Surveyeah Review: Does it really pay? Find Out Here

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There are thousands of platforms offering surveys and other tasks in return for money or other forms of reward. Few are legit. Others are scams.

Surveyeah is a legit platform operated by TradeTech SRL in Milan, Italy. The platform presents another opportunity to make money online.

Having established the fact that Surveyeah is legit, the big question here is – is it worth your time?

This review will answer this question. I also hope it will help you make an informed decision about joining this platform.

Let’s get started.

Quick Review

  • No points. Pays cash
  • Easy to use
  • Limited surveys
  • Multiple payment options – PayPal, gift cards, charitable donations…
  • Available worldwide
  • Lower than average potential earnings
  • The minimum redemption amount is 10 Euros/CAD/USD/GBP
  • Members get exclusive access to products before they’re hit the market
  • Anonymous registration
  • Available in 5 languages – Italian, French, English, Danish, and English

Detailed Review

Surveyeah is an online survey panel operated by TradeTech SRL in Milan, Italy. The company offers solutions to international organizations by delivering online paid surveys.

The platform connects these organizations to panelists who can help review their products before they are released to the general public.

The company also helps students and graduate students complete their theses by finding qualified people who can help perform research.

Surveyeah launched in 2014 and currently operates in over 120 countries with over 2 million members. The platform offers surveys covering a wide range of topics such as consumer products, travel, cars, and many more.

How Surveyeah works

The platform is easy and free to join. Simply visit the Surveyeah website, click the Register link at the top right. Once you confirm your email, you can begin to participate in surveys.

Step 1: Sign up

Visit the Surveyeah platform to sign up for a new account. You only need to provide your email, nickname, gender, birthday, postcode, and country.

Step 2: Particpate in surveys

After registration, you will start receiving emails to complete surveys. If you happen not to qualify for a survey or the survey has ended, you will get suggestions for similar surveys you can answer.

Step 3: Earn cash

After successfully completing a survey, you will be credited after the survey ends. Each survey indicates how much you will earn before you start.

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Why Surveyeah?

Surveyeah is one of the few market research platforms with a reputation for privacy. You don’t have to provide your personal information during registration. Neither do you have to provide your information when you want to redeem your earnings?

In addition, the platform partners with international companies and research students to offer interesting surveys. To cap it all, they offer cash redemption via PayPal, Western Union, Skrill, and MoneyGram. All these make the company a decent survey panel to join – no redemption hassles.

Earning Potential

The time it takes to complete surveys on Surveyeah varies depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

For each survey, you may earn a cash amount between 0.50 – 2.00 USD. On this platform, survey points are not rewarded when you complete surveys. You only get credited when the survey has been closed. This means it may take weeks to get credited for a survey, even months.

The typical survey frequency on the platform is two to four surveys per month. With each survey paying an average of around 1 USD, the average earning potential on Surveyeah is 2-4 USD per month. If you reside in the US, it may take up to a year or even more to redeem your earnings (US residents need 40 USD to cash out).

Overall, the earning potential on Surveyeah is lower than average.

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Surveys offered on Surveyeah pay between 50 cents – 2 dollars depending on the length and complexity of the survey (assuming you’re located in the United States). Unlike other platforms where you get your rewards instantly, you have to wait for the survey to end before you get credited.

Surveyeah offers a variety of payment options such as cash via PayPal, Skrill, Decathlon, Zalando, Western Union, and MoneyGram. Members can also redeem their earnings via Amazon gift cards, ebooks download, and merchandise. In addition, members can also donate their earnings to charity.

The minimum threshold to request your earnings depends on your location and the mode of redemption.

Let me break this down.

The minimum threshold to redeem your earnings as cash via PayPal is 10 EUR/USD for most regions. However, it is 20 CAD if you’re in Canada, 20 GBP if you’re in the UK, and 40 USD if you reside in the US.

In addition, if you live in the United States, you will need to have a minimum account balance of $40 to withdraw via PayPal, or Amazon gift card option, and $50 to withdraw via Skrill or MoneyGram, or Western Union.

Whereas, if you are a resident of India (a country I love so much), you only need a minimum account balance of 10 USD to cash out via PayPal or Amazon gift cards, and 3,000 Indian Rupees to cash out via Skrill or MoneyGram or Western Union.

See the rewards section below to find out the minimum threshold for PayPal, Amazon, Moneygram, Western Union, and Zalando for your country.

Surveyeah Rewards - Surveystor Review

Who can join Surveyeah?

You can join from anywhere in the world. However, you must be 18 and above. Bear in mind, you will get more opportunities if you’re located in Europe or North America.

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Surveyeah Pros

1. Data privacy

This is the unique value proposition of Surveyeah. They take privacy very seriously. Members are not required to provide their name or other personal information for either registration or redemption purposes.

2. Good customer service

Surveyeah is big on ensuring its members have a good experience with their panel. You can easily reach out to them via email. If you’re active on Facebook, you can also join them to get help.

3. Easy to use

The platform is easy to use and navigate. The website is also available in 5 major languages – English, French, Danish, Spanish, and Japanese.

4. Multiple payment options

Surveyeah offers a variety of redemption options. These include – PayPal, Amazon gift cards, charity donations, Decathlon, Zalando, Western Union, MoneyGram, and Skrill.

5. Available worldwide

Surveyeah is one of the very few survey platforms available to a worldwide audience. You can register from anywhere in the world.

Surveyeah Cons

1. Inadequate pre-qualification system

It’s quite easy to get on the platform – you don’t need to provide much information. However, this creates an unintentional problem. Members will get invitations for surveys they do not qualify for. This is one of the major complaints of Surveyeah members.

2. Low frequency of surveys

Members get only 2-4 surveys per month. I like the fact the platform is upfront to its members about its survey frequency. However, compared to top survey sites, this is quite low.

3. PayPal fees

The platform access a processing fee if you decide to cash out via PayPal or other money services.

4. No referrals

This is really not a drawback. However, having additional means of earning on the survey platform would have made the platform much profitable and compensate for the low earning opportunity.

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Surveyeah Alternatives

Surveyeah FAQs

Does Surveyeah really pay?

The platform has a track record of paying its members. The platform has paid over 1 million EUR over the years.

However, the platform pays $2 or less per survey. Coupled with the low frequency of surveys, the average total pay per month seems to be below the industry average.

How much can you earn on surveyeah?

Every member has the chance to get up to 2 to 4 surveys per month. Each survey pays between 0.50 to 2 bucks. Each survey takes an average of 5 to 15 minutes. Putting this all together, you can earn 1 to 8 bucks per hour spent on the platform every month.

How does Surveyeah make money?

Surveyeah partners with international organizations to bring surveys to panelists. These organizations pay Surveyeah to help gather opinions from their panelists.

Can I trust Surveyeah?

From registration to redemption, Surveyeah never asks you to provide your personal information like full name and residential address.

Surveyeah takes privacy seriously. Unlike their competitors based in the US, Surveyeah does not ask you to provide your personal details to join their platform. In addition, you receive payments and gift cards without sharing your personal information.

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Surveyeah is a legit and decent survey panel you can join. Just like many survey panels out there, the platform is not perfect.

The Surveyeah platform can go from B level to a top contender with more surveys and a better pre-qualification system.

I give them huge credit for the way they handle their member’s privacy and data. Hopefully, other platforms can learn from Surveyeah in this regard.

Knowing online paid surveys cannot replace a full-time income, I recommend Surveyeah as an additional platform you can join to supplement your monthly income from surveys.

Surveystor provides helpful information on the best paid survey sites for making extra money online.