How Paid Surveys Work: 12 Best Sites for Taking Paid Surveys

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Have you been wondering how paid surveys work? Stop looking and start taking paid online surveys. 

We all love to get money for free, but not all of us are interested in doing any kind of survey to get it. As much as we cash these checks, survey sites are often looked at as a threat to the pocket. 

However, if you know how paid surveys work and take part in them, you might like to consider participating then and profit even more. The Internet has made it possible for everyone to complete surveys online and get paid for completing them. 

There are tons of surveys available online and here are some of the best survey sites where you can earn hundreds of dollars per month.

Each online survey for money program has its own set of rules and each one will require you to do different things in order for you to qualify for a payout at the end.

The best online surveys are trusted by millions of customers and they can be incredibly profitable. But did you know that most people who don’t know how paid surveys work lose hope and quit before they ever make any real money? 

This article will show you how to avoid these common mistakes and begin making cash right away.

How do you do paid surveys?

Most people have heard of online surveys, but not everyone is clear on how they work. Often, a company needs customers’ opinions about a product, service or store. 

In order to find out what customers think about it, the company puts together a survey and distributes it via the internet. The survey might consist of few questions or a survey that asks for detailed information.

Completing online surveys can lead to free merchandise, cash, and other rewards. When you sign up for a legitimate survey site, set up an account, and practice with their free sample surveys, you’ll be ready to earn real money by giving your opinions online.

Online surveys are specially designed to be taken through the internet. They are usually free and there is no need to do them at a certain time, unlike the telephone version of taking surveys. 

Online surveys can be taken by anyone with access to a computer or laptop connected to the internet. All they need to do is go online, follow the survey link provided in the emails and answer the questions that are posted online.

Why do survey companies need me for surveys?

Survey companies are hired by clients who need you because you are part of the target population for a product or service they are developing. 

The target population is the whole group of people or households that are potential buyers of a product or service being offered, or potential users of a service. 

These companies have already developed the product or service, and now need to know what should be in it so that it meets consumer needs.

Across a range of industries, businesses rely on customer feedback to create great products, services and experiences. As a member of these surveys, you’re helping make it all possible.

Survey companies, particularly ones that conduct market research online, need the opinions of their customers to make better, more valuable products. 

It helps them improve the products they sell and further diversify their services, as well as determine which products are working well for most people and which are not. 

They try to send surveys out to all kinds of demographics to get the most information possible about what people want in the future. 

Because there are thousands of survey companies, they frequently offer work in exchange for a person’s opinion.

What happens after I take the paid survey? 

Once the online survey is submitted, participants will be asked to provide some information regarding their age, gender, ethnicity, education, and income level. 

They will also be asked what kinds of products they currently own. Participants will get a chance to see the results from other participants at the end of the survey.

You will receive an email from the survey company, asking for a confirmation that it is OK to email you. This is sent so that they can get your permission to continue to contact you asking about the products that interest you. 

You will receive 1 or 2 emails based on whether you are selected to participate in future research. Your email address will never be shared with anyone.

Do paid survey sites really pay you?

Yes, they do! There is a lot of talk on the internet these days about survey sites that pay you. Those who talk about how they can’t make money this way either haven’t tried it or else they are just unlucky. 

It’s true that online survey sites don’t pay as high as some paid to click sites but anyone can find a good legitimate one if they look hard enough at the many choices available.

Online survey sites like Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, and Survey Spot offer cash and gift vouchers for taking surveys online.

I have been a member of many, and found that each site is different. Yes, some pay in redeemable gift cards, some only pay in cash transfer from sites like PayPal, but they all share the same theme of paying you for your time.

What type of paid surveys can I take?

There are several types of online surveys available. They are generally short multiple choice surveys. There will usually be a series of questions within each survey. 

The number of questions is dependent on the length of the survey, and can be anywhere between 20 and 600 questions in total. 

These surveys do not require you to submit any personal information as most surveys are anonymous. 

One kind of survey is called an attitude, knowledge, or behavioral (AKB) survey. An AKB survey asks questions about what you think about a topic or product. 

Another kind of survey is a website audit. This type of online survey asks you to visit a website and answer questions about the site’s design.

These surveys have different levels of compensation, from cash rewards to sweepstakes and shopping trips.

What are the highest paying online surveys?

Finding the highest-paying online surveys can take some time and effort—we’ve done it for you! 

These companies pay well for your time, whether that’s by cash or gift cards. Many of these are the US only and are for adults age 18 or higher. 

All online surveys are not created equal. Some can pay as little as $1 to $5. Others can pay several hundred dollars – and some even offer cash prizes! 

It really comes down to the type of survey, and what it’s researching for. There are many factors that determine a survey’s payout. We have put together a list of the highest-paying online surveys below.

Research what they are looking for from you, and get started today!

1. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars is a survey site that offers members cash in exchange for taking surveys. After survey completion, the cash accumulates until members elect to cash out through PayPal or as a gift certificate. 

InboxDollars has a variety of surveys available, and users can choose various types of questions from video or audio-based questions to multiple-choice and pick lists.

Get paid to take short online surveys, read emails, play games, and more. Join Inbox Dollars for free and get a $5 bonus just for signing up! 

Redeem your cash for gift cards from over 220 retailers including Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Target, or PayPal cash.

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2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a free survey site that you can get paid to complete online surveys, read emails, and take surveys. You have the potential to earn $5, $10, $20, and even more for each survey, you complete.

By joining Survey Junkie you can get access to online surveys that pay you cash and send money straight to your bank account. 

