Power of Opinions Review – A Legitimate Work at Home Opportunity or Scam?

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Power of Opinions is a market research panel that offers members the opportunity to take surveys and get paid for their opinions.

After reading this Power of Opinions review, you should have a good understanding of whether this site is worth your time or not. In addition, I will also discuss some of the pros and cons I have observed.

Let’s get started.

Quick Review

Here is my quick Power of Opinions review?

  • Safe and legit platform
  • Free to join
  • Cash paid via PayPal
  • Offers local and face-to-face focus group
  • Refer-a-friend program
  • 1,000 “Power Points” (worth £10) minimum account balance required to request rewards
  • Rewards start at £0.15 per survey
  • Get 100 “Power Points” as a joining bonus

Detailed Overview

Here’s all you need to know about the Power of Opinions platform.

What is Power of Opinions?

Power of Opinions is a UK-based survey site that pays people for answering survey questions. The platform offers you simple surveys to complete and you are not obligated to complete all the surveys but you will still be paid for the duration you spend on a particular survey.

Once you become a member, you will receive survey invites from them to participate in surveys. 

These invitations will contain survey invitations for you to answer. For every survey you complete, you will be rewarded with ‘Power Points’ depending on the duration you spend on a particular survey.

All your ‘Power Points’ will automatically reflect on your dashboard upon completing the surveys. You can redeem your rewards for cash or vouchers when you have earned £10 (1000 points), £25 (2500 points), or £50 (5000 points).

The platform targets people who reside in the UK but regardless of your location, you can join the platform from anywhere.

By becoming a member, you can participate in online surveys and focus groups. For you to know what Power of Opinions has to offer, let’s take a look at how the platform works and its earning opportunities.

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How to make money with Power of Opinions

Paid surveys

Once you register and become a member of Power of Opinions you automatically start receiving invites to participate in paid surveys. The kind of surveys you will receive will depend on the information you provided during registration.

So try and be honest when signing up so you can have a higher chance of qualifying for paid surveys. 

Before you can participate in the surveys, you will have to answer pre-qualifying surveys to determine if your demographic fits where the survey targets. Once you complete these surveys, you will be rewarded with ‘Power Points’. You will also know when surveys are available after logging into the platform.

Additionally, you will get emails when paid surveys are available. Therefore, all you need is to log in and check your member dashboard for available surveys.

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Focus groups

Another way to earn money on Power of Opinions is via online focus groups.

Before you can participate in the focus group, Power of Opinions will check your profile to know if you qualify for any of the focus groups they have. You will be sent an invitation to participate when you qualify and after completing the task you will be rewarded with ‘Power Points’.

However, the difference between Power of Opinions paid surveys and focus groups are that you can do paid surveys online and from anywhere but you can only do focus groups face-to-face.

With focus groups, you have to be present at a particular location to participate if you are selected. Although Power of Opinions offers online focus groups also, they are rare. 

Referral program

Power of Opinions also has a referral program where you can refer your family and friends to the site. You will earn rewards for everyone that you invite to join. 

They don’t talk about it on their website, but you stand to earn Power Points or rewards for every one of your family and friends that complete a survey. Once you are a member, you will be provided with a unique referral link.

However, your referrals will have to complete their surveys before you will be able to earn money from them. Unlike other survey sites that pay you immediately once your referrals register.

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How do you get paid with Power of Opinions?

Now that you know the different methods you can earn on this platform, the next thing you need to understand now is payment. Like I said earlier in this Power of Opinions review, after completing surveys, you get paid with points called ‘Power Points’ which is their main currency.

After completing surveys be it focus group or paid surveys you will be rewarded with ‘Power Points’. When you accumulate 1000 points which is £10 you can request for withdrawal via PayPal or any voucher of your choice. To me, I think the £10 threshold is a pretty good amount to a request for payout.

However, note that with Power of Opinions you can only request for payout when your ‘Power Points’ gets to either 1000, 2500, or 5000 points.

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How much can you make with Power of Opinions?

Just like other survey sites, how much you can make with Power of Opinions depends on the number of surveys you’re invited to join, the number of survey invites you to qualify for, and the number of surveys/focus groups you complete.

