Nevertheless, I think it is a good gesture to appreciate you for giving your opinion about your experience with KFC.

Many similar restaurants probably send out questionnaires to gathered customer feedback without giving them anything in return. Therefore I believe the reward is nice. It shows KFC values and respects their customer feedback whether it’s negative or positive.

In general, after all, you have nothing to lose if you take part in the survey. You will only help KFC to improve their services to ensure you and other customers are satisfied the next time you visit.

However, if you are looking for survey sites that give you options to get your rewards as cash or Gift Cards, I recommend you check out survey sites with Direct Bank DepositAmazon Gift Cards, or Walmart Gift Cards.

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How Can You Make Money On KFC Survey?

One of the major drawbacks of the KFC survey is that it doesn’t offer multiple opportunities to earn rewards the same way as SurveyJunkie and InboxDollars survey platform.

Answering survey questions is the only opportunity to earn rewards on my KFC Customer Survey.

I think the major reason for this is simply because the survey is designed specifically for people who patronize KFC restaurants. As a result, the only single way you can earn a reward on the site is by taking surveys.

Personally, I think this is a great opportunity to at least have a voice in the company’s decisions regarding customer satisfaction.

As a participant, you are free to provide candid feedback on your previous dining experience. You can be as critical or complimentary as you like for KFC to get a solid sense of your experience.

KFC needs this feedback to figure out what is working and what isn’t. They will be able to make changes in this manner.

You must have a valid KFC receipt not earlier or longer than 7 days with the survey codes printed on it before you can participate in the survey. Though not all the receipts carry survey codes, so no cause for alarm if you have such a receipt.

For those receipts that do not have a survey code on them, you can use the store number, time, and the date you visit the store to access the survey. All this information will definitely be on the receipt.

Once you are done answering the survey questions, you will be given a validation code. With your validation code, you will be able to redeem your reward. So, you must remember your validation code next time you visit the KFC store to claim your reward.

I will suggest you write the code in your journal or screengrab it if the survey is taken on your mobile phone. This way, you can easily access it whenever you choose to use it (not more than 30 days).

Another important thing you should know about the KFC survey is that each validation code is only valid for 30 days. Therefore, you must claim your reward as soon as possible.

Honestly, I believe this is a generous offer as 30 days is more than enough time to get your favorite Crispy Colonel Sandwich for free.

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  • It is completely free to join
  • No disqualification from surveys
  • No payout threshold
  • Simple, easy questions
  • Gives enough time to redeem your reward
  • Owned by a reliable company


  • Only available to US residents
  • No cash reward
  • Only offer survey opportunity


There are many other survey platforms like KFC Survey that lets you take surveys to earn amazing rewards in your spare time. These sites include:

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What information does KFC collect during the survey?

Since the purpose of the survey is to gather customer feedback, the information will be about your experience when you visited ordered food KFC restaurant.

KFC values the feedback of its guests and customers as it helps to create a better dining experience.

How long will it take to complete the survey?

You can expect to spend about five-ten minutes completing the survey, which you can complete in one sitting.

What if I don’t want to fill out the whole survey?

You will have to complete and submit the whole survey before you can obtain your validation code which you will use to claim your prize.


Online surveys are one of the most important ways for consumers to give feedback about products and services. KFC is providing you this opportunity to receive a free delicious Crispy Colonel Sandwich from their store through their online survey.

By participating in the KFC survey, you will have an opportunity to get delicious Crispy Colonel Sandwich at no cost from KFC restaurants.

If you are already buying food from KFC restaurants, I recommend you participate in the KFC customer survey. It’s easy and safe. Just read the terms and conditions and complete the surveys to claim your prize.

Since the survey offers limited opportunities, I suggest you join more online surveys sites with numerous earning opportunities. Here are the Best Paid Survey Panels you can choose from.

Many of these survey sites offer interesting opportunities and rewards. You will have the option to receive your reward as cash or e-Gift Cards to the popular online stores.

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I hope you found this KFC customer survey review helpful. Thanks for reading.

Ready to Participate in KFC Survey?

Click the button to participate in the KFC online survey. Make sure you have a valid last week’s (7 days) receipt at your reach. Also, don’t forget your validation code is only valid for 30 days.