SendEarnings Review – Truth Revealed

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SendEarnings is a GPT platform where members can perform a variety of tasks and earn cash. The platform is similar to InboxDollars, a well-known PTC website. Interestingly, the platform is owned by the same company. This company, Cotterweb Enterprises also owns other similar platforms such as InboxPounds and DailyRewards.

The platform is legit. For those who are familiar with InboxDollars, Send Earnings works the same way.

If you’re new to the world of making money online through paid surveys, this article will describe how SendEarnings works, the benefits, drawbacks, potential earnings, and everything else you need to know before you join the platform.

Let’s get started.

Unfortunately, unlike the sister sites, many members have complained about SendEarnings in recent times. The platform was eventually shut down on July 2, 2020.

SendEarnings is closed.

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SendEarnings Quick Review

  • Earn cash and not points
  • Easy to join
  • Payment via Check or Visa Cash Card
  • Takes two weeks to process payments for non-Gold members
  • Offers other rewards such as sweepstakes, loyalty rewards, and referrals
  • Membership is not location restricted
  • You must be 18+ to join the platform
  • The minimum redemption threshold is $30
  • Multiple ways to earn
  • Low earning potential

SendEarnings Detailed Review

The SendEarnings platform is a rewards club that gets revenue from clients and shares with members who successfully complete tasks.

Members can participate in activities such as taking surveys, shopping, reading emails, playing games, watching videos, and more. SendEarnings ensures members get paid in cash for their participation.

The platform was launched in 2005. SendEarnings was owned and operated by Cotterweb Enterprises. The website is quite popular with millions of users and has paid out over $9m dollars since inception.

What makes SendEarnings unique? Members can earn cash after completing a variety of tasks – a preferred choice for many Surveystors.

About Cotterweb Enterprises Inc

Cotterweb Enterprises Inc. is a marketing research company in Minnesota, the USA. The company offers services such as lead building, prospecting, customer engagement, marketing solutions, sales, and recruitment.

Cotterweb Enterprises also runs other popular survey platforms such as InboxDollars, InboxPounds, and DailyRewards. The company is BBB accredited which proves SendEarnings is a legitimate platform.

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How Does SendEarnings Work?

The platform is easy to sign up for. They currently offer a $5 signup to new members.

Simply sign up with your email address and confirm your email to activate your account. After confirmation, you can start completing tasks to earn money.

There are a variety of ways to make money on the platform. These include:

1. Surveys

SendEarnings partners with clients to provide surveys. These surveys are used to generate market research analysis. Members can participate in surveys and earn cash.

2. Games

Members can participate and earn cashback playing different games such as casino-style, Bejeweled, and more.

To play these games, you have to spend money you’ve accrued on the platform as they are not free to play. You have to make an investment with your earnings to make a profit from playing games.

3. Emails

Members can also get paid to read emails from SendEarnings clients. These emails contain special offers, offer letters, and newsletters. This is a win-win for members because they join offers provided by merchants also earn cash for receiving these emails.

All you need to do here is click the link that comes in the email. When you do, you will be redirected to the merchant. Doing this confirms that you’ve read the email.

Members usually get about 3 cents for reading emails.  

4. Paid Offers

Members are paid cash offers to perform some random tasks. This could include translations, transcribing, identifying content on images, and similar crude, time-consuming tasks.

5. Videos

Members can watch videos and earn some cash for watching. If you’re familiar with GPT sites, watching videos are not the best ways to earn online. Watching videos pay as low as $0.01 on SendEarnings. I don’t think this is a good way to maximize your time.

6. Search

Members can earn up to $0.15 per day using the search engine.

If you use the SendEarnings search bar to browse the internet, you’d get a cent for two searches. Meanwhile, if you use the search bar consistently for four days, you get a five-cent bonus.

7. Cashback

The platform collaborates with merchants like Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart, and more to provide cashback to their members. Cashbacks are always good. If you’re particular about cashback, you can check better cashback platforms like Fetch Rewards and Ibotta.

8. Surveys

SendEarnings posts surveys. If you qualify to participate in the suggested surveys, you can earn for each survey you respond to.

Surveys are one of the best ways to maximize your time and earnings on the platform. However, it could be challenging to qualify for these surveys.

9. Referrals

This is one of the best features of SendEarnings. Users can refer friends and earn 10% of what their friends earn for life.

