Fetch Rewards Review: This is What I Discovered About It

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If you’ve been searching for an honest Fetch Rewards review, you’re in the right place. This platform creates an opportunity to make money online. Keep reading to find out how you can get the best from this platform.

Fetch Rewards provides a new way to save money on groceries. By using your receipts, you can save money on the things you buy at grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, and lots more.

To get the savings, Fetch Rewards will review your receipts and then issue you savings when you buy from brands they partner with. Just scan your receipts from purchases at the market, club stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, and some big-box retailers.

In this Fetch Rewards review, I will walk you through how the platform works, what you need to do to get the best from the platform, its pros, and cons, and what I think about the platform.

Quick Review

Here’s my quick Fetch Rewards review:

PlatformFetch Rewards
FeaturesIn-store rebates for lots of partners, a huge variety of eligible stores (not limited to only grocery stores)
ProsEasy to use, low effort, low cash-out threshold, a wide list of gift card rewards, does not interfere with other reward programs
ConsNo PayPal cash-out option, reward points can expire, no online rebates

Detailed Guide

What is Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is an app that rewards users (grocery shoppers) for uploading pictures of their receipts. When you upload the photos of your receipts on the app, you will automatically earn points depending on the items you bought from the brand partners.

The app is easy to use and also has a low cash-out threshold. It is also free to sign up on the app. These make it worth trying out.

How does Fetch Rewards Work?

On Fetch Rewards, 1000 of the points that you earn are worth about $1. These points can be redeemed through gift cards for 3000 points or $3. You can select gift cards from big brands like Best Buy, Amazon.com, and Sephora.

Also, you can earn 25 points for scanning just a receipt. That’s not all; you can earn as high as hundreds or even thousands of points if your receipt has a branded item that was currently promoted (for instance a particular beer or cereal).

The interesting thing about the whole process is that you will get the rewards automatically. 

Fetch Rewards is in partnership with hundreds of brands, so you are guaranteed to get some points when you scan your receipts from grocery stores, club stores, convenience stores, or liquor stores. You have the grace of 14 days to scan the receipts.

You can also scan at most 14 receipts within seven days, per The Krazy Coupon Lady.

How to Redeem Your Points

You can redeem your points on Fetch Rewards in many ways.

The commonest option is via gift cards. You can redeem your points for gift cards that are as little as $3 or $5. This makes it easy to turn the points you earn into money that you can spend. You can have the gift cards of popular stores like Best Buy, Amazon.com, and Sephora, at a rate of $1 per 1000 points.

Also, you can redeem your points for subscriptions for Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, and People. Most subscriptions to magazines can be used for a year and they cost about 5000 points (i.e. $5). This is a great deal for people that love reading magazines.

If you like to participate in sweepstakes, the Fetch Rewards app runs regular sweepstakes for $500 Visa gift cards. You can redeem your points to gain entry into the contest. This is capable of giving you more entries per the point that you redeem.


Fetch Rewards always offers special promos in the app. The promo allows you to earn additional rewards points on the things you buy.

You can share your referral code with your friends or make use of a friend’s referral code when you are registering. Each person that you refer to on the Fetch Rewards platform will earn you 2000 points. You will also earn 2000 points if you register with a friend’s code.


One of the best features of Fetch Rewards is that it is free to use.

You can download the app for no cost from the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also create your account without paying any dime. There is no need to provide any payment information. You can receive your rewards without any fees.

The least amount you can redeem is about $3. You will not incur any fees for redeeming your points. Thus, you don’t have to be bothered about losing some portion of your rewards when redeeming.

How to Maximize Your Earnings on Fetch Rewards

It is possible to earn more points on Fetch Rewards.

The first way you can do this is by visiting the grocery stores (and other stores) more frequently and buying items from partner brands. In other words, if you are flexible with the brands that you purchase for some items, you are more likely to earn more points for each of your receipts.

Fetch Rewards suggests products or brand alternatives. You can check them out to see if they are relevant to what you intend to purchase. You can also use the app to create a shopping list so that you can earn extra rewards from the recommended products.

The app also dishes out special offers. You can take advantage of these offers to earn more points for a particular period. By taking up these offers, you can earn between 500 and 10000 points (that’s $0.5 and $10 respectively).

