MyPointSaver Review: Is MyPointSaver A Scam?

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This MyPointSaver review will show you all you need to know about MyPointSaver and if it is a site that truly pays its members.

MyPointSaver is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website that rewards its members for completing offers.

However, is MyPointSaver a scam or a legitimate survey company? Let me save your time by answering that right away. MyPointSaver is legit.

But that doesn’t mean it is a good site for you because not all legitimate survey websites are worth your time. That is what we will consider in this MyPointSaver review. After going through this review, you will know all you need to make an informed decision about joining this site.

So, let’s get started.

Quick Review

Here’s my quick MyPointSaver review:

Payment MethodsAmazon gift card, PayPal gift card

Detailed Guide

What is MyPointSaver?

MyPointSaver is a GPT website that promises to reward its members for completing offers. According to the statement on their website, they participate in the Amazon |Services LLC Associates Program. That is why they offer Amazon gift cards as rewards.

Since they are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, they will receive commissions by sending you to Amazon. That is why there are lots of Amazon ads on their site. The platform’s goal is to give its users the highest-earning, most excitable, and fun-filled experience possible.

How To Make Money On MyPointSaver

1. Paid surveys

MyPointSaver acts as a channel through which you can complete surveys and earn rewards. They are like survey routers that you can use to answer surveys from different websites. Each survey displays the reward that you will receive. Once you click any offer, you will be taken to their site where you will answer surveys to receive rewards.

Most of the websites will have an initial set of questions that you need to answer before completing surveys. These questions will determine if you are eligible for the survey that you’re interested in. if you are eligible, you will be able to proceed to the survey.

If you’re disqualified from taking a survey, they will inform you. This saves you time since you will know right away that you did not qualify for a particular survey and can then move on to the next survey opportunity.

The rewards that you will receive for completing surveys on MyPointSaver are low when you compare them to what is obtained on other survey sites.

However, your earning potential depends on the number of surveys that you complete.

2. Watching videos

You can also earn from MyPointSaver by watching videos.

To get started, go to the videos section of your dashboard and choose an offer. This will open in a new window where you can watch the video.

Note that you will not be able to visit another browser tab while watching the video. If you do so, the video will pause. You will only earn a reward if you finish watching the video.

However, you can open other windows and the video will not pause. This allows you to do other things while the video is still playing.

3. Paid offers

Since MyPointSaver is a GPT website, you will come across some paid offers.

Most of your points will be earned via paid offers. You will be required to do series of activities like play browser-based games, answer questions, participate in contests, or register on websites.

MyPointSaver does not have its own paid offers. It acts as a router to different websites that have paid offers. It is on these sites that you will see offers.

To complete an offer, click the view offer and you will be taken to the offer wall of the site. When you get there, click the green button that shows the reward points you will earn for completing the offer and a new window will come up.

That is where you will complete the offer. After completing the offer, the points for the task will reflect in your account.

4. Tasks

The only difference between tasks and paid offers is, tasks are found on MyPointSaver while paid offers are completed on other websites. MyPointSaver will often ask you to complete tasks such as registering on a site or doing a free trial.

Irrespective of what the task is, the idea behind them remains the same. You need to meet all the requirements of the tasks before you can earn your reward. It is not the best earning option and can be confusing. However, you can still check it out once in a while if you are a member.

5. Referral program

MyPointSaver has a referral program that allows members to earn from referring people to join the site. You can earn 50,000 for each referral. We will talk about the worth of the points later in the article (so don’t get excited by the sound of 50,000).

You can refer as many people as you like through Facebook. If you want to refer people through your unique link, you can only refer 50 people per day; which I believe, is more than enough.

MyPointSaver’s referral program is a 5-tier system. This means that you will earn points from your referral’s referrals and will go as far as 5 levels.

Apart from that, you will also earn bonus tokens when your referral and your referral’s referrals complete mega offers. This will go as far as 5 levels as well.

This option can give you significant earning potential.

How To Get Paid On MyPointSaver

The next area we will consider in this MyPointSaver review is how to get paid.

If you want to be paid in cash, MyPointSaver doesn’t offer that payment option. As stated earlier in this MyPointSaver review, you will receive Amazon gift cards as a reward. You can also have a chance to win PayPal gift cards (I will shed light on this later in this review).

MyPointSaver uses a point system as their reward member. So, if you want to redeem gift cards, you need to exchange them for points. You will earn a $1 Amazon gift card for every 700,000 points. This rate varies because MyPointSaver has a VIP system.