Surveys vary so the amount you will get for short surveys will be different from the amount you get for longer surveys.

Power of Opinions focuses group pays £25 or more which is higher than paid surveys. When you have the opportunity of doing lots of focus groups, you stand a chance to earn a significant amount of money.

Try not to rely on focus groups because they are rare, so just focus on paid surveys.

However, the paid surveys are really short so take note that you won’t get the 1000 points needed for withdrawal easily.

Can you use Power of Opinions on mobile?

The platform does not offer a mobile app. However, the website is optimized for mobile use. You can access the website by using a web browser like google chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your mobile phone or your computer.

You won’t even have to zoom in or zoom out like some other survey panel websites.

Who can join Power of Opinions?

As I have said earlier, The platform is mainly for those that live in the UK and are 18 and above. You can also join from any location but you won’t receive surveys like those that reside in the UK.

The registration process is straightforward. All you need to do is provide your relevant information, confirm your email address (preferably your PayPal email address), and you can start taking surveys.

It will take you just 5 minutes or less to register. Upon registering, you will be awarded 100 ‘Power Points’ as a sign-up bonus.

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What are the benefits of joining Power of Opinions?

1. The platform is simple and easy to use

The Power of Opinions platform is easy to use on mobile and desktop devices. This means you can participate on the go.

2. You can invite your friends to join

Once you sign up for Power of Opinions, you can invite your friends to join and get started. If any of your friends wish to join the Power Of Opinions, you can invite them to the site.

The great thing about this is that they won’t have to go through any lengthy procedure as they will be able to join straight away.

You will also earn money from your referrals after every survey your referrals complete.

3. You can earn cash for every completed survey

The Power of Opinions is an online paid surveys website that displays survey opportunities in various categories. You can earn cash for every completed survey you take. The more feedback you provide, the more money you will make.

4. You can easily withdraw your earnings via PayPal

The major advantage of earning money through this program is that you can cash out your profits anytime you need. You would be glad to know that you can withdraw your earnings whenever you want by getting your money through PayPal. 

5. Anyone can join, regardless of their location

Anyone can join, regardless of their location. You don’t have to be a UK resident to make money online on the platform.

6. Relatively low withdrawal threshold

Power of Opinions is a website where you can share your opinions and earn money from them. The withdrawal threshold is really low when compared to other survey platforms. Payment is sent via PayPal once you reach £10.

7. Decent amount of surveys available

If you decide to sign up with Power of Opinions, there are plenty of surveys available. There are some decent surveys on this site, but there aren’t a ton of them.

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What are the disadvantages of joining Power of Opinions?

1. You have to meet the redemption increments to reap your rewards

With Power of Opinions, you need to meet a certain redemption increment to reap your rewards. Your balance must be either £10, £ 25, or £ 50 before you can request for withdrawal.

2. Those from the UK get survey invites more frequently

People from the UK are more likely to get survey invites compared to those from other countries. 

3. PayPal’s transaction fee will be deducted from your earnings

PayPal’s transaction fee will be deducted from your earnings. And you need to pay it in advance to receive your payment. PayPal will deduct their transactions fee from your earnings, which reduces the amount you have left from your earnings.

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What are some alternatives to Power of Opinions?

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Does Power of Opinions delay payment?

No. They pay what accrues to you as soon as you ask for payment. If you experience problems or issues, contact the helpdesk via email.

Why have my redemptions been rejected?

For those who have not given valid proof of their UK residency, a voucher or PayPal redemption won’t go through. Provide a valid address and postal code, also make sure your PayPal information matches your Power of Opinions account.

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Final Thoughts

Is Power of Opinions legit or a scam?

Power of Opinions is a legit survey platform. It doesn’t pay much but by taking your time to answer surveys you will earn some cash in no time.

Besides the PayPal withdrawal fee and withdrawal multiples, the Power of Opinions platform is suitable for UK residents who are looking to make some money online.

If you don’t reside in the UK, there are alternatives you should consider. I recommend you check out the best international survey panels

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Thanks for reading.

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