PollPass Review – Legit or Scam? (An In-Depth Look)

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It is quite commendable to note that some survey sites have decided to become exceptional and stand out from the usual pattern of conducting online surveys. PollPass is one of them.

Instead of gathering members to participate in traditional surveys, which might be tiring and rigorous, PollPass has decided to become more creative in establishing its platform. This they have successfully achieved through the introduction of an intelligent chatbot, known as the PollPass Bot.

On PollPass you chit-chat with a bot, after which you get paid for sharing your opinions and ideas. Survey statistics revealed that registered members seemed more relaxed and free as they conversed easily with this Chatbot. Quite innovative, isn’t it?

With PollPass, making money online has never been more exciting or interactive. Keep on reading this PollPass review for a detailed overview of the platform.

Quick Review

What makes PollPass unique?

  • The site is user-friendly
  • Low payout threshold
  • No qualifying surveys
  • Design is simple
  • PayPal supported
  • Less time consuming

Detailed Overview

What is PollPass?

PollPass is managed and operated by a market research company, named GlobalWebIndex Labs Ltd. It is based in London, United Kingdom.

The company was registered and incorporated in England, while its headquarters is located in London.

PollPass is a platform where you can share your opinion and get paid for it. You will be able to answer the questions on this survey site in chat format (I will explain this shortly).

In place of answering complicated questions like that found on other survey sites, users interact with a chatbot system.

The transition from having an interactive session with a chatbot after registering is seamless. Answers are worth an average of 15 points but may differ depending on the question. As you progress through the site, your points accumulate on your dashboard.

Every time you answer a question, your accumulated points will be added to your dashboard will give you extra motivation to answer more questions.

You must be 16 years or older to join and start participating in surveys. You can lose your membership status for several reasons. For example, there may be consequences to violating its terms of service, such as having more than one account.

In addition, your account will be suspended after inactivity for 12 consecutive months. Among the regions where Pollpass is available are South, Central, and North America, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Europe.

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How does PollPass work?

Data collection is made effortless with the user’s conversation with the bot. Furthermore, it saves the user time and effort by being more exciting and easier. Additionally, the site has a clean and professional look, which makes it easy to navigate the site.

This type of system works much like chatting with someone because after replying to a question, the next question follows if there are still more questions for you to answer. It usually takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete this conversation. The conversation can also be stopped and continued later.

Points are awarded for every question you answer. If there are still questions, continue answering them. There is no qualification process involved, making it an especially convenient method.

You are qualified to answer any question if you see it posted. Almost all survey sites have a screening process to ensure that you fit within the demographics of their survey. Since you must qualify to answer the survey, your chances of earning rewards are lower.

One thing you need to remember though is, PollPass will not inform you via email if you have polls that need to be answered.

However, do note that you will not be contacted via email if a poll is available. You will have to log in to the site to check for available polls that need answers.

Most users are not happy with Pollpass’ 3,000-point redemption threshold. You can withdraw your earnings after every survey on other sites, but not on this one. If you want to get cash out of your points, you can exchange them with PayPal or an Amazon gift card worth $3.

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What is PollPass sign-up process?

Register as a user

Pollpass offers an easy and free registration process. The dashboard has an attractive, user-friendly design and is very easy to navigate. To register for free, click the ‘Sign up’ button on the homepage. It is possible to register with a Facebook account, a Google account, or an email address.

After you have completed this process, a chatbot will launch taking you to the surveys. A few questions about your details will be needed as well for the platform to send you tailored surveys. In addition, just for registering you will receive some points.

Complete your profile

After your registration is complete, the chatbot and you will have a conversation based on your age, gender, income, marital status, education, etc. This information allows PollPass to send you surveys that suit you. So you need to be truthful when answering the questions.

Moreover, it’s quite interesting to have a conversation with the chatbot. 

You will be asked straightforward questions, so you only need to pick from a list of possible answers. The questions will take you five minutes to answer, and you will be rewarded for answering them.

Start earning points

When you participate in surveys, you are sure to earn points. However, unlike other surveys websites that screen out survey participants before completing a survey, PollPass lets you finish your survey. 

This is a feature PollPass has because survey sites collect all your information and still claim you are not qualified for a survey.

How much money can you make with PollPass?

Usually, you can tell whether a site is worth joining by how much you can earn from it without having to put in a lot of effort. Since this PollPass offers only one earning opportunity, you shouldn’t really expect much from PollPass.

