See These 10 Apps That Will Pay You to Watch Videos

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You can make money with apps that will pay you to watch videos. Despite the recent rise in popularity of watching digital content instead of watching a TV or a movie, the vast majority of people are not aware of this fact.

Digital media has taken over our lives. We watch it on trains, planes, in the car, in the shower, at restaurants… Why not get paid to watch as well? There is a new trend in mobile app development that involves viewers watching ads in exchange for rewards.

Everybody wants to make money from the comfort of their home. Do you love watching videos? Are you interested in making money from watching videos? These apps will pay you for doing what you love.

1. FusionCash

FusionCash is an app that pays you to watch videos. This one is the best for beginners. You get $5 just for signing up. In addition, FusionCash allows you to earn free cash by watching videos, trying free apps, taking fun surveys, and more. 

Gift cards, cash, and more are all available for redemption. Moreover, membership is free. Moreover, the app provides a referral program to encourage users to download it. 

Refer a friend and receive a $1 bonus when they confirm their email, $2 when they sign up for a Pay-To-Sign-Up offer, and an extra $5 for each cashout.

Quick summary

  • Signup bonus: $5
  • Other money-making options: Do surveys, refer friends, listen to music, click ads, and so on
  • Payment options: Check, PayPal, and direct bank transfer.
  • Minimum payout threshold: $25.

2. Swagbucks

Video watching on this app is one of the most lucrative ways to make money. You can earn SB points by visiting the video playlist after signing up. Users can also earn from Swagbucks by playing games, searching the web, and shopping online at more than 1,500 merchants.

You earn points for watching playlists that you can redeem for gift cards or PayPal cash. As a bonus, you can also complete surveys, test products, and use its search engine to earn more Swagbucks. 

Additionally, it offers a $10 signup bonus to draw in potential members.

Quick summary

  • Signup bonus: $10 (varies at times)
  • Other money-making tips: You can earn points when you do surveys, play games, shop online, take advantage of free trials, and more
  • Payment options: You can redeem Swagbucks points for 100 different types of gift cards or PayPal cash.
  • Minimum payout threshold: $3

3. MyPoints

Watching videos on your desktop or mobile device is one of the ways to earn cash with MyPoints. You only need to choose a playlist and watch it to earn points you can turn into gift cards, cash, or travel points.

If you do watch videos on MyPoints, note that there is a cap; you can only earn up to 500 points per day watching videos. In addition to watching ads, members also earn points when they complete surveys, take polls, play games, read emails, search the web and refer a friend.

Quick summary

  • Signup bonus: $10 when you earn your first $20
  • Other money-making options: Earn points when you shop online, take surveys, etc.
  • Payment options: You can exchange points for gift cards, travel miles, or PayPal cash.
  • Minimum payout threshold: Starts at $5 (equivalent to 700 points)

4. InboxDollars

Watching video ads on this market research panel provides an easy and convenient way to earn money.

You can watch videos and TV content on your computer or smartphone with InboxDollars. Up to 30 videos are available daily. Besides, these videos are updated each day.

The easiest way to make the most money is to combine watching videos and reading emails.

InboxDollars also offers an additional benefit – you are eligible to earn $5 bonus cash just by opening an account. It’s possible to earn up to $25 by viewing some videos, although most videos pay between 5 and 25 cents. 

Quick summary

  • Signup bonus: $5
  • Other money-making options: Play games, read emails, take surveys, fill out free-trial offers, and more
  • Payment options: Check or PayPal or you can redeem for electronic gift cards (e.g. Amazon, Target, and Walmart). Payments are made on Wednesdays.
  • Minimum payout threshold: $30

5. PrizeRebel

Let’s face it, we all like to win stuff for free. It’s a fact. And what if I told you that you could win free stuff just by watching videos, taking surveys, and doing other little tasks online? Well, get ready, because that site exists. PrizeRebel is where you can earn prizes fast and easy.

The PrizeRebel online rewards program rewards members for watching video ads, answering surveys, trying offers, and referring friends.

Since 2007, the website has paid out over $22 million to members, including many in the United States and Canada.

