SurveyBee Review: Does it Really Pay Or It’s Just A Waste Of Time?

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It’s no secret that people love getting paid to give their opinion. In fact, the majority of people would like to get paid to take surveys which literarily cost nothing. The only problem is that over 60% of survey websites are scams.

With SurveyBee you don’t need to worry about fake sites or shady payment practices. This survey panel aggregator does all the hard work for you so you can spend more time getting paid and less time searching for legitimate survey panels.

In this review, I’ll walk you through the details of this site along with its pros and cons. Based on this review, you should be able to decide if SurveyBee is indeed the best option for you.

Quick Review

What makes SurveyBee shine?

  • Easy to use
  • Variety of survey panels to choose from
  • Sign up with more than one survey site
  • Easy to get started
  • Available on mobile
  • Promotes legit survey sites

Detailed Review

What is SurveyBee?

SurveyBee is a web-based survey aggregator that links its members with legitimate survey sites. You get to participate in market research and be paid to express your thoughts by signing up with SurveyBee.

However, it is important you know they are not in charge of surveys or payments. They’ll only link you to their survey partners, and they’ll get a commission if you join up with them (more about this later).

How Does SurveyBee Works?

Instead of signing up for each survey sites separately, SurveyBee saves you the stress and allows you to manage many survey panels from a single account.

People may use SurveyBee to join up for many online survey sites at once, including Toluna, Global Test Market, YouGov, ySense, and Opinion Outpost. This allows SurveyBee members to receive more survey offers from other panels, allowing them to get the most out of their membership.

All of the survey panels that SurveyBee offers, however, are not available always. Since the survey panels can only accept a limited number of individuals per day, the sites you get to sign up with vary on a daily basis.

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Who Can Join SurveyBee?

SurveyBee is available in about 10 countries and includes sites in several languages. As a result, the website address varies from country to country.

For example, in the United Kingdom, the address is, but in most other countries, the country code is added at the end.

If you reside in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, or France, you sign up with the platform.

Since SurveyBee is a survey panels aggregator, what it offers will be the same no matter where you reside.

Regardless of where you reside, there are superior survey sites in your country where you may earn money on the actual website.

How Much Can You Possibly Earn On SurveyBee?

By now, I’m sure I’ve made it obvious that you won’t make any money directly on SurveyBee.

Generally speaking, though, you can still earn money from paid surveys in general. There are a lot of fantastic websites like Swagbucks with numerous earning opportunities.

Some of these fantastic sites are also promoted by SurveyBee. There are many of them, and you can always sign up with anyone you think is worth your time.

However, when it comes to paid surveys, one thing to keep in mind is to have realistic expectations. It will not make you wealthy or provide you with a full-time salary.

Taking surveys can earn you some good additional income, it’s simple to get started, you can do it whenever you want, and you’ll have your voice heard on important issues at the same time, which is a fantastic combo in my view.

So, paid surveys are a legitimate method to supplement your income provided you approach them with the proper attitude; nevertheless, you will not make any money directly on SurveyBee.

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How Does SurveyBee Pay Its Members?

When you first visit SurveyBee, you’ll see some samples of the kind of rewards you may earn by doing surveys.

However, the payout options vary from panel to panel; some give cash via PayPal, ranging from $1.5 to $5 for each survey completed.

Some panels provide gift cards to well-known retailers like GAP, Amazon, Marks&Spencer, and Sainsbury’s, while others provide reward points that may be exchanged for discounts at certain retailers.

When you achieve a certain number of accumulated points (payout threshold) in your account (depending on the survey panel you join), you can request payment. This amount varies, so be cautious about what you sign up for.

Check out the SurveyBee reviews for each panel they’re promoting to make sure you know what you’re getting into.

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How Can You Make Money On SurveyBee?

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, SurveyBee is a survey sites aggregator and not a survey site like InboxDollars or Survey Junkie. It only shows you the door to some legitimate survey sites that will pay you for taking surveys and other similar GPT tasks.

As a result, don’t expect to get a particular earning opportunity like a paid survey or referral program on SurveyBee.

There is no members area or a dashboard. The only thing you can expect to get is a list of reliable survey sites you can further join to make money.

Also, after you sign up, you’ll start receiving emails on a regular basis with offers for sites where you may sign up with.

The site does not provide any detailed information about the survey sites to assist you in finding the best possibilities for you. You’re essentially signing up for their newsletter and giving them permission to send you promotional links in exchange for a commission if you join through their links.

Overall, you can only make money through SurveyBee but not from the site itself. You will have to join some of the survey panels they promote, you can then proceed to take paid surveys on those survey panels and get paid.

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SurveyBee Alternatives

There are many actual survey platforms better than SurveyBee that lets you take surveys and perform various research tasks in order to make money in your spare time. These sites include:


  • A large variety of survey panels to choose from
  • You can sign up to more than one survey site
  • Easy to get started
  • The site is mobile friendly
  • Promotes legit survey sites


  • Not every survey panel offers cash
  • What you can sign up for changes day-to-day
  • Doesn’t provide detailed information of sites it’s promoting


Do I have to pay before I can sign up?

No. SurveyBee operates as a free survey sites aggregator – you don’t have to pay before you sign up with the site.

Is SurveyBee really worth it?

Yes. Many survey sites offer the world but can’t deliver enough surveys or rewards. There are other websites that are complete rip-offs. SurveyBee aggregates only the finest, most trustworthy paid surveys sites to save you the time and stress of looking for legit survey panels.

With SurveyBee, you are always up-to-date with the most reliable and safe surveys, so you are never at risk of scams and you can make the most of survey opportunities.

What about security and privacy?

When you join up with SurveyBee, you will not be asked for sensitive information like your credit card number or bank account number. Given the number of shady websites on the internet, this is a huge bonus.

The site simply asks for basic information like your age, gender, and email address which is used to send you promotional offers. They also have a rigorous privacy policy in place, ensuring that your information is kept safe.

Is there a referral program for SurveyBee?

There is no referral benefit with this site. It is entirely based on the survey site you sign up with through SurveyBee and nothing more.

SurveyBee was built to connect you with survey sites which some might have a referral program for their members to earn more money.

How long does it take to cash out?

Since SurveyBee doesn’t pay anyone for using the site, you can’t really say how long it takes to withdraw your earnings. This is solely dependent on the site you sign up with through SurveyBee.

Is SurveyBee accessible on phone?

Yes, the survey sites aggregator is completely responsive so you can access it from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.


SurveyBee is a legit platform that links you to a number of trustworthy survey panels. It’s not a rip-off, and it’s completely free. They don’t demand a charge or make outrageous claims.

If you put in enough time and only sign up with survey panels that really pay well, it may be a nice source of extra cash.

However, in my opinion, it might just be better you join these sites directly instead of having to join them through SurveyBee. Here are the Best Paid Survey Panels – All Legit!

For more options, feel free to browse our survey reviews archive. All survey panels reviewed on are legit. Therefore, rest assured you’re on the right website.

Ready To Join SurveyBee?

If you’re interested in signing up with SurveyBee, simply click the button below and proceed to the registration page. Registration takes a few minutes. Thanks for reading.