Surveyon Review – Should You Join? This Is My Verdict

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Surveyon is a survey panel designed to allow Asian residents to share their opinion with global brands and businesses.

The panel is operated by dataSpring, a data research specialist.

I did some findings of the Surveyon platform. If you are located in Asia, this is a review you should totally check out before you join this platform.

You will learn the benefits and drawbacks of joining the platform.

Let’s get started.

Quick review

  • Legit platform
  • Points-based system
  • Survey panel
  • Targeted towards residents in Asia
  • Mobile app available
  • Cash payment via PayPal or gift cards available
  • Easy to join
  • User-friendly platform
  • The minimum redemption threshold is $2
  • Payment processing takes 7-10 business working days

Detailed Review

Surveyon is a niched survey panel targeted towards residents in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. If you are not in Asia, you will not be able to access the platform.

The platform is run by dataSpring Inc, a company that performs online research for its clients. They have been in business for over 8 years bridging the gap between the western and the eastern part of the world.

Before we go into full details about Surveyon, let’s do a brief background check about dataSpring. In addition, let’s understand how dataSpring can help potential clients who need to run online survey studies.

About dataSpring

DataSpring is a survey platform and solution panel provider with a focus on the Asian market.

The company provides services such as:

  • Questionnaires: Clients can set up appropriate questions to get desired responses for their market research.
  • Translation: Understanding the local market in a local language is key to getting real results. DataSpring applies extensive partner network support to ensure that their customers get desired translation services.
  • Programming: Clients can program online surveys and tailor them to fit their needs.
  • Fieldwork: Clients can get data from verified sources with detailed profiling.

Besides Surveyon, dataSpring also provide additional services such as:

  • Asian Sampling: No matter the class of people you’re looking for in Asia, dataSpring is capable of meeting your needs.
  • Panel Resources: With different panels operated across different Asian countries, dataSpring offers panel resources that meet your survey requirements.
  • Panel Quality: The company ensures that you get the right panel quality needed to make your surveys come out successful.

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How it works

The platform is quite straightforward. All you need to do is register. After registration, you will start receiving surveys. Upon successful completion of these surveys, you will earn points that can be redeemed as cash via PayPal or gift cards.

How to Join

Joining the Surveyon platform is quite easy. Simply follow the simple steps below to start getting earning on the platform.

Step 1: Register

Visit the Surveyon platform to register a new account.

You can register using your Google, Facebook, Huawei, or Apple accounts so you don’t have to memorize yet another password.

Step 2: Complete Profile Survey

Fill the initial profile survey to provide your basic information such as name, age, and country.

This would be used to determine the appropriate surveys for you to complete.

Step 3: Complete surveys

Start receiving various survey opportunities from companies.

These notifications will appear in your Surveyon Survey box. Remember to provide helpful, accurate, and honest answers as best as you can.

Step 4: Earn points

You will be rewarded the assigned points once you complete the surveys.

In addition to completing surveys, you can also create or participate in other activities available on Surveyon. This includes Quickpoll which I will discuss further in the following section.

Step 5: Redeem your points

Cash out your earnings. You can exchange your points for cash, air mileage, or gift cards. There are different redemption options for different countries. Once you’re ready to cash out, you will find available options you can choose from.

Surveyon surveys focus on topics with varying complexities. Longer and more complex surveys pay more.

Other Surveyon Activities


The Quickpoll is a general poll for questions that can earn you points on the platform.

Anyone can create a Quickpoll. If your Quickpoll gets more than 100 votes, you will be awarded bonus points.

Trend Report

The platform publishes trend reports in an infographic format. This is quite useful as these reports are segmented by country to help users better identify trends by region.

The Trend Report is also insightful for brands and companies who want to understand results in a visual format.

Why Surveyon?

Surveyon is a better option compared to some alternative survey panels. The availability of a mobile app, ease of payment, low minimum threshold, unique community and community-driven activities available on the website such as Quickpoll makes the platform a preferred choice for its panelists.

