10 Best Surveys for Money Apps: Start Earning Instantly

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We all need money. Whether you are trying to earn some extra money for your business or just trying to get more out of your surveys, knowing what to do and how can change your fortunes completely. 

Paid surveys help us get the required amount of money for some of our finances. Thus, survey apps are quickly becoming one of the easier ways to earn money online. Although, there are hundreds of survey apps out there, picking the right ones can be difficult.

Hence, I have hand-picked the 10 best surveys for money apps. I consider these apps to be some of the best because they are legitimate and will pay you for your time. Besides, you’ll find tips on how to choose the ideal survey app. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What are surveys for money apps?

Surveys for money apps are applications that give you money for completing surveys, taking polls, or participating in other marketing research. These apps allow a person to take advantage of their spare time and make some extra cash doing it.

The majority of surveys for money apps require you to download them. Once you have downloaded the app and viewed the surveys you can earn points that can be redeemed for cash, in the form of gift cards, or other forms of currency.

1. MyPoints

MyPoints Review

The MyPoints app is an easy, fun way to earn points with your smartphone. Taking an online survey and shopping at some websites can allow participants to earn points to use on gift cards. 

Also, points that you earn can be redeemed for gifts and other prizes, such as Amazon Gift Cards. There are several different surveys available, and each one you complete earns you enough points to earn gift cards or prizes. 

With a MyPoints account, you can participate in surveys right from your own home and/or mobile device as well as check available offers 24/7 on their website. How rewarding!


  • The mobile app is awesome.
  • A simple redemption method
  • You can earn reward points through different methods.
  • A great user experience thanks to excellent features


  • Not all the surveys may be available for you.
  • Repetitive offers 

Survey options

Shopping, clipping coupons, completing surveys, watching videos

Redemption options

Travel miles, PayPal cash, or gift cards from more than 70 popular retailers.

2. Opinion Outpost

Opinion outpost

Opinion Outpost is a survey site that you can get paid to take surveys, as well as give your own opinions on certain topics. Your responses are used to create insightful community-based research for marketing firms, research organizations, opinion companies, and more.  

Opinion outpost has been around for many years and claims that they are the most generous panel when it comes to gift cards. 


  • You can join for free
  • User-friendly
  • Pays in cash
  • You can view the complete survey history.
  • Fast payment


  • It can be difficult to qualify on most surveys.
  • The number of surveys you may take per day is limited to nine.

Survey options

Completing surveys

Redemption options

PayPal cash or gift cards from top merchants like Amazon, Target, and Nike

3. Survey Junkie

survey junkie

Survey Junkie gives you money for sharing your opinions. Do this by completing surveys. Never again will you worry about receiving the right pay for your time. 

The more you complete Survey Junkie surveys, the more money you’ll earn. In addition to being one of the highest-paying surveys around, there are lots of ways to earn free points and redeem them for cash through their reward store. 

In addition to the high rewards rates, they also pay through PayPal which is nice because it’s easy to cash out and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed by a survey site that doesn’t pay.


  • Easy to use
  • Survey completion times range from 5-20 minutes
  • The average income per survey is between $1 and $3
  • Points are redeemable for cash or gift cards.


  • Some users complain about their accounts being closed without warning.
  • Must be a resident of one of the following countries: United States, UK, Canada, or Australia.

Survey options

A survey of consumers’ opinions on a variety of brands and products

Redemption options

Exchange points for cash via PayPal or gift cards

4. InboxDollars


For those who love to take surveys and give opinions for money, InboxDollar is a great place to start. If you are an active user of the internet, emails, and websites, then you will be able to do easy tasks on the site and get paid fast cash. 

Inbox Dollar is a free service that pays you to read emails. By spending just a few minutes every day reading through these messages from large companies, you will earn cash. The more invitations you claim and complete, the more money you can earn.


  • There are many options for payouts.
  • You can earn prizes by searching the web.
  • Bonus for referrals
  • You should earn money instead of points
  • Credibility and transparency
  • Signup bonus


  • A minimum cashout of $30 is required
  • The physical payout fee is $3.

Survey options

Completing surveys, playing games, reading emails, and watching videos

Redemption options

Gift cards, a prepaid Visa card, or a Tango card

5. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research image

Making money via surveys is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money. My favorite thing about Pinecone Research is that you don’t have to go through countless surveys for very little money, as other survey panels do. 

