Pureprofile Review – Is It Worth Your Time? [Find Out]

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You do surveys for fun, right? How about for money and prizes. Well, Pureprofile allows you to complete surveys online for cash and other prizes.

In this Pureprofile review, I will show you how you can join this platform, why you should join, the pros and cons.

Let’s get started.

Quick Review

What makes Pureprofile unique?

  • Multiple payment options
  • No points system
  • The minimum cash/PayPal redemption is $20 (AU, NZ, US) and £20 in the UK
  • Fast rewards processing times
  • Earn rewards, even If you get screened out
  • Safe & Legit
  • Offers a referral program

Detailed Overview

Here’s all you need to know about the Pureprofile platform.

What is Pureprofile?

Pureprofile is a company that offers its clients market research solutions via quantitative measures, data insight into how consumers view their products. All around the world, hundreds of brands have used this platform to solve their market research problems.

Pureprofile provides a web-based survey panel that has been in operation for years. Though it originated in Australia, it currently boasts one million members worldwide. Furthermore, its members have been participating since the company was founded.

This is a survey panel that is interested in your opinions and thoughts. Having been established in 2000, the community accepts panelists from different countries. By joining the platform, you will experience the new and exciting features available. Also, you will become part of a community comprised of hundreds of thousands of survey takers.

If you are above 13 years, you can join the platform. You can signup by visiting the platform. Simply provide your name, email, date of birth, and location to get started.

In addition, the platform offers you product suggestions and access to trending products besides giving you cash rewards for sharing your opinions.

Consequently, businesses and brands are also able to understand the demands of consumers, thereby improving their products accordingly.

Lastly, Pureprofile also allows you to ‘optimize’ your profile so that you keep getting surveys related to your area of interest(s).  

How does Pureprofile work?

Brands use Pureprofile’s global user base to get honest feedback about their products and services.

On Pureprofile, opinions are collected through quick and easy surveys. By collecting data, companies can develop new products, prepare marketing campaigns, and shape future decisions.

They acquired Cohort Group recently, and they are a leader in generating consumer leads. With more than 700 well-known global brands as clients, the company specializes in providing marketing solutions. In the past 14 years, the company has paid out millions of dollars to its customers.

As you sign-up, you see how easy it is to use Pureprofile. Apart from taking surveys, you can earn by watching short videos and giving feedback on them. You are eligible if you reside in the UK, US and Australia, and New Zealand and 15 and above, are eligible.

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What is Pureprofile sign-up process?

You can easily create an account with Pureprofile by simply providing your name, email address, country, and setting up a unique password. A confirmation link will be sent to your e-mail address after you complete the registration process.

Clicking on this link verifies your identity and will enroll you in Pureprofile. Check your spam filter if the email does not appear. Make sure that Pureprofile is added to the safe sender list within your email settings if the email is there.

A social media account like Facebook or Twitter can be used to join Pureprofile – most of your information will be populated automatically. As your profile becomes more complete, marketing professionals will find your profile more valuable, and your interests will be uncovered by the algorithm.

When you complete your profile information, your first task will be available to you.

Users of Android phones can download Pureprofile from the Google Play Store, while users of iPhones can download it from the App Store.

Pureprofile can then provide you with surveys that are more likely to be interesting to you. New members can join Pureprofile regardless of where they reside, but they must be at least 13 years old.

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What is the worth of Pureprofile points?

Points aren’t used in Pureprofile. Any transaction you are making is going to be in dollars. With this feature, you can easily track how much a survey is worth and how much you need to earn to get the minimum payout.

How much can you earn with Pureprofile?

A survey usually pays between $0.10 and $5, depending on its specifications. Sometimes you may also have several survey offers that pay up to $30.

On the platform, you get surveys tailored to the information in your profile. You are not promised a certain number of surveys.

The number of surveys you get depends on your demographics. Also, there are times you might get disqualified from surveys because you do not meet the demographics of the survey.

In addition, Pureprofile has a limit to earnings. There are also some regions where these figures can’t even be reached anyway.

You need to regularly update your profile so your chances of being involved in more surveys will be high. This means the more surveys you complete, the higher your earnings.

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How to redeem points with Pureprofile?

