PanelPlace Review- Legit or Fake Survey Platform? (Full Details)

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Are you looking for a survey website that allows you to earn some extra cash by doing really easy surveys and offers? This PanelPlace review is just for you.

There are many sites on the internet that offer to pay you for your opinions. Some of these are legitimate and high-paying, others not so much. It can be a challenge to sift through them all. 

One of the best places for you to start is with PanelPlace. This is a website that will tell you what it’s like working on various survey sites. It’ll let you know what type of information you need to provide and what it takes to get paid.

My PanelPlace Review will discuss things you should look into while selecting a survey company.

This review will also detail what makes PanelPlace unique amongst other paid survey companies and why you should join it.

Quick Review

What makes PanelPlace unique?

  • Available in over 40 countries worldwide
  • They only recommend legit panels
  • There are different kinds of offers
  • Headquarters in Singapore
  • They have monthly promotions and contests
  • Has offers other than surveys, like courses, tools, etc.

Detailed Overview

What is PanelPlace?

PanelPlace is a simple online platform that helps you to connect with market research paid survey panels. It is an excellent place to get started with survey taking – as all you have to do is submit basic information and then choose the paid survey panels that interest you.

And, because there are many survey panels listed at PanelPlace, it is also a great place for established survey professionals to find and connect with new paid market research panels.

The site provides the most comprehensive database of paid survey panels around. So if you need more surveys to join, then sign up at PanelPlace.

What are the features of PanelPlace?

PanelPlace homepage

Registration is free

There is no fee to join PanelPlace. All you need to do is sign up and complete the online registration by providing your email address, city of residence, gender, and date of birth. And that’s it! 

Survey participants will be sent invitations to surveys based on their panel profile. The platform lists all the available survey companies on its website. 

Just click on the ones you wish to participate in and it will take you to the program via a special link.

Match you up with surveys

PanelPlace is a one-of-a-kind survey matching service. When you sign up, they match you based on your demographic profile to surveys that fit your specific interests. 

They’re able to select from over 30 unique survey panels because they offer access to every survey panel in one convenient easy-to-use platform.

Require no fee to join

PanelPlace is a daily online survey panel. Every day you will receive a targeted survey that fits your profile and is meant for you. There are no fees to join or to participate in surveys. You will only be redirected to the survey panel to register and complete surveys.

Information on recommended lists

PanelPlace is a survey site that places members on recommended lists for companies. The more panels a member joins, the more targeted surveys are displayed. 

After the surveys have been matched with your profile, PanelPlace sends you the recommended list and the link you have been matched with.

Each member will get paid for surveys completed and be able to view recommended list survey sites for anyone looking to take surveys online.

Points system

In PanelPlace, you are rewarded with points when you complete surveys. These points can be exchanged at any time for PayPal cash, check, or coupon codes.

The more points you earn, the more your earnings.


PanelPlace will send out notifications from time to time about changes to the site, new features, or other useful information. They’ll let you know about any major upgrades to the website they may be working on ahead of time and will notify you when they’re live.

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How does PanelPlace work?

Signing up is absolutely free, and you can do so with different means- Facebook, Google Plus, or email. You should see an invitation to ‘Sign up’ in the upper-right corner of the main website.

You’d do well to do your due diligence since there are some opportunities/offers out there that allow you to earn money for performing certain tasks, but require you to subscribe or pay a one-time fee in order to use; for instance, classes/courses, movies or music.

Upon joining and entering a few details about yourself, you are directed to a dashboard with different categories of opportunities.

There are eight, including financial, health, surveys, and personal development. It is important to note that your dashboard may appear differently depending on your country of residence.

You will then be redirected to survey sites that offer what you are looking for once you decide which category you want to specialize in. A lot of popular sites are regularly posted on the site, like Toluna, Opinion Outpost, and E-Poll.

How can you make money with PanelPlace?

There are different ways to make money on the platform.

Paid surveys

PanelPlace is a survey router site that offers its members the opportunity to make cash by completing surveys on different survey panels. The money you earn from surveys need not be spent on PanelPlace since they pay you in points.

As a member, survey links are discreetly and automatically entered into your account to be reviewed when you are ready.

The PanelPlace app

The PanelPlace app provides an independent panelist with rewards for completing online surveys. The app is simple, easy, and convenient to use. Simply download the PanelPlace app and create a user account in less than 5 minutes. 

To be active within the app, you must complete a few profile questions. Once you have an account, their system will notify you in real-time when a new survey opportunity is available to you.

Product testing

PanelPlace doesn’t offer this option directly but it’s an extension offered by some of its affiliate websites like Toluna

Whether you want to test a new mobile phone, pay for an educational course, or get compensated to try a new lifestyle product, you can benefit from product testing. 

When you test these products, you fill out a survey about your experience and how you feel about the product. Every time you fill out a survey, you earn money.

Winning free contests

PanelPlace gives you the opportunity to win exciting rewards by participating in free contests. Easy, right? Now let’s see how much money you can make.

Winners of these free contests are awarded as much as $10. This free contest is the only money-making task offered by the platform.  

Survey recommendation emails

PanelPlace works with companies that are looking for respondents for research surveys. When companies are looking for participants, they look to PanelPlace for the right kind of people. 

They then send out emails to their participants who are interested in joining a survey that fits their demographic. 

