Explore How to Get Paid to Read Books With These Top 10 Websites

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Have you ever wanted to get paid to read books? I have great news for you. There is a way and it’s one of my favorite ways to make extra money.

The idea of doing something you love for a living can be elusive. And sometimes, making money is the most challenging part of building a career doing something you’re interested in. But what if you could turn your interest into your career? And get paid to do it? 

It is possible to get paid to read books (and also review them). This concept may sound like an impossible feat but it has been around for years and the marketplace hasn’t diminished.

There are companies out there willing to pay you to read and give feedback on books, study guides, and other materials to improve the quality of the material.

In this article, I have highlighted the top websites that will pay you to read books at your convenient time.

1. Upwork

Upwork - Get Paid Read Books

Upwork is the premier online workplace that connects authors with highly qualified book readers and reviewers. The platform has a large user base which in turn means that it has more job opportunities for you. It is by far one of the best sites to make some extra cash via reading books. 

In addition, if you have a profession or skill that you’d like to turn into a business, Upwork might be for you. The sites help freelancers of all sorts find work and clients and connect companies with the talent they need in various fields. 

Start by creating a free, professional profile, and let Upwork help you find the best job for you.

In addition to writing, reviewing books, proofreading, Upwork allows users to earn a side income by doing a variety of other things.

2. BookBrowse


BookBrowse is a great place to network with fellow reviewers, bloggers, journalists, and millions of readers who love to read. This is an ideal way for bookworms like you to get more great reading material. 

Among BookBrowse’s services, members can get a sneak peek at books coming out in months to come through their First Impressions program. Also known as an advance reading copy, or ARC.

BookBrowse reviewers read advanced copies of books in many different genres (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Women’s Fiction, etc.). In most cases, the books are sent to you by the publisher. 

Depending on the number of publishers who send books to BookBrowse, members get books at different times. Reviews may occur as often as every three months, but sometimes they may occur less frequently.

3. Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy is quickly becoming a go-to platform for authors to find talented book reviewers. They accept anyone interested in reviewing, as long as they subscribe to their ethical review standards. Reedsy is a community of book lovers who read and review new and unpublished work. 

As a book reader or reviewer, you will be able to interact with authors from all over the world giving their work exposure and helping writers, as well as publishers, improve their craft. In turn for reading, reviewing, and promoting books on the site, you will also be rewarded with free books.

It works differently in that reviewers receive smaller payments from readers in exchange for tips of $1, $3, or $5. Besides, the majority of books are self-published. The main purpose of Reedsy is to provide marketing tools for authors.

Furthermore, Reedsy is a marketplace that connects authors and editors with world-class designers who work remotely. It’s a place where book lovers around the world can discover exciting new voices, collaborate with talented professionals and get to work on their next dream projects.

4. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly

Like the idea of getting paid to read books? If you are interested in working for a major publishing company as an editor, copyeditor, or book reviewer, Publishers Weekly is a good resource. Publisher’s Weekly credits itself as the international news magazine of book publishing and bookselling.

A fantastic opportunity for you to join an award-winning team of professional reviewers at a top publishing trade journal and spread your passion for books to the rest of the publishing industry.

Books published traditionally or by self-publishers are both subject to Publishers Weekly reviews. Besides, as a potential reviewer, you will need to submit a resume and a 200-word sample review of a recently published book.

5. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media

Kirkus is a leader in connecting book publishers with wholesalers and retailers through its distribution channels. The Company also creates value for retailers and consumers through publishing products that help improve their ability to sell books. 

This also includes pairing book buyers and sellers, helping readers find new authors, inspiring booksellers and librarians, and educating the public about reading. The company announces that it is seeking book reviewers with experience reviewing Spanish and English-language titles. 

Reviewers must have experience, a keen eye, a good grasp of grammar, and the ability to write about a 350-word article in two weeks. Kirkus Media reviews all kinds of books, regardless of genre or length.

6. Any Subject Books

Any Subject Books - Get Paid Read Books

Whenever you review books for Any Subject Books, you will get paid in cash. As a prospective book reviewer, you sign up to review books on the site. Your acceptance will be followed up by offers to review books on a case-by-case basis from Any Subject Books after you’ve been accepted.

Choosing to accept the review job requires you to read the book, and then write a thorough review on the form the company provides.

Applicants should have an unbiased mind and be serious about reviewing. Because each book review will pay differently based on word count, etc., they do not disclose upfront how much they pay per review.

Any Subject Books workload may also affect whether they are accepting new reviewers at any given time. As a reader, if you can get accepted to this program, you will get paid to read books.

7. The U.S. Review of Books

The U.S. Review of Books

The U.S. Review of Books is a global book review website that provides authors and publishers with the best way to get valuable exposure for their work. This is done in an exciting online environment designed especially for book lovers. 

The U.S. Review of Books is looking for honest, insightful, experienced people who are truly passionate about reading books and writing reviews. They also want their readers to be well informed about the books they read, and their wants and needs vary.  

If you’re an avid reader or a book club-goer, bring your experience to the next level by becoming a book reviewer for this company.

You must edit your reviews according to the Chicago style when you submit them to the US Review of Books. Review deadlines are 2-3 weeks after the assignment. Your best bet is to know in advance which title you would like to review. 

Furthermore, there is a standard word count for US Review of Books reviews of 250-300 words. Each reviewer receives payment for the review they completed in the past month. 

