JCPenney Survey: See How To Get A 10% Off Coupon

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JC Penny is offering customers the chance to provide feedback on their visits by taking the JCPenney Survey. By providing valuable feedback, you will receive a 10% off coupon for your next purchase at any of their stores.

In my experience, this is one of the most generous customer survey prizes I have seen, so get in quick for this opportunity and enjoy 10% off next time you visit a JC Penny store to make a purchase.

To help you, this survey guide contains a detailed guideline about how to take the survey and other related information you need to participate in this amazing offer.

Quick Review

Why should you participate in the JCPenney Survey?

  • It is completely free to join
  • Extremely easy registration
  • No disqualification from surveys
  • Get a 10% off coupon
  • 1 coupon per person/household
  • 1 per person, per receipt
  • Receipt is valid for 7 days
  • Site is mobile friendly
  • Survey is conducted by a reliable retail store

About JC Penney

J. C. Penney Company, (also known as JCPenney) is an American department store company headquartered in Plano, Texas. JCPenney is one of the largest department stores by sales in the United States among others like Walmart and Macy’s.

JC Penney is the department store that has everything you need for a great life at an affordable price. It’s our mission to help every customer find what they’re looking for, as well as something they never knew they wanted to.

JC Penney has been committed to bringing its customers exceptional products and services in a friendly shopping environment. Currently, the department operates over 846 stores throughout the United States

What is JCPenney Survey?

JCPenney Survey is an online customer feedback survey created by JC Penney that allows customers to provide feedback on the services and goods they provide. It’s an online survey you can take at your own convenient time.

By taking this survey, you will have the opportunity to provide useful input that will be used by JCPenney to improve goods and customer service. In return for your time, JCPenney is happy to offer you a coupon good for multiple uses at any of their stores.

How Does JCPenney Survey Work?

As said earlier, the JC Penney Customer Satisfaction Survey is an online questionnaire that can be taken from your home or workplace whenever you choose. However, you must have purchased at a JCPenney store before you can complete the survey.

The reason for this is, that you will need a genuine receipt obtained from any of their stores to access the survey online. Therefore it is necessary to shop at JCPenney before attempting the survey.

Like other similar surveys such as Dickssportinggoods Feedback and ValueVillageListens, taking the survey is a breeze. The questions are about your previous shopping experience at the store.

You may only need to answer yes or no to some questions while some will require you to enter your response in a provided text box. But overall, they are simple and short questions that cannot take you more than 5 minutes to complete.

Once you complete the survey, you will receive your coupon which you can redeem the next time you visit the JC Penney store.

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Who Can Take The JCPenney Survey?

To be eligible for the JCPenney Survey, you must be a legal resident of the United States or Canada and 18 years or older at the time of taking the survey.

In my experience, this is one of the very few customer feedback surveys that extend their eligibility to Canada. Most of them are only open to the legal residents of the United States.

Another similar survey is the Chipotle Feedback which allows Canadians that are 13 years or older to take its customer surveys for a chance to win free burrito gift cards (52) for a year.

Of course, you must have a basic understanding of the English language to take the survey. Nevertheless, the survey is also available in Spanish if that’s the language you prefer.

In addition, your receipt is only valid for 7 days. So, ensure you take the survey within 7 days to be able to get your reward.

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What is JCPenney Survey’s Reward?

A coupon to enjoy 10% off on your next purchase at a JC Penney store is what you get for participating in the JCPenney Survey.

I think a 10% off coupon is a nice way to compensate customers for submitting their feedback in a survey that takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Interesting, you don’t have to visit the store to complete the survey.

With your smartphone, tablet, or computer plus a good internet connection, you can complete the survey in your home, office, or while on the go.

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How Do You Participate in the JCPenney Survey?

To get started, visit the official page of the JCPenney Survey here. Ensure you have your receipt with you and it’s not older than 7 days.

After selecting your preferred language (English or Spanish), you will need to enter the 22-digit Access Code printed on your receipt, correctly.

JCPenny Feedback Survey - Surveystor

You can then proceed to answer the survey questions. You must be sincere with your answers as this will provide you with a better experience in the future and it is beneficial for other customers as well.

Wherever you are provided with a text box, use it as an opportunity to give comprehensive feedback which may include suggestions, recommendations, or any concerns you may have about their service and products.

The more detailed your responses are to each question on the survey, the more useful it is to the company in improving its products and service.

After you complete the survey, you will receive your 10% off coupon. Please make sure you write it immediately on your receipt.

How Do You Claim Your Reward?

If you have your coupon written on your receipt already, you can visit the JC Penney store to claim the offer. You can use your coupon on any purchase you make. It doesn’t matter if you’re purchasing furniture or wear.

Be informed, that your coupon is only valid for 30 days after the receipt date. So you must use it as soon as possible.

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  • It’s completely free
  • Enjoy a $10 off coupon
  • Questions are simple
  • Receipt is only valid for 7 days
  • No disqualification


  • Purchase is necessary to participate
  • Only entry method

JCPenney Survey Alternatives

There are many other customer feedback surveys like JCPenney Survey that lets you take surveys to earn amazing rewards in your spare time. These sites include:

JCPenney Survey: FAQs

How much does this cost?

It is completely free to complete the survey.

Can you complete the survey when you’re not in the store?

Yes, you can complete the survey wherever and whenever you choose to but ensure you complete it within 7 days after your receipt issue date.

How long will it take to receive your coupon?

You’ll receive your 10% off coupon immediately after you complete the JCPenney Survey.

JCPenney Survey: Conclusion

JCPenney Survey is one of the customer feedback surveys with a generous reward, giving customers 10% off on their next purchase without limiting it to a particular amount or item they must buy before they can use the coupon.

Therefore, if you’ve been shopping at a JC Penney store, this is a chance for you to enjoy an amazing discount and a better shopping experience next time you visit the store. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete.

In addition to the JC Penney Customer Feedback Survey, you can also take advantage of other customer feedback surveys with amazing rewards.

Lastly, Surveystor provides relevant details on how to earn extra income on survey platformsGPT sitescashback platforms, and PTC sites. If you have a few minutes to spare, there are more than enough opportunities to make money online.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Thanks for reading.

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