MindsPay Review: Legit or Scam? [Read Before You Join]

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Is MindsPay legit? Yes, it is. In this Mindspay review, I will show you why I believe Mindspay is a legitimate Get-paid-to (GPT) site and how you can get the best from the website.

MindsPay is one of the numerous GPT sites that pay members small amounts of money for completing simple tasks like taking surveys. What you need to do is simple; provide them with your feedback that they will use to improve the quality of their products and services. The platform will then reward you for your feedback.

That’s fair enough because most of these surveys are easy and do not require any special skill. You can also complete each task within 10 to 15 minutes.

There are other things that you need to know before signing up on the platform. You should be aware MindsPay has a high withdrawal threshold of $50. So think twice before you join.

I advise you read this MindsPay review to the end to learn all you need to know about MindsPay before you join the platform.

Quick Review

Here is my quick MindsPay review:

  • Legit platform
  • Free and easy to join
  • Offers payment via PayPal
  • High minimum withdrawal threshold ($50)
  • Only available to US residents
  • Offers $3 sign-up bonus
  • Offers 10% lifetime referral bonus
  • You must be 18+ to join
  • Earning opportunities include trial offers, reading emails and referral

MindsPay is closed.

Detailed Guide

Let’s proceed by learning about the way MindsPay works by going into the detailed MindsPay review.

What is MindsPay?

MindsPay is a market research platform that pays members for completing surveys, participating in focus groups, and providing product reviews. The platform also allows advertisers to use their members to provide feedback on ads or ad campaigns.

Just like other survey websites, MindsPay will not likely pay your bills, however, taking part in market research is a hassle-free way to make extra bucks. Since it is a legitimate platform, MindsPay does not require you to pay any money before becoming a member.

All you need to provide to become a member is your email address as well as answers to a general demographic questionnaire. After becoming a member, use their website to find surveys that you can complete. MindsPay will notify you via your email whenever the surveys that you can participate in are available.

For you to participate in MindsPay’s paid surveys, you need to use Internet Explorer. You must also have a PayPal account to get paid.

How does MindsPay work?

As a member of MindsPay, you are only allowed to have one account. You may be banned if you have more than one account.

After signing up on the platform, you will need to set your preferences with regards to notifications and emails.

MindsPay pays $50 per product review. You will also receive a $3 bonus when you sign up. Some surveys will pay you between $0.20 and $0.50 per task. Some will also pay $10 per survey, which is higher than the average amount most GPT sites pay.

Now, there’s an issue with the minimum threshold. You need to earn $50 before you can withdraw your earnings. At least $25 of this balance must be earned from surveys.

How do I sign up with MindsPay?

It is free and simple to sign up on MindsPay. All you need to provide are your name, birthday, zip code, email address, gender, phone number, and address. To be a member, you need to live in the United States and you must be at least 18 years old.

After signing up, you can immediately register for five money-making websites by clicking on the ones you prefer. MindsPay requires you to join third-party websites before you can submit any offers, thereby making this feature convenient.

As you leave the sign-up page, you will be rewarded with $3 and will also come across a questionnaire. After answering the questionnaire, you need to confirm your email, and that’s all. Unlike other sites where sign-ups are rigorous, it is easy to register on MindsPay.

Who can register on MindsPay?

At the moment, only those living in the United States can join MindsPay.

However, there are many awesome survey sites in the United States, that it makes no sense to focus on only MindsPay if you live in the US.

The United States has lots of survey opportunities. So why limit yourself to a single website where you cannot vouch for the quality of the surveys and where you cannot even complete a survey?

How does MindsPay handle privacy?

MindsPay promises its members that all their information will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. However, how can we be sure that they adhere to this promise?

When you sign up and become a member of a survey site, you are trusting them with your details. You need to be careful about what you share and be sure you want to share anything personal.

If you have issues with privacy on MindsPay, go through their Privacy policy. I found it useful because it gave me a deeper insight into how they handle members’ information.

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How to Make Money on MindsPay

MindsPay provides a few ways for its members to make money online. You can earn few bucks from participating in activities such as cash-back shopping, focus groups, desktop services, signing up for free and paid offers, referral, and product testing. You can also earn credits when you complete surveys and read emails.

Here are other ways through which you can make money on MindsPay:

1. Trial offers

You can increase your earnings on MindsPay by joining some trial offers. You, however, need to be cautious. Some free offers will require you to cancel them, before the end of the trial period so that you won’t be charged.

MindsPay also provides paid trial offers. In this case, you will need to buy an item and get cashback. However, you will need to wait for what you buy to be verified; this can take some time.

The amount that you stand to make from these offers differ. The actual amount depends on the specific offer you complete. Thus, ensure you take time to read the details of the offer before you sign up.

