PlanetPanel Review – How Much Can You Earn and Is It Worth Joining?

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PlanetPanel is a survey platform that pays you for answering surveys.

PlanetPanel lets you join an online community and share your opinions not only on products and services provided by companies to their consumers but you can also talk about current trends, events, the government, your leisure activity, and lots more.

In this PlanetPanel review, I will provide you with detailed information on what it’s like to take a PlanetPanel survey and whether or not this survey platform is worth your time.

Quick Review

Here’s my quick PlanetPanel review.

  • Safe and legit
  • Sign up is free
  • No points system
  • Surveys take on average 10-20 minutes
  • No minimum payment
  • You must be 18+ to participate
  • Take surveys and gain entries into monthly sweepstakes

Detailed Overview

Here is all you need to know about the PlanetPanel platform.

What is PlanetPanel?

PlanetPanel is a survey platform that pays you for answering surveys. 

PlanetPanel is owned and operated by a market research company in the Netherlands – MSI-ACI Europe BV. 

MSI-ACI has worked with several companies and big names to further their market survey interests, help them understand why their consumers purchase what they do and what they think about the products they give to them.

In addition, this survey platform offers only one way to earn rewards and that is via online surveys. Furthermore, PlanetPanel doesn’t pay in cash or gift cards it pays and rewards you with sweepstakes entry.

Signing up to take surveys with PlanetPanel is easy. All they want you to have is internet access so you can access your email whenever they send surveys. The registration process is also quite a short one.

Now that you know what PlanetPanel is, let’s take a look at how you can earn with this survey platform.

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How to earn with PlanetPanel?

Online surveys

Like I have said earlier, PlanetPanel only offers one way of earning and that is via online surveys. This method of earning has its pros and cons.

It is a good thing because it will make you earn rewards easier. All you need is to make yourself available for surveys and to keep answering them.

It is a bad thing because when there are no surveys to answer you have limited options to earn nothing. This means you might not get surveys in weeks or months.

When you sign up and become a member of PlanetPanel, you get an email invite for you to complete surveys. All you need to do is click on the link on the surveys and answer the questions.

However, before you can answer the real surveys, you will need to answer a set of prequalifying surveys to determine if you are suitable for the surveys. For example, your demographic must suit where the survey is targeting. 

If you pass the set of prequalifying surveys you will be allowed to take the survey but if you don’t, you will be disqualified and moved on to the next available survey.

Expect surveys on leisure activities, products, technology, and services. These surveys are like 20 questions so they should take about 20-30 minutes for you to complete.

In addition, one thing PlanetPanel members like about their platform is that the surveys are flexible.

What I mean is that if you have a pending issue to sort out and you have already started working on a survey, rather than cancel it you can pause the survey and come back to it at a later time that’s convenient for you.

Not many survey sites offer you this feature. Although, you have to get back to the survey as soon as possible because the surveys are only live for a few days.

After the completion of the survey, you will be rewarded as promised.

Now let’s move on to how you will get paid with PlanetPanel.

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How to get paid with PlanetPanel?

Payment is the most important reason people sign up for survey platforms. Now let’s see how PlanetPanel pays its members. As I have said earlier for every survey you complete, you will be rewarded.

However, PlanetPanel does not state on its website the amount you stand to earn for every survey you complete but you will be given a hint of what to expect.

They don’t pay in cash so cash payment is out of it. They only pay with entry into sweepstakes.

In my opinion, this is bad because no matter the number of surveys you complete, you might not earn any amount of money. Rather, you will be rewarded with sweepstakes entry where you might not win anything.

How much can you make with PlanetPanel?

Like I have said earlier, you can’t earn cash with this platform. You can only be entered into sweepstakes where you will have a chance of winning prizes.

When you are entered into sweepstakes, you will be notified via email of the kind of prize you are going to win.

I would say if you are looking to earn cash by completing surveys, this platform isn’t for you. There are other surveys for money apps you can join that will pay you cash.

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Who can join PlanetPanel?

You start by signing up via the main website. On the right-hand page, you can switch to English and click the “Register” button you’ll see.

Enter information about you- your race, age, country, and all such basic information that helps them determine demographics for you; all of which shouldn’t take up to 10 minutes after which you simply confirm your account via the email you’d receive.

You get to receive survey notifications via email. A typical survey takes just about 20 minutes or less to complete.

In case you have reason to leave a survey halfway, you can, but it’d be best to complete a survey as soon as possible because most surveys are available only for some days. To complete a survey to receive your due reward for it.

Surveys are fun to complete – you don’t only give feedback/ your opinion on products and services, you also give your opinions on government, leisure activities, technology, even the internet.

