Nielsen Mobile Panel Review: A Legitimate App for Surfing or Scam

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If you are curious about what Nielsen Mobile Panel is all about, this review is for you.

If you’ve performed other surveys where you were rewarded to answer questions or complete tasks online like browsing, watching videos, installing software, and so on, you will find this Nielson Mobile Panel review very useful.

The Nielsen App helps companies aggregate information from members who use the app to surf the internet. Consequently, these aggregated data help these companies make better decisions. The Nielsen App is a mobile app and as well a computer program. In addition, it supports mobile browsers and mobile platforms.

Nielsen Mobile Panel is the most convenient way to get internet insights for your mobile device app. Let the Nielsen Mobile App track what you do on your smartphone or tablet and share your opinion through the app.

This Nielsen Mobile Panel review will reveal how you can make money online for having the Nielsen Mobile Panel mobile application on your device and if it is worth your time.

Quick Review

  • Free to join
  • Reward in points
  • Payment via gift cards
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Must be 18 years before joining
  • Payment threshold $5
  • Monthly sweepstakes rewards
  • Mobile surveys
  • Mobile app

Detailed Overview

What is Nielsen Mobile Panel?

The Nielsen Company is the leading provider of audience measurement, marketing information, and business media products in the world.

They provide information to help the mobile industry create content, applications, and services that the consumers want through its Mobile Panel and other information services.

Consumer information is one of the most valuable assets they provide for the industry.

Nielson is famous for studying how people use the media. They are the ones behind the famous Nielsen ratings that measure the TV shows people watch.

However, now they are more interested in figuring out how you use the internet, what kind of ads you will click on, and what sites interest you.

That is why they developed the Nielson Mobile Panel app. This app will track what you browse with your phone quietly. The app can be used to extract data or information when you surf the internet. Market research companies use this information and data to understand consumer behavior and develop new products.

Nielsen Mobile Panel is accessible in Germany, the United States, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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How does Nielsen Mobile Panel work?

Before installing the Nielsen Mobile Panel app on your device, you will have to complete a short survey. You will answer questions like the number of people you live with, their names, date of births, gender.

After answering all these questions, you are free to install the app on your devices. The more you use the app, the more you accumulate points and you can use these points for any gift card of your choice or other prizes. 

The app collects information about the applications and games you use by running in the background of your browser. It also examines the URLs of websites you visit and the length of time you spend on each page.

Every time you earn 805 points through Nielsen App, you will receive $5. Cashout is possible if you have the required points or equivalent monetary value.

Prizes and rewards can be claimed from the rewards page. When you use the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel, Nielsen offers you the opportunity to enter sweepstakes using your points.

The only action on your part is to register your phone or your computer and you are already earning.

How do I sign up with Nielsen Mobile Panel

Follow the steps below to sign up with Nielsen in this Nielsen Mobile Panel review.

You can download the app or visit the website

Just visit the app or go to and follow the steps to get started today. You’ll need a device with internet access and a verified email address.

You can download it from Apple App Store or Google Play or even find the version compatible with both computers and smartphones. The app has several amazing functions and features. 

Complete the signup form by entering your details, including your email address

Complete the signup form by entering your details, including your email address. If you already have a Nielsen Mobile Panel account, simply enter your login details to continue. You’ll receive an email once you’ve signed.

Verify your email address

To verify your email address, please click the link in the email sent to you. This is only to confirm that you are indeed a registered user. Once you verify your email address you will be able to log in and participate in surveys.

Provide some demographic information

Just a few short questions about your demographics will help Nielsen Mobile Panel make better recommendations for the kinds of content you might be interested in. Your responses will remain anonymous.

Provide the number and type of devices you want to register

To register your devices for the Nielsen Mobile Panel, please state the type and number of devices you want to register. Registering all your devices is not required by Nielsen.

After this, you can install the app on your phone

You can now download the Nielsen Mobile App. You can then access the app from any cell phone or a smart device and begin taking your daily surveys.

The signup process takes only a few minutes.

How much money can you earn with Nielsen Mobile Panel

Users receive points based on their activity in the Nielsen computer and mobile app. The points that you accumulate can be redeemable for gift cards to companies like Target, Starbucks, and Amazon when you reach a certain amount.

Before you can cash out, you are expected to have 800 points which is equivalent to $5.

