Scribie Review: Is Scribie Legit Or A Scam?

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If you want to pursue a career in transcription, this Scribie review will guide you.

Working from home will save you lots of time, energy, and money. The problem that many people have with working from home is getting started. Others also face the challenge of finding a legitimate work-at-home opportunity. This is what Scribie provides.

Is Scribie real? Is it the work-at-home job you’ve been searching for?

The idea behind Scribie sounds appealing. It allows you to make money from home and to be your boss.

I’m sure you don’t want to be duped by scammers while looking for an opportunity that can earn you some income online. It would also be great to have an idea about how much you can earn. I understand how important it is to work from home.

Just like many people, you may not like the idea of leaving your home to find a regular job. More and more people are also searching for jobs on the internet today.

This Scribie review will show you an opportunity that you can use to make money online, right from the comfort of your home. The review will shed light on all you need to know about Scribie so that you can decide if it is the right opportunity for you.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Quick Review

Here’s a quick Scribie review:

Detailed Guide

What is Scribie?

Scribie is a company that pays people to type (transcribe) audio files to text. As shown on Crunchbase, Scribie was launched in 2008 by Rajiv Poddar (an internet entrepreneur) in California, United States.

Scribie allows transcribers to get work and transcribe the files. The transcribed files then go through different quality checks before they are finally submitted to the client. This enables Scribie to provide high-quality transcripts to clients. It also allows members of the platform to earn an income.

Scribie offers the lowest transcription rate in the market. Their rate starts from $0.10 per minute for automated and $0.80 per minute for manual transcription. The company also promises about 80 to 99% accuracy.

If you are looking for transcription jobs, Scribie is an option that you need to consider. According to TechRadar, Scribie is one of the go-to transcription service providers.

How Scribie Works

The transcription process used by Scribie involves the steps highlighted below:

1. File splitting

This stage involves splitting an audio file (that a customer wants to transcribe) into different parts (about 6 minutes each). This helps to ensure that one project is attended to by many different transcribers.

2. Automated transcription

Scribie features a built-in automated transcript generator that you can use to transcribe a whole file via a single click. This machine is, however, not 100 percent accurate.

According to Scribie, its accuracy is about 60 to 90 percent. This explains why human verification is still required (which is where you come in).

3. Review stage

This step is carried out by a reviewer. The reviewer checks the transcribed work for quality. Timestamps and speakers are also added to the transcribed work at this stage.

4. Proofreading

This stage is executed by a proofreader. The proofreader collects all sections of the original file so that the transcribed work can be compared with the original audio file. Errors are also corrected at this stage.

5. Quality check

This stage involves determining if the transcribed work is ready to be sent to the client or if it should be proofread again. Although it is the final step of the transcription process, it may take a while to complete it.

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How To Apply and Join Scribie

The next section of this Scribie review involves looking at how you can apply at Scribie.

Scribie has a simple application process. Highlighted below is its step-by-step application guide that you can use to become a transcriber on Scribie:

Step 1

Go to Scribie’s official website and click on the “Apply” button to send your application. Once you send your application, an application number will be generated. You will use this number to track the progress of your application.

Step 2

Scribie will send a link to your email address. Click on that link to confirm your email.

Step 3

Once you confirm your email address, your application will be reviewed by Scribie and they will decide if you will be rejected or shortlisted for an exam. This usually takes one day.

If you are shortlisted for their exam, you can use your application number to track your application.

Step 4

If you are shortlisted for an exam, Scribie will send a test link to your email. Take the test through the link. You need to create an account and a password so that you can take the test.

Step 5

You will come across many audio files in your Scribie account. Pick the one that you want to transcribe. Once you’re through, send it to Scribie so that they can review it.

Step 6

If your script is good, Scribie will hire you and you can start working with them. The test you took will be paid if it meets their standard. If it doesn’t, it will be rejected.

Step 7

You need to submit the test transcript within two hours. You can retake the test up to ten times if you are rejected.

The Grading System Used By Scribie

If you want to work with Scribie, you need to consider their grading system. Most of the reviews that I perused overlooked the platform’s grading system. I think, as a potential transcriber on Scribie, you need to understand how the grading system affects your work and income.

Based on the platform’s grading system that was updated in 2020, all transcribed files will be graded.

Scribie has imposed strict criteria for simple files, while relaxed criteria are imposed for challenging files. The grades comprise excellent, good, average, bad, poor, and rejected.

Scribe can reject a simple file if the reviewer finds more than 6 errors in the transcribed work, while a more challenging file can be rejected if the reviewer finds at least 24 errors in the file.

