GPTHub Review: Is It A Legitimate Way To Make Money Online?

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If you are looking for information about how GPTHub works and its earning potential, you are in the right place. This GPTHub review will give you all the details you need.

Right now, we live in trying times, and an additional source of income will go a long way. In this GPTHub review, you will learn what the GPTHub platform is all about, how much you can make from it, as well as some alternatives that you can also use to make money online.

Quick Review

Here is a quick GPTHub review:

  • Free to join
  • Legit GPT platform
  • Minimum withdrawal threshold is $2
  • Average referral rate is 15%
  • Average profit by activity is $.0005
  • Available offers per day is 25
  • Numerous earning opportunities
  • Offers payment via Payeer, Skrill, PerfectMoney, Wallet, and Cryptocurrency
  • Low earning potential
  • Available worldwide

Detailed Guide

What is GPTHub?

GPTHub is a get-paid-to (GPT) website that provides different ways to make extra money from paid offers, quizzes, paid surveys, games, referral programs, online shopping, and lots more.

How To Make Money On GPTHub

As with any get-paid-to platform, GPTHub provides a series of activities that you can engage on its website.

Tasks such as signing up to a website, playing games, answering quizzes, and downloading apps can make you money on the website.

1. Paid offers

Paid offers are one of the ways through which you can make money on GPTHub. All you need to do is to adhere to the instructions that each offer has. In some cases, you need to watch the video for some seconds or register for an offer with your details.

Some offers may ask you to provide your financial details and credit card details. These types are offers are good. However, ensure you cancel your subscriptions on such offers before they end. If you don’t, you may end up charging your credit card. So, it is better to avoid these offers.

2. Paid surveys

If you want to make money from GPTHub by completing surveys, the first thing you need to know is that you may not qualify for all the surveys you attempt.

For instance, you may be disqualified from a survey if your location does not align with the requirement of the survey. Other things that may disqualify you from a survey include your gender, age, and hobbies. So, it is crucial to provide honest and detailed information in the profile surveys.

If you fill in false information, you will be fished out immediately and suspended from the platform.

Also, you need to know that third-party companies provide the surveys on the GPTHub platform. When you click on a survey, it will take you to a different website which is the third-party provider’s website.

If you want to get more surveys, fill the profile in detail. The surveys you get will depend on the kind of information you provide. You need to provide information such as your personal information, family details, hobbies, education, and lots more.

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3. View ads

Viewing ads is one of the popular ways to make money on GPT websites. On GPTHub, it is a fun way to make some quick cents. Although you cannot make a substantial amount through this method, however, it’s a good option if you love watching adverts.

To make money from viewing ads, you need to click on the ad and wait for 10 seconds before closing it. You will be rewarded with cash points and GPT points. You need to collect GPT points to withdraw your rewards.

There is a limit to the number of ads each person can see. This option is very easy for making extra bucks. All you need to do is to click on the ad; the ad will open in another window. You will then need to solve the captcha to prove that you have watched the advert. Once you do these, you will receive your reward instantly.

4. Contests

There is a contest section on GPTHub. You can partake in these contests to make a few bucks for yourself. These contests are a fun way to make money from the platform.

5. Referral

The referral program on GPTHub allows you to share your unique referral link with your friends and loved ones. When anyone signs up to the website through your link, you will receive 15 to 50 points.

The points you will earn depend on the type of membership that you belong to. You will receive your referral bonus when your referral logs in to his or her account and earn points.

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How To Get Paid On GPTHub

You will be paid for every activity you complete on GPTHub. Your rewards will be transferred to your GPTHub account balance. Once your balance reaches $2, you can withdraw your earnings.

GPTHub offers different withdrawal options except for PayPal. You can choose between the multiple payment methods on the platform by providing your address for each of the methods.

However, before you can withdraw your rewards, you need to have a certain amount of GPT points. As stated earlier, you can earn these points by viewing paid ads. You can also earn them by completing a series of tasks on the platform.

The minimum amount of GPT points that you need to earn before withdrawing your earnings depends on your membership level (I will shed more light on this later in this GPTHub review). For instance, if you are a basic member, you will need to earn 1500 GPT points before you can withdraw your earnings irrespective of how much it is.

So, although the website has a low withdrawal threshold, you will still need to spend some time to withdraw your earnings. You will need to complete about 1500 ads or surveys before you can withdraw your earnings.

If you want to opt for a faster and easier payout channel, you need to check out some alternatives to GPTHub.

Membership Levels On GPTHub

If you want to increase your earnings on GPTHub, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership level. This is an option that GPTHub gives you to boost your earnings.