You can also optimize your points by referring your friends and loved ones. Each person you refer will earn you 2000 points when your friend scans his or her first receipt.


1. Low cash-out threshold

The most annoying thing a cash-back platform can do is to make the minimum cash-out amount very high. The gift card options on Fetch Rewards require just 3000 points ($3) for you to cash out.

You can easily earn this point through a few purchases and by referring your friends.

2. A huge number of brands

Fetch Rewards has a wide variety of brands that you can buy. So, you have several ways to save money without interfering with your shopping habits.

Although some special-offer products may not be what you want, that’s not a problem. Fetch Rewards rotates its offers regularly, and basic receipts still give you points.

3. Wide gift card selection

Members of Fetch Rewards will have access to hundreds of gift card options. These options are in 17 categories. Irrespective of what you’re interested in; restaurants, clothing, travel, or charitable donations; the Fetch Rewards app has a reward that you will love.

4. Combine with other programs

Fetch Rewards will not earn or save you thousands of dollars every year. However, it is free to use the app, and it does not restrict you from joining and using other cash-back programs. You can also use coupons on Fetch Rewards.

5. Many earning options

The app enables you to earn points for scanning your receipts, shopping on the internet with electronic receipts, and also refilling your prescriptions. These multiple earning options make Fetch Rewards one of the easiest shopping apps out there. Every shopper has an earning option on Fetch Rewards.


1. Low sign-up bonus

The referral program on Fetch Rewards pays you $2 for referring a user to their platform if they use a promo code while registering. When compared to other rewards apps, this is small. For instance, Ibotta rewards new members with $20 after redeeming a sponsored offer. Ebates pays users $20 for referring people to their platform.

However, I think Fetch Rewards makes up for this low sign-up bonus by offering a low cash-out threshold. It is, however, harder to make money on Fetch Rewards’ referral programs than with referrals from other competitors.

2. Points can expire

Your points can expire if you don’t upload the photo of a receipt within 90 days. You must ensure that you cash out your points whenever possible to prevent your points from expiring.

3. No PayPal cash-out option

There are many gift card options on Fetch Rewards. However, unlike Ibotta, it does not have a PayPal option for redeeming points.

This is one of the major downsides of this platform. 


1. Is it worth signing up for Fetch Rewards?

Fetch Rewards is not only simple to use; it also does not consume much time unlike some of their competitors that limit you to the store you buy from and also ask you to take surveys or watch videos.

You can receive your points within days and can also withdraw your earnings at a threshold that is lower than other apps. This implies that you do not need to wait for a long time before getting the gift card of your choice.

It is, however, to point out that you will be earning a few dollars per receipt and these little drops of water will eventually make an ocean. Considering the price of groceries, there’s nothing bad in checking out Fetch Rewards and trying it out to see how much you can save.

2. Is Fetch Rewards safe?

Yes, the app is safe. You do not need to supply your credit card details. This means that there is no way of deducting your money. The app can offer these rewards because brands pay them in exchange for the advertisements they run on the Fetch Rewards app.

3. Do the points expire?

Yes, Fetch Rewards expire if you are not active for 90 days. If you earn points within those 90 days, the timer for all the points in your account will reset. This means you need to upload one receipt every few months so that your points won’t expire.

4. Who is Fetch Rewards for?

Fetch Rewards is perfect for anyone that shops at grocery stores and wants to earn some rewards for buying things. There is no extra work involved; just upload a picture of your receipt.

If you do grocery shopping regularly, nothing should stop you from giving it a try.


As shown in this Fetch Rewards review, this is an awesome opportunity to be rewarded while shopping for your favorite items.

However, it is important to have realistic expectations. Fetch Rewards offers a great opportunity to keep money in your wallet, but you may not be able to save hundreds of dollars every year.

You are free to combine Fetch Rewards with a cash-back credit to increase your rewards. Websites like Ebates are also excellent for earning cashback while shopping.

Ultimately, Fetch Rewards is just an option that you can use to save money every month. If you don’t put your spending habit under control by adhering to a budget and getting rid of unnecessary expenses, the savings you make from Fetch Rewards will not mean anything.

I hope you enjoy this Fetch Rewards review. Sign up on Fetch Rewards today to earn gift cards, but don’t forget to do away with a frugal lifestyle.