Palm Research Review – Is It for You? (Detailed Palm Research Review)

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Looking for a Palm Research review that will help you to decide if you should join the platform or not? Palm Research is a legit survey site for making money online. This article will help you learn everything you need to know about the platform.

But before we get into that, let me ask you some questions. Do you like being on the Internet?  Do you want to make good money in your free time?  Of course, you do, who wouldn’t.

The goal of this Palm research review is to help you decide if the platform is worth joining. I will answer all your questions and share the pros and cons of the platform.

Let’s get started.

Quick Review

What makes Palm Research unique?

  • Free to join
  • Legit survey platform
  • Survey router
  • Payment via PayPal
  • No points system
  • Offers referral system
  • Easy to use
  • Long processing period
  • Low earning potential
  • Low minimum withdrawal threshold of $10
  • Earn an average of $0.50-$1 per survey
  • Must be 18+ to become a member
  • Available in many countries

Detailed Overview

Here’s all you need to know about Palms Research.

What is Palm Research?

Palm Research is a consumer research firm based in California. When you browse through the website, you will notice there is not much information about the website on there. But according to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) the company was established in 2007. 

The site does not offer numerous ways to earn which makes it easy to navigate despite its archaic design.

Most of the earning opportunities are associated with doing paid surveys, but there are also a few other earning opportunities as well. Here are some ways to earn at Palm Research:

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How to earn with Palm Research?

Daily surveys

The obvious way to earn money with Palm Research is to partake in the daily surveys. These surveys pop out thrice daily. The surveys pay about $0.70 to $1.00 and they are also short. So don’t be bothered by the amount of time you will spend doing them. 

No matter how short these surveys are, there is no guarantee you will be able to take them because your availability for taking the survey depends on your location.

However, most Palm Research members have stated that once you receive an invitation for a survey, you get directed to another website.

So this means that Palm Research serves as a router to other survey panels. For example, if a survey on Palm Research is $0.50 the same survey will be on sites like GrabPoints for $0.90.

Note that there are qualifying surveys you will need to take and you may not qualify for them all.

Open surveys

Another type of survey Palm Research offers is open surveys or Adhoc surveys. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can take but it all depends on your location. If you are based in the US you are sure to get lots of these surveys.

Clinical trials

Another type of survey you can find in Palm Research is the clinical trials survey. Not much information is given about this type of survey but they involve medicine or medical conditions and they also pay well.

Refer new members

Referring Palm Research to your family and friends is another way to earn money with them. When you are a registered member of Palm Research, you will get a unique link so people can use that link to register.

Therefore, if your friends and family register with your unique link, you will get a 10% commission of all their earnings.

Lastly, for me when it comes to the Palm Research referral program, I won’t advise you to get too serious with it unless you have lots of friends that are ready to register.

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How much can you earn with Palm Research?

The amount of money you will earn simply depends on your location and how often you are available for surveys.

There is only one payment method that Palm Research offers, which is PayPal. That is the most favorable method of payment when it comes to surveys. 

For you to be able to cash out your earnings, you must have $10 in your account. Another twist to it is that once your balance reaches $10 your payment will automatically be processed.

Additionally, residents of the US are offered more surveys to complete. They process payouts at the end of every month. Payments will only be processed if you have earned $10, but you will not receive funds until after 45 days.

This is quite strange because 45 days is too long to process payment via PayPal when other survey panels offer PayPal payment and they process the payment between a few days or some hours.

However, you will enjoy getting paid via PayPal because unlike other survey panels Palm Research will not deduct your money when you are being paid. For example, if you are cashing out $10 you will receive $10.

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How do you get paid with Palm Research?

As you can see above, Palm Research offers different methods of earning. In my experience, many survey sites offer more opportunities.

You can only get one method of payment when you are a member of Palm Research and you get paid via PayPal. And there is no other way.

Your money will be automatically processed when your balance reaches the $10 threshold. So, when you want to register, register with your PayPal email so your money will be processed quickly.

The processing time for your payment is 45 days which for me is too long. I believe anything after 7 days is too long.

So expect some significant delay when redeeming your earnings with Palm Research.

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How to Join Palm Research

To sign up on Palm Research, click on “Sign up now” to input some simple details about you, after which the survey site asks you to verify your account via email.

When you verify your email, you are asked some questions that help them determine your demographic information. Immediately you do that, voila. You’re free to partake in surveys.

Who can join Palm Research?

Eligibility is for people who are 18 and above. International members are accepted too. This means you can join Palm Research from several countries which is good.