8. Online Book Club

Online Book Club

Get paid to share your opinion about books you read with the Online Book Club. A good book is a wonderful companion for life and the best part is that you don’t have to pay for it. In addition, if you review a book for the first time with Online Book Club, you will receive it for free. 

As soon as the trial period ends, you will begin to receive payment for your book reviews. Just join the club, read books and share your opinion. Imagine how many books you will read and how much money you will earn.

You can expect to receive anything between $5 and $60 for a book review. Additionally, they pay using Amazon gift cards. You’ll also receive a free copy of any book you review. 

You’re more than welcome to leave a negative review if you do not like the book. An unbiased review is all the company wants, not a positive one. 

9. Writerful Books

Writerful Books

Melbourne-based Writerful Books is a publishing company that offers author services. As part of their services, they provide book editing, beta reading, and manuscript evaluations.

Additionally, Writerful Books aims to inspire and motivate its writers and readers by finding the right match. It pays for honest reviews that treat writers with respect. And it connects writers with readers who will love their books.

Besides, as a writer, you have a voice that deserves to be heard by millions of readers. Writerful allows you to read books and write reviews that introduce you and your writing to those interested in your work.

A top reviewer on the site receives $100 in Amazon gift cards, and a normal reviewer can receive between $10 and $50. Review requests are usually for contemporary fiction. 

10. New Pages

Newpages - get paid read books

New Pages gives you a way to get paid to read books. The New Pages Book review site connects authors to new media and gives readers insight into quality books. 

New Pages is an online magazine for book reviews, interviews with writers, and information about publishing by writers. Every month, New Pages feature reviews of books from small presses and independent publishers as well as interviews with authors. 

New Pages is looking for reviewers of independently published books, magazines, or journals. Besides, you can review just about anything—respected literary journals and bestselling novels alike.

Lastly, New Pages is looking for compassionate people to write quick reviews for books that are listed on their site. If you have only 10 minutes to read a book, they have 10 minutes for you to write a review.

Other ways to make money with books from home 

Copy editing and proofreading jobs

A job as a proofreader or copy editor can put you to work reading and correcting everything from legal documents to magazine articles. 

Furthermore, the higher your education, the more in-demand your services are. If you have a degree in English or journalism, you are more likely to be employed by publishing companies.

Also, if you have a passion for reading, a good grasp of the English language, and an eye for detail, this work-at-home job may be perfect for you.

Become a narrator

Be an audiobook narrator and you could be the voice behind some of the world’s greatest books while earning good money. There are thousands of opportunities to record narration for audiobooks globally. 

Audio publishers can’t find enough professional narrators so they are willing to pay good money to those who are talented, experienced, and ready to work. 

Also, if you have a passion for reading or enjoy acting or entertaining, getting started as an audiobook narrator may be a great choice for you. Your voice is your talent and your career future starts now.

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Become a translator

For many important documents such as contracts with governments, there is a need for certain documents to be translated from English into other languages, and vice versa. 

Being that English is the international language of business if you are fluent in English and any other language, you can make money translating documents. You get paid per each book page that you translate.

Write book summaries and reviews

The easiest way to get started sharing your passion for books is by writing book summaries and reviews. One of the best ways to read a lot, at least for me, is to summarize what I’ve read. Not just in my head but getting it out there for the world to read.

You can also do this on an ongoing basis, whether or not you have a book published. Many aspiring authors of Kindle books will hire people to write the book summary and reviews of their books – for which they pay a price per word.

How much money can I get paid to read books?

Reviewers’ prices for book reviews have typically been between $5 and $100. A narrator with years of experience can expect to make $150 per hour or $1,300 for an eight-hour audiobook. 

Nonetheless, the amount of money you can earn depends on how many books you read and how long the book will take you to complete in hours. Not all sites are the same, some pay a higher per hour wage than others.


What kind of books will I get paid to read?

You can read just about any book that you’d download to your computer or electronic device anyway. You’ll get a mix of genres (fiction and nonfiction) from a wide range of reputable publishers. 

You will get paid to read ebooks in the following categories: self-help, business, finance and investing, biographies and memoirs, education, engineering and math, history, children’s books, science fiction, and fantasy. 

Why do people get paid to read books?

First and foremost, paid book reading websites are an excellent source of passive income. A person gets paid to read books because to others, the book can be a waste of money and time. The potential reader thinks that if they are going to spend their money and time on a book, it better be interesting. 

Paid book readers are often beneficial to book authors because it could lead to more sales of the author’s books. If these paid book readers give positive reviews of the books, then more people will be willing to purchase them.

How does get paid to read books websites work?

Get paid to read books websites offer you the chance to earn rewards, make money, or even prizes simply by reading eBooks and book summaries. Most of these websites work with partnering authors, which will pay you to read their books before the final publishing for the public. 

They offer a variety of titles, genres, and formats in addition to an opportunity for you to earn income online. These websites will also provide you with tasks you can complete to earn more and convert your points into money faster. It’s a win, win.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, reading books and reviewing them is one of the easiest ways to make money from the comfort of your home. This article has shown you the top legitimate sites where you can earn free money or almost free by reviewing or reading books.

As one of the most popular homes of online jobs, work-from-home, and side gigs, Upwork is a site you should try out among others. In addition to getting paid to read books and other interesting tasks, it offers professionals the opportunity to monetize their expertise and make money by the side.

Generally, we all want to earn money, especially online. Due to the availability of diverse options on the internet, making money online has become easier.

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Thanks for reading.