Best Time To Do Paid Surveys: Make Money For Taking Surveys

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Doing paid surveys online is a source of extra income for many people without requiring any special education or skills.

Nowadays, many people are depending on paid survey sites to generate an income. For this reason, information about paid surveys is being spread like wildfire all over the net.

Time is money. Everyone wants to know when the best time is to do surveys. And this isn’t just specific to paid surveys…this is for any type of survey.

I am always asked by my readers what time of day is the most productive to take online surveys. Since there are free survey websites out there that pay pretty well and even guarantee you money for completing them. Many feel like time isn’t a factor. 

However, there are times when you can really boost your income by taking more surveys during these certain times. For example, if it’s a weekday afternoon or evening, you’ll want to try before 8:00 P.M. or after 3:00 A.M.

Does it matter what time you do paid surveys?

There has been a lot of debate over the years among survey takers about the best time to do surveys.

Whether it’s on Sunday or Saturday, it doesn’t matter what time you do surveys. If you want to make money online from home, it really doesn’t matter what day of the week you do them. 

The secret is to find a niche and stick with it until you are consistently making money. If you can do that, there is plenty of time for other projects on weekends and evenings.

What weekdays are the best to do paid surveys?

If you just want to do paid surveys, Monday and Tuesday are always best. Why? The reason Monday and Tuesday is the best day to do paid surveys is that companies will have plenty of survey invitations left for those days. 

Survey take-up rates are much lower than Wednesday and Thursday. Surveys sent out on those days already have too many responses), resulting in less money.

The high volume of people taking paid surveys online each day helps some paid survey panels reach their quotas faster. This also speeds up how long it takes for others to complete their surveys in a short amount of time.

However, the times are different for each website, so always read the instructions on the invitation email.

Are there reasons where you can’t find so many surveys?

There are many reasons where you can’t find so many surveys.

Firstly, there is a limited number of providers that allow surveys at all, so you won’t find any surveys for some providers. 

Secondly, there are frequently quite long waiting lists for the better-paying panels. So, even if you sign up there may be a long wait before you are approved and allowed to take surveys.

Thirdly, some panels only allow people to take up to a certain number of surveys during specified time periods.

Many panels tend to use incentives like gift cards or product samples to attract new users so you would need to wait for them to hold surveys for that. 

Another reason is that usually, this happens when you don’t meet the quota to get the surveys. Or your location is not in a place where they have a lot of surveys.

Does it depend on the survey site?

The best time to take surveys will depend on your own schedule as well as the type of survey you are taking.

Some sites will allow you to take paid surveys whenever you want and require. Only a quick 10-minute survey or two here and there to earn enough points for a pay-out. 

If you are looking to make several hundred dollars a month, this is not going to work for you. You will need to be dedicated and set aside many hours of your time.

However, the best way to make the most of your precious pennies is to maximize the number of surveys that you qualify for. And then of course make sure that you’re applying when these opportunities are available.

What if you only have time to do surveys on weekends?

Some people are not able to take advantage of weekday survey opportunities because they are busy during the day working a full-time job. Or perhaps they are college students who attend classes Monday through Friday.

You can still make money from home with flexible job listings that you can complete on your own schedule. This includes when you are out and about enjoying the weekend.

There are always new surveys ready to be taken, so even if you miss a week of work, you can fill the gap in your income by taking easy paid surveys online on weekends.

Where can I find paid surveys?

There are a huge number of places that offer paid surveys, and it’s important to make sure you choose sites that are both genuine and credible.

This page is all about picking out some of the top survey providers for finding these opportunities.

Here is a list of the best places to find paid surveys:

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the world’s largest online survey community, and best of all it’s free. Its members share their opinions on product ideas, trends, and brands for some of the biggest brands including P&G, Nestle, Unilever, and many more.

Signing up at Survey Junkie will allow you to earn points that can be redeemed for cash in the form of handy PayPal payments, or for gift certificates for Unlike some online survey companies, this one does not require you to pay an upfront fee to join. 

Plus, new members get $5 just for signing up through the link above. Plus, you can complete surveys from home, or while you’re out in the field and if need be, they’ll even mail a check to your home!

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a totally free cash rewards program. It’s the easiest and fastest way to win cash on the internet, and it’s fun!

