ProductReportCard Review: Get Paid For Your Opinions

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This ProductReportCard review will reveal how you can get paid for sharing your opinions and feedback on products and services.

Opinions may not mean anything to you, but some companies are ready to pay you for sharing your opinion.

Taking online surveys is one of the most popular activities that you might be involved in already. But can you get paid for doing it? You just need to be able to find the right opportunities.

Many online survey websites pay people for sharing their feedback on products and services.

ProductReportCard is one of the tons of get-paid-to (GPT) websites that fall into this category. Just like other GPT sites (legit or scam alike), the platform promises to help you make money online in your spare time. But is that true?

This guide is my compilation of a detailed ProductReportCard review that will show you how ProductReportCard works and if it truly pays members for sharing their opinions.

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Quick Review

This quick ProductReportCard review summarizes what you will discover in this guide:

Detailed Guide

What is ProductReportCard?

ProductReportCard is a market research company that pays members for sharing their opinions via research or survey panel.

When you land on their website for the first time, you may not know what they are into because they don’t have any “About Us” page. You will, however, find out that the company is located in the United States.

Apart from that, you will also see snippets of what they are into and their offers, but there are no details about these.

Thus, you may be confused and may not have an idea of what you want to get yourself into. That is why I have taken my time to write this comprehensive ProductReportCard review to see if it’s worth it.

What Does ProductReportCard Offer?

1. Paid surveys

ProductReportCard’s paid surveys offer most of the rewards.

You need to complete your profile before you can start getting surveys. You may find this a little bit tiring because you need to fill lots of forms.

Some people may not find this interesting. That’s because most people would want to hit the ground running as quickly as possible. However, setting up your profile is a painstaking process on ProductReportCard.

You need to complete this process because the survey invites that you will receive will be determined by the information you provide in your profile.

It is not strange that you have to fill out your profile questions on survey websites and I don’t see that as an issue at all.

However, there are many of these profile questions on ProductReportCard and you will not be rewarded for completing your profile surveys unlike what is done on some other survey panels.

So apart from having to complete a long profile setup process, the site’s mode of earning is not as efficient as the other survey websites.

2. Product reviews

Product review is another way through which you can earn from ProductReportCard.

To start earning with this option, you also need to complete your profile. Once you’ve completed your profile, you will be qualified for product reviews.

Product reviews give reviews like paid surveys. I perused the ProductReportCard site for information about how members are rewarded for reviews but I couldn’t find any.

This is one of the issues I have with ProductReportCard; the hassle associated with finding information about how the different earning options work.

When I ransacked the internet for information about the rewards that you will get from carrying out product reviews, I discovered that you will earn around $0.5 per product review. This is fair because you will not spend a lot of time reviewing the product.

But that doesn’t cover up the fact that the rewards on ProductReportCard are lower than what is obtained on other top GPT sites where you do similar tasks for better rewards.

3. Product research

Another way through which you can earn rewards on ProductReportCard is by doing product research.

This option allows you to earn by researching a product that is listed on the ProductReportCard platform. You will then input the price of the product, the location where people can buy it, and other relevant information that prospective buyers need to know about the product.

You are helping people to decide whether to buy the product and where they can find the best deal for the product.

As usual, there is no information on the ProductReportCard website about the reward you will earn for this task. Also, it is not that easy to execute.

So, even though product research is an interesting idea, the poor usability of the website and its options is not impressive.

Earning Potential

The most frequent activity that occurs on ProductReportCard is completing online surveys. Most of the surveys pay between 25 cents and $5, while the extensive ones pay about $10. There is no definite information about the number of surveys you will receive.

The number of surveys you will receive will be determined by your geographical location and how complete your profile is.

Some users even claim they received as much as $8 for completing their profile. I doubt this though.

As for other activities, you can earn about $1 per product review. You will be asked to check out brands that you own their products as you complete your profile. Also, you may get offers to write 500-word reviews of the products. So, you don’t need to buy anything.

All you need to do is to share your experience with the product that you already have and get rewarded for it.

ProductReportCard’s focus groups pay the most; they pay up to $200, but they are rare.


You can register on the site by following these steps:

  • Create an account and agree to the site’s terms and conditions
  • Provide the primary information, and
  • Start receiving invites to complete surveys and make money

Unlike most of the other survey websites, ProductReportCard has a painstaking sign-up process. Some ProductReportCard reviews may refer to this process as a time-consuming task. But it is necessary so that you can receive survey invites.

