Vivatic Surveys Review – Is it Legit or Just a Scam?

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Are you looking for a way to make money online? Vivatic Surveys may be a good option for you. Just before we decide if this site is right for you, let me share my findings with you.

I did my research on the platform. My goal was to find out if the platform is legit or just another scam.

In this review, you will find out everything you need to know about Vivatic surveys. You will find out what the platform is all about, how it works, how you can redeem your earnings, and most importantly how much you can earn on the platform.

Vivatic is closed.

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Quick Review

Here is my quick Vivatic review:

  • Legit platform
  • Multiple ways to earn. These include surveys, cash offers, polls, tasks, writing gigs, referrals, and contests
  • Low earning opportunities
  • Survey router
  • High payment threshold – ₤20
  • Payment via PayPal
  • Accrued Funds are forfeited after two months of inactivity
  • Payemnt processing takes too long
  • Suitable for UK and US residents

Detailed Guide

Vivatic survey is based in the United Kingdom. It is an online survey site that connects its users to surveys from participating companies. It also connects them to jobs that they can actually earn from.

On the Vivatic platform, you take third-party surveys. This is because these surveys are not directly provided by Vivatic. The company links you up with surveys posted by other survey websites as an intermediary. To put it in simple terms, Vivatic they are like Upwork or Fiverr for other survey platforms and businesses.

I checked around for some additional information about the platform. Vivatic is a subsidiary of Marketing VF, a company based in London. Marketing VF was founded in 2009.

Vivatic grew somewhat popular in a short period of time. This was due to the amount of earning opportunities they provided on their platform. This includes surveys, cash offers, polls, tasks, writing gigs, referrals, and contests.

Members are able to keep performing tasks and make money doing so. These activities keep them on the platform as there is often something to do.

Talking about the different earning opportunities available on the platform, the opportunities are quite good, and not only that, they are useful. Imagine being a writer and being connected to a writing job online. All you would need to do is settle in at your workstation, begin the job, deliver, and get more to complete.

How to make money on Vivatic

Let’s get into more details on activities you can perform on Vivatic.

1. Online surveys

Vivatic is a middleman when it comes to surveys. They would only refer you to other survey sites to take surveys.

Populus is one site they almost always refer to. With Populus, you may get as many as four surveys every day with each paying at least 1 pound. A requirement here is that you’d have to provide your Paypal account and prove that from the United Kingdom or the United States.

The website goes one step further to inform members of the best time to participate in surveys. According to the website, the best times to take surveys are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

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2. Cash Offers

Cash offers require that you complete a small task to earn. It could be downloading an app, watching a video, or any other task. This offer is restricted to people living in the United Kingdom and the United States; not everyone can participate.

Remember to be cautious when accepting cash offers like this as they could be trojan horse gifts. Signing up with an unknown website or downloading some unknown apps puts your personal information and devices at risk.

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3. Polls

Polls on Vivatic are simple and easy to participate in. Vivatic will ask you about ten simple quizzes. You also get to qualify for draws if you complete these polls.

However, the rewards for Vivatic polls are very low. It’s not an option if you’re looking to maximize your time and make bigger earnings. The polls however present a good opportunity to pass time as they are short and easy to do.

4. Complete microtasks

On the website under the “microjobs” tab, you’ll find several “crowdsourcing” microjobs. Crowdsourcing refers to jobs that will require the input of people.

For instance, the “crowd” may be asked to discuss the design of a logo, check out a website, and give reviews for it. Microjob tasks require multiple people to complete.

5. Contests and competitions

Occasionally, you could participate in daily, weekly, and monthly competitions. You could earn between ₤5 to as much as ₤100. However, before you can qualify for these competitions, you need to meet some requirements.

  • Daily competitions – you must complete a poll and a survey
  • Weekly competitions – you must’ve completed 5 polls and 5 surveys
  • Monthly competitions – you must’ve completed 15 polls and 15 surveys.

6. Writing jobs

If you’re good at writing articles, this offer is for you. To qualify, you must have completed 20 crowdsourcing tasks and be willing to pass a writing test. Writing would be for an hour or two, depending on your writing speed. Completing the writing tasks gets you ₤10.

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7. Referrals

If you refer someone to sign up and they earn 20 pounds, you get 2 pounds because you referred them. Referrals provide an opportunity for you to always earn cash from the platform as there are no limitations to the number of people you can refer to Vivatic.

What you can be sure of getting when you sign up on Vivatic are jobs – writing jobs are often available on the site. Another type of common activity you will find is cash offers.

With the variety of tasks available to carry out on the platform, there is always something to do to earn cash on the platform.

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Now that we know what we can do to earn on Vivatic, how do we start earning? How does the whole thing work? What processes are involved?

How Vivatic Works

First thing first, go ahead to Vivatic and sign up. The signup process is relatively easy. Provide your email address and your name. Get to your email, click on the verification link. You earn a pound for completing this process.

As you take on tasks, there are short questions you’ll need to answer. Don’t worry about the length of these questionnaires – they take nothing more than 7 minutes to finish.

Payment for these tasks only reflects in your account after you must have earned up to ₤20. Be sure not to leave your account inactive for more than two months. If you are inactive for more than two months, any earnings you have accumulated will be cleared.


Payment is cash via PayPal.

As you sign up, you’d be asked to present your PayPal account information. Your PayPal account needs to be verified to get payment.

Each task comes with its own pay and for most tasks here, you can be sure that you’d earn ₤1 or ₤2, except for the writing job that straight up pays ₤10.

Earnings will actually only start reflecting in your account if you have up to ₤20.


  • They’re a legit site – you don’t have to pay anything to sign up. You actually get 1 pound for signing up.
  • There are various tasks to earn from. They’re not just boring, they’re fun to complete.


  • They’ve closed operations, no longer operational currently.
  • The earnings are low as they are an intermediary for other survey websites and businesses.
  • Your account is cleared if you’re inactive for two months.
  • Takes at least one month before you can get your payment.
  • You have to fill up your information again when signing up to take surveys.
  • Survey invitations aren’t sent at all. You have to do the searching for yourself.
  • People outside the US and UK cannot participate.
  • Most tasks require that you must’ve completed other tasks to gain access. What if you don’t like them? I think anyone should be able to complete the tasks they want. This is quite extra in my opinion.
  • Payment only reflects in your account once you have accumulated earnings up to ₤20. This is quite a disadvantage to me as the payment threshold is quite high and you don’t get to see your earnings until it’s up to 20 pounds. I hope Vivatic works on it if they come back if they restart operations.  


What are some alternatives to Vivatic Surveys:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join Vivatic?

You can sign up through the website but currently, Vivatic closed operations so you can’t even access their website as of today.

2. How long will it take for earnings to reflect in my account?

Until you’ve earned up to ₤20, this is when your earnings reflect in your account. I’d advise you to keep a personal record of your earnings to avoid being underpaid when you’re ready to cash out.

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Is Vivatic Legit or just a scam?

Vivatic is a legit platform to join.

Just like other survey sites they have their benefits and drawbacks. Vivatic platform provides different activities you can perform and earn.

However, Vivatic is an intermediary between you and other survey websites and businesses. The major issue with this business model is the reason for the low rewards on their platform. Furthermore, the platform is also better suited for “Surveystors” who reside in the UK and the US.

Unfortunately, the platform is not in operation as of today. If they ever come back, we hope they will do better.

If you’re interested in making money online, there are other survey panels that can pay you instantly even if you reside outside the UK or US. Check other survey reviews or see our ultimate list of the highest-paying survey websites.

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Thanks for reading.