InboxDollars is one of the more well-known paid surveys sites. InboxDollars offers a cash reward for taking their surveys. The surveys pay between $0.50 and $1.25 and you get between 100 and 500 in your inbox daily (remember to check this daily).

Your total survey amount will vary with the length of each survey, with longer surveys paying more than shorter surveys.

InboxDollars offers users the opportunity to earn real cash and rewards for sharing their opinions online. InboxDollars has more than 3 million members from all around the world.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the world’s largest free online marketplace that pays you for doing things online already.

It searches millions of pages a day for offers from thousands of companies, then sends you the best deals to use at your favorite stores! 

In addition, Swagbucks will pay you to sign up for notifications and redemption opportunities from its network’s top retailers, while shopping at the same time. 

Accepted offers range from gift cards and sweepstakes to swag codes so you can try free products.

4. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is an online survey panel that delivers surveys to your computer 3 times a week, by email. Surveys take between 10 and 45 minutes to complete, and in exchange, you will earn points called Pinecone Dollars. 

You can redeem the points for cash or gift cards! Each survey you complete will increase your chances of being selected for more surveys.

They are always looking for customers to provide their opinions on different products and markets. They do have limited survey opportunities so make sure you register when they are available.

5. MyPoints

MyPoints is the web’s #1 loyalty and rewards program for shopping, search and social. Built on the foundation of fair-trade, they connect millions of consumers with thousands of retailers through their network of leading national brands. 

They leverage their connections with retailers to give you access to their most exciting offers – transparently, securely, and privately.

When you register for, you will complete short profile surveys regarding your household demographics and interests. 

Once your account is activated, you will receive personalized opportunities to earn bonus points which can be redeemed for entry into prize drawings or sweepstakes. 

You will also begin receiving survey invitations on topics such as employment and demographic topics, travel, consumer goods, health, and energy efficiency. 

6. Toluna

Toluna is one of the largest survey companies in the world, with operations in more than 12 countries. Offering free surveys and paid surveys to consumers, businesses, and government agencies across the globe. 

To date, Toluna has had a presence in over 100 countries and has over 18 million members who have completed more than 1 billion surveys since its launch.

One of the things that make Toluna unique is that it hires members from every continent and operates in 15 languages.

Toluna has an excellent database of surveys that pay you for your opinion. Surveys are sent to you by email or through the Toluna portal page.

Toluna’s brand of surveys is rewards-based, where rewards are delivered via vouchers earned by completing the surveys. A survey’s award value is $0.10 to $0.10.

Payments are via PayPal and you must have/create a free PayPal account, or sign-up for one if you don’t already have one.

7. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the best-known survey sites. They have a $50 minimum and are available in the United States, Canada, and several other countries. 

Opinion Outpost has a great user interface with lots of details and tracking on where your points are coming from. 

You can sign up for free with them and after signing up they will send you an email asking for some demographic information (age, income, zip code/state of residence) without having to play the first survey. 

With this survey completed, you can expect to receive 8-12 emails per week from them to complete surveys.

8. Branded Surveys

Sign up for Branded Surveys to take part in market research projects, testing new products from everyday brands and businesses. As a member of Branded Surveys, you will be sent multiple surveys every week inviting you to have your say on things like food products, drinks, TV shows, and more! 

It’s quick and easy to sign up and you can join straight away. You can even join with Facebook!


How does paid survey work?

Paid surveys work in a similar way to online shopping. When using a paid survey site, you are asked questions on various topics, which could range from what products or services you use, to what your opinion on a particular subject is. 

You will then be paid for your time and input, usually through a consistent, guaranteed payment in the form of points. These points can later be redeemed or exchanged for money.

How long do paid surveys take?

Paid surveys can vary in time commitment, but you can expect to spend between 15-30 minutes for most. Registration and demographic questionnaires require about 5 minutes to complete.

How much can you earn with paid surveys?

There is no one true answer. If you sign up to 20-25 paid survey sites and are eligible for all of them, you can earn $50 – $75 per month, depending on how many optional surveys (higher payout) you do. That’s $600 – $1500 per year!

Can anybody get paid to do surveys?

Yes. In fact, it’s safe to say that many of the people reading this post have probably been paid to take surveys already using in-app rewards, gift cards, or money. 

There are also lots of people who have never been paid to take surveys but are happy to do them in exchange for rewards like cash, prizes, or simply the joy of giving their opinions.


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