For every person that signs up through your referral link, you earn 10% of what they earn. Your earning percentages are restricted to their sign-up bonuses, profile surveys, and paid email messages.

10. Coupons

SendEarnings provides coupons to members who want grocery shopping discounts.

Every day, there are 300 coupons made available to every member. Choose which one to redeem, and earn an additional 10 cents for each one you redeem at a store.

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SendEarnings membership

SendEarnings has two member categories – Gold and Non-Gold members. A non-Gold member is a member who has never received payment. Meanwhile, all it takes to become a Gold member is to receive your first payment. The upgrade is automatic.

As a Gold member, you receive payment the next Wednesday right after you’ve requested to be paid. You also qualify for double loyalty rewards and double sweepstake entries.

Another benefit of being a Gold member is faster payment processing. Payments are processed within a week for Gold members. Meanwhile, it takes up to two weeks to process payment for non-Gold members.

Additionally, Members can enjoy more cashback, referral rewards, and coupon offers from SendEarnings.

Who can join SendEarnings?

The platform is not location restricted and available to you wherever you are. However, you have to be 18+.

The platform claims that active members will receive three surveys per day, but that applies only to US residents.

Unfortunately, SendEarnings is no longer in operation and are not accepting new members.


You can cash out your earnings via a check or a Visa cash card. It takes up to two weeks to process payment for Non-Gold members and a week for Gold members.

If you choose to cash out via check, you may be charged processing fees.

SendEarnings does not offer PayPal cashout option.

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Send Earnings Pros

1. Variety of offers and activities

There are a variety of activities to participate in. These include surveys, referrals, reading emails, playing games, and other offers. You sure have a lot to do without limiting yourself to only surveys.

2. Cash-based rewards

Unlike other GPT platforms with a confusing points-based rewards system, SendEarnings pays via cash – the preferred choice for many survey takers.

3. The site is legitimate

The site is legit. The operators are well-known in the industry. SendEarnings works with big brands like Nivea and Amazon, to bring their members’ good offers.

SendEarnings Cons

1. Low earnings

Earning potential for completing tasks on SendEarnings is quite low.

SendEarnings surveys pay around 0.25-0.60 per survey. That’s way too low compared to other reputable paid survey sites.

In addition, these surveys take a considerable amount of time. This is not a good value for your time and is also a reminder that paid surveys cannot replace your full-time income. It could take up to one month to earn enough to cash out.

2. No survey pre-qualification

This is a big headache for survey takers. Members are disqualified during surveys on SendEarnings.

To make matters worse, there is a somewhat higher disqualification rate when taking surveys. I thought I was the only one who noticed. I found out I was not alone until I confirmed some friends are experiencing the same issue.

It can be really frustrating when you get notified about surveys only for you to find out you don’t qualify in the middle of it.

3. Low volume of activities

The dwindling volume of tasks to complete on the platform has made progress difficult for members. Members find it hard to reach the minimum threshold to redeem their cash rewards.

4. High cashout threshold

$30 if you ask me, is quite high for cashing out. Despite having a handful of tasks to participate in, the volume of activities on SendEarnings has been dwindling over the years making the threshold quite hard to achieve.

5. Processing fee

SendEarnings charges members a $3 processing fee for cashing out via check. This is so not cool.

6. Pay to Participate

You have to pay money to participate in tasks such as playing games. However, the return on investment is not good enough. This has made some people assume the platform is not real.

We do not approve Surveystors to put money towards any GPT or paid survey platform.

Alternatives to Send Earnings

Unfortunately, SendEarnings is no longer in operation. The good news is that there are many other alternatives many of which offer better opportunities to their members. They include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up on Send Earnings?

You can sign up from the main website. However, Send Earnings no longer accepts new members. They closed operations on 2nd July 2020.

How much will I be paid for tasks?

Send Earnings doesn’t live up to expectations as they pay quite low compared to similar GPT platforms.


SendEarnings is owned and operated by a reputable company – Cotterweb Enterprises. SendEarnings is a legitimate site but not a platform I would like to recommend to Surveystors. The drawbacks are pretty much more than the benefits of joining the platform.

The platform is unique as you can earn cash while performing a variety of tasks. Unfortunately, the low rewards, shortage of surveys, check payment processing fees and high cashout threshold makes it difficult for me to recommend SendEarnings to anyone.

Well, the good news is that I don’t have to fight that reluctance to recommend the platform as the platform shut down on July 2, 2020.

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