VIP Voice Review – Does it Really Pay?

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VIP Voice is a paid survey platform that operates using the common industry business model with a slight twist. The common industry model has 3 phases – register, complete surveys, and get paid. The third phase of the model is what makes VIP Voice platform unique.

Most survey companies will award you points you can redeem for cash. While others will pay you cash when you complete surveys.

However, VIP Voice will award you points. These points can only be used to participate in sweepstakes and auction bids. This means there’s no exact monetary value for your points.

At first, I thought this was daylight robbery. But when I discovered the active user base, I decided to join the platform to see what’s made people stay on the platform. I also couldn’t believe the platform has been running for ages. How interesting.

I didn’t waste time checking out what’s going on at VIP Voice. I started my research by doing some background checks. Having all the information I need, I will be sharing everything I found out about the platform – who can join, how to join, what are the benefits and drawbacks and my recommendations. Please, join me.

VIP Voice is closed.

Quick Review

Here is my quick VIP Voice review:

PlatformVIP Voice
EligibilityUSA 13+, Canada 18+
Earning ActivitiesPaid surveys, Diary surveys, Teen surveys, Referrals
Minimum ThresholdNone
Withdrawal MethodsSweepstakes, Auctions

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Detailed Review

VIP Voice is an online research community formally called NPD Online Research. The platform is owned by NPD Group.

NPD Group has been around for some time as the company was founded in 1967. The company provides market research information and consulting services to companies with the goal of helping them make informed business choices.

According to NPD Group, they conduct over 12 million surveys annually. Their surveys cover topics such as retail, sports, gadgets, clothing, accessories, beauty, phones, electronics, appliances, automotive, books, consumer technology, fashion, food service, home improvement, office supplies, toys, and more.

The company also provide two major services such as:

  • Retail Tracking
  • Distributor Tracking
  • Consumer Tracking
  • Analytic reporting
  • Forecasting and future series
  • Pricing analytics
  • Checkout Buyer analytics
  • Segmentation

How VIP Voice Works

VIP Voice employs gamification systems to engage users. This is the obvious reason they have a strong user base.

The system follows a simple concept. The more active you are, the more rewards you get.

The platform offers a tiered rewards system with 5 levels where your level determines the points and prizes you can get.

  • As you complete more surveys, you accumulate more points
  • The more points you accumulate, the higher you move up in levels
  • The higher you move up in level, the more points you get doing the same amount of work, and the bigger the prizes you can qualify for in the sweepstakes programs.

How do you get started?

Start by signing up.

Signing up is easy. Provide your name, email gender, date of birth, and password to register on the platform. Proceed to answer some review questions to let the survey panel determine your demographic.

Like I said earlier, the VIP Voice platform has five levels. Let me do a recap.

The higher you go, the more surveys available you will have available, and the more you’d earn. What you earn determines the prizes you can win too on Sweepland (the term they use to describe their Sweepstake entry draws).  

On VIP Voice, you don’t earn cash, you earn points, and these points would determine what you earn, as well as if you’re qualified for a survey.

This is a confusing point for me. Instead of redeeming your points, you can only use your points for sweepstakes and auction bids. Argh!

Oh well. Let’s briefly check out their rewards redemption programs – Sweepland and Bidland.

The Sweepland Games

Sweepland is the term for VIP Voice Sweepstake entries. The points that you earn on VIP Voice can be used to gain entry into the sweepstake programs. One point is equivalent to one entry. The more points you put in, the better your chances of winning a prize draw.

The Bidland Games

Bidland allows you to use your points to bid for a product in an auction style. If you are the highest bidder, the points would be deducted from your account and you ultimately win the prize.

Other participants would have their points returned to their accounts. The website discontinued this program due to the pandemic in May 2020.

What makes VIP Voice Different?

  • You earn according to your level and earnings increase as your level increases too. For example, a Level 1 member will earn 50 points for completing a survey, but a Level 5 member will earn 400 points for completing that same survey.
  • If you do not qualify for a survey, you still earn points. Level 1 members earn 50 points for being disqualified while level 5 members earn about 550.
  • If you’re a resident of the United States, you gain access to special offers and discounts from different businesses. You don’t need points to gain access to special offers or discounts.
  • Occasionally, there are contests where you can win some sweepstake entries or get prizes. VIP Voice runs the Pigskin Pick-em program that provides members the opportunity of winning cash prizes during football season.


They offer various payment methods:

  • Retail vouchers
  • Prepaid debit or credit cards
  • Merchandize
  • Sweepstake entries

To redeem points for any of these payment options requires you to participate in the Sweepland (sweepstake entries).

As at May 2020, you can no longer redeem your points with the Bidland games.

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VIP Voice Pros

  • The platform is legit. The NPD Group is a well-known market research company.
  • VIP Voice surveys are easy to complete.
  • The platform doesn’t rely on third parties
  • Reward levels come with their own benefit, and you don’t have to struggle so much to reach. The more you participate, the higher you climb.

VIP Voice Cons

This section would be discussing everything that went wrong with VIP Voice Forum.

  • They closed operations.
  • You literally don’t win anything on this platform. VIP Voice Forum says they’d pay you for taking their surveys yet you have to enter into sweepstake entries to be able to qualify. Your chances to win any tangible prize on the platform is very little given the number of members on the platform.
  • Winning an actual prize may take years, that’s if you’re lucky. Some users say they’ve been on the panel for years without winning a single prize. One particularly said he had been on the panel for about 6 years until he decided to leave. There are a lot of complaints.
  • Many users have complained they keep getting the same surveys over and over again.
  • They provide a referral system. But would I refer people to sign up on a platform where they take surveys and don’t get paid? I don’t think so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the platform safe and legit?

Yes, The VIP Voice platform is legit and safe. It is run by the NPD Group, a recognized company established in 1967 and based in New York, USA.

2. Can I redeem my points for cash?

No, you cannot redeem your points for cash. You can only use your points to participate in the sweepstake entries called Sweepland and auction bids called Bidland.


Is VIP Voice Legit?

Yes. The platform is legit and safe. It is run by the NPD Group, a company established in 1967.

The platform also has a lot of registered members who have been using the platform for years.

Do I recommend VIP Voice?

No, I do not recommend the platform. It’s easy to rack up points but the points are almost irredeemable. You have to enter sweepstakes or bid on prizes to redeem your points. This means the points do have no real value. There are better ways to make money online.

There are other survey panels that can pay you in cash or redeemable points, check our other survey reviews or see our list of best GPT Sites.

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