Textbroker Review: A Unique Platform For Making Money As A Writer

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Thanks for checking out my Textbroker review.

Crafting quality content for your website or business can be a daunting task. This is why lots of business owners use content marketplace websites to find and hire writers.

However, you can choose from many platforms, and it is difficult to know where to start judging from the huge number of such platforms on the internet.

Textbroker is a content marketplace that bridges the gap between freelance writers and companies that need written content.

A powerful content marketing strategy is an effective way that you can adopt to promote your website and improve your SEO results. But it is not easy to find writers that can meet strict deadlines and craft content that aligns with your brand messaging.

This Textbroker review will show you how Texbroker works. You will discover what you can do with the platform and how to get the best from it.

After going through this Textbroker review, you should be able to decide if the platform meets your content writing needs or if you should keep searching. As a writer, you will also discover if Textbroker is a legitimate platform for your freelance writing career.

Quick Review

Here’s a quick summary of this Textbroker review:

Detailed Guide

What is Textbroker?

Textbroker can be referred to as a content mill. As a content mill, it connects businesses that need blog posts and articles with writers that are adept at writing such content. The platform gets its profit from what writers charge businesses.

It is a common practice for writing mills to go out of business after some years in the writing industry. However, Textbroker is still standing and going strong after 13 years of existence. Rakuten Group, eBay, and Yoast are some of the companies that hire Textbroker’s services.

Businesses that buy content on Textbroker are called Clients while the people that write content for the clients are referred to as Authors.

Who Can Write on Textbroker?

Any citizen or permanent resident of the United States that is at least 18 years old can apply to join Textbroker. As an author, you need to have a PayPal account and a valid government-issued ID.

It is easy to fill out the Author signup page and can be completed in five to ten minutes. The page has a short form where you will provide your basic data. Then you will come across a series of keywords and checkboxes where you will select your expertise.

The word ‘expertise’ shouldn’t intimidate you; just select those areas that you’d like to write about. You can tick those boxes with areas that you have some general knowledge in.

How To Earn Money on Textbroker

After you have been approved by Textbroker, the next step is to start writing. The available content assignments are referred to as Orders. As a new Author, you can start working on the Open Orders.

Open Orders refer to a list of assignments in different categories such as law, health, beauty, games, marketing, and lots more. Your level will determine the number of Open Orders that you will have access to.

To explain how you can make money on Textbroker, let’s assume you are interested in the ‘marketing’ category:

  • You will see an orange number beside your category if any assignment is available for your level.
  • Click on the number to see the available assignments. When you do this, you will see a list of different marketing-related content writing assignments.
  • To preview any of the available assignments, click on it.
  • The preview will reveal the details of each of the assignments. These details will comprise the number of words that you need to write, the keywords that should be included, and the number of days you have to write the assignment, amongst others.
  • You need to click the green ‘I want to write this article’ button within ten minutes.
  • Once you click the button, you can start working on the assignment. The assignment must be completed within the stipulated time frame.
  • After writing and proofreading the content, click the green ‘preview and submit text’ button. You can then proceed to hunt for another assignment.

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Getting Your Content Accepted

Clients need to accept the assignment or request a revision within 3 days. If no action is taken within three days, Textbroker will automatically approve the assignment after four days.

Some clients approve content within one hour or less while some take many days. Some also leave the project and allow it to be automatically approved.

You can work on as many assignments as you want provided there are assignments available at your level. However, you can only work on one assignment at a time.

Also, you can write as many articles as you want per day or week. The flexibility of Textbroker allows you to make money from home without any hassle.

Understanding The Dashboard

Textbroker has an outstanding dashboard. However, it can be a little bit confusing to new users. After navigating the dashboard for some days, you should be able to use the platform as an expert; it’s not as hard as it appears.

When you visit the Assignments page, you will come across a warning that asks you to create a unique work. This constant reminder can be annoying to some users.

Beneath this instruction, you will see a search box that you can use to sort through the work and find the work that you are looking for (based on the topics or the clients). If this is your first time using the platform, ignore the search box and look under it.

Under the search box, you will find open assignments. You can claim any of the highlighted assignments once you have been rated. If you are in level 4 (out of 5), you can claim assignments that are in levels 2 to 4. You cannot claim assignments in level 5.

When you find an assignment that you’re interested in working on, click on it. You will be redirected to a list that contains the open assignments in such a topic and can then go through them. If you see a topic that you need more information on, click on it.

