How To Qualify For More Paid Surveys: Get More Money For Your Opinion

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The trick to making money from online surveys is to qualify for more paid surveys. 

Signing up with a reputable paid survey site is an excellent way to earn a little extra cash. However, it’s not enough just to sign up for these sites – it’s equally important to know how to get as much money as possible by qualifying for more surveys.

There are many reasons why you might not always qualify for most surveys. You might have the wrong demographic, forgot to do a certain task, or because you’re a bit late to the party.

To get around some of these problems, in this post, you will learn some proven tips that you can use to increase your chance of qualifying for more online paid surveys.

What Are Survey Sites?

Survey sites, also known as survey panels, are online groups of people who agree to share their opinion on a topic in exchange for rewards. They are referred to as online research platforms where members can earn money by filling out surveys.

Surveys have been an effective way of collecting data for researchers, marketers, companies, organizations, and businesses for a very long time.

Online survey sites are of great importance to businesses in particular as they collect data and information from potential consumers. They need accurate survey results to improve or develop new products.

Each survey site has unique features and benefits, but generally, the same types of rewards can be earned, including traditional gift cards, cash via PayPal or direct bank deposit, sweepstakes entries, and coupons for online stores.

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Are Survey sites Scams?

Let’s be honest, when you are looking to make some extra money, it is hard to find something that actually pays.

There are scammers in the industry as well who prey on unsuspecting internet users to rob them of their time by promising a payout and then disappear into thin air without paying.

However, the fact is there are hundreds of legitimate survey sites which will pay you for your time and effort spent taking surveys.

So, NO, some survey sites like Pinecone Research, ySense, Nielsen Mobile Panel, Ipsos i-Say, Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, etc. are legitimate, reliable, and pay you pretty well for your time.

The great thing is that all survey sites you will come across on are legit. They’ve been tested and proven to be paying, so you don’t have to worry about being cheated.

All you have to do is go through their review and decide if they’re worth your time. There are more than enough legit survey sites for everyone on

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Is Earning Money From Survey Site Legitimate?

Yes, it is perfectly legal, especially if you are a member of a site that has been operating for a long time and has a huge database of users. However, before you join, ensure you verify the site is legitimate. You’ll be surprised at how many sites are willing to pay you and how simple it is to get started.

Pay per survey in the industry is something done regularly. The only difference is that the rate of pay will vary for each survey.

There’s no harm in signing up with more than one website because you won’t get to do the same survey twice. They’ll have a different variation on each so it will be a little more money in your pocket in the end. Also, this will help you to qualify for more paid surveys.

Why Do I Not Qualify For Surveys?

Signing up for a survey site and learning that you are not eligible for most or any of the surveys is extremely frustrating. What are the possible reasons you may not qualify for surveys on a particular survey site?

1. You do not fit the demographic

One of the most common reasons you are not qualified for a survey is because you do not fit the target demographic.

What does demographic data have to do with whether you qualify for a specific survey or not? The answer is everything.

Demographic data is the foundation of every market research study. Businesses want to know who they are targeting, and your demographic identity helps them determine what people will actually respond to their studies.

Surveys have a narrow focus. Conducting them takes time, money, and effort. Surveys are for people who fit the demographic – age, gender, income level, etc. Fit that demographic and you will get to qualify for more paid surveys.

2. You fail the prequalifying screening

The prequalification filter is the most common reason why some online survey takers don’t qualify for surveys.

Most surveys require you to meet certain criteria before you can take them, such as being female and over a certain age or answering a series of demographic questions. Failure to prequalify is the main reason people are told: “Sorry, You’re Not Eligible For This Survey”.

This happens because either the prequalifying questions are too hard to answer honestly, or they are questions that you do not know how to answer… or both.

For many survey sites, prequalification is the first page of the survey that asks you if you use certain products, services, or frequent certain stores.

3. No surveys available in your country

If you’re wondering why there are no surveys in your country, or why you haven’t qualified for a survey, it’s because the survey was only open to people in a particular country.

Surveys are a great way to earn extra money but to qualify, you need to live in a country where they are being offered.

If you don’t have any surveys to do, you should just wait until you do have surveys available in your country or join another site that has surveys available in your country.

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4. You have not been invited to take a survey

Many survey panels only invite a small percentage of the general users to participate. This is why you might get disqualified for taking a survey.

However, most survey panels try to reach as many people as possible and qualify them based on criteria such as age, gender, education, professional background, etc.

If you haven’t been invited to participate in surveys, that doesn’t mean you haven’t provided the right information on your profile. At that time, your contribution may not apply to the available survey.

5. You are using a VPN or Adblocker

The problem that is impeding you from qualifying for more paid surveys maybe your connection to the internet.

You cannot use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to complete surveys unless of course, the platform allows VPN connections.

Some surveyors will allow a few specific VPN services, but they generally prefer non-VPN connections.

In addition, using a VPN or AdBlocker interferes with the surveys and offers you receive in other manners as well.

How Can I Qualify For More Surveys?

Now that we’ve discussed what may be causing your disqualification from paid surveys, let’s see how you can get around these issues, so you can begin to qualify for more paid surveys.

1. Sign up with the right survey sites for YOU

Signing up with the right survey sites can mean a big boost to your chances of qualifying for more paid surveys.

During your search for legitimate survey sites, you will undoubtedly find hundreds of options. Some will be more suitable than others, depending on what you value most in your online experience. You need to make sure that you sign up with the right ones.