There will be no earnings if there are no polls to do. Therefore, it has a rather low earning potential. Although it isn’t very labor-intensive, the fact you can earn rewards without spending much time on surveys makes it a good choice.

You won’t earn much money but don’t forget you won’t be spending much time on surveys. So for me, it’s a win-win situation.

How to redeem points with PollPass?

Rewards are calculated in points, which can be converted to real cash and get redeemed anytime.

This platform has two major payment channels for paying its members which have been stated in this PollPass review.


Usually, I get excited when I see online survey sites that can pay their members through their PayPal accounts. The threshold used to be set at 5000 points. This was recently reduced to 3000 points. Once you attain this threshold, you automatically become eligible to withdraw your funds through your PayPal account.

e-gift cards

You can also exchange your points for online gift card vouchers. Note that, you need to meet some requirements to be able to convert your earnings to gift cards. And these requirements vary, depending on the gift card you desire.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of PollPass.

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There are many pros of using PollPass and they are mentioned in this PollPass review:

1. PayPal cashouts

Exciting to note that you’re being paid your money, and you get to decide how you would want to spend it. They also offer payouts via PayPal.

Your payment will be sent to you within one or two days. Payouts for taking surveys are faster and quicker than those you get from many other sites.

2. Points total updates with every answer

Each reply attains up to 10-15 points and sometimes conversations can last up to 15-30 minutes, making it a lot easier to accumulate more points and earn more money. Never forget, that the longer the conversation, the higher your earnings.

3. No pre-screening test is carried out

Unlike most survey sites online, pre-screening tests are usually carried out on members before they can participate in their surveys. The heartbreaking part is most times, halfway into the survey process, you might get disqualified for not meeting up to the market specifics.

This can be frustrating, as whatever acquired points earned could get lost or erased. But on this platform, you do not have to worry about that.

4. Their site is very user-friendly

You can sign up for the platform within minutes and begin earning right away. It makes it easy to track your earnings after each answer or survey, with a neat layout that shows the points total immediately after each answer. 


Just like other survey panels, PollPass also has its cons. Keep reading to know the cons of PollPass in this PollPass review:

1. Conversations can be very abrupt

This is very rampant as there aren’t any means of tracking conversation length, to know how many more replies will be needed before the conversation comes to an end. This in turn makes the conversation seem a bit boring along the line.

It would be preferable if the platform can provide a conversation length tracker, to enable its members to know how far they’ve gone to the end of the conversation.

2. Previous conversations cannot be accessed

Previous conversations cannot be accessed as the site seems to lose track of it. This doesn’t give the site a good image as previous conversations carried out on the site with the chatbot, cannot be referred to for reference purposes.

3. Cashouts are occasionally rejected 

It has been reported that some users have complained about their accounts being canceled or rejected before they think of cashing out.

4. No referral system

Although you may enjoy the platform, there’s is no way to earn more points through referring your friends and family. They do not have a referral system in place.

5. Limited earning opportunities offered

Even if their surveys are fun, PollPass earning potential is limited. Earning points is the only way to earn money, and you need 10 points which are equivalent to 1 cent.

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Is PollPass legit?

The website is legitimate. Participants who reach the threshold get paid if they have reached the cash payout criteria.

How many points equal a dollar?

One dollar is equal to 1,000 points.

What if I lie or give false answers to the PollPass bot?

The fact that you’re conversing with that machine instead of a human could make it seem like it’s pretty easy to say things that aren’t true to be able to score more points.

However, this isn’t possible. The system utilizes over 100 attributes to identify whether certain activities were fraudulent. Your account may be deactivated or even deleted if the system deems some answers to be suspicious or contradictory. Thereafter, all points accumulated before that time are erased.

What’s the minimum threshold cash payout?

A minimum of 3000 points is required to receive a cash payout. These amounts or even more can be amassed within a few days.

Can you use it on mobile?

PollPass doesn’t have a mobile app but you can use it on your mobile device. 

What does PollPass do with my personal information?

Without your permission, PollPass will never sell or disclose any personal information you provide to them. If your information fits specific conversations, PollPass can reach out to you directly.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion to my PollPass review, I would recommend PollPass for anyone who is bored and wants to while away time. Just like every other known survey site, it cannot make you a millionaire. See it as a means of adding extra earnings to your pocket.

So, I recommend you make PollPass your preferred survey site and check it out if you haven’t already.

Overall, PollPass is worth the try!

However, to get further entertaining reviews like this PollPass review, check my other survey reviews or see my list of the highest-paying survey panels. Thanks for reading.