Panelpolls Review: Legit Survey Site For Families To Make Some Money

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Do you have a lot of opinions? How about some spare time? If so, consider signing up for Panelpolls survey site.

Panelpolls is a well-known LEGIT survey site that pays you and your family for your opinions.

In this in-depth review, I’ll walk you through the details of this survey site along with their payout structure, how much you can earn, who can join, worthy alternatives, its pros, and cons.

Quick Review

What makes Panelpolls shine?

  • Free to join
  • Several earning opportunities
  • The site is mobile friendly
  • High rewards for their paid offers
  • Relatively low payment threshold
  • They’ve been in business for a long time
  • Multiple households and family members can join
  • Surveys are available for kids, teens, and adults

Detailed Review

What is Panelpolls?

Panelpolls is an online polling platform for families. Kids, teens, and young adults can take part in paid surveys and research studies. Their valued panelists have been receiving cash rewards since 1999.

Nickelodeon, DreamWorks Animation, Hot Wheels, and BabyFirst TV are just a few of the well-known brands with whom Panelpolls collaborated. Touchstone Surveys, the company that owns them, has a lot of favorable evaluations and a solid internet reputation.

According to Panelpolls, their surveys cover a wide selection of fun and interesting topics, so that’s a good thing. Ideally, that will keep you from getting bored while you work on the surveys they offer.

How Does Panelpolls Works?

Panelpolls conducts market research surveys for companies who create new products, need to understand customer opinions about their current products, or want to better understand the general marketplace.

The website is appealing to the eye. From the minute you land on their webpage, you can tell it’s more cheerful than other survey sites.

Families, particularly children and teenagers, are their target online survey takers. On the website’s main page, you can find all of the essential information you need to know, such as the brands they work with, a brief description of the firm, and how the entire website operates.

It is quite simple to register with them. All you have to do is sign up for a free account. Only basic personal information is required.

Who Can Join Panelpolls?

You can join the panel by filling out the form with your contact information, agreeing to the terms and conditions. After filling out the registration form, it is essential you confirm your email address.

To sign up, it is required you must be a resident of the United States, and you should know that not everyone who applies is accepted.

Children as young as 6 are allowed to join this survey site with the permission of their parents, which sets it apart from the dozens of other paid survey sites available.

Children and teens aged 6 to 17, as well as young adults aged 18 to 24, will be able to take surveys, while parents with young children aged 2 to 17 are also encouraged to participate.

This panel can be joined by more than one member of a household. This is unusual because most survey sites only allow one member per home to participate.

PanelPolls is a unique online survey platform. In fact, they urge that additional family members join their panel as well.

One of the most unique things about this survey site is the fact that kids are also allowed to participate. However, joining it might be a bit difficult as the site is strict about who they accept.

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How Much Can You Possibly Earn On Panelpolls?

When it comes to paid survey sites, the amount of money you may make is determined by the number of invites you receive and the number of offers you are able to complete.

PanelPolls can not promise that you will get survey invitations on a regular basis. As a result, it will be determined by your profile.

Based on the number of surveys and feedback opportunities you’ll receive through the site, and the fact that the typical survey pays $1 to $5, you should be able to make $10 to $15 each month.

This is significantly more than what you can get on a survey site like Survey Squad, but you shouldn’t rely on it as a part-time source of income.

The main money on this site, however, comes from participating in focus groups and online forums. These are the best ways to make money on this website.

However, your biggest obstacle will be getting accepted into the panel, as it’s an exclusive group seeking feedback from specific demography.

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How Does Panelpolls Pay Its Members?

PanelPolls employs points as its currency. Following the completion of an offer, you will be granted a certain amount of points.

You may swap/redeem your points for a cheque that will be mailed to you or an electronic gift card called Reward Link powered by Tango Card.

The money earned on a Reward Link card may then be spent at different retailers. It may be used to redeem a variety of different eGift cards also. As a result, it’s a rather adaptable payment mechanism.

Before you can start redeeming for a Reward Link, you must first accumulate 10,000 points (worth $10). The payout threshold for checks is a little higher, at 20,000 points ($20).

When you redeem a check, it will be mailed to you at your address. As a result, anticipate it to take a long time.

If you’re seeking legitimate survey sites that will allow you to get paid quickly, I recommend checking out a reputable survey site like PrizeRebel that pays via PayPal.

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How Can You Make Money On Panelpolls?

1. Surveys

Like every other survey site, you should expect to earn the majority of your rewards by completing paid surveys.

Panelpolls will begin sending you survey invitations as soon as you sign up.

You’ll know if there are any surveys available since you’ll be notified by email or text message. When you log in to their member dashboard, you’ll also be able to browse all of the available surveys.

Normally, when you opt to participate in a survey, you will be required to take a pre-qualification survey.

This is carried out to determine if you are part of the demographic targeted by the survey. If you’re lucky to be eligible, you will be able to proceed to answer the actual survey.

If you don’t qualify, you’ll be told straight away, so you won’t have to waste time filling out the survey just to find out later that you didn’t.

Overall, doing a survey is pretty straightforward, and once you are a member, you will quickly understand what to do.

