Physicians Advisory Council Review- Is it Legit? (An Inside Look)

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Most survey sites are usually open to the public, and quite easy to sign up on. A few others are specialized and designed for only people in a particular profession to not only network together, but brainstorm on issues in their profession by means of surveys and taking a public opinion on products offered. Physicians Advisory Council is one of them.

Physicians Advisory Council is a medical-based international professional survey panel. Just as you’ve probably guessed from their name, it is open ONLY to physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals.

Every year, more than a hundred surveys are completed by them. These surveys range from opinion surveys on healthcare legislation and insurance issues to new medical equipment introduced into the market, to drugs and new services and systems being tested in medicine.

Payment for surveys is by cash via check or entry into sweepstakes to win main draws.


What You Need To Know About Physicians Advisory Council

Physicians Advisory Council is owned by Decision Analyst- a marketing research company that has been in business since 1978.

The company has since grown to have a staff strength of 175 employees who are employed in a variety of Fortune 500 Organizations. In their own words: “Decision Analyst delivers a synergistic blend of qualitative explorations, quantitative research, analytics, and modeling to help companies”. See the different ways they do this:

  1. Developing optimum market strategy to increase product growth
  2. Improve product quality
  3. Fasten the development and release of a new product into the market
  4. Initiate promotional programs
  5. Maximize shopping experience etc.

Worthy of note is the fact that Decision Analyst has been ranked among the top 10 research agencies in the US consistently for on-time delivery, analytic skills, even communication skills- meaning they’ve set a good track record for themselves.

Physician Advisory Council is not the only survey site run by them. Technology Advisory Board and Contractor Advisory Board are still run by Decision Analyst.

Visiting the main Physicians Advisory Council website, you’ll find that the website is quite high in standard and very much organized; making it easy to navigate on all devices( though accessible on all, you’ll find the website is structured for desktop and laptop devices as the website appears with little characters on a smartphone). 

How to join? On the upper right of the website, you’ll see a menu that contains practically every other thing you’ll need. “Sign up” is of course written too. Aside from that, you’ll see the “Join Us” dialog box boldly displayed on your screen. After answering pertinent questions, you become a panelist.

There are two types of surveys on the Physicians Advisory Council Panel- Screener surveys and the Longer surveys or Research projects; let’s learn more below…

How Does Physician Advisory Council Panel Work?

Start by signing up to become a panelist with them. When you visit the main website, a bold and clear dialog box presents itself to you saying: “Join Us”. Alternatively, the menu on the upper right side of the website invites you to “Sign Up”. As you click on any of those, certain questions would be asked to ascertain your professionalism in the medical field. For Example:

  • Your specialty
  • Any board certifications
  • Years of practice as a physician…
  • Your current place of work etc.

After providing answers to the questions, they will approve if you’re qualified to join. Notifications of surveys are sent via email and once one that matches your profile is sent to you, respond as soon as possible because even though they will tell you how long a survey is available, chances are that as it gets more respondents, the fewer available it will be.    

Surveys are usually sent about 5-7 times a year and there are two types of surveys to be taken:

  1. Screener surveys that are 15 questions short and only just want information about you, taking 10-15 minutes to complete. Reward here is an entry into sweepstakes draws.
  2. Longer surveys that may take time can pay as modest as $25.00 or as high as $250.00, though rewards here depend on the length and complexity of the survey, you can be sure though that they are not time-wasters and will reward you accordingly.


Payment for surveys is usually via Cash by check or sweepstakes entries.

For each survey you take, rewards accrue appropriately.

Screener surveys which are usually short and take 10-15 minutes longer to complete, qualify you for sweepstakes entries containing $250 cash prizes to be awarded to panel members monthly.

For Longer researches, mouth-watering cash prizes are all yours

If you live in the United States or Canada, you’ll get your check-in in 4 weeks. If you are not, you’ll receive payment by an American Express Gift Check in the currency of your country.


  • They pay in cash and their cash rewards are very nice.
  • Anyone who’s a healthcare professional can join- not to worry, you’ll still receive your rewards.  
  • Survey results from here can be trusted as only Professionals are allowed to participate.


  • Surveys only come about 5-7 times in a year; not regular at all.
  • Screener surveys don’t reward in cash- not everyone may like joining sweepstakes entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my Email address?


  1. Go to your account,
  2. Click on login,
  3. You’ll see ‘update contact information’ on the front page of your account page- click it.

How can I change or update my contact information?

Go to My Account, choose Login, then choose the ‘Update My Contact Information’ you see on the front page of your account page. Done!

Can I Pause my Account until I’m ready to receive surveys again?


  1. Go to My Account,
  2. Log In with your email address and password,
  3. You’ll see the Pause account option on the front page of your My Account page. Click and it’s done.

As much as you won’t receive surveys, you’ll still receive emails with information about your account or any changes in their policy. Whenever you want to start again, follow the same process but this time for the last step, choose the “Resume Account” option on the front page of your My Account page.


Physicians Advisory Council is very much okay to join as a Healthcare professional- especially so if you love completing surveys. This could just put some extra cash in your pocket from time to time. It won’t be enough to earn a daily living from, though- add that to your note.

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