Quick summary

  • Signup bonus: None
  • Other money-making options: Paid online surveys, referrals, redeeming promo codes, and offers
  • Payment options: Cash out your points for PayPal money or gift cards.
  • Minimum payout threshold: Redemption starts at $2 e.g. for an Amazon gift card.

6. iRazoo

Bored? Tired of watching videos online without making money? Try iRazoo. It’s an app that rewards you for watching videos and searching the web. It’s funded by advertisers who want to reach people using the app.

On iRazoo TV, members can watch videos and share their opinions on advertisements and movie trailers for points.

You can also earn money by reading emails and completing daily goals in addition to having access to 50+ channels of video content.

By watching videos on iRazoo, you can earn points that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards. It’s worth checking iRazoo TV every day for new short films, app trailers, movie reviews, and cooking trailers since the inventory changes every day.

Quick summary

  • Sign up bonus: 100 points
  • Other money-making options: Play games and sharing your opinions
  • Payment options: Choose from a variety of popular gift cards or convert your points into cash using PayPal.
  • Minimum payout threshold: 3,000 iRazoo points equal $5.

7. Earnably

There is also an app called Earnably, which pays you to watch videos. You can earn cash or e-gift cards by watching videos and then watching advertisements on, its partner site. The ads look just like regular TV commercials, so they can easily be spotted, according to Earnably.

Earnably is a fun, engaging, and free mobile app that allows you to make money by watching short videos, playing games, doing surveys, or shopping online. It’s an innovative and immersive way of generating passive income with a choice of various rewards you can convert into cash or gift cards.

Quick summary

  • Signup bonus: None
  • Other money-making options: Pays you to play games online, take paid surveys, watch videos and refer friends
  • Payment options: PayPal, gift cards (Amazon, Domino’s, Best Buy, Whole Foods, Xbox, etc.), and wallet codes
  • Minimum payout threshold: $1

8. AdWallet

AdWallet is an app that pays you extra cash in your spare time by doing what you already do, watching videos.

Users are paid to view video ads on their phone or laptop, and video ads or a general pay-per-click on their smartphones. Users can also earn additional income for referring new members to the website. 

Earn 10% commission on any money your friends earn when you refer them for extra cash. Sadly, they allow only 3 paid referrals. With each video interaction, you can earn a minimum of $0.50 and a maximum of $3.00.

Quick summary

  • Signup bonus: $.50 after your first video
  • Other money-making options: Refer friends for even more cash to get a $1 bonus. Make money with online surveys.
  • Payment options: Mastercard Prepaid Card, eGift Cards, Donation
  • Minimum payout threshold: Cash out at a minimum of $10

9. Creation Rewards

Open your door to the world of earning with Creations Rewards. Simply watch our videos to earn points. In comparison to the other options listed here, watching videos with Creations Rewards offers relatively decent payouts. 

This site is great because they only require you to cash out with a minimum of $5. You can also earn points by redeeming the daily bonus, completing surveys, and using products and services. 

It is also possible to earn a percentage of a friend’s or family’s earnings if they refer you to them. The app allows you to easily quit and still walk away with something if you try it for a short time and don’t like it.

Quick summary

  • Signup bonus: $5
  • Other money-making options: Earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, completing small tasks, and referring friends
  • Payment options: PayPal or get paid with a gift card from popular retailers like Starbucks, Staples, Amazon, Disney Store, Michaels, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, etc.
  • Minimum payout threshold: The payout starts at 1,000 CR points. Usually, this amounts to $5.

10. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

If you’re on your computer a lot, then you probably know how much time you spend on the Internet. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is a data analytics company that provides TV ratings. 

Users are paid $50 per year to keep their panel up and running by watching anything they want online. Also, you may participate in monthly sweepstakes to increase your chances of winning. 

A total of $10,000 is given away by the company to 400 winners. It is also possible to register multiple devices to earn additional rewards, though it is unsure what the additional rewards will be.