You can earn up to $50 in rewards if you earn enough points within a year. Nielsen also offers a Nielsen giveaway for you to participate in if you want to earn money. The company gives out $10,000 monthly and this amount will be split between 400 winners.

You are entitled to $1,000 if you come out in the top two of the monthly giveaway. The remaining $8,000 split among the other 398 winners.

So technically, by participating in the monthly sweepstakes and using the Nielsen app, you stand a chance of making money.

Although, gift card rewards are more applicable to members in tier-1 countries. However, you can only be eligible for monthly sweepstakes entries rather than gift card rewards depending on your region.

You should also note that the amount you stand to earn depends on your location, the type of device you are using, and the number of devices you are using.

I guess you are enjoying this Nielsen Mobile Panel review. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of Nielsen Mobile Panel.


1. Multiple gift cards options

The platform accepts gift cards as a payment option, and there are a variety of gift card options available for major retailers.

2. Low payment threshold

As compared to other survey sites, the points threshold for cashing out is low, and you don’t have to wait a full year from the time you sign up to redeem your points.

3. BBB rating

Nielsen Mobile Panel has decades of industry experience, as well as BBB certification and an A+ ranking, debunking the issue of whether Nielsen is legit or a scam.

4. Country availability

Nielsen Mobile Panel is available in several countries, including China, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Brazil, as well as other countries.

5. Sweepstakes monthly draw

The $10,000 monthly sweepstakes draw will give Nielsen Mobile Panel members the chance to win up to $1,000 per month.

6. Multiple earning potentials

As compared to other paid surveys, Nielsen Mobile Panel has very high earning potential. You can earn money by watching videos, shopping online, referring a friend, and more.


1. Privacy issues

Some Panel members may be wary of Nielsen gathering their information on internet use. That’s a valid issue but bear in mind that the data does not contain your personal information.

2. Reward availability

Since gift card rewards are more applicable to members in tier-1 countries.

You can only be eligible for monthly sweepstakes entries rather than gift card rewards depending on your region.

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Is Nielsen Mobile Panel safe?

My experience with Nielsen Mobile Panel has led me to conclude that the company does not scam people. The Nielsen Company was founded in 1923 and is recognized as one of the most respected market research companies. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How much does the Nielsen app pay?

You’ll receive instructions for installing the app once you’ve registered. Your phone will need to be restarted once the installation is complete. You can earn up to $50 a year using your phone exactly as you normally do by becoming a member of the Nielsen Mobile Panel.

Does Nielsen pay you to watch TV?

The company will pay you $50 per year if you just download their application. Your viewing habits will be tracked by Nielsen. This program runs in the background without causing any disruptions.

Is the Nielsen app safe?

With Nielsen Mobile, Nielsen members’ information is guaranteed to be safe and private. They have taken great security measures to ensure that no information will be disclosed. Individual members of groups are never identified from the information collected.

What devices is the app compatible with?

The software is compatible with all personal computers and tablets, as well as both Apple iOS 8 and higher devices and Android 4 and higher devices.

How does Nielsen know what I’m watching?

The Nielsen Company measures how many people watch various television shows and provides that information to television and cable networks, advertisers, and the media. Neilsen rates the shows by using a statistical sampling technique.

Pollsters use this method to predict election results.

How do I uninstall Nielsen from my computer and delete my account?

Simply go into your profile and uninstall your account if you no longer want the Nielsen app to collect your data.

What is the Nielsen Homescan panel, and how does it work?

The Nielsen Scanning Panel is made for people who scan every purchase made in their homes.

Manufacturers and retailers will then use the scanning data to make a variety of important decisions about the goods they sell.

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Final Thoughts

Here is the final verdict on this Nielsen Mobile Panel review.

Nielsen is a reputable, legitimate market research and marketing firm that has been in business for many years.

Simply by allowing the Nielsen app to run in the background of your device, you can receive rewards. In addition, there is a chance to win a cash prize of $50.

The Nielsen mobile app has a unique feature in that it has a low payment threshold, enabling users to redeem their point rewards for a variety of gift cards.

In addition, unlike many other apps, the app is simple to install and does not slow down your computer.

Nielsen has been the gold standard for global market research for decades.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given the company an A+ rating. This means you won’t have to worry about the site’s legitimacy.

Surveystor provides you with valuable information about the best survey sites for making money online. Thanks for reading.

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