Each survey is super simple and takes less than 10 minutes to complete, you can earn as much as $5 per survey. 

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3. SwagBucks

Swagbucks is an online rewards site where you earn points called SB for taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, and more. You can redeem those SB for free gift cards!

Swagbucks provides its members with the opportunity to earn rewards for doing things they love to do online. Like searching the web, shopping, watching videos, and more. Members can redeem their SwagBucks for cash by making special requests through the redemption page.

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4. LifePoints

LifePoints is a leading provider of customer and employee satisfaction surveys. Tens of thousands of leading companies in the U.S. use LifePoints to improve customer loyalty, recommendation rates, and overall business success.

LifePoints specializes in online surveys that pay well, although the survey frequency is low. However, you can redeem your points for gift cards for retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. Other products include PayPal cash and credit towards a wide variety of household items.

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5. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a trusted online survey site ( that pays you to complete online surveys and offers many ways to make money, including customer satisfaction surveys from some of the largest companies in the world like Amazon, Walmart, and more. 

It’s free to join Vindale Research and you have the potential to earn money by completing surveys, watching video trailers, or reading emails.

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6. Toluna

Toluna is one of the biggest market research communities, with over 1.5 million members worldwide. 

Join free to participate in current surveys and earn rewards like shopping vouchers, gift cards, holiday giveaways, or cash. 

It only takes a few minutes to register and start earning rewards for your opinion, and it’s free! Just click here and join Toluna now!

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7. Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say, an online survey panel offers in-depth interviews, individual feedback, and prize draws for taking surveys. This online market research company surveys thousands of people from North American and other countries around the globe.

Sign up today at Ipsos i-Say. Weekly surveys, 1 to 2.5 hours of paid online surveys a week, and unlimited overtime opportunities by simply signing up for additional online surveys. 

Ipsos is always looking for ways to keep surveys fresh and exciting. 

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8. PointClub

PointClub is a member’s only club that allows you to complete surveys for points and cash. Joining PointClub is completely free and takes less than 30 seconds. 

You can earn 1000’s points and cash by completing our quick surveys! Join PointClub, and you’ll be rewarded not only with cash rewards for taking surveys, but you’ll also be entered into sweepstakes that can win you millions of dollars in cash and prizes! 

Plus, with every survey you take, you earn points—and save money on every purchase.

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9. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost provides you with surveys that help you earn rewards for products and services you want. They have a relatively small payout threshold of 200 points, so you don’t have to wait long to receive cash via PayPal or gift cards to use at many popular retailers. 

Compared with many of its competitors, Opinion Outpost offers better quality surveys. You’ll find yourself taking surveys that focus on products and services you already use. 

That means winning bigger prizes or earning enough points to redeem for cash more often than other online survey sites.

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10. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy features the highest paying online surveys, plus a variety of other online survey opportunities.

They produce high-quality, low surveys. You get paid fast. Aside from the rewards they pay better than other sites in the market, you can take surveys from home and on the go with their app. 

They have many survey opportunities available daily, they also carry product testing, focus group, and mobile surveys.

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11. Maru Springboard America

Maru Springboard America is a new online survey panel looking for frequent travelers to participate in short, up to 10-minute surveys. 

All responses are worth points and members can redeem points for airline miles and hotel stays with over 500 airlines and 5000 hotels worldwide. The highest ratings will receive gift cards and other prizes.

Maru Springboard has a program that will allow you to earn what many consider an unlimited income, limited only by the amount of time and energy that you are willing to devote to your work. 

The Maru Springboard program is based on a simple concept. You complete a survey and receive a reward.

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12. ProOpinion

ProOpinion is a popular online survey website that pays cash for surveys. It is one of the highest paying for the USA and worldwide respondents. The best part of using this site is that it shows all the survey panels/companies that pay per survey in each category (men, women, age and gender, income groups).

Whether you’re looking for cash or points, ProOpinion has some of the highest-paying surveys. 

ProOpinion offers you the ability to take surveys on the go and earn money online.

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Can 14 year old’s participate in online surveys?

Yes, you can be 14 years or old and participate in online surveys. But are not all surveys on the internet for 14-year-olds? No, there are some surveys that are only for adults.

Do online surveys pay cash?

Yes. Online surveys can pay cash. You have to earn a certain amount of points before you can redeem your points for cash, but most online survey panels will pay you in the form of cash or gift cards.

For most online surveys, you’ll receive a cash reward. However, keep in mind that not all surveys pay cash. Many surveys pay points that you can redeem for gift cards and other rewards.

Does online survey for money really work?

Yes, surveys for money are the best way to make some quick cash in your spare time. Not only do they pay quickly, but there are lots of companies who want to get feedback on their products. 

The key is being a member of as many survey sites as possible and using those links. That way you will maximize your chance of surveys coming your way, and earn more money!

Is doing online surveys for money safe?

Yes, it is a totally safe way to make money online. The reason it is 100% secure to take online surveys for money is that you will get paid in cash via PayPal or check in the mail. (Some companies also offer gift cards).


I hope you can now understand how paid surveys work. I personally recommend survey junkie because the highest paying surveys on Survey Junkie offer $25.00 per survey. But you must be invited to these surveys. 

Most members who receive invitations complete these surveys and earn $25.00 or more from each.  

For example, in an average month, fewer than 1% of Survey Junkie users surveyed say they earn $250+. 

Thus, it’s possible for the most active members to potentially earn hundreds of dollars per month or more than that with very little effort.