Offer Nation Review: Get Paid For Doing Simple Tasks Online

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This Offer Nation review will show you simple ways through which you can make money online; you don’t even need any experience or special skills.

The internet has made it look as if you can make money from doing almost anything. Imagine getting paid for doing what you would normally do for free. I’m talking about getting paid for watching videos, searching for content, completing surveys, and playing games. These are activities that those with free time can get involved in and get paid.

Offer Nation is one of the numerous online rewards websites that allow people to earn in their spare time by completing simple tasks online.

But, is Offer Nation a legit way to earn or a waste of time?

You can make money on Offer Nation but you need to have more idea about Get-Paid-To sites so that you don’t end up being disappointed when you join Offer Nation.

In this Offer Nation review, I will provide all the details that you need to know about the platform and what makes it better than the other platforms. These will help you know what to expect and you will also be able to decide if it’s the right platform for you.

Quick Review

Here’s my quick Offer Nation review:

Detailed Guide

What is Offer Nation?

Offer Nation is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website that has been around for many years. People that are looking for ways to make extra money completing surveys, watching videos, and doing other simple and small tasks can do these on the platform.

Although the company running Offer Nation is based in the United Kingdom, the membership is open to anyone that is at least 18 years old irrespective of where they live in the world.

How Offer Nation Works

Offer Nation refers to itself as a GPT site and not just a traditional survey company. This means that they do not offer only surveys. The platform offers its members ‘exclusive’ paid surveys, trial offers, and videos.

Users can log into their accounts anytime and select the opportunities that they are interested in. Based on information gathered from other reviewers, Offer Nation allows its members to request payment once they have earned 100 points ($1).

How To Make Money On Offer Nation

1. Paid surveys

Surveys are one of the major ways through which users make money on Offer Nation. There is a good number of surveys on this platform. You will find a long list of various portals with surveys when you click the ‘make money’ tab in the menu.

Although there are many surveys on the site, you will not qualify for all of them.  Hence, you need to be patient to find the survey that you qualify for. This is not peculiar to only Offer Nation; it’s the same with all GPT sites.

2. Sign up for offers

You will find offer walls on Offer Nation. You can earn in many ways in this section. In most cases, some offers allow you to get a bonus for signing up for trying out a service. Such offers will give you good rewards, but ensure you read the conditions because some may request your credit card details.

You will also find videos that you can watch to increase your earnings.

3. Download apps

In some cases, you will come across offers where you will be paid for downloading an app or a game on your phone. You will find such offers on your offer wall as well.

You can easily earn a little extra, but ensure you check the conditions before downloading anything so that you will know what you are getting yourself into. Some offers may require you to play a game to a particular level before you can get the bonus, while others may only ask you to open the app and be rewarded.

Thus, it is important to read and understand the conditions before you take any of the offers so that you will know what is required of you.

4. Refer friends and loved ones

You can also make money on Offer Nation by inviting your friends and family members to join the site. The site will pay you 25% of whatever your referral earns.

The referral commission is not much and you need to refer many people to earn a tangible amount. Offer Nation’s referral program is not just about referring people to the platform, your referrals must continuously use the site so that you can make money.

If you can invite a lot of active people, then this option is an easy way to increase your earnings without doing much.

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5. Welcome bonus

When you register on Offer Nation, you will be rewarded with a 25 cent joining bonus. It’s not a huge bonus but it puts you on a good start and also sets you on the path towards the payout threshold (which is quite low; more on this later).

6. Promo codes

Offer Nation sometimes posts promo codes on their Twitter or Facebook page. However, this is not always done. So you should not expect to earn lots of money from this option.

I discovered that their Facebook page is not always active, so Twitter is a better platform to check for their promo codes.

I believe the promo codes are the only reason most people are following Offer Nation on their social media platforms. The other posts on their social media sites are just reminding their audience about what they offer.

If you’re lucky to find one, you can earn about $0.20 from promo codes. That’s easy cash for a few seconds of effort.

7. Contest

If you are a member of Offer Nation, you will be automatically entered into the platform’s quarterly contest for $1,000. The money will be shared by the top 20 earning members and the top earner gets $350.

Although this option has the potential of giving you a nice extra reward, you need to be active on the site to win the prize.

As you can see so far, Offer Nation has lots of opportunities that you can take advantage of to earn online. You need to be patient with most of these earning opportunities and must also be dedicated to getting the best from the platform.