Quick summary

  • Signup bonus: None
  • Other money-making options: They pay you is because they collect data and sell it to companies as market research
  • Payment options: Redeem points for gift cards.
  • Minimum payout threshold: $5

Bonus – Netflix tagger 

Netflix has one of the largest data sets available to learn about movies. There are few opportunities to work for Netflix as a video watcher. Netflix Taggers watch Netflix’s catalog and assign descriptive information to shows and movies. 

Instead of watching videos that will record your opinion, you are actually tagging the video to give others an idea about what the video is about. For example, how violent the movie is, the lead actors, and actresses. All this information encourages people to watch movies.

When you do this, the videos are more easily located by users looking for something specific.

You can make approximately $69,000 a year doing this job. Nonetheless, these job openings are not always available. Netflix hires only 30 people for this position. Due to the intense competition, you must be alert.

How much money can you make with apps that pay you to watch videos?

Online jobs are usually time-dependent, so your earnings will depend on your work ethic. Apps that pay you to watch videos all have their unique way of earning money. 

Several apps and websites can pay you at least $100 per month if you watch videos regularly. Your earnings will decrease if you watch videos occasionally. Earnings per hour are estimated between $2 and $5.


Can I earn a passive income with these apps?

Yes, you can earn a passive income with some of these apps, especially if they support background usage. However, most of these apps do not work like this.

Some may argue that they require daily monitoring and user interaction (many require you to press a “next” button for the next video to appear). They generate a small number of residual earnings. You will need more than one app to earn a consistent passive income. 

Nonetheless, hitting the next button on your phone shouldn’t be a problem right? So, start watching videos and get paid for it.

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Are apps that pay you to watch videos a legit way to earn money?

Apps that pay you to watch videos are legit. It is a source of extra income. You need not worry about the legitimacy of this income source since it offers fair compensation for the time you spend online.

The process is pretty simple. You choose your preferred app then you earn points for watching videos, taking surveys, opening emails, etc. Then you redeem your points via various reward options such as PayPal, Amazon gift cards, etc.

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Are there any apps that will pay you to play games too?  

Yes, some apps pay you to play games. You just have to be sure that the app qualifies for cash outs based on time or performance. The more you play the game, the more you make. 

Some of those apps are;

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When can I start making money from watching videos?  

Now is the best time to start using apps that pay you to watch videos. Most people have a smartphone and use it every day. So, leverage on this and start using it to make money. 

It is really easy to join some of them and start making money within minutes. A large number of apps are out there that offer you cashback, rewards, or prizes to watch videos. Some offer very little, while others may be more generous.

Your time is valuable and many apps pay you to watch videos.

How can I avoid GPT and survey sites scam?

GPT sites are such a huge industry, it is no wonder scammers try to get a piece of the action. These sites are not as scam-free as they are made out to be. However, there are some ways you can check to see if it is fake or not. 

The first thing you should do is read reviews to find legit websites. No reputable online survey company will charge a signup fee. Sometimes you may have to pay a small fee to join their affiliate program but it is very rare. You will usually be paid by Paypal for being successful. 

Also, if the site you are visiting sounds too good to be true, stay away immediately. Chances are, it is a scam.

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Final thoughts

So are you one of those who are always on the lookout for ways to turn your free time into a paying opportunity? Just watching videos is an easy task everybody could do with their smart devices. And for all your efforts you get paid.

Are you interested in this? With these best apps that will pay you to watch videos, you’ll never feel like you’re wasting your time again.

There are apps that pay you for doing just about anything these days, isn’t it fascinating? Internet-based money-making initiatives have greatly simplified the process for us. Are you jogging or walking to burn off some calories? 

You should not walk for free – you should get paid for your efforts. Learn about apps that will pay you to walk. Would you rather teach online? Platforms exist for that as well. Explore platforms that will pay you to teach online. 

There are many available options for making money online aside from taking surveys. In many cases, working from home on your laptop is the most convenient solution. Check out the post on simple and proven ways to make money from your laptop with no startup cost

Every day, Surveystor delivers something unique to its users. Make sure to check in daily to stay up to date on how to make money. I’m sure you’ll find something you like. 

Thank you for reading.