This is where tokens come into the picture. Your VIP status will increase when you earn a certain number of points:

  • VIP Level 1:  30% discount (requires 50 tokens)
  • VIP Level 2:  40% discount (requires 100 tokens)
  • VIP Level 3:  50% discount (requires 200 tokens)
  • VIP Level 4:  60% discount (requires 500 tokens)

You can increase your VIP level by collecting tokens. When your VIP level increases, the number of points for every $1 Amazon gift card will reduce. MyPointSaver does this because they provide more incentives based on the number of offers you complete.

You can spend your points by joining MyPointSaver’s sweepstakes. Members also stand a chance of winning real money here. You can win a PayPal gift card if you participate in their sweepstakes. Each sweepstakes entry costs 25,000 points.


  • MyPointsSaver has lots of earning opportunities.
  • It has a good referral program.
  • The site has a mobile app that allows you to have access to your account via a mobile device.


  • MyPointsSaver offers limited rewards.
  • The site has a low earning potential.
  • The point system is confusing.
  • There are limited ways to get in touch with support.


1. How much can you make from MyPointSaver?

You cannot earn real money on MyPointSaver. But gift cards are as good as real money. Your earning potential depends on how active you are on the website. The more offers you take, the more points you and tokens you will earn. More tokens also translate to more rewards.

If you want to see how much you will earn, I need to be frank with you; don’t have high expectations so that you don’t end up being disappointed.

It will cost you 450,000 points to earn a $1 Amazon gift card. Each offer pays between 5000 and 20,000 points. This means you need to complete lots of offers before you can earn $1.

Unless you are ready to refer lots of people to the platform or complete lots of surveys and tasks, don’t expect much from the platform.

2. Can you use MyPointSaver on mobile?

MyPointSaver has an app that you can download and install on your mobile device. This makes it possible to complete offers wherever you are and whenever you want. The app will make you more efficient because you will be able to complete it even if you are not with your computer.

You can maximize your earnings with the mobile app. The MyPointSaver app can be found on the Apple Store and Android Play Store. It is user-friendly and a big bonus for survey takers.

3. Who can register on MyPointSaver?

MyPointSaver is open to those that are at least 18 years old. The signup process is straightforward. While registering, the site will ask for your country of residence. So I believe they restrict membership to certain countries.

However, according to what I read in their terms of use, you need to live in a country that is not sanctioned by the United States or Canada before you can become a member.

The platform frowns at using Proxies or VPNs. A maximum of two users is allowed per device. Anything more than this will get you banned.

You will receive a bonus after your registration. You can earn a bonus of 25,000 points if you choose to receive their daily deals emails. If you don’t like receiving this type of email, you can ignore the offer.

4. Can you get support?

If you encounter any challenge on the site, you can get in touch with their support through email. You can email them at They do not have a contact form on their site. So, every correspondence needs to be done through email.

They also have a Facebook page that is active. You can send them a message via the page. They typically reply within a few hours. So, you can go for this option if you don’t like emails.

The Facebook option is not reliable because they often advise their members to contact them through email. This is their preferred channel for attending to members’ concerns.


MyPointSaver Review Final Verdict: Is MyPointSaver A Scam?

MyPointSaver is not a scam. It is a legitimate GPT website that rewards its members for completing offers. The downside to this platform is that you cannot earn cash from the offers you complete; they reward survey-takers with gift cards from Amazon.

As you can deduce from this MyPointSaver review, although the platform has lots of earning opportunities, the earning potential is low. Also, you cannot earn cash; although it is believed that gift cards are as good as cash.

If you love Amazon gift cards, this can be a good platform to get them since you can easily work on them on your smartphone or mobile device. However, there are other survey sites with better-earning potentials.

Whether you want to earn cash, gift cards, or you want a website that has a higher earning potential, check out our top Get-Paid-To websites. The list contains tried and tested paid survey opportunities. They are easier to use and pay better than MyPointSaver.

Your earning potential depends on the number of offers you take. Even with this, the rewards are low since you need 450,000 points to get a $1 gift card from Amazon. You cannot earn a full-time living from this opportunity. Instead, it is a means of getting few bucks in your spare time.

If your time is worth more than what MyPointSaver pays, then this may not be the right opportunity for you.

However, if you need an opportunity that can earn you some money in your spare time (without investing lots of time effort), then you can check out MyPointsServer.

Thanks for taking the time to read my MyPointsServer review. If you’re ready to get started on the survey site, check out their Facebook page.