For payment/ rewards, you get to be entered into sweepstakes entries. They could pay as much as $50.00. Keep responding to surveys to increase your chances.

Furthermore, PlanetPanel is a Dutch-based survey platform and it is available in 21 countries. The countries are Australia, Belgium, UK, US, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Netherlands, China, France, India, Russia, Spain, and some other countries you will get to know of when registering.

Can you use PlanetPanel on mobile?

There is no mobile app you can download and install but the website is mobile optimized. This means that if you are not in front of your computer, you can answer surveys on your mobile phone with ease.

You don’t need to zoom in and zoom out to make words easier to see.

If you want to read further, here are the pros and cons of PlanetPanel.

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What are the advantages of PlanetPanel?

1. Their site is mobile-friendly

PlanetPanel’s website is mobile-friendly. So, you can experience all the features they offer via your smartphone.

Furthermore, when you open the site on your mobile device, you won’t need to squeeze your face to get a better view of the site. You can easily read everything on their site as if you are browsing on your laptop or desktop.

2. The panel accepts applicants from many countries

PlanetPanel members are accepted from all countries in the world, this is a significant advantage over other panels.

PlanetPanel is an independent website panel that consists of members from around the world. Since it was established, the panel has gained popularity and currently has more than 500k+ members. It accepts applications from many countries with Dutch as a preferred language.

However, if you don’t understand Dutch and English as your preferred language you can change them in the dropdown menu of the website.

3. It’s most definitely legit

The first and the most important reason is that it is indeed a legit survey company. PlanetPanel employs more than 500k+ members who do surveys on behalf of various reputed companies.

Furthermore, PlanetPanel is a wonderful platform for those who love surveys. This survey site is easy to use, legit & free.

4. Each survey earns entry into sweepstakes

PlanetPanel surveys earn you entry into sweepstakes, based on the length of the survey. This means that every survey you complete will not only give you feedback on an interesting subject but could also earn your entry into sweepstakes drawing, with prizes worth up to $50.

5. Simple registration process

PlanetPanel survey features an easy registration procedure that will only take a few minutes. The PlanetPanel online panel is simple and easy to use. You will be able to sign up and set up your account in just a few minutes. 

In addition, once you have confirmed your email address, you will be ready to start taking surveys for rewards.

6. Surveys take about 10-20 minutes

PlanetPanel survey is a worldwide online household market research panel with over 500,000 participating members. PlanetPanel invites you to join in their ongoing consumer insights survey, which takes about 10-20 minutes on average. 


What are the disadvantages of PlanetPanel?

1. Limited earning opportunities offered

PlanetPanel has limited surveys. As surveys are the main money-making opportunities, there is a smaller opportunity to earn on this site than with other similar survey sites

2. No earning potential unless you are very lucky

PlanetPanel is not at all good. It usually takes forever to qualify for surveys and when you do qualify for surveys, rather than pay you, they will enter you into their monthly sweepstakes.

In my opinion, I don’t think if you want to make money online via surveys this is the best platform. But if you are someone doing surveys for fun you can signup for this platform.

3. They won’t pay you unless you win the sweepstakes

Although this is not a con. I guess you could get annoyed with it. Their sweepstakes prizes are very attractive. Out of the 500,000 members that claim points, typically less than 1% win their sweepstakes prizes.

4. Surveys seem to be rare

PlanetPanel is a survey company. It is easy to sign-up, and you will likely be able to get rewards for surveys. These surveys are not always as frequent as you might expect with other companies.

You have to make the most of your opportunities and take the surveys as soon as you can. If you don’t qualify, you will not be able to finish them, so make sure you qualify before wasting your time by answering all questions.

5. Their website isn’t very informative

It seems like the information on their website is very limited. It doesn’t give much detail about the site itself or what surveys you can expect to find there.

6. No cash or gift rewards 

You can’t earn cash or gift cards with PlanetPanel which is very bad. The main reason I am doing surveys is to get paid. However, when you complete a survey, you are rewarded with a sweepstakes entry where you can win different prizes.

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What are the best alternatives to PlanetPanel?

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What are the survey results used for?

Companies, Businesses, Organizations use the information provided by PlanetPanel to provide better services and make efficient business decisions based on the consumer’s choice.

Am I permitted to fill surveys offline?

You must be ‘online’ to take surveys because most of the time, the answers you give on a present screen will be determined by the last reply you gave.

Final Thoughts

Joining this survey panel will NOT be as rewarding as it seems. First, you have the scarcity of surveys to deal with, then get what in return? A sweepstakes entry? What’s the guarantee you’ll reap the benefits of your hard work?

Furthermore, if you are looking for survey panels to join and you don’t reside in the US, check out the best international survey panels

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