Nielsen Scarborough Survey Research Review

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The Nielsen brand is a reputable and well-known brand in the market research industry here in the United States. Nielsen Scarborough is a subsidiary of The Nielsen Company. This arm of the company specializes in gathering market research data from locals in different metropolitan areas of the country.

The Nielsen brand cares about its brand. So they are quite careful dealing with the public, their members, or potential panelists.

A representative from the company recently contacted one of our readers. He made sure to reach out to me. He wanted to know if the company is legit. My answer was quick. Oh yes, they are legit. If a survey platform is got the Nielsen brand, it must be legit.

After my response, I decided to check out the platform.

In this review, you will learn everything you need to know about Nielsen Scarborough Surveys – how to join, how much they pay, how it works, benefits, limitations, and my verdict.

Let’s get started.

Quick Review

Here is my quick Nielsen Scarborough Surveys review:

PlatformNielsen Scarborough Surveys
EligibilityUS resident
Earning ActivitiesPaid surveys, Telephone Surveys,
Product testing, Diary surveys,
Surveys for Hispanics
Minimum ThresholdNone
PriceFree, Invitation-only
Withdrawal MethodsCash via check

Detailed Review

Nielsen Scarborough is a national market research company that conducts over 210,000 surveys annually in over 200 metropolitan areas in the United States.

Nielsen Scarborough is a subsidiary of The Nielsen Company, a reputable market research company. The company has been in business for over 40 years.

The platform works with traditional media organizations to measure the opinions and behaviors of consumers. Nielsen Scarborough gathers information from households in a given area.

The information gathered by Nielsen Scarborough has often been related to radio and television stations and programs locals listen to, and newspapers and magazines they read. The company is also interested in learning the shopping habits and leisure activities of locals.

Nielsen Scarborough works with local clients like media companies(radio and television), advertisers, and retailers who want to understand consumers in a local area.

I decided to check out Nielsen Scarborough on the BBB platform. The company is not accredited but it has an A+ rating on the platform.

As a subsidiary of The Nielsen Company, a member of The Market Research Association, and The Council of American Survey Research Organizations, it is safe to conclude that the Nielsen Scarborough platform is legit.

The Nielsen Scarborough Survey Research offers services such as :

  • National consumer study
  • Hispanic consumer research
  • Local market research
  • Newspaper audience ratings for readership, website audience, and the total audience (both online and print) for newspaper corporations across the United States.
  • Marketing data and analysis on sports fans, teams, and leagues.
  • Customized research reporting, analysis, and presentation

Now that we know what the platform is all about, let’s understand how the platform works.

How Nielsen Scarborough Works

Unfortunately, you cannot join the platform by registering on their website. Participation is by invitation. Unlike other platforms where you visit and request to be invited on their website, Nielsen Scarborough chooses participants randomly by mail or telephone. Selected participants must complete their assignments via any of the following means:

  • Survey Booklet(paper)
  • Survey e-Booklet(digital)
  • Telephone surveys
  • TV Diary


You get cash payment via check two weeks after your answer is received by the company. Some users say they got a $1.00 bill with a survey to complete and return. After successfully completing and returning the survey, they got an additional $5.00 after two weeks.

You can get anywhere from $1 to $10 for participating in Nielsen Scarborough surveys.

If you’re selected to test products, you get to keep the product.

Nielsen Scarborough Pros

  • The platform is run by a trusted brand legit. When they contact you, they are quick to tell you who they are and why they’re calling. The platform is affiliated with The Nielsen Company – a reputable market research company that is well-known.
  • The platform offers you an opportunity to test products you can keep for yourself.
  • For each survey, you earn $1-$10 which is decent.
  • You can also earn by keeping a TV diary.
  • No withdrawal threshold.
  • Their payment system is reliable. They pay in cash. Payment comes in check and takes no later than two weeks to arrive.

Nielsen Scarborough Cons

  • Participation is invite-only.
  • Getting calls from a company you didn’t give your information can be a turnoff.
  • There are complaints about receiving late-night calls from representatives.
  • Some users complain about not being qualified even after spending 15-20 minutes on a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Nielsen Scarborough?

Nielsen Scarborough is a national media research company that conducts surveys and gathers information about radio listening, newspaper and magazine reading, television viewing, leisure activities, and shopping habits.

3. Why am I contacted?

Nielsen Scarborough wants you to share your opinions about products and services. Your feedback is aggregated with other panelists and sent to third parties.

5. Why do you contact me even when I’m on the National Do Not Call list?

Nielsen Scarborough is not a telemarketing company. The company is exempted from this rule. Call 1-800-753-6043 or send an email to to take your name off the list.

6. How do I get my name off the list?

For security reasons, interviewers don’t have access to the list of people shortlisted for a survey. Call 1-800-753-6043 or send an email to to take your name off the list.


Is the company legit?

Nielsen Scarborough is a subsidiary of The Nielsen Company – a reputable, well-known American company. According to their website, they are members of the Better Business Bureau, the Market Research Association, and the Council of American Survey Research Organization. This is enough evidence the platform is legit.

This is not a platform that can help you can make money whenever you choose. This review is just for informational purposes. Maybe, you’re lucky to get a call from Nielsen Scarborough

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