Here’s where Textbroker is better than its competitors; no one can look at an assignment or claim it while you’re looking at the assignment. You need to make your decision within 10 minutes. You can go ahead and work on the assignment if you accept it. The assignment will go back to the assignment for others to view if you don’t want to work on it.

Direct Orders

After establishing yourself, you will discover that you get repeat orders from clients. Textbroker allows clients and writers to interact.

This allows clients to send a direct order to writers that they want to work with.

These types of orders will not be found in the general assignment board but will be sent directly to you. You will receive notifications via your email and on your dashboard when you have a direct order.

Team Orders

Teamwork is a unique feature of Textbroker. You can apply to join teams on a specific topic. Clients can then contact the team and the team will share the assignments.

This is lucrative and it’s perfect for new writers because once you join a team, you will have the same status as established writers.

However, you need to realize that it is challenging to get into a team and stay in the team. Although it is an easier way of finding high-paying clients, team writing is a hard way to make money.


Clients can start hiring writers for as little as $0.01 per word. This makes it affordable to start your content marketing and grow your business.

The cheapest order level is the two-star level which could contain spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. If you opt for this option, you need to realize that it will require some sort of editing to make the content perfect.

The three-star level offers content with average quality and quick processing. Content in this level will cost $0.02 per word. This implies that a 2000-word article would cost $40.

The four-star authors will craft content that are of good quality. This is the most popular level for clients. Content in this level costs $.27 per word.

The last level, which is the five-star level, will produce content that costs $7.2 per word. Here, you will get content of professional quality that you can publish with little or no editing.

You can start with some of the lower levels to understand the platform and its ordering process.

The platform has solid pricing which makes it affordable for clients to outsource content.

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Textbroker Alternatives


  • Textbroker does not require any experience. You can start making money on the platform without any special skills or experience.
  • The payment is consistent. You can get paid each week provided you earn the minimum threshold of $10.
  • Textbroker has no payment fees. You don’t need to cover PayPal fees or any fees.
  • The platform has great and responsive support. You can contact them via email if you have any issues and you will receive a prompt and informative reply.


  • You may not come across tons of work every time. This is one of the major drawbacks of Textbroker. So, it’s advisable not to put all your eggs in one basket. You also need to check out the other platforms in the alternative section above.
  • Clients may request revisions and this is usually time-consuming.
  • Your article may be rejected. You can discuss a rejection with the support if you believe it is unfair.
  • Textbroker’s payment is low when compared to other freelancing platforms. Most freelancers charge nothing less than $0.15 or $0.20 per word. Textbroker is not ideal for a seasoned writer. It’s, however, great for those that are just starting.


1. Is Textbroker legitimate?

Textbroker has about 100,000 writers. The platform also has financial backing from Viewpoint Capital. These give Textbroker a good reputation for being a legitimate freelancing platform that pays on time. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and legit platform where you can kick start your freelance writing career, check out Textbroker.

2. Can you make money on Textbroker?

Yes, you can. Textbroker allows authors to make money online through several options. The platform’s editors will rate your articles between 2 and 5 stars depending on the quality of your content. You can easily increase your rating and earn more money for the content you write since the platform reviews and rates authors’ articles regularly.

3. How much does Textbroker pay per word?

The amount you earn on Textbroker depends on your level. Here’s a breakdown of the earnings:

  • Level 2 author: 0.7 cents per word
  • Level 3 author: 0.1 cents per word
  • Level 4 author: 1. 4 cents per word
  • Level 5 author: 5 cents per word

4. Is Textbroker a good side hustle?

If you’re looking for a side gig to earn extra money, Textbroker is a good option. Due to its low pay rate, I won’t recommend it to those that need a full-time writing job.

5. How can you get the most money on Textbroker?

Here are some practices that you can adopt to increase your earnings on Textbroker:

  • Complete your profile (ensure it is as complete as possible).
  • Check your writing sample to make it error-free.
  • Always check your completed orders before you submit them.
  • Make good use of the forums.
  • Regularly apply for new teams.


Textbroker Review Final Verdict: Is Textbroker Worth It?

Creating top-quality content is an effective way to create brand awareness and attract more traffic to your site. Clients can find good writers for their content on Textbroker.

As revealed in this Textbroker review, the site is easy to use and there are tons of writers there. It is a good platform for clients to get content for their content marketing strategy and grow their business at an affordable rate.

The platform is also great for new writers that want to kick start their freelance writing careers.

You can also check out our Clickworker review to learn about another freelancing platform that you can make money from legitimately.

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