Vindale Research Review: Does It Really Pay or Just Another Scam?

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If you like to share your opinion, Vindale Research is a premier market research company that pays you for giving your opinion, taking paid offers, and referring others to the platform.

It is one of the leading online market research panels in the world with many partners, including the Fortune 500, using its services to discover what their customers really think about them.

To help you decide whether Vindale Research is worth your time in this in-depth review, I will discuss how the survey platform works, how to join, and how much you can make.

Quick Review

What makes Vindale Research shine?

  • Free to join
  • Signup bonus
  • Offer several ways to earn
  • Site is user-friendly
  • Surveys give really high rewards
  • Processes payments within 24 hours

Detailed Review

What Is Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a legitimate market research company that pays you for completing surveys.

You’ll see plenty of testimonials on their website from genuine people who have made money by doing surveys or completing other simple activities.

Furthermore, the BBB has given them an A+ rating, indicating that they are trustworthy.

Since its inception in 2005, Vindale has expanded from the USA to Australia, UK, and Canada.

It is a well-known survey panel that pays pretty well for completed surveys. If you have a lot of free time on your hands and plan to spend it on your computer, it could be worth signing up for Vindale’s surveys to earn yourself some extra money.

How Does Vindale Research Work?

Brands, companies, and businesses that want to know what their customers are thinking employ Vindale Research. They serve as a link between members and marketers.

Customers’ opinions about various products and services, in general, are known thanks to Vindale Research, and many firms use this data and feedback to enhance their product development and marketing tactics.

Consumers are compensated for offering their honest thoughts, and brands utilize surveys to learn more about their desires, needs, and habits.

Vindale Research collaborates with major brands such as Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and others who need feedback from their customers. The survey site has given out almost $8 million to customers as of date.

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Who Can Join Vindale Research?

To participate in Vindale Research, you must be at least 18 years old. Unfortunately, only users from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are eligible to join, so if you reside somewhere else, you’re out of luck.

Vindale Research’s registration process is simple and quick. It’s very much the same as creating an account on any other website. You will be required to create a password after providing an email address and a few basic personal data.

After you’ve created an account, you’ll be asked to complete a brief profile survey. This poll inquires about your earnings, employment, and level of education.

If this appears to be a lot of personal information for a survey website, don’t be concerned. These are crucial questions for companies who rely on Vindale Research to understand consumer behavior.

Vindale is one of the few survey sites that permits several household members to participate. All you’ll need is a PayPal account and a phone number. Therefore, you are welcome to join even if other members of your family are already members.

Joining the site is completely free. On Vindale Research’s website, you will never be asked to pay a price for anything. Any survey site that asks for money to enroll is almost always a fraud.

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How Much Can You Possibly Earn On Vindale Research?

The amount of money you may make from surveys is determined by the length of the survey and the number of people who are eligible to participate. For each survey, you complete, expect to earn anything from $0.25 to $50.

Most businesses want to hear from customers in specific demographics, such as parents with children or individuals with a college diploma. This is because businesses want to sell to these demographics.

Companies often ask you a few basic questions to make sure you’re the type of customer they’re searching for.

You will not be paid if you do not qualify for a survey after answering the preliminary questions.

If you respond too fast to a survey, you may be rejected. This tells the system that you’re not paying attention to the survey questions or replies. That implies if you want to get compensated, you must take your time and respond honestly.

There are various types of surveys to choose from, and each one takes a different length of time. Some surveys might take up to an hour to complete, while others just take a few minutes.

Installing the Vindale Research browser extension will ensure you earn money quickly. With the browser extension, you will be the first to be notified when a survey is available. The number of spots in each survey is limited, so you need to get notified quickly.

How Does Vindale Research Pay Its Members?

Before choosing whether or not a survey site is suitable for you, you must first understand how you will be compensated.

Once you finish a survey, the money will be sent into your Vindale account. You can request a payment whenever your account exceeds the $50 payout threshold.

To withdraw your money, you must have a working PayPal account. Many people like sites that pay with PayPal since it is such a simple and quick way to receive your incentives in cash.

However, as compared to most other survey sites, Vindale’s payment threshold is quite high.

This implies that if you just complete the low-paying surveys, it may take a long time before you meet the payout level to cash out.

Vindale, on the other hand, offers higher-paying surveys than most other survey sites, making it simpler to achieve the threshold and providing greater value for your time spent on these polls than most other sites.

However, getting one of these high-paying surveys requires a lot of chance, so don’t depend on it.

How Can You Make Money On Vindale Research?

1. Paid Surveys

Vindale Research is notable for its paid surveys. The platform provides a good number of surveys to choose from.