The next section of this Offer Nation review will consider how you can get paid once you have some money in your account.

How To Get Paid On Offer Nation

When you complete surveys or carry out tasks and downloads on Offer Nation, you will earn either points or cash. These earnings can be paid out through PayPal, Payza, or Skrill. You can also withdraw your earnings as Bitcoins.

The minimum threshold is low when compared to other GPT and survey websites. This is one of the best features of Offer Nation.

If you want to be paid via PayPal or Skrill, you need to earn at least $1 while you must earn at least $10 to withdraw your earnings through Payza. Withdrawing your earnings as Bitcoins requires a minimum threshold of $40.

You can use the points you earn for Amazon gift cards. The minimum threshold for this is 500 points ($5). Note that you can only use this option after receiving at least one cash payment.

If you want to get all your earnings in cash, you can easily convert the earned points to cash. This option can be found in the withdrawal section.

In the withdraw section, there’s a ‘convert’ button at the top of the screen. The platform pays 1 cent for 1 point.


If you are searching for alternatives to Offer Nation, you will find some options more suitable than others. Here are some alternatives to Offer Nation:

  • Swagbucks:  This platform is open to those living in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. It pays $5 as the joining bonus.
  • Prizerebel:  It has a low payout threshold of $5.
  • ySense:  It is very similar to Offer Nation.
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  • The minimum threshold of the platform is $1. This is not common in the industry. Another GPT site that offers this type of low threshold is Surveytime.
  • It offers an instant payout through PayPal. If you withdraw through PayPal, your money will be sent to your PayPal account within a few minutes or even immediately.
  • Offer Nation has different payment options that you can choose from.
  • People from anywhere in the world can join the site.
  • It pays $0.25 as the signup bonus.
  • The site has a high referral bonus of 25%.


  • PayPal charges a processing fee of 2%. This is also the case with most of the GPT websites.
  • Offer Nation is not optimized for mobile devices. This makes it hard to complete surveys while you’re on the move.
  • It has a low-income potential (but some people will find it useful).
  • The Bitcoin withdrawal option has a high minimum threshold of $40.


Is Offer Nation a scam?

From what we have considered so far in this Offer Nation review, the platform is legitimate. They pay their members and there aren’t many complaints about payments. Offer Nation has also been in business for a long period and this makes it more trustworthy.

Can I have multiple accounts on Offer Nation?

No, you can’t. Having multiple accounts is against the platform’s policy. Ensure you review the site’s terms for their rules as touching multiple accounts. If Offer Nation finds any member with more than one account, the member will be permanently banned from the site.

Is it free to register on Offer Nation?

Yes, registration is free on Offer Nation. You will also earn a bonus for registering on the site. You will not incur any maintenance fees apart from the standard payment processing fees (which apply to the different withdrawal options that Offer Nation offers).

What is the best earning option on Offer Nation?

The best option that you can use to increase your earnings on Offer Nation is the platform’s referral program. Offer Nation’s referral program is one of the best that I’ve ever come across.

When your referral successfully signs up and completes any task, you will be rewarded with 25% of their earnings as long as they remain active on the site. When you sign up, you will be given a unique URL. You can then share this link on your blog or social media platforms to refer people to join the site.

Can you use Offer Nation on mobile?

Offer Nation does not have a mobile app. However, you can use it on mobile devices through a web browser.

You need to know that it is not easy to use Offer Nation on mobile devices because it is not properly optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, it can be a little bit challenging to use on a mobile phone. The site is better navigated on a desktop or tablet.


Offer Nation Review Final Verdict: Is Offer Nation Legit Or A Scam?

Judging from the information shared in this Offer Nation review, the site is worth using if you have the time. Offer Nation is legit and it has been paying its members without any form of complaints. It must also be pointed out that the platform has been operating for a long time.

However, the earning potential is low. Some users also complain of being disqualified while working on surveys. The platform is also not mobile-friendly and can be difficult to use on mobile phones.

However, you have access to many surveys that you can complete to make money. The low payout threshold of $1 also means you can lay your hands on your earnings within a short period. Users can also earn 25% of their referrals’ earnings.

There’s also the $0.25 joining bonus which may not be high but takes you closer to the $1 minimum threshold. The instant payment option that PayPal offers also makes Offer Nation an attractive GPT website.

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