When you upgrade your membership level, you will be able to enjoy some benefits such as increased rewards for watching adverts, referral commissions, and lots more.

Also, you will need fewer GPT points to withdraw your earnings if you are a premium member. So, you will need to spend money to increase your earnings on this website. Fortunately, you can upgrade to a premium membership level by making use of your earnings.

This is a method that old members of the platform use. Immediately they make enough money, they upgrade to a premium membership level to enjoy the perks that come with it. It is important to have a good plan to earn back the money you spent on this upgrade. So, ensure you have a plan before you upgrade.

Overall, the earning potential of the website is very low. You will need to spend a lot of time if you want to earn a significant amount of money.

How much money can You make on GPTHub?

GPTHub has low rewards. This is not strange because most GPT websites are like that. That is why the amount you can earn from GPT sites is always low.

The amount of money you make on GPTHub depends on the tasks you complete on the website. Your membership level also has a role to play in how much money you can earn on the platform. Listed below are the four types of membership that GPTHub offers:

  • Free
  • Clique Family Member
  • Elite
  • Super Elite

As a beginner, you can start with the free membership level. This will allow you to make your first earnings without spending any money. You can then upgrade to a premium membership by using the money you earn as a free member.

Who can join GPTHub?

Anyone can become a member of GPTHub. All you need to do is to fill in the required details while creating an account.

It is easy to create an account on GPTHub. There is no verification process, and you can start making money straight away.

However, you need to provide your payment details. So, ensure you have an account with one of the withdrawal options that the website offers.


1. It is free to become a member

The most important feature of GPTHub is the fact that it is free to join; you don’t need to pay a single cent before joining. I would advise you to go through the starter membership and see if the platform is ideal for you. If the starter membership suits you, you can then go ahead and upgrade to a premium membership level.

2. The platform has an amazing support

The inbuilt support system of this platform (in the form of a community of over 1.5 million members) is fantastic. You can also have access to the support system of this platform through Live Chat, blog, and PM.

3. Newbie-friendly

When I tried out the website, I did not encounter any technical glitches despite being a beginner when it comes to working online. This shows that the platform is ideal for anyone that wants to make money online (irrespective of the level of their technical skills).

4. Easy for making money online

GPTHub provides most of the resources that you need to make money online. Thus, you don’t need to go anywhere else for any services. You can easily and quickly build your online empire under one roof.

5. Legit

GPTHub equips you with the skill of affiliate marketing; which is the most popular method for making money online.

Affiliate marketing is a proven method for making money online. However, your success depends on you. Your success depends on how hard-working you are.


  • The rewards on the website are very low
  • The site is not mobile-friendly
  • You will need to earn some GPT points before you can withdraw your earnings.

The main issue that I have with GPTHub is its low rewards. Despite its low payout thresholds and a series of earning opportunities it offers, you will still need to spend a lot of time before you can withdraw your earnings.

Also, you will need to complete thousands of offers, ads, and surveys before you can withdraw your rewards due to the extra points that you need to earn before withdrawing. This is a daunting task. There are better alternatives out there that offer a quicker and easier way to have access to your earnings.

You can check out the sites that are allowed in your country to see the ones that offer better and quicker rewards. These sites have good earning potential and also offer an easier way to withdraw your money. More so, you can find a site irrespective of where you live.

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What are some alternatives to GPTHub?

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Is GPTHub legitimate?

Yes, it is. This GPTHub review has provided information that confirms the platform’s legitimacy.

Can I use GPTHub on mobile?

GPTHub does not have a mobile app that you can download. However, you can have access to the website through a mobile web browser. The issue is, the website is not mobile-friendly.

You will need to zoom in to read the website’s content and click on links to move through the site. Most GPT websites are usually designed for desktop use and not mobile devices.

This is usually the case because you will need to open lots of browser tabs to earn from the opportunities the platforms provide.

Even on a desktop, the website is not user-friendly due to the pop-up adverts. It is even worse on mobile devices. That is why it is advisable to use the platform on a desktop device for a fair user experience.

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My Final Verdict On GPTHub Review

I hope this GPTHub review will go a long way in helping you to make the right decision.

Don’t forget that GPT sites are not get-rich-quick schemes. Instead, they are opportunities to make extra bucks on the side.

Don’t hesitate to refer your loved ones to sign up on GPTHub. You are also free to share this GPTHub review with your loved ones and anyone looking for ways to make money online.

Irrespective of the next line of action you take, I wish you all the best. There are other GPT sites with higher earning potential. To see them check out my article about the Best GPT Sites. Thanks for reading.

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