Can You Cheat Survey Sites With Automatic Survey Takers?

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Can automatic survey takers make you money? Are there any risks associated with using them? Keep reading to find out.

Many people use survey websites to make extra money online in their spare time every month by sharing their opinions and feedbacks about different products and services.

If you have completed online surveys before, you will understand that they are time-consuming tasks that pay a little amount of money. As a result, you may be tempted to go for a bot that could help you with the surveys while you sit back and get paid.

The main option most people go for is using an automatic survey taker (also known as a survey bot and an auto-completer) to complete surveys.

Irrespective of what you call it, they all help you complete surveys automatically without you investing any effort. Automatic survey takers can help you complete surveys within a short period.

As tempting as this sounds, is it ethical?

Can you even cheat survey sites with these bots?

Can you be banned when you use an automatic survey checker?

I will address all these questions in this article so that you can decide if you should invest in getting an automatic survey taker or not.

What Is an Automatic Survey Taker?

Automatic survey takers (or survey bots) work by helping you sign up for different survey websites. Instead of completing the surveys by yourself, software on your computer will do all the hard work for you.

You can activate the survey bot on different survey websites, and the bot will answer the questions on the survey sites for you.

Automatic survey takers can help you complete more surveys will little or no effort.

Although you cannot make a full-time income from completing online surveys; however, with survey bots, you can end up earning hundreds of dollars every day without investing any effort.

The whole idea may sound appealing to you if you’ve been trying to make money from survey sites. But is it ethical?

Before you go ahead and download an automatic survey taker, you need to understand some technical issues that are associated with this software. I will discuss these later in this article.

Examples of Automatic Survey Takers

There are lots of automatic survey takers on the internet. Lots of the software have been online throughout the last few years. The bot that most people have been talking about is Coby 2.0 (also known as Ultimate Survey Bot 2.0).

This survey bot has a website where you can find lots of information about it. The website also contains lots of reviews from users.

We also have some Android and iPhone apps that claim to complete surveys automatically. However, you will not see much information about them when you search online.

From my findings, I think Coby 2.0 is the only survey bot people use for filling out surveys automatically.

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Be Careful of Survey Bots

You should be careful when working with automatic survey takers because of the following reasons:

1. They are not effective on most survey sites

Online surveys have been existing for many years. Most survey sites now make use of advanced programming to prevent members from using bots. They achieve this by using captchas, personal questions, and tricky questions that only humans can answer.

This is the reason why most survey sites now ask you to fill out your profile details before you can start receiving surveys. They get the personal questions they can use for confirmation from your profile.

You will not be able to take surveys if you do not pass the confirmation tests.

Most of the websites that do not add this layer of protection and security to their websites are scams.

Online surveys have come a long way since they first became a thing a couple of decades ago. They usually end up not paying their members after completing surveys.

Thus, you will end up spending time to download the automatic survey taker and then run it to fill out surveys only to find out you cannot withdraw your earnings.

2. There are many technical issues involved

No software is error-free; not a bot that you will use on different survey platforms.

Survey websites are not similar. They all have different coding. As a result, your bot will work differently on different websites. The survey bot can run into problems when you are completing surveys and this can get you penalized or even affect your account.

Survey bots can also slow down website pages because they affect the speed of computers and the internet. This can end up making the survey time run out before you complete a survey.

All these can end up affecting your earning potential on survey platforms.

3. It can make survey platforms to ban you completely

One of the main disadvantages of automatic survey takers is that they make you prone to being banned permanently on survey websites.

When this occurs, you will not be able to open another account on the site because they would have blacklisted your IP.

Some survey platforms even state, in their terms and conditions, what they will do if they catch any member using survey bots for filling out surveys. Most of them stated permanent banning as the penalty for such cruelty.

You may not be concerned if you are banned from one or two survey sites. However, it will be painful if you are kicked out of your favorite panels with high-earning potentials. If you find yourself in this situation, I am sure you will not risk using automatic survey takers as an option.

If a survey site bans you, you will not only lose your membership; you will also lose any money that you might have earned in your account.

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4. Survey bots can put online survey sites out of business

Automatic survey takers can make survey panels close down.

It may sound unbelievable, but let’s assume you own a survey website and most of the members are using bots to fill out surveys. What do you think will happen to your website?

Eventually, your partners will find out that your surveys do not yield quality results. As a result, you will end up losing your partners.

Your partners will stop trusting the quality of feedback and opinions coming from your website. As a result, clients will stop patronizing you and that means no more money for you.

What do you think will happen when your website stops making money?

You will not be able to pay your members.

That is what happens to survey sites with most of its members completing surveys with automatic survey takers.

Survey bots are capable of shutting down survey platforms if most of their members are using them.

There are lots of survey websites on the internet, so you can easily jump on the next site. However, the same scenario will play out on the new survey site and every other site you hop on to.

To know how cruel automatic survey takers are, they can eventually shut down an entire survey panel because online retailers that partner with survey sites will start looking for other trustworthy means to get feedback and opinions from people.

In a nutshell, these bots can destroy survey rewards for those that are completing surveys honestly.

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5. Survey bots can corrupt your computer

You have always been warned not to download something that we are not sure of to your computers.

However, many people do not see anything wrong with downloading random bots that claim to make them money without any hassle.

Survey bots are downloadable software that you have no idea what they contain or where they emanated from.

This software can put viruses, malware, spyware, and other risky junk on your computer. These can make your computer useless if care is not taken.

We don’t know where most of these automatic survey takers came from. By the time you find out the dangers that are embedded in these bots, it may be too late.

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Don’t rely on bots to complete surveys.

You cannot cheat survey sites with an automatic survey taker.

Although it might be possible technically, however, you are at risk of the dangers discussed in this article. When you’re caught, you may end up losing your earnings.

Survey sites are only interested in honest answers from real humans. As a result, they will keep upgrading their technology to keep bots away from their platforms.

Even if you lay your hands on a survey bot that can cheat survey sites, you are contributing to the provision of inconsistent answers and this can eventually make survey sites shut down.

Furthermore, automatic survey takers can infect your computer with a virus. I don’t think you should risk having this on your computer.

If you want to continue earning from survey sites without the risk of being permanently banned, then you need to complete surveys honestly. In other words, you should answer the surveys without using any survey bot.

If you work on legit survey sites and you honestly complete your surveys, you will be able to make money and will also be able to share your opinion on the survey platform. However, it will not make you rich. Here’s how to be successful with paid surveys

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