10 Best Ways to Get Referrals for Paid Surveys and GPT Sites

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Ever wonder how the big dogs earn so much money taking surveys and completing GPT offers? You’re not alone, I wondered too a few years ago when I first started doing these sites. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have anyone to ask for advice so I had to learn from experience. I spent countless hours sifting through all of the different paid surveys and GPT websites out there trying to figure out which ones were worth my time and how to increase my chances of success. 

Forthright, you can make a few dollars here and there by taking paid surveys online and participating in paid surveys and GPT sites. Yet, surveys are tedious and tasks often take longer than they’re worth. The best way to get paid to complete online offers is by getting referrals.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 10 best ways to get referrals for paid surveys and GPT sites.

What are referral programs for paid surveys?

A referral program is an incentive system to get other people to sign up or complete an activity on a website. Many paid surveys and GPT sites use these as a way to receive more members in return for financial gain. 

Most websites will either give you points that accumulate to cash or give you money for each person you refer to them. You will make money even if you and your referrals don’t finish a GPT survey or task. So, let’s get started on how to get referrals for paid surveys and GPT sites.

1. Focus on quality paid surveys and GPT sites

Getting paid online surveys does not mean you have to sign up for as many sites as possible. It all comes down to quality. It is not easy to trade time for money.

Throughout the entire project, you will have to sit quietly for many hours answering surveys, watching videos, playing the game, and filling out forms. 

Your success heavily relies on how well you manage your account and your referrals. Most survey sites won’t pay out huge amounts of money so you have to be selective on which ones you choose. When you ask for referrals make sure you are sending them to quality sites. 

The best way to do this is to actually check out a couple of the paid survey sites that you refer people to. You will quickly be able to tell if the sites on our list are great or not. 

If they don’t meet your standards, then move on and try another site until you find one that will work for you. Focus on quality and you’ll reap the rewards in return.

2. Don’t send out spam

Referrals can be a good way for you to earn some extra cash. If you send out an email saying “Earn Money FAST!” or something similar, you’re going to lose your name, your reputation and you may even get in trouble with the authorities. 

Receiving spam is a major annoyance for me. So you can imagine that I never signed up to some sites because I don’t want to be bombarded by unsolicited emails. Remember, you’re not looking to piss people off. 

No one likes to be spammed or harassed, and you really don’t want that. As a result, the best way to get referrals is simply by providing an actual service. If people like what you’re doing and see your potential, there’s no reason they won’t want to refer others!

3. Tell a story about your positive GPT site experience

You’ve been signed up to a few GPT sites and found they are legit. You collect your first few checks and now want to sign up your friends. One of the best ways to refer others is to share your own GPT story. 

So why not tell everyone just how much you love surveys and GPT sites?  Who do you tell? The best people to tell are your family and friends; these are the people who deserve free money as much as you do. They’ll get inspired by your story and know that there is a way they can make money online as well. 

The more reviews, the better. Telling your story about how you got rich from GPT (get paid to) sites will not only excite peers into joining you but also raise the hope and spirit of a beginner who is looking for a real cash-making site. 

4. Advertise on a local radio station

If you’re looking for ways to get loads of paid survey offers, this is one of the best methods I can recommend. Although it sounds complicated, the process is simple. To get referrals for paid surveys and GPT sites, you can advertise your referral link on a local radio station. 

Even better, interact with the listeners. This means you will have the opportunity to reach a much larger audience. Let them share their views on the services that you offer. Because of this, listeners will also think of you as a friend who is like them. 

It will then be easy for them to trust you and sign up using your referral link. You can use this process to get more referrals in return.

5. Tell friends and family

Who doesn’t love having opportunities to make money online? Who doesn’t love having opportunities to get free stuff (which could be sold for a profit)? The answer is no one, of course. 

This means getting your friends and family members involved in your hobby could be a great way to grow your downline. Tell them about how awesome paid surveys and free offers are, and gain some referrals of your own! If your family and friends know you are looking to make a little extra cash, they can be a great source of leads. 

Your grandma is probably not going to become one of your sign-ups but if you tell her she could win a free trial or a $50 gift card, she might be motivated enough to fill out some surveys as well. 

Considering you have already told your friends and family about sites like Swagbucks, it’s time to plan a bigger push. Remember, prior to letting your family know, that you should already have an established profile on these sites. 

I recommend getting a minimum of 3-4 survey offers under your belt before you tell them. This will increase the chances of them actually signing up with you. Trust me, if they see a large number of listed offers when they sign up, they might not think the site is legit (since many scams take advantage of GPT websites).

