Valient Poll Consumer Panel Review – Is it Worth Joining?

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When you think about a survey panel that isn’t just an ordinary survey panel, think about Valient. Valient is more than just a consumer panel that users (people like you and I) sign up on to not only earn extra cash but give companies a chance at improving the products they sell out to the general public.

According to the platform operators, they’re not only a marketing research firm but also a management consulting who provides strategic consulting to different firms – brands, corporations, private companies, educational institutions, even local governments.

That only does not answer the question about if the survey aspect of the website is worth trying out. Some survey panels can be big names, work with really big brands, put up huge figures on their website and have us believe that they’re really good guys who have our interest at heart, only for one to sign up and have a really different experience altogether from the one portrayed on the official website.

How do we know if Valient is worth joining, how do we know we won’t just be wasting our time signing up with them? Reviews like this serve that purpose or rather help you make a choice because the final decision to join lies with you.

Valient Poll Consumer Panel is closed.

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Quick Review

Here is my quick Valient Poll Consumer Panel review:

PlatformValient Poll Consumer Panel
ActivitiesPaid surveys, focus groups, interviews
Withdrawal MethodsCash, Amazon, and iTunes gift cards

Detailed Review

Valient Poll Consumer Panel was developed in 2007 by Valient Market Research. The company is global market research, corporate strategy, and management consulting company based in the United States. They established Valient Poll as a means to give consumers a platform to share their thoughts on certain products and topics.

The platform also provided an opportunity to give companies a chance to hear directly from their consumers. The goal was to conduct the highest quality of research possible.

Valient Market Research Inc. provides market research services to its clients across the world. The company offers its services to corporations, private companies, government institutions, agencies, start-up companies, and educational institutions.

Valient Market Research offer services such as:

  • Consumer and Shopper Insights: Companies and brands can discover the strengths of their organization, the shopping patterns of their consumers, and what their consumers think about their brand.
  • Corporate Reputation Excellence: This is an internal assessment of your organization – your financial performance, management and leadership, employee relations, enterprise competitiveness, research innovations, every other thing that makes up your brand and how they can be improved.
  • Research Methodology: This involves quantitative and qualitative research methods. The company uses analytics-based methods to meet your target audience and determine customer behavior.

As you must have rightly seen from their service offers, Valient offers services that adopt a business-to-business approach. They also offer consumer services but more on that later.

The Valient Poll Consumer Panel accepts international members. They are open to consumers who want to make a difference in the product and service that the company gives out. But then, how does the platform work?

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How Valient Poll Business Panel Works

You start by signing up.

Signing up shouldn’t be a cumbersome process.

When you sign up, you’d be required to take your first survey to determine your eligibility. This survey shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to complete. The information required from you may include household information, personal information, and information about your view and interests. Be honest about your answers, this will improve your chances of getting surveys frequently.

For businesses and companies, they’ve learned how using Valient for their market research purposes could benefit them – internally and externally.

For consumers, below are the different ways you can participate on the platform:

  • Online surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Online focus groups
  • Telephone interviews
  • In-person interviews
  • Community development programs

As a verified member, you will have the opportunity to receive invitations to participate in different research surveys you qualify for. To get better chances of participating in more research surveys, join Valient Poll on social media.

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What do you earn from participating in Valient Poll Consumer Panel?

Much less to the expectation I have of this panel, this is the part of this panel that is not really clear. Before they closed operations, I couldn’t get any definite information about the amount they actually pay for surveys, or if they had a minimum payout threshold.

However, I was able to confirm that they do pay cash, and you could redeem payment from the following options:

  • Cash paid via Check
  • Cash paid via bank transfer
  • Amazon gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards


  • The panel is legit, you don’t have to worry about earning on the platform.
  • Their payment options vary, you could earn cash if you prefer that, you could also take gift cards from Amazon or iTunes if that is what you want.
  • Valient Poll has an active following on social media. Take advantage of this to get new survey opportunities, as well as interact with other panel members.


  • This panel is currently not available. They’ve closed operations.
  • I was unable to determine earning potential before they closed the panel. I was only able to get the different redemption payment options available on their platform.
  • Members complained their customer support was non-existent as they did not reply to customer complaints.
  • I also found out some members didn’t get payment after participating in their surveys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the Valient Poll Consumer Panel?

You can no longer access the platform as they’re no longer in operation.

Who can join Valient Poll?

Valient Poll is open to international members. You can sign up from anywhere in the world. But unfortunately, the website is no longer accepting new members as they have closed operations.

Is Valient Poll Legit?

Valient Poll Consumer Panel is run by Valient Research. Therefore, yes, it’s a legitimate survey site.

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If the panel was still operating, this may not have been a good survey panel to join. The platform doesn’t seem legit as they have contact addresses and information. However, the non-existent customer support would have been a cautionary sign not to join the platform.

Hopefully, the platform may come back bigger and better. But for now, I’m sure you’d like to know other paid survey websites that can pay you especially if you live outside the United States.

The good news is that there are other survey panels that can pay you instantly even if you reside outside the US. Check other survey reviews or see our ultimate list of the highest-paying survey websites.

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