Points For Surveys Review: Save Money On Flight Tickets

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Points For Surveys is a legitimate survey site that offers you a chance to take surveys in exchange for points, which can be redeemed for flight tickets.

What makes the survey site stand out is the unique feature that it offers. Who doesn’t like free flight tickets?

If you are interested in signing up for this site then do read this review to find out more.

In this in-depth review, I will discuss how this unique survey site works, what it offers, how to join, how much you can make, its pros and cons. This will help you decide whether it is worth your time.

Quick Review

What makes Points For Surveys shine?

  • Registration is free
  • Easy to join
  • $14.80 sign up bonus
  • Survey invites frequency is quite high
  • Get a free flight ticket

Detailed Review

What is Points For Surveys & How Does It Work?

Points for Surveys is a survey community designed specifically for users of JetBlue Airways’ TrueBlue frequent flyer program.

It’s important to note that Points for Surveys is not a stand-alone survey site. It’s part of a broader market research system operated by Dynata, formerly known as Survey Sampling International, a multinational survey firm.

This firm is responsible for a number of survey panels, like Opinion Outpost, to name just one.

It’s is a survey website that allows you to participate in online surveys in return for TrueBlue points. The earned TrueBlue points will be deposited into your TrueBlue Program account once you complete a survey. Most of the surveys generally take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

It is indeed an opportunity to begin accumulating points toward that your dream flight.

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Who Can Join Points For Surveys?

The first thing you must know about Points For Surveys is that the site is not for everyone. As said earlier, it’s a survey site designed exclusively for TrueBlue members. If you’re unfamiliar with the TrueBlue program, it’s the airline JetBlue Airways’ frequent flyer program.

So, if you’re not a TrueBlue member, I’m sorry to disappoint you, Points For Survey is not for you.

However, the great thing is that you can easily join TrueBlue if you so much desire to take advantage of the amazing opportunities the site offers. Becoming a member of the TrueBlue program is completely free.

You will have to submit your TrueBlue number before you can be accepted into the Points For Surveys panel. Without it, there’s no way around becoming a member of the survey site.

Additionally, you must also be a resident of the United States to sign up with the survey platform.

Therefore, to sign up with Points For Surveys, you have to be a USA resident and also a member of the TrueBlue program.

Interestingly, as soon as you become a member of the survey sites, you get 400 ($14.80) points as a welcome bonus.

Also, it’s good to know unlike some survey sites, TrueBlue points don’t expire no matter how long you leave them in your TrueBlue account.

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How Much Can You Possibly Earn On Points For Surveys?

Well, it is clear you won’t be able to make any money from Points For Surveys if you’re talking about actual money.

However, if you are a TrueBlue member (or decide to become one), you will be able to earn a significant sum since it will help you save money on your next flight.

As with every other survey site, you should know this will largely depend on the number of surveys you’re able to complete on the site. You will also have to consider the number of points you’re paid for each of the surveys.

The platform provides surveys on a regular basis, Which I believe is a really good thing. This, at the very least, assures that you will be able to accumulate points on a consistent basis.

Unfortunately, there is no information on their website concerning the typical number of points you receive for completing a survey.

It is a reliable survey site since you probably get to take surveys almost every day, which contributes significantly to the earning potential.

If you keep doing surveys, you’ll ultimately be able to accumulate enough points to either book a ticket for free or drastically lower the cost of your next journey.

How Does Points For Surveys Pay Its Members?

Since it is specifically for certain people, Points For Surveys is extremely distinctive.

I’m sure you know by now that when you finish a survey, you’ll receive points. The points you earn will be credited to your TrueBlue account rather than your Points For Surveys account.

You can then choose to utilize the points you’ve earned to book flights or other benefits available via TrueBlue.

Overall, being a TrueBlue member comes with a lot of benefits, including the ability to earn points without needing to book a flight.

However, if you’re searching for survey sites that will pay you money even if you’re not a member of another program, I recommend looking at the best survey sites like Swagbucks that pay via PayPal.

You can easily withdraw your money from Swagbucks without any issue or transaction fee.

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How Can You Make Money On Points For Surveys?

Being a survey site targeted only at TrueBlue members, the only earning opportunity on Points For Surveys is by taking surveys.

The site conduct paid surveys to assist businesses, companies, and organizations in improving their goods and services.

You will get compensated for each survey you complete in exchange for a few minutes of your time.

As soon as you sign up, you can see all the available surveys right on their member dashboard. In addition, they also send out invitations as emails whenever there are new surveys available.

Points For Surveys employs a pre-qualifying procedure in which they ask you a series of questions to see if you fit the demographic that the survey is aimed at.

After you are deemed qualified for the survey, you will then get to complete the actual survey. The good thing about this process is you won’t have to spend your time answering surveys you won’t receive any rewards for.

That’s because you’ll know straight immediately whether or not you’re eligible. This will save you time and allow you to go on to the next available survey.

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  • Free to join
  • Easy to join
  • $14.80 sign up bonus
  • Survey invites Frequency is quite high


  • No payment in cash
  • No any other opportunity than surveys
  • Exclusive to TrueBlue members and USA residents


Many other survey platforms like Points For Surveys lets you take surveys and perform various research tasks to make money in your spare time. These sites include:


Is Points For Surveys really worth it?

Yes, Points For Surveys is a unique paid survey panel. You get to do surveys with the purpose of earning TrueBlue points that can be redeemed for flight tickets.

Is it really free?

Points For Surveys is a 100% FREE survey site that allows you to get free TrueBlue points. Unlike other survey sites, you get your points INSTANTLY.

Can I access Points For Surveys on my mobile device?

Yes, utilizing a mobile web browser, you will be able to view their website on a mobile device. The issue is that their mobile version of the site isn’t mobile-friendly.

If you want to do surveys on your phone, you’ll need to be particularly patient when scrolling and zooming.

Most prominent survey sites like InboxDollars have mobile-friendly websites because they understand that more and more people are doing surveys on their mobile devices.

Is Points For Surveys customer service reliable?

Points For Surveys has a good customer service system in place. It contains a FAQ section as well as a contact form where you can email your queries.

Their FAQ section is comprehensive enough because it answers the majority of your inquiries.

There are no social media pages on their website. That means you won’t be able to contact one of their support representatives on such platforms.

However, they have a contact form you can use to reach out to them if you don’t get answers to your question on the FAQs page.


Overall, Points For Surveys is a decent opportunity in its own uniqueness even though is not for everyone. If you are successful in becoming a member (by first joining TrueBlue of course), this can be a useful complement for accumulating TrueBlue points, which you can then use to book free flights.

However, you must be patient because you will definitely not qualify for all available surveys, and getting the one you’re eligible for may take time.

If you’re looking for real-money survey sites, I recommend looking at these Best Paid Survey Panels.

None of the site on this require to first become a member of any program before they accept you. Plus, they’re all recognized as survey sites with fantastic earning opportunities, so you’ll be able to earn money on a consistent basis.

I hope you liked the Points For Surveys review. Thanks for reading.

Ready To Join?

If you’re interested in joining Points For Surveys, simply click the button below. You will be directed to the registration page where you can quickly join up with a few basic personal information.

Remember, the site is exclusive for TrueBlue members. Ensure you have your TrueBlue number ready.