6. Communicate with high school and college students

Looking to widen your online survey reach? If so, don’t forget about high school and college students. They have Internet access and many are interested in making extra cash by taking online surveys. 

Yet, it is important for you to communicate with them effectively.  Let’s face it: students have access to so many college email addresses where they are part of the email loop. Besides, they don’t hesitate to use those when signing up for paid surveys and GPT sites. 

In fact, that is the bulk of their sign-ups! This type of inbound traffic can be pretty sweet because not only is it cheap (free), but the conversion rates are amazing!

7. Include your referral link in your email address

One great way to get referrals for paid survey sites is by adding your referral link to your email. Most people won’t do it unless you prompt them to. 

Making sure you put your link in your email address allows people to see it when they send you an email. This helps to avoid the practice of cutting and pasting links into emails because it saves time for both of you! 

The advantage of adding your referral link to your email address is that the person who reads your email address will definitely see it. Some people use their personal email, while others use a newsletter or marketing service to send out promotional emails.

8. Utilize your social media platforms

Social media is bound to be one of the best ways to not only spread the word about your GPT sites but to also get referrals. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are a great way to get your referral codes out there for people to visit. 

Post about paid surveys and GPT sites on your social media accounts. This will give you an extra source of leads when you see someone interested. Don’t forget to include a link to the site when offering the lead in hopes that they will click your link and become a member!

9. Distribute flyers and pamphlets

A lot of people don’t know this, but they would actually be willing to take a short survey for paid surveys and GPT sites. You just need to know where to look. People don’t participate because they don’t know how to get started. 

This means having the tools and techniques that you can follow like distributing flyers and pamphlets in public areas, business establishments, and even schools. It’s always best to distribute them during a time when it’s almost too dark already. 

This way you are likely to attract people who are returning from work and that’s the kind most likely to join GPT sites. They will open your pamphlet as they ride in their car and chances are, they will sign up for your programs if you’re doing good research about them.

10. Get persuasive

Do you participate in GPT sites and paid survey sites? Have you ever asked your friends and family to give out your referral links? If not, you’re missing out. There are actually some people who’ll do it for you, just by asking. The final way to get referrals for survey sites is through persuasion. 

The idea is to persuade people that a certain survey site is worth referring them to. Persuasion allows you to tap into the minds of your friends and family members and give them a reason to refer you. Believe it or not, but every day there are millions of people going online to take surveys for money. 

You may have heard that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to surveys, this statement couldn’t be more correct. First impressions matter most so give the potential users of your profile page as much information about you as possible. 

Furthermore, add them to e-mail lists so they can get further updates from you about sites or anything related to online paid surveys.


What tasks do you get paid to do?

There are thousands of tasks out there that someone gets paid to do. I personally mostly do online surveys and product testing but sometimes I also get tasks like writing answers on forums or posting classified ads.

Who can join GPT sites and apps?

There are no barriers to entry into GPT sites and applications! No additional requirement is needed other than a computer with an internet connection and a valid email address. Also, anyone over the age of 18 can join GPT sites and applications, but some countries may have restrictions.

Is there a better way to get referrals?

Yes. If you are using paid surveys or GPT sites to get referrals, my suggestion is to try building your own network instead of relying on them. In the long run, it will be much more profitable for you and more people will likely notice your site as well. 

You could start out by asking friends, family, and other knowledgeable people in the survey industry to join your network. After you build a strong base for your survey panel, you can start asking others in other industries to participate as well.

What are the best GPT sites?

There’s no “best” GPT site. They all have different features and some offer more money for completing offers than others. Don’t feel like you need to sign up for all of them. 

If you keep your eligibility criteria in mind, you’ll be able to find great sites that suit your needs and be happy you’ve received such a bounty of free cash.

Learn more: Best GPT sites.

Can you get rich from surveys?

You can get rich from anything if you do enough of it. This does not mean that surveys will make you rich. It may take a long time to accumulate anything substantial from surveys. 

Surveys are, however, a great way to make some extra cash on the side for people just entering the workforce, or in retirement.

Where can I find high-paying surveys?

High-paying surveys can be found anywhere. The best way for you to find high-paying surveys is to surf through the list of survey sites. Your goal in this is to only look for the ones that are legit. 

Final thoughts

Referral generation is a powerful way to bring in paid surveys and GPT sign-ups. In fact, it’s, perhaps, the greatest thing since sliced bread! By generating referrals and spreading them about the web you will have a personal army of people helping you find more survey opportunities. 

The great news is there are numerous ways to generate referrals for these sites. I decided to put together a post listing the 10 best ways to get referrals for paid surveys and GPT sites. 

I’m sure this list will help you increase your number of referrals substantially. So what are you waiting for? Start referring today!