A simple file can be awarded an excellent grade if at most 1 error is spotted in the file, while a file of high difficulty is awarded an excellent grade if at most 4 errors are found in the file.

You need to understand the grading system because it has a great impact on your income and position on Scribie. If you keep delivering excellent work, you will be promoted to a reviewer, and then a proofreader.

Consistent poor work, on the other hand, will lead to a demotion. If you feel your work is not reasonably graded, you are allowed to file for a dispute. This, however, does not guarantee any result.

Ensure you check your work many times before submitting it to confirm that your work is of high quality.

Requirements Needed To Transcribe At Scribie

The most important requirement is to be fluent in the English language. You also need to have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox on your computer or laptop.

Also, you need a verified PayPal account (i.e. you need to link your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account if you’ve not done that). That’s all you need.

How Much Can I Make With Scribie?

The amount you can make with Scribie depends on the level of your skill. As you become more proficient on the site, you can start working as a transcriber, reviewer, or proofreader. The platform pays between $5 and $25 per audio hour.

This implies that a 6-minute file can earn you between $0.5 and $2.00. Don’t forget that Scribie pays by audio hour and not the actual time spent transcribing the file.

If you are discouraged by anything you’ve read so far, remember that you can also make extra money from home by completing surveys on Survey Junkie. You can also get paid while watching videos and visiting websites on Swagbucks and InboxDollars.


1. Flexible, work-at-home opportunity

Scribie allows people to earn money without leaving the comfort of their homes. You can work for as long as you want, based on hours that are convenient for you.

2. Beginner-friendly

Scribie hires beginners. The platform is open to people wherever they are throughout the world. Although some companies hire only experienced transcribers, Scribie allows aspiring freelancers to make extra income online.

3. Other earning opportunities apart from transcription

Apart from transcribing files, you can also earn by referring your friends to join the platform. You can also recommend Scribie to those that are looking for transcription jobs.

4. Supports members’ growth

Scribie offers room for growth. As you improve in your transcription tasks, you will be promoted to a reviewer or proofreader.

5. Automated transcription

You can use a machine to transcribe files. With this, you will not need to start from scratch.

6. Listen and decide

You can listen to a small part of the file before you decide to work on a task or ignore it.


  • Some files have very low quality with lots of background noise. These types of files are difficult to work on.
  • The pay offered by Scribie is not that great. Some members even complain about not being paid what their time and effort are worth.
  • Scribie’s grading system can be frustrating. Some transcripts are rejected while reviewers make changes that are not in line with the guidelines.

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How does Scribie pay?

Scribie pays members through PayPal daily. The platform does not have any minimum threshold; this means you can withdraw any amount whenever you want. You will receive your money via PayPal after one business day.

How do I join Scribie?

You can become a member of Scribie irrespective of where you are, provided you meet the requirements stated earlier in this Scribie review.

Becoming a member involves getting a Transcription Certification from Scribie. The certification begins with opening an account and verifying your email address. You will then wait for 1 business day to be accepted or rejected.

If you are accepted, you will be included on a waiting list. When your waiting list number gets to zero, you will be sent an invite link to take a test.

If you are rejected, you can apply again. You will use the invite link to create a user account which you will use to take your test.

Once you log in to your account, you can take your test. The test is an audio file that you need to transcribe accurately. Once you’re through, they will contact you when your results are ready.

You will be paid for the test if you pass the test. This also qualifies you to become a Certified Scribie Transcriber. You can then log in whenever you want and start making money from your home.

If you fail the test, you can choose another audio file and retake the test. You can do this up to 10 times.

What are the requirements of Scribie?

If you want to work for Scribie, you need to have the following:

  • Good English skills
  • Fast typing skills
  • Verified PayPal account
  • The latest Adobe Flash Player
  • A good working computer and fast internet connection
  • Firefox, Safari, or Chrome browser
  • Quality headset with the noise-canceling feature


Scribie Review Final Verdict: Is Scribie Worth It?

Scribie is a legit way to make money online by transcribing audio files. You can work with them from your home; on a remote and freelance basis. This allows you to have control over your time.

The platform also allows you to pick the files that you want to work on, based on their levels of difficulty, accent, and the number of speakers amongst other factors.

Scribie is a good place to get started if you are interested in pursuing a transcription career. You will get the experience and exposure you need from the platform.

However, transcribers on Scribie complain of poor pay. That means you cannot rely on Scribie for a full-time income. That is why I want you to check our legit paid survey websites that you can also make money from by completing surveys online.

You can also check out our list of the best Paid-To-Click websites to find more opportunities to earn money online.