All you need to know is that Vindale offers both individual Vindale surveys and surveys through partner websites. This means that finding surveys that you are eligible for might take some time.

The benefits you receive for taking surveys vary greatly. They feature surveys that pay quite much as well as surveys that pay around the same as most other sites.

However, the bulk of surveys pay between $0.50 and $1, so the greatest prize isn’t something you’ll see very frequently.

Furthermore, there is no assurance that you will be offered or qualify for the best-paid surveys. However, if you do get the opportunity to take any of these, you might earn a lot of money.

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2. Referral Program

You’ll receive a referral link when you sign up with Vindale Research, which you can share through email or social media platforms.

You’ll get $5 if a friend joins through your link and earns their first dollar.

This is the easiest way to get some additional money if you have friends and relatives who would be interested in joining Vindale and earning a little extra cash by giving their opinion.

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3. Bonus cash

Vindale Research provides a few bonuses that might help you make some quick cash.

First and foremost, simply registering and confirming your email will get you a $1 bonus. To receive this joining incentive, you must first complete an introductory tutorial.

You will also be offered other panels as part of this introduction tutorial as they are paid to do so.

The practice of survey sites promoting other panels to earn commissions from it might seem strange to you – especially since not every panel they recommend is worth the commission.

You have nothing to fear about as all other survey panels that Vindale promotes are legitimate sites that will pay you for taking surveys.

Vindale reward codes and bonus opportunities may also be found on their blog and Facebook page regularly. Sometimes it’s free bonus cash and other times it’s a chance to win money in a contest.

If you decide to join, it may be worthwhile to keep an eye out for these codes.

4. Vindale Reward Mail

You may sign up for Vindale Reward Mail once you’ve become a member.

These are emails that you get from time to time (basically a newsletter). You will then be rewarded for opening and reading these emails, as well as seeing the promotional offers contained inside them.

You may earn up to $0.10 for each email simply by opening and reading them.

So, if you don’t mind receiving emails from Vindale with promotional offers, you may earn a little extra money this way.

5. Watch Videos

On Vindale Research, you can purportedly make money by viewing short videos. Since video surveys only pay up to $0.25, you may not make quite as much, but it’s a simple task.

As a result, it is not the most efficient way to earn money. However, if you’re interested in watching some of the videos, it’s possible to earn some money while doing so.

If your primary reason for joining Vindale is to make as much money as possible, your time would be better spent doing surveys, which is the primary way to earn money on Vindale.

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6. Panel Offers

On rare occasions, you’ll be invited to join a panel on a third-party website. These are essentially surveys that need you to register on a different website to offer feedback to businesses.

You may make a lot of money by participating in several panel offerings. You may enter to win $20,000 if you join the National Consumer Panel, for example.

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  • Free to join
  • Offer several ways to earn
  • The site is user-friendly
  • Surveys give really high rewards
  • Processes payments within 24 hours


  • The high paying surveys fill up quickly
  • Very high payout threshold


There are many other survey platforms like Vindale Research that lets you take surveys and perform various research tasks to make money in your spare time. These sites include:


What is the benefit of the Vindale Research extension for Chrome browsers?

If you install this extension, you will be kept up to date on your earnings as well as be notified when new Vindale Research surveys are available.

The sooner you sign up for the higher-paying surveys, the better your chances of getting a place. They tend to fill up quickly, so taking advantage of the chance to see them as soon as they are placed in your browser is a wonderful idea.

Can I fill Vindale Research surveys on mobile app?

Although Vindale Research does not have a mobile app, its website is mobile-friendly. Completing surveys on your phone should be a breeze.

What can I expect from the Vindale Research jobs center?

You can check out the jobs section on Vindale Research if you’re searching for something more long-term or full-time. You might see a job opportunity in your local area.

While many of the users aren’t searching for a full-time job, some of the positions listed pay handsomely. Averagely, with a salary starting at $15 per hour, it’s a good place to start if you’re looking for work.

What are Vindale Research surveys about?

The surveys include a range of topics, including new technology, popular restaurants, home improvement, fashion, beauty, health, shopping, and more. Vindale Research studies have something for everyone.


Overall, Vindale Research is a legitimate company offering web-based survey opportunities for people who have some spare time on their hands.

The average user earns around $35 per month. Given that all you have to do is complete a few surveys, it’s not a bad deal, but it won’t make you wealthy.

If you’re looking for a way to earn more money, I recommend you join more reliable survey panels that pay even more than Vindale Research.

Here is the list of the Best Paid Survey Panels you can choose from.

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Ready To Join Vindale Research?

To join Vindale Research, simply click on the link below. After you choose your country, you will be taken to a sign-up page where you will be able to easily sign up with an email address or with a social media account.