Research Participants Institute Review: Can You Really Make $100 Doing Surveys?

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If you’re looking for a review of the Research Participants Institute, then you’ve come to the right place. Research Participants Institute is a survey site that connects you to both in-person and online projects. This survey platform pays more than $100 to its members for a survey. Yeah, you read that right.

My aim with this article is to offer a candid review of what this company has to offer and whether it’s worth your time.

In addition, after reading this review, you should have a good understanding of how Research Participants Institute works, how you can make money with this platform, and also its pros and cons.

Let’s get started.

Quick Review

My quick Research Participants Institute review

  • Free to join
  • Legit and safe
  • No points system
  • Available to people who live in the USA
  • 18+ to signup
  • No withdrawal threshold
  • Payment via check
  • Suitable for US residents
  • Infrequent surveys

Detailed Overview

Here’s all you need to know about the Research Participant Institute platform.

What is Research Participants Institute?

Research Participant Institute is a top market research and survey company that rewards you with cash for answering survey questions and reviewing presentations. They regularly conduct several research projects that’s why they are always on the lookout for people to signup for their panel.

They are an American-based survey company. This means that you can join Research Participants Institute from anywhere in the United States.

Although you can join from anywhere it is highly unlikely you will receive email invites to complete surveys.

How to earn with Research Participants Institute?

Now that you know what Research Participant Institute is, the most important part is knowing how to earn with them. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can earn with Research Participant Institute.

In-person projects

Research Participants Institute home office is in Dallas which is where they conduct their in-person projects. They also conduct these projects all over the united states. 

The duration of these projects ranges from 1 to 14 days depending on the type of project you are expected to do.

If you are participating in these projects, you are expected to share your opinions regarding a particular presentation. You will share your opinions through focus groups setup or via questionnaires.

The timing of the Research Participants Institute in-person project is 7 AM till 6 PM. However, the first 2-3 hours of the project consists of an initial paperwork project and giving you clues on how the project works.

The projects all vary depending on the project length and format suitable to you.

You will be paid $100-$300 when you complete your project. In addition, when you have been chosen for the project, you will be paid a portion of the reward in advance. After the completion of the project, you will be paid your balance via check.

However, certain conditions have to be met before you are chosen for a project. You need to be eligible to participate, your demographic must suit where the project is targeting also. In addition, a representative from Research Participants Institute will give you a call to verify your identity and availability for the survey.

If you have dietary requirements, you should go along with your meal because they will only serve you the available meals.

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What are the rules to follow when doing in-persons projects?

Before starting the in-persons project you will be given some rules and regulations to follow. These rules and regulations will guide you on what to do:

  • You will not be allowed outside the facility unless you are through with your project.
  • You should also go with some form of identification like your Drivers License or State-Issued ID for identification that you will present before entering the facility. 
  • In addition, casual attire like jeans, hats, T-shirts, and the likes is not allowed. You must dress corporate even if you won’t be sent back for dressing casually.
  • Furthermore, note that you need to be punctual at all times because it is an offense. It is either you are sent back for resuming late or you won’t be assigned a project.

Online projects

Online projects are another way of earning money with the Research Participants Institute. Here, projects are conducted online which gives you the extra time to make money online.

During registration, you will have to provide a valid email address because when you have been confirmed as a member they will use this email to send you survey invites. 

After registration, you will receive a project that will take about 15 minutes to 2 hours that you are meant to complete within the project time frame you have been given.

With the Research Participants Institute online projects, for each project expect to earn between $10 to $50.

Another thing is that you can do these projects from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, you can qualify for more projects than others it all depends on the demographic information you dropped during registration.

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How do you get paid with Research Participants Institute?

With Research Participants Institute, you get paid immediately as soon as you complete your project. You get paid via check that will be sent to the mail address you provided upon completion of your registration.

Payments for the online projects may take about a week or more than that.

You will be rewarded with $100-$300 when you complete the in-person project and for each online project expect to earn between $10 to $50.

It is important to note that when you receive over $600 worth of rewards from the Research Participants Institute you will be required to fill and complete a W-9 form.

Who can join Research Participants Institute?

For you to become a member of the Research Participants Institute you must reside in the United States and must be 18 years or above to be able to register. 

When you want to register, you will be asked to provide some personal information that will enable you to be considered for surveys. For instance, you will be asked your name, age, where you live, mailing address, and so on.

You have to be honest when filling this profile because they will be a determinant of you receiving surveys.

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Can you use Research Participants Institute on mobile?

There is no mention of a mobile app you can download and install on the Research Participants Institute website but I can tell you that the website is optimized for mobile use.

This means that you don’t have to zoom in and zoom out before you can surf through the website.

Furthermore, in the absence of a mobile app, you can use a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your Android phone while you can use Safari if you are using an iPhone.

In addition, if you prefer to use your laptop or desktop computer, you can also use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


What are the advantages of the Research Participant Institute?

1. You can choose if you want to do online projects or in-person projects

Research Participant Institute offers you both online projects and in-person projects. Online projects are good because you can do them anywhere, anytime, on your computer or phone.

While for the in-person projects, you have to be there physically to be able to do them. Whichever way you have the opportunity to pick or do both.

2. Rewards for surveys are quite good

The money people receive for participating in a survey online is quite good with many surveys paying between $10 to over $100.

For instance, you will earn about $100-$300 when you complete your in-person projects while you are set to be rewarded with $10 to $50 for online projects.

3. You get to know what you’ll earn for each survey

The Research Participant Institute (RPI), is an online survey research panel that offers you a chance to take part in different surveys and earn rewards. You’ll know exactly how much you’re going to earn from each survey. You will also be aware of how long it takes for each survey.

4. Research Participant Institute will pay if you don’t qualify

RPI has a large network of survey panelists who receive invitations to participate in research studies. This is important because there are quite a few individuals who do not qualify for surveys. Research Participant Institute will pay if you don’t qualify.

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What are the disadvantages of the Research Participant Institute?

1. Surveys are not so regular

The Research Participants Institute (RPI) survey is not so regular. Since there is a lot of work that goes into gathering information from participants and preparing reports, it is difficult to be certain about the frequency of survey opportunities with this company. 

However, they do state that surveys occur whenever new research begins, but there are no exact details provided at this time.

2. Restricted to only persons living in the US

One of the cons of this study is that only participants living in the US could join. There is a possibility that those living in other countries may have different responses, which would therefore invalidate the entire survey.

So, if you don’t reside in the US do not register for this platform because you will not receive surveys.


What are some alternatives to Research Participants Institute?

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Can my friends and family join RPI?

Yes. But note that friends and family members will not be able to participate in the same survey projects since Research Participants Institute projects are quite diverse.

Do I need any extra qualifications to be able to join RPI?

No. Your eligibility to sign up for Research Participants Institute is dependent on whether you live in the US and you are over the age of 18. Demographic info also needs a particular group of people which you may not be among.

Final Thoughts

Is Research Participants Institute legit?

The RPI platform is quite legit and transparent enough for you to join. Even though it won’t replace your regular job, some extra cash isn’t bad, right? Plus if you regularly participate in surveys, gathering up the small sums, you’ll find out you made something. Tiny drops make a mighty ocean, they say.

In addition, take note of the fact that the Research Participants Institute recruits more than the stipulated number of people they need for in-person projects.

When Research Participants Institute decides on its final selection on those that will take the final surveys you might not get picked, but you will be compensated for your time.

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