Pinecone Research is designed in such a way that you only qualify for surveys if you are considered a qualified demographic fit for their clients! Also, in my experience with them, they pay out pretty quickly after receiving your completed survey reports.


  • Sends you surveys you are eligible for, a timesaver!
  • Their payments are always on time, and they pay well.


  • The app needs to be improved and updated.
  • There are usually only 2-4 surveys available each month.
  • There is a limit to the amount of money you can earn.

Survey options

Completing surveys

Redemption options

Payments via PayPal, paper checks, credit cards, or gift cards

6. Swagbucks


This survey app has come a long way since its beginning, and it’s still one of the most popular survey apps out there. There are numerous reasons you might want to download Swagbucks Mobile, especially if you’re looking for fast, easy money

What’s more, the app itself has many seriously cool features that will easily make it one of your favorites including instant wins, surveys, deals, games, videos, shopping, and much much more. 

You can also earn gift cards for all the stores you love. Swagbucks is like getting paid just for being on your phone doing what you normally do!


  • Several ways are available to earn money.
  • $5 bonus for new customers
  • Cashback of up to 10%
  • The minimum withdrawal for gift cards is $1.


  • Videos & games have low payouts.
  • Users may not qualify for surveys in every case.
  • You may be tempted to spend money based on some offers.
  • Limited to certain countries

Survey options

Internet searching, shopping, completing surveys

Redemption options

Amazon gift cards, Walmart, Target, Visa, or PayPal cash

7. LifePoints


LifePoints is a panel allowing you to earn rewards and gift vouchers for taking surveys. It also offers a huge range of other ways to earn, including games, vouchers, and more.  

They have a huge range of surveys but not all surveys are paying, so you need to sign up and check the availability and which ones are paying before signing up.


  • A variety of redemption options
  • It is easy to know how long one survey will take and how much you will earn.
  • Multiple surveys and tasks available
  • An attractive and user-friendly design


  • It can take a while to receive rewards.
  • There is no referral system.

Survey options

Completing surveys and taking part in product testing

Redemption options

Gift cards or PayPal cash, iTunes gift card, and Starbucks e-voucher

8. Google Opinion Rewards


The Google Opinion Rewards app helps you share your voice by sending you surveys and questions to answer, in return for quick surveys. 

This means a message will sometimes appear on your screen when you are using your phone that says “Answer a quick survey and earn about $1”. 

After answering the survey, Google will gift you a $1 Play Store credit which can be used to purchase apps, movies, books, music, and more.


  • Receive a cash reward or Google Play credit for completing surveys
  • There are many different topics covered on these surveys, including opinion polls, hotel reviews, and merchant satisfaction surveys.
  • The survey process is straightforward.
  • This app is available for both Android and IOS users.


  • Only available as a mobile app
  • You can only complete 1 or 2 surveys every week.

Survey options

Opinion polls, hotel reviews, and merchant satisfaction surveys

Redemption options

Cash reward or Google Play credit

9. YouGov


One of the best money-making apps is YouGov. It is an international internet-based market research company that obtains data on behalf of its client businesses and other interested parties by running surveys.  

It’s a fast, free and fun way to give your opinion on anything – from movies, music, and brands you use, through to what time you get up, what you do at the weekends, which football team you support, or even which type of butter you prefer. 

YouGov gives you surveys that can earn you so much cash and you get paid for every single one.


  • Many different countries around the world can use it
  • You don’t have to fill out lengthy demographic surveys.
  • The referral scheme is good.


  • You need more points to cash out
  • There are certain issues with survey functionality on certain devices.
  • In comparison to other survey sites, the rewards per survey are sometimes not fair.

Survey options

Completing surveys

Redemption options


10. QuickThoughts

QuickThoughts App Review

QuickThoughts is a platform that can be used by virtually anyone. It is great for beginner survey-takers to gain rewards and great for beginners with no money at all! 

The app offers you the ability to earn rewards in exchange for your opinion on different topics. . It’s easy to use, you can quickly fill out surveys and make money doing it!