That a survey site is legitimate doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Looking at the requirements for each site and signing up for the ones that sound the most relevant to you is a component of discovering the perfect sites. Sign up for a few of them and then put them to the test.

You’ll rapidly find out which ones provide you with the finest opportunities. If you don’t know which sites are good to join, you may easily waste a lot of time testing sites that don’t even provide actual opportunities in your country.

To help you, here are the Best Survey Panels you can choose from. They are all legit.

2. Fill out your profile appropriately & keep it up-to-date

If you want to qualify for more paid surveys, be sure to complete your profiles appropriately where applicable.

The information in your profiles is invaluable to survey companies. This helps them provide you with surveys that are more tailored to your specific needs and wants.

Incomplete information can lead to poor targeting of surveys or missing out on surveys altogether. A complete profile will increase the likelihood that you qualify for more surveys and also help ensure that you receive invitations to selected Focus Groups.

Also, members with out-of-date profile information won’t qualify for many survey opportunities. It only takes a few minutes to update your information. I encourage you to do this regularly.

3. Join sites that doesn’t disqualify members

Some survey sites never disqualify you from taking surveys, but you’ll probably have to spend more time filling up your profile, and you’ll get fewer surveys than on other sites.

If you want long-term access to market-leading paid surveys and a chance at cash prizes, survey sites such as PaidViewPoint are vital. This site never disqualifies and you are given the option of taking part in several different surveys.

When you participate often in surveys on such sites, you will get to qualify for more paid surveys.

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4. Disable your ad-blocker

As said earlier, ad-blockers make it difficult for paid survey websites to follow your responses and can interfere with features like animation. If you use one while trying to complete surveys, certain panels may reject you.

If you’re worried about cookie tracking, etc., try doing surveys in a private window (or incognito mode) with your adblocker turned off. Using ad-blockers won’t let you qualify for more paid surveys.

5. Avoid using a VPN

Paid survey websites offer rewards to members who make the most successful surveys. If a survey website finds out that you’re using a VPN or proxy, they will not pay you for your work because there is nothing verifiable about it.

When you register for any survey site, make sure to answer “no” to this question: Do you have a VPN or proxy? Some will match whatever your IP address is, so if you use a VPN or proxy to login and join the survey site you may never qualify for any survey.

So what happens if you choose a VPN that has good security and privacy gives you an IP address in another country? Well, they will probably ban you. You lose your entire earnings.

Absolutely no VPNs are allowed in paid surveys.

6. Take surveys as soon as possible

Taking surveys as soon as they become available can help you qualify for more paid surveys.

Research has shown that if there is a short period of time between when a survey becomes available, and you take it, you will get out of the qualification stage faster than those who do not act quickly.

The longer you spend answering surveys, the more likely you are to qualify for higher-paying ones. That’s why it pays to be quick. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can answer surveys that way rather than through email or on your computer.

If your chosen survey websites offer notification options, take advantage of them so you don’t miss any other survey opportunities.

Try to take surveys right around the same time of day. If you cannot do this then try and at least keep the same days of the week consistent.

What Are The Best Survey Sites That Pays Well?

These days, there are tons of survey sites popping up on the Internet. The key to making money from them though is not just about joining them; it’s about giving your opinion and getting paid for it.

Here at Surveystor, we try our best to provide our readers with quality and up-to-date information regarding surveys that will help them earn money online.  

If you’re looking for real online surveys that can earn you a substantial side income in your spare time then check out these survey sites below:


How much money can I expect to make on paid online surveys?

The average survey compensation is $0.50 to $1.50, which means you can expect to make somewhere between $10 and $300 per month completing paid surveys alone. The average earnings per hour are $1 – $3 per hour.

Overall, the amount will depend on how many surveys you choose to take, as well as your level of commitment. This is why you must qualify for more paid surveys.

What kind of surveys can I expect on survey sites?

Most reputable survey sites offer surveys in all categories, including consumer goods, finance, automotive, travel and leisure, online shopping/retail, entertainment and media, lifestyle, and opinion polls. With some sites, you can even choose the topic of your surveys.

You can expect to answer questions differently than the typical ‘yes or no’ type of questions. While some sites allow open-ended responses in the form of paragraphs or few sentences, other sites allow only predefined answers for you to select from.

Will I be required to pay any fees?

No, You should never have to pay money to sign up. Most paid survey sites do not require you to pay any fees to sign up and that is a big plus. Of course, this varies from site to site, so ensure you read the terms and conditions of a survey site before you join.

All survey sites reviewed on Surveystor are paying sites that are legit and don’t require any payments or fees.

What happens if I don’t qualify for a survey?

No problem. If you don’t qualify for a survey, depending on the survey site, you can be redirected to another available survey that you do qualify for.

Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, there’s still a chance to earn rewards on some survey sites while others like Univox Community pay their member when they’re disqualified from a survey.


Online paid surveys can be a great way to earn money online. The first thing to remember is that they are not a big money-making opportunity. In fact, you shouldn’t sign up with them expecting to make a fortune.

However, it is quite a decent and legit opportunity to supplement your income. You get to make some money online while also helping businesses, organizations and marketers make informed critical decisions.

Remember that signing up with the perfect survey sites is the most essential factor in getting qualified for more surveys.

You can always browse through Surveystor’s survey sites review archive to see sites that are suitable for you.

I hope this post has given you a better understanding of how to qualify for more paid surveys. Thanks for reading