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2. Paid Online Communities

PanelPolls will occasionally offer you to join an online community, similar to focus groups.

From time to time, you will be invited to participate in online community initiatives. You may be requested to provide feedback on items or services.

Depending on the project type, this can last 3-7 days, two weeks, one month, six months, a year, or longer.

The payoff for this type of opportunity is substantial and isn’t something that comes up very often. So, if you receive an invite, take advantage of it.

3. Focus Groups and Personal Projects

You can get to make some money from Panelpolls by participating in focus groups or personal projects.

The majority of the topics discussed in these focus groups and personal projects include the latest TV series, products, services, and a variety of other topics.

They claim you may earn $100 to $500 for every personal project or focus group you join, which I think is a substantial sum of money.

Of course, the prize will be based on the amount of effort required. The idea is that the more effort you have to perform, the more you will be rewarded.

However, just like Paid Online Communities, this opportunity doesn’t come ofter. So, if you are lucky to receive an invite, take advantage of it.

4. Paid TV Show Testing Projects

This is a one-of-a-kind offer since it’s the first time I’ve seen anything like it on a survey site. This is another earning opportunity where you get to see TV shows or videos before the rest of the world.

To me, even that alone it’s a kind of amazing prize on its own. After you’ve seen the TV episode or video, you’ll need to express your thoughts about it.

PanelPolls will then reward you for your efforts. You won’t get as much money as if you joined focus groups or online forums, but it’s still a fantastic method to get money because you won’t be bored.

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5. Kids Projects

PanelPolls is unique in that it offers earning opportunities for children.

Your children may participate in paid surveys and other activities related to new TV series, toys and dolls, games, trends, sports, music, and much more.

Of course, the parents should be the ones who sign up for them. They must also obtain participation consent for their children before they may participate in these offerings.

If you’re wondering how this works, the parents will receive invites to the offers. As a result, the parents will be able to filter which offers their child is eligible to participate in.

In my opinion, it’s an excellent method because it allows your children to engage in the site and receive prizes. At the very least, they’ll have a taste of what it’s like to work for a living.

6. Game and Paid Mobile App Testing

Additionally, you will have the chance to test mobile apps and games. After completing the testing, Panelpolls will reward you.

According to Panelpoll, it is important you know this sort of opportunity can last up to a month.

So make sure to understand the terms and conditions carefully before proceeding because it might be a significant time commitment.

However, this is a pleasant way to make money that also pays off handsomely (just not as significant as focus groups or online communities).


There are many other survey platforms like Panelpolls that lets you take surveys and perform various research tasks in order to make money in your spare time. These sites include:


  • They’ve been in business for a long time
  • Several earning opportunities
  • Multiple households and family members can join
  • High rewards for their paid offers
  • kids, teens, and adults can participate
  • Relatively low payment threshold


  • PanelPolls is accessible only by US residents
  • Payment via PayPal is not available
  • Strictly limited to certain groups of people
  • They aren’t always accepting new members


What kind of surveys does Panelpolls conduct?

Panelpolls conducts surveys on a wide variety of subjects. Each day, more and more new survey opportunities are offered.

You can expect to receive surveys on many topics, including parenting, food, and beverage, health and beauty, telecommunication and media, housewares, and more.

Why does PanelPolls not accept new members sometimes?

Restricting membership sometimes helps keep the panel small and makes the survey more rewarding to participate, as well as the fact that members get to earn fairly well.

How do I know when there is a Panel activity?

Panel members always get notified via email. This is why you should add Panelpolls to your safe/ contact list so the email doesn’t end up in your junk folder or gets blocked completely.

I’m a parent and I’ve been getting notifications for surveys but my child is not, what could be wrong?

Update your account and add information about your children. You decide if you want them to participate in each survey. If it’s a YES, simply give the child the invitation link.

How do I get Panelpolls mobile app?

There is no PanelPolls app that you can download and install on your mobile device to work on offers even when you are not in front of your computer.

They do say, however, that you may take their surveys on your smartphone or tablet in addition to your PC.

As a result, that’s a tremendous bonus. Since you can complete tasks on your mobile device, earning incentives becomes more efficient.

Their website’s mobile version is similarly designed for mobile use. That means you won’t have to read the text by scrolling left and right or zooming in and out.

This makes responding to surveys on your mobile device much more convenient.


Panelpolls is a legitimate rewards site that has been recognized as safe by ScamAdvisor. Though they are quite picky about who they let into the group, it may be a great way to make an extra $10-$15 each month.

There are a lot of fun activities to participate in on Panelpolls, they’ve been in the marketing research business for a long, partnering with big brands, and I can say it’s quite worth checking out.

However, it might not be for you if you’re trying to make a significant amount of money or not in the US. In that case, I recommend you check out my Swagbucks review, with 14 easy ways to earn on the survey sites.

Lastly, it’s important to know no single survey site can actually earn you a huge amount of money, therefore the smart thing is to join multiple survey sites. Here are the Best Paid Survey Panels you can choose from.

Ready To Join Panelpolls?

Panelpolls is simple to join. Simply click the button below and proceed to the registration page. Registration takes a few minutes. Thanks for reading.