By clicking on the link in the email, they engage in a survey that pays them per question answered.

Once you’ve completed the survey, they will email you a recommendation to complete a second survey.

Referral programs

One of the easiest ways to make money with PanelPlace is through their referral programs. Members can earn extra cash by referring their friends to the site.

However, the issue with the PanelPlace referral program is that you can’t know the exact amount you are going to get.

PanelPlace Facebook page

It is normal for survey sites to have a Facebook page. PanelPlace also operates through Facebook. Their Facebook page is an easy and convenient way to keep updated on all survey news and to check out the links to each of the surveys.

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How much money can you make with PanelPlace?

PanelPlace account page layout

As I have said earlier in this PanelPlace review, a survey company like PanelPlace simply acts as a middleman, getting you surveys from legitimate survey sites. The company does not pay you to take surveys or polls on its own site, or to do any other activity on it.

You earn indirectly with PanelPlace since all rewards or compensation for tasks are paid by the survey sites you decide to join.

Furthermore, you can also earn from participating in contests, testing new products before they are released, and having your friends sign up as your referrals.

This is what I’m not understanding as the platform does not offer surveys or rewards so I have no idea how it works.

Pros and Cons of PanelPlace

Just like all survey panels that have their pros and cons, I will also talk about the pros and cons of this PanelPlace review.


1. Great opportunity to register for real survey sites

PanelPlace is the perfect place to find legit survey sites that actually reward you. The platform has a large member database so it’s always finding new ways to get users more survey opportunities.

2. Easy to use

The site is easy to use and the layout is friendly to both first-time and experienced users. You can find what you want when you want it.

3. You benefit more than just money

PanelPlace is a very useful website for those who are looking to make extra money working from home. With PanelPlace, you can work in your own time, at your own pace.

4. Versatile with a good mobile app

Participating in surveys is more effective when you use a mobile app, and PanelPlace offers one free of charge. 

This enables you to be notified in real-time when there are new surveys or invitations available. Simply by using your smartphone you can have access to thousands of surveys.

5. Only recommended survey sites are posted

PanelPlace’s sole purpose is to search for online survey sites that are legit, and it recommends only the best of those sites.

They are experts at surveying, and they choose the top paying sites for you.

6. Sign up is free

Sign-up is free and being a Member takes a few minutes. It is super easy to sign up. Unlike other survey sites, PanelPlace provides an opportunity for you to earn more cash than just basic rewards.

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1. You have no access to reward sites

PanelPlace is definitely an online survey panel to join. All the surveys you are provided will pay you to complete them with points or money. 

However, PanelPlace doesn’t provide access to reward sites so if your main reason for joining is for reward site access, then you should look elsewhere.

2. It is actually not a survey site

PanelPlace is a legit survey site that asks you to sign up for an account so you can participate in paid surveys. 

However, this website does not provide any real money to be spent on actual surveys. What it does is lead you into signing up for other sites that actually do pay out money in exchange for conducting online surveys.

3. No extensive information about survey sites

PanelPlace does not have the ability to give you in-depth information about survey sites. Therefore, it is important to fully research each website before signing up with them.

4. Has limited recommended survey sites compared to the amounts that exist

PanelPlace has limited survey sites and products to be compared to the amounts that exist in the market.

They do have a smaller selection of survey panels compared to the bigger brands out there and they do not provide detailed information about each survey site they recommend.


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Is PanelPlace a survey panel?

No. Their links will only provide you with survey sites that give you the opportunity to earn. Consequently, the recommended websites are the ones that provide rewards.

My profile information needs to be changed or updated. What should I do?

Go to your profile page in your account, update them and save any changes you have made. If you are having difficulty editing information, you can contact the support team for assistance.

When will I receive the surveys after I sign up?

The only thing you need to do is activate and update your account information so survey panels can use that information to send you survey invitations. Ensure you check your spam and junk mail folders frequently.

Can I join PanelPlace for free?

You do not need to pay to join the PanelPlace network. You can join PanelPlace FREE with absolutely no costs involved – it’s that simple!

When should I expect to receive surveys?

PanelPlace will send you an email announcing the availability of new surveys. Your timezone is set within the account settings. You should receive just one email, so make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Your PanelPlace username and password are required in order to log into the member area. Please use the ‘Forgot Your Password’ link and instructions to reset your PanelPlace password.

Your email address will be used to send your password. Check your junk/spam folder if the link to reset your password does not arrive in your inbox.

I don’t have a PayPal account. Do I need one?

PayPal allows users to send and receive money online safely and securely. Most survey sites, including PanelPlace, support this option. When you complete surveys on PanelPlace, you’ll require an account to redeem your rewards.

During registration, my country does not appear on the list. What does that mean?

The reason you don’t see your country included is that PanelPlace did not find any opportunities that are suitable in your country.

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Final Thoughts

For years now, PanelPlace has proven to be a very successful rewards survey site. It’s not every day you find legitimate companies that are offering real rewards for watching video ads, filling out surveys, and dealing with short little offers. 

Many have tried in the past and failed, and so it is truly a pleasure to see PanelPlace alive and thriving.

So, I recommend you make PanelPlace your preferred survey site and check it out if you haven’t already.

Overall, PanelPlace is worth the try.

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