ProductReportCard depends on the information you supply while signing up and in your profile so that they can match you with the right surveys. Unfortunately, you will not be rewarded for completing profile surveys. It will only increase your earning potential by qualifying you for more surveys.

This site is open to anyone that is at least 18 years old and lives in the United States, United Kingdom, and most European countries. ProductReportCard will not block you from signing up if you don’t live in these areas. But you may encounter some problems if you want to receive your earnings via check because the company is in the United States.

Is ProductReportCard Legit?

ProductReportCard seems to be legit and ethical. It is a well-regarded company that is focused on honestly gathering a sample of consumer information while rewarding the members with cash, Amazon gift cards, or free products.

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The company adheres to all the requirements of a reliable market research company. It is free to sign up and use the platform. They are also open and honest about the fact that you may not have access to projects frequently.

Also, ProductReportCard is honest about how most of their projects pay around $1, and that members need to earn at least $25 before they can request payment; the commonest payout amount that most market research companies use.

How To Redeem Your Earnings With ProductReportCard

1. Gift cards

The main option that you can use to redeem your earnings through a gift card is Amazon (with a minimum threshold of $25). You will receive your gift card code after some days of requesting a payout.

2. Check

ProductReportCard can also pay its members via a check. This also has a minimum threshold of $25. The platform will send your check to the address that you provided while creating your account. It will take several weeks for your check to arrive at the address.


  • Unlike most survey websites, ProductReportCard has a low disqualification rate. Although you will not be paid for any surveys that you are disqualified from, you can be assured that disqualification is not rampant.
  • ProductReportCard does not use a points system. So, you will not deal with any complex conversation rate. The earnings for each of the surveys are shown in cash; thereby helping you to know the exact amount that you will earn from each task.
  • You can contact customer support in many ways if you have any issues.


  • As mentioned earlier in this ProductReportCard review, the signup process is long and tedious. You need to be detailed in your profile so that ProductReportCard can invite you to participate in relevant surveys. But it takes a lot of time to scale through this process and you will not be rewarded for completing your profile surveys.
  • ProductReportCard uses two payment options and does not include PayPal. This implies that members in countries apart from the United States may find it difficult to receive their earnings. Since getting paid through a check is problematic, most users will opt for an Amazon gift card.
  • Although there is a slim opportunity of having access to high-paying surveys, most of the surveys have lower rewards than other sites.

ProductReportCard Alternatives


Is ProductReportCard a legitimate website?

ProductReportCard is a legitimate market research company. It rewards members for sharing their opinions and feedback through the various tasks it offers.

How do you get paid on ProductReportCard?

Members can earn between $1 and $5 per survey they complete. It takes about 10 minutes to complete surveys. The minimum threshold of the site is $25 and you are free to choose the type of reward you want to redeem.

What can I expect from ProductReportCard?

Although the site does not display examples of the surveys, the fact is that not all members will have access to all the surveys. To start working on ProductReportCard, you need to complete a detailed member profile.

It is important to provide information about your household, their careers, their wellness, daily habits, and lots more. Doing so will earn you small rewards (about $0.25 per section).

The more complete your profile is, the more survey opportunities you will have access to. A complete profile will have specific demographics that will interest research companies.

Can you use ProductReportCard on mobile?

ProductReportCard does not have any app. However, you can have access to the website through your mobile phone by using a mobile browser.

You can easily have access to the member dashboard after a few taps. The mobile interface contains every feature that is found when a regular desktop browser is used.

ProductReportCard’s website is mobile-optimized because every screen is responsive, and you will see all its content.

So, if you use your mobile phone for this type of task, ProductReportCard makes it easy for you to do that.


ProductReportCard Review Final Verdict:  Is ProductReportCard Worth It?

ProductReportCard is legit. The market research company rewards members for sharing their opinions about feedback about products and services. However, most of the ProductReportCard reviews complain about the scarcity of high-paying surveys. This means that the site has limited earning potential.

Also, you need to be within the right demographics and must also be committed so that you can accrue the $25 minimum threshold in a month.

However, if you are a retiree, student, or stay-at-home parent, and you are only interested in earning some extra money in your spare time, ProductReportCard is a good platform for you.

If you need quick cash or full-time income, you need to look for another platform or money-making opportunity.

Thank you for reading my ProductReportCard review. If you found it useful, you will also love our guide on the best survey sites with sign-up bonuses; these sites will help you earn more.

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