Surveyon has a large community of over 2 million panelists. According to the platform, Surveyon pays out over $500,000 cash rewards every month.

This is an indication the platform is legit and worth your consideration.

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On the Surveyon platform, 10,000 points are equivalent to 1 US Dollar.

If you meet the minimum threshold requirement and you’re ready to cash out, you can do so by requesting payment via PayPal and gift cards.

Just before you cash out your earnings, there are few things to take note of.

  • Your PayPal account must be the same as your Surveyon account email address.
  • You have to be patient as Surveyon’s PayPal payment processing for takes up to two weeks.

If for some reason, you can’t redeem your points via PayPal, you can use the gift cards option which is processed within the 3rd and 10th of each month. To redeem your points, visit the Point Exchange section on the platform.

Here’s a recap.

Surveyon offers cash payment via PayPal and gift cards.

Average surveys here can get you as much as 500,000 points ($50.00 USD). You earn about 1000-6500 points for completing your profile.

The minimum cashout threshold is 20,000 points ($2.00 USD). Compared to most survey platforms, this is a low threshold requirement.

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of joining this platform.

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Surveyon Pros

1. Low minimum threshold

The minimum redemption threshold is $2. This is very good compared to competitors who often set cashout to as high as $30-$50. A low minimum threshold means members will be able to redeem their hard-earned money easily.

2. Steady payout

There have been no complaints about payment on Surveyon. This is a good reputation I hope the platform can continue to maintain. Anytime you’re ready to redeem your earnings, you can be confident you will get your payment promptly.

3. Easy to use

The platform is easy to use and understand. Members can track their points easily both on the web and on their mobile phones.

4. Mobile app

The platform offers a mobile app on Google Play. This app has as many features as the website itself. Panelists can take surveys on the go, check their points and redeem their earnings on the mobile app.

5. Other fun activities

The Surveyon platform is focused on surveys. However, there are other activities to explore such as taking Quickpoll. Members can also read the latest market research industry reports.

The platform also offers lucky surveys. These types of surveys are usually sent to many panelists at the same time. This means that they are available to members for a short period of time. You can earn some extra points if you’re lucky to respond as fast as possible.

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Surveyon Cons

1. Only available in some Asia countries

You cannot access the platform if you’re not located in Asia. I was able to confirm the platform works in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

2. Long payment processing time

Payment processing takes about two weeks. This is a bit longer compared to the industrial average. There are many survey panels that process payments within 24-48 hours.

3. Low survey frequency

As much as Surveyon tries to send invitations to panelists as often as possible, the panel consists of over 2 million members. The implication is that members may face a shortage of surveys.

You may wait for few days, and even up to a week before you get surveys. My advice is this – as soon as you get invites to partake in surveys, make sure you accept the invitations immediately and complete the surveys.

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Surveyon Alternatives

Surveyon FAQs

Is Surveyon safe?

Yes. Surveyon is a member of ESOMAR. This means they abide by ESOMAR code of conduct and are committed to the highest ethical and professional standards with regards to your data.

Can an Asian residing in America join Surveyon?

You can visit the platform. However, you cannot sign up if you are located in the United States. I tried signing up from the US but could not join until I tried accessing the signup page with a VPN.

How do you earn points on Surveyon?

You can participate in Surveyon surveys for free. You will be awarded points after successfully completing the surveys. An average 15 minutes survey takes pays about 8k-10k points – equivalent to 80 cents to $1.

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Surveyon survey panel is legit. The platform is owned and run by dataSpring – a market research company. The platform rewards active members who participate in surveys and Quickpolls.

The benefits of joining Surveyon outweigh the drawbacks. Payout is smooth, the platform is easy to use, and there are alternative ways to earn. Besides the relatively low payout and the fact that the platform is only available to Asian residents, Surveyon is a good platform to join.

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I hope this review was helpful. If you’re based in Asia, I recommend you join the platform.

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