  • Paying for surveys usually ranges from $0.50 to $3.
  • Reward points never expire.
  • There are numerous surveys


  • Only gift cards are accepted, not cash.
  • There is no sign-up bonus
  • There is a daily cap on surveys.
  • The website allows you to sign up, but the app may be used for taking surveys only. 
  • There is no referral program.

Survey options

Completing surveys and completing location-dependent activities

Redemption options

Amazon and iTunes gift cards

How to choose the ideal survey app

There are several aspects to consider when looking for the best survey for money apps. It is very important to make sure that the survey app you use is the one that works for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the ideal survey app for your needs.

1. Value for money

There are many surveys for money apps available on the internet. Some of them will offer you surveys for free while some will charge you a certain amount of money for accessing their service. 

Besides, it is essential to find an app that provides good rewards in exchange for your time and efforts. It is important to find out how much money do other members get from a particular survey site before signing up for it.

2. Check user reviews

Choosing the right surveys for money apps is critical to making money online. Survey sites can come with a lot of gimmicks, and they all want you to sign up but sometimes they might not be legit so take note of what previous users have said or are saying about the app. 

This will give you a picture of the reputation of the app. If many reviewers are not satisfied with the app then it is wise not to use it. 

3. Consider payment speed

Surveys for money apps offer cash or gift cards as a reward for the survey. If you are planning to receive cash then it is vital to choose sites that give payment quickly. To be on the safe side, select an online survey site that has a reputation for good customer service and offers timely payment.

4. Multiple question types

The key to a great survey is the depth of information it provides. The ideal survey for money app will allow you to respond to each survey with a variety of methods.  

You can use more than one question type to generate as much information as necessary. Furthermore, surveys for money apps with multiple question types can be beneficial for several reasons. 

One of the most important reasons is that your survey is likely to receive higher response rates because giving feedback or input into a study that is not just a yes or no answer, will be perceived as more useful to the survey creator.

5. Features to see and analyze collected data

In addition to making money from surveys, you can now add your entries to an existing spreadsheet and keep a record of the data. 

Easily see which items have already been recorded so that you don’t double-enter any data. This alone will save you time when doing your taxes or performing other data analyses.


Why should I take online surveys?

There are many reasons to take online surveys. You can earn extra money, sometimes in a few minutes. You may qualify for free products and services. 

Also, you can share your opinions with market researchers so that they can improve products and services. And you might have fun doing it!

Learn more: How do online surveys for money work.

What do you expect to earn by taking surveys?

You can earn money by taking surveys and completing special offers. The amount you make will depend on the survey, the time you devote to it, and your commitment level. 

Some members earn as much as $50 an hour in online surveys, while others only make a few dollars a month. Usually, it takes some experimentation and persistence to figure out how to succeed in taking surveys.

Learn more: How to earn with online surveys.

How fast do survey apps pay you?

Surveys for money apps like Swagbucks pay immediately after you complete a survey, while others might take up to a week. More reputable sites will pay with PayPal, check, or direct deposit. You can also earn money by referring friends and family to take surveys too!

Is it safe to use money-making apps?

Yes. It is safe to use money-making apps. These are the online surveys for money apps you’ve already heard of, such as Survey Junkie or InboxDollars. Make sure you read their FAQs and join their forum to get advice from other members and to get help if something goes wrong.

Which topics do online surveys cover?

There are many types of online surveys available. The most common topics are related to products and services, such as household and consumer goods, or automotive products. 

But, there are surveys covering political viewpoints, food safety, store atmosphere, job applications, customer service and satisfaction, energy suppliers (gas/electricity/oil), and finance.

Ready to start using surveys for money apps?

In conclusion, as a side-hustler and digital nomad, taking surveys online is one of the most popular ways to earn money. Surveys for money apps make it easy for you to get started making extra income in your spare time from wherever you are.

Here are 10 surveys for money apps to start raking in some big bucks. These surveys for money apps are among the highest paying and give you great rewards possibilities. Besides, you now know what to be on the lookout for when choosing your ideal surveys for money apps.

Here are my recommendations; Swagbucks is the best because there are so many rewards to earn. I recommend Opinion Outposts for low payout thresholds, and the ability to quickly earn high points. 

Furthermore, if you love politics and public affairs, YouGov is the best for you. Lastly, I recommend Survey Junkie for the best value for money (you can change points for cash via PayPal).