You can redeem your points in the following ways:

  • Cash via PayPal
  • Cash by direct bank transfer (available only if you live in Australia)
  • Movie vouchers to watch your favorite
  • Shopping e-vouchers for your favorite retail stores

To redeem payment, participants from Australia can have a minimum of $20, while those from other countries have a minimum of $25 in their account, and processing it takes 30 business days.

Something to note about redeeming payments is that within 60 days, your total redemption payment must be $60 or less.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of Pureprofile.


What are the benefits of joining Pureprofile?

1. High payouts

Pureprofile offers high cash payouts with their surveys. The high payout is one of the best features of this survey site. You can earn a lot of money here by just filling out a few short surveys.

By signing up, you get paid for sharing your opinions on various topics. You can earn up to $30 per survey on the platform. In addition, the platform pays its users in cash for every completed survey. 

2. Multiple payment options

Pureprofile offers you multiple payment options. The platform offers you the flexibility to choose how you want to receive your payment via multiple payment options including PayPal, gift cards, or cash.

3. Numerous income opportunities

Pureprofile survey is a great way to start earning money online. The opportunities are practically limitless, and the income potential is consistently high. Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your home. Taking surveys and referring your friends and family may increase your income. 

4. No point system

Pureprofile does not use a points system to reward its members for completing their profiles, unlike many other survey sites. Instead, Pureprofile pays its members cash for completing surveys.

5. Disqualification rewards

Pureprofile offers you the protection of knowing that a disqualified person will still earn some cash. This survey site will compensate you for your time and effort if you are not selected for a survey. In addition, the platform pays you $0.10 if you are disqualified from a survey.

6. Refer-a-friend program

There is also a referral system in place that will reward you with an additional cash payment for each person you referred who signs up. You are paid $2 for every person that joins Pureprofile using your referral link. As a result, you can earn lots of money from your referrals.

Despite this, you’ll only receive your earnings if your referrals complete at least two surveys.

7. The platform is sleek, simple, and easy to use

The Pureprofile survey platform is elegant, easy to use, and designed for everyone. They designed this application to help more people discover the benefits of surveys and earn money from the comfort of their own homes.

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Just like other survey panels, Pureprofile also has its cons. What are the cons of Pureprofile?

1. Eligibility tests

The eligibility test is a set of questions that Pureprofile has created to qualify people for taking part in surveys. These tests can be tedious and time-consuming. They also do not guarantee that you are going to qualify for a survey.

2. High redemption limit

Pureprofile survey is among the most reputable names in the online survey market. The offers available on this platform are generally better than others.

Although, some are complaining about the high redemption limit of Pureprofile. The redemption limit for Pureprofile which is set at $20 is high although most surveys pay between $0.10 and $5.

3. Long processing times

The main complaint regarding Pureprofile is the processing times. You’ll have to wait 30 (business) days to get your payment. This also excludes weekends and public holidays.

4. Unreliable customer support

According to the customers, the customer service of Pureprofile is poor. Their members have expressed concerns over the responsiveness and quality of support provided.


What are some alternatives to Pureprofile?

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How do you join Pureprofile?

It is pretty easy, log onto the main website, and just below a welcome message for YOU, you’ll see “I want to get started”. After that, fill in your personal details and signup.

Can you have more than one Pureprofile account?

No. Pureprofile allows each user to have only one account. Otherwise, you may get blocked and your current account with its earnings closed if they find out otherwise.

What happens if you are inactive for over 12 months?

Pureprofile will consider that account inactive and may close it. That’s after they’ve sent emails asking you to log in to confirm you’re still active, and you’ve not responded to them.

Final Thoughts

Pureprofile is another survey site you can take surveys for money. You can make money on the platform by completing surveys, participating in sweepstakes, and referring friends.

Besides the high redemption limit and long processing period, the platform runs a cash-based rewards system, which is a big plus. Therefore, I recommend you make Pureprofile another preferred survey site and check it out if you haven’t already. Overall, Pureprofile is worth the try.

If you’re looking for alternative survey sites, I recommend you check out the best-paying survey panels. If you’re open to other alternative ways to earn online, you can check out more ways to make money online.

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