2. Reading emails

This is a simple task. This option pays you about $0.25 for each email read. However, I came across some reviews where members complained that they had issues with receiving their credit for reading emails. So, pay attention to your account balance to ensure that you’re paid your credit.

3. Referral

Another option through which you can make money from MindsPay is by referring your friends. When you refer anyone to MindsPay and the person joins the platform, you will earn 10% of the referral’s earnings for life (and payouts). This is a good way to boost your earnings on MindsPay.

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How Much Can You Make With MindsPay?

When you sign up with MindsPay, you will receive an instant $3. MindsPay can also pay you at least $50 for reviewing their partners’ products and services. Surveys can also pay you between $3 and $75.

That’s not all…

If you love reading emails, you can earn up to $0.25 per email. You can also get free coupons as well as samples for just being a MindsPay member.

You can also boost your earnings from the platform’s referral program. When you refer your friends to MindsPay, you will get 10% of their earnings. When you put all these together, you stand a chance of making a reasonable amount of money.

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How to Get Paid on MindsPay

If you don’t mind getting involved in MindsPay’s promotional offers and clicking on their email links, you can make a good amount of money on the website.

However, you need to know how to have access to your earnings.

MindsPay has just one payout method and that’s PayPal. This is a good payout option because it makes it easy to withdraw your earnings.

But many survey sites accept PayPal, and those sites offer better and more opportunities with high-quality offers.

So in my opinion, I don’t think MindsPay is good as a survey site that accepts PayPal. I don’t even see it as a survey site since you cannot complete surveys on the platform.

MindsPay also has a high threshold of $50. You also need to wait for 30 days after taking an offer before you can have access to your money.

More so, the payout conditions are not good in my opinion. You need to be patient and must also complete lots of promotional offers before you can get your earnings out.

When do I get paid?

As stated earlier in this MindsPay review, the website pays twice a month; on the 15th and 30th of every month. The website pays through PayPal which is great. This means you can spend your earnings the way you want, unlike redeeming gift cards (which is the case with most GPT sites).

The minimum threshold on MindsPay is $50, and payments are made in multiples of $50. So if your account balance is $140, you will receive $100. The $40 will remain in your account until you have made enough money to make a $50 withdrawal.


  • MindsPay is easy and simple to use. The platform’s layout is easy to navigate. Thus, you don’t need to be tech-savvy before you can get the best out of MindsPay.
  • You will be paid a $3 bonus for signing up on the website.
  • MindsPay uses PayPal as the payout option. This method helps your funds to clear quickly.
  • MindsPay gives you access to free trials. Just ensure you read the website’s terms and conditions so that you don’t take trials that will charge your credit card.


  • The minimum threshold on MindsPay is $50; this is quite high. Also, MindsPay pays in $50 increments.
  • There is a fixed withdrawal schedule on the website. You can only withdraw twice a month. So if you miss the minimum threshold, your withdrawal will be carried to the next scheduled payment.
  • Some members complain about slow response from the customer support. But I don’t think you should encounter any issues since it is easy to use the website.

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What are some alternatives to MindsPay?

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1. How do you join MindsPay?

It is free to become a member and earn on MindsPay. However, the website is restricted to those living in the United States. Members are also expected to be at least 18 years old.

To register, simply provide your name and email address on the sign-up page. After doing these, verify your email address and then complete your profile. Surveys and offers will be sent to your email depending on the demographics and interests that you provided while registering.

You can log in to your account to choose the offers that you are interested in, and you will be paid when you complete each offer.

2. Can you use MindsPay on mobile?

It is good to know if MindsPay can be used on mobile devices or not. Being able to use survey sites on mobile devices makes it easy and flexible for you to earn on the go; you will be able to earn whenever and wherever you are.

Although MindsPay does not have a mobile app, however, the website is mobile-friendly. So, you can access MindsPay on mobile through a web browser.

But despite this, the user experience is not top-notch in my experience.

3. Can you get support on MindsPay?

If you need any help on MindsPay, you can get in touch with customer service via their support section. You can have access to this section by logging in to your account.

Some members complained about a low response from the website’s customer support; I’ve not confirmed this though. I’m not even planning to because the website is easy to navigate.

But if you want to join, you can go ahead and do so; there is a support section in case you run into any issues.

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My Mindspay Review Final Verdict: Is MindsPay a Scam Website?

Before I bring this MindsPay review to a close, we need to clear the air about whether MindsPay is a scam or a legit website.

When you weigh the pros and cons of MindsPay, you will agree with me that the platform is legitimate. It is also a great way to earn a few bucks in your spare time. The PayPal withdrawal option gives you access to your money without bothering about redeeming it for gift cards.

I believe you have nothing to lose on MindsPay. If you have lots of spare time, go over to MindsPay to start making money online from paid offers.

Check out my list of best survey platforms to find more opportunities to make money online with survey sites. Alternatively, check out how you can make money online via other means.

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