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Now let’s talk about the pros and cons in this Palm Research review:


1. Easy to use

Palm Research is quite easy to use and it has been made simple for its users. With its simple, clear interface, designed for smartphones and tablets, Palm Research is easy for you to use.

2. Low cashout threshold

Palm Research survey panel has a low cash-out threshold of $10, making it worth your time to sign up for free and start taking surveys. There is a lower cash-out requirement than most other survey panels, so if this is important to you, Palm Research may be a good option.

3. Decent rewards concerning time spent

Palm Research surveys are usually fun and not too hard to complete, as you will be asked to just give a couple of opinions on a product that you use. The rewards are decent enough for the amount of time that it takes.

4. Redeem via PayPal at no cost

Whenever you complete a survey or questionnaire, you are eligible to receive monetary compensation through your PayPal account. After reaching the threshold of $10, their system will automatically process your payment.

However, you will incur no cost for cashing out via PayPal. Panel Research will pay for the extra charges so you are expected to receive your full amount.

5. Most surveys are short

Surveys are short and easy to complete. Most Palm Research surveys are short: since you’re not required to answer or scroll through pages of questions, most take under 10 minutes to complete. And when you’re done, you can get your cash.

6. Many locations outside the U.S. are eligible

Palm Research has established a network of sites in parallel to the United States. Palm Research offers different surveys. These include daily surveys, online surveys, and, even clinical trials.

While some of these opportunities are only available in the United States, there are locations all around the world that you can participate in. This means that almost any country outside of the states is eligible to participate.


1. Very old-fashioned design

Palm Research’s website features an old-fashioned look. However, despite its old-fashioned interface and lack of advanced features, the Palm Research website is easy to use.

2. Not very many earning opportunities

There isn’t an abundant amount of earning opportunities. They offer you surveys alone, and while they pay fairly well, you are limited to how much you can earn. There aren’t a whole lot of opportunities for earning with Palm Research.

3. Takes 45 days to payout

When you reach the $10 threshold requirement, your payout is automatically processed. However, it takes around 45 days until you receive the payment. They make payments via only PayPal.

However, you will incur no cost for cashing out via PayPal. Panel Research pays for the extra charges. Therefore, you are expected to receive your full amount.

4. Not mobile-optimized

Palm Research is not optimized for your mobile device. It can only work well for you when you answer surveys with your laptop or your desktop.

5. They appear to be just a middleman to other survey panels

They are just a middleman to other survey panels in most cases so they don’t offer much on their own. Many times a survey panel is considered a scam because they just act as a middleman between you and other survey panels.

You’re going to be doing the same thing on this site…so why not do that through the original platform?

6. The earning potential is far from satisfactory

Although the earning potential of the Palm Research survey is far from satisfactory, the work can be done while on the move. It can be made a part-time job to earn some extra bucks. Other similar survey panels offer higher earning potential for very little effort.

7. Customer service is either inaccessible or unhelpful

On top of the minimal ways of earning, the Palm Research customer service takes a frustratingly long time to respond to your concerns. Sometimes, they don’t even reply if you have any complaints.

It is not easy to contact them which makes it difficult for customers who need assistance.

8. Taking too many daily surveys leads to suspension

Participants can expect to earn cash if they take part in our research. The number of surveys to fill out each day is limited. So, filling out too many surveys per day will result in a suspended account.

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What are some alternatives to Palm Research surveys?

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Is Palm Research Legit Or A Scam?

Although Palm Research is not a scam, it does not have a lot to offer. Users only have minimal earning opportunities. But, the site is legit.

I’d like to join Palm Research, how do I go about it? Will I have to pay?

Joining Palm Research is free. You don’t have to pay anything. Just click the “Sign up now” button on the website.

Can you use it on mobile?

Yes, you can use Palm Research on mobile but note that the site is not mobile-friendly. When browsing on the website you will notice it has an outdated look and it’s not mobile-friendly.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Palm Research review. Palm Research is a reputable survey site. If you are looking to make money doing surveys online, then you need to give it a try. 

However, it is not a get-rich-quick survey platform and it doesn’t have numerous earning options like other survey sites.

I hope you have enjoyed the information provided and can start earning money online today.

In addition, check out my list of best survey sites to find more opportunities to make money online with survey sites. Alternatively, check out how you can make money online via other methods.

Surveystor provides information on how to earn extra income on GPT sitesPTC sitessurvey platforms, and cashback platforms. Thanks for reading.

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