Is Smart App Legit? Smart App Review

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Smartphones, smart homes, smart locks, smartwatches, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart apps… things we use on a daily basis are becoming smarter by the day. Technology has improved our living conditions through seamless connectivity and easy access to smart devices. This review will show you how you can earn by influencing the next generation of smart products and services.

Smart App research study by Verto Analytics is designed to anonymously gather data on how we interact with our smart devices. The company’s goal is to send internet usage data collected from users to technology companies so as to help improve their services and features.

How does the Smart App work?

  • Install the app on your smartphone
  • Let the app run in the background to collect and send your internet usage data
  • Earn cash after 30 days; also earn through regular rewards, surveys, and giveaways

If you have privacy concerns about how you explore the internet, the Smart App may not be a suitable panel for you. I encourage you to check out other paid survey websites like PrizeRebel or InboxDollars.

If you don’t have any privacy concerns, read on.

When I first found out about this platform, I was a bit skeptical and curious about its offerings. I decided to research to get more information. I wanted to see if it’s a platform I could recommend to my fellow surveystors or not.

Just before I share my recommendation, let me share my findings. Let’s go through what I found – how it works, what the platform offers, how to join, pros, cons, and other relevant information about the platform.

Quick Review

Here’s my Smart App quick review.

PlatformSmart App
Sign upInvitation only
Launch Year2019. Formally Smart Panel
EligibilityThe United States, Germany, United Kingdom, India
Rewards$10 per survey
Parent OrganizationVerto Analytics
Payout MethodsCash, PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Sweepstakes

Unlike many paid survey sites that are time-consuming, Smart App offers a means to make passive income without spending too much of your time completing surveys, watching uninteresting videos, or doing some boring tasks on your desktop or laptop. Even better, you can earn with your phone doing things you would normally do.

For overachievers like me, the platform offers other means you can earn. Besides the regular rewards, you can take surveys. Alternatively, you can automatically qualify for monthly sweepstakes to win big prizes to consolidate your earnings.

Detailed Review

Let’s get to know what Smart App is all about.

What is Smart App?

Smart App is a platform that rewards you for sharing your data about how you use the internet. Together with a survey program, the app is able to get more data on how consumers use the internet. This data is used by third parties who use the information to improve their services.

The app is run by Verto Analytics based in New York. They partner with tech companies with who they share these data. Verto Analytics research studies follow the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR) standards for market research in data collection.

This means the company uses ethical means to gather, collect, and share your data without violating your privacy.

More so, Verto Analytics requires you to download a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to use the Smart App. This ensures the safe transit of user data.


Smart App was originally called Smart Panel which was founded in 2014. In 2019, the company changed the name of the platform from Smart Panel to Smart App.

How does it work?

Joining the platform is simple. To become a member, go to the Smart App website homepage and click the “I’d like to Sign Up” button.

Fill in and submit a Smart App Community Application form. You will provide some personal information such as your name, date of birth, address, phone, job title, and employer. You will also answer questions about the smart devices you own and if you use them regularly.

The drawback here is that joining the Smart App is currently by invitation only. Don’t let that stop you. Go ahead and sign up if you’re interested in joining the community.

Once you submit your application, you have to wait to be accepted. If you are accepted, you can download the app, answer surveys and qualify for giveaways. After 30 days, provided the app has been active on your device, you will be able to redeem your points.

How to join

The Smart App Research study is currently by invitation only. Members are selected to participate in their research studies. Even existing members are not allowed to invite other members to join the community. However, they indicated on their platform the chances of creating a referral program in the future. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

To sign up, follow these steps.

Step 1

Go to their Smart App website homepage and click the “I’d like to Sign Up” button. This will redirect you to a preliminary survey.

Step 2

Go ahead and fill the survey. You will be contacted if you fit the demographic for their study.

Step 3

If you are contacted, download and install the app and keep it running on your device(s).

How to make money

After installation, you can begin to take part in surveys and start earning. You can use your smartphone, tablets, or computers to start earning.

The platform also offers monthly giveaways where 3 lucky winners earn up to $100 every month. They also offer other giveaways regularly on their platforms and social media pages.

How to redeem rewards

You can redeem your rewards via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. There’s no stipulated minimum threshold or the specific time when you can withdraw your earnings. I found out you have to wait for at least 30 days before you can request your earnings. Processing your payment also takes some considerable time – about 30 days.


The major advantage of the Smart App platform is that your income is passive.

  • The platform offers high paying surveys
  • The app is available on mobile, tablets, and personal computers.
  • You have multiple less-stressful ways to make money – surveys, loyalty bonuses, and giveaways
  • The platform ensures your data is collected anonymously following international standards for data collection
  • You can redeem your rewards via cash, PayPal, or Amazon gift cards
  • You can increase your daily income by downloading the app on multiple devices


The major limitation is that the program and terms of service favor the company more than its users.

  • You forfeit your rewards when you uninstall the app
  • Some users complain that the app stops working after sometime
  • You can only change your email once in one year
  • The maximum bonus has declined over the years
  • Limited surveys
  • The app may interfere with your proxy settings when accessing other websites on your computer
  • There’s no guaranteed payment time or threshold
  • The platform dictates the payment methods as you cannot choose your preferred payment methods
  • You may encounter issues when cashing out if the app stops running at any point in time
  • The app cannot be turned off unless you uninstall it from your device
  • You do not get a loyalty bonus if the app stops running during the 30 day period
  • If you connect multiple devices to one account, you will not get paid if any of the devices stop working
  • No referrals
  • Unreliable customer support

Just before I pass on my verdict, let me answer some common questions people ask about the platform.


Is Smart App legit?

Yes, the Smart App is legit. The platform collects anonymized user data adhering to ESOMAR standards for market research in data collection. Your data is encrypted and not disclosed without your consent.

Is my privacy truly protected with Smart App?

Yes, according to Smart App. I will advise you to read their privacy policy to understand the data they collect and share with third parties. The company behind the app claims to not disclose personally identifiable information from their user’s data unless you want to get rewards. Why would a user want to join in the first place if not to get rewards?

What does it cost to participate in Smart App research Study?

The platform requires at least some data per month to stay connected to its systems. This is an estimated 3MB which is not too significant. In terms of monetary cost, there are no fees required to join the panel.

How long does it take to redeem my rewards?

For new users, you can redeem your rewards after 30 days. Provided the software has been installed on your device for a minimum of 30 days.

Does Smart App require active internet connection?

The Smart App can connect to either WiFi or any other form of mobile internet connectivity available on your device. However, you need to be connected to the internet to use the app.

Will the Smart App affect my phone battery?

The app will not have any significant effect on your battery life. Expect a 1-5% reduction in battery life depending on your phone or device. This is quite similar to having a background app or VPN running on your device.

What devices can I use to participate in Smart App?

You can use the Smart App mobile app on smartphones and tablets. Also, you can use browser extensions on your Windows or Apple computers.

Do I need a VPN to participate on Smart App with my smartphone?

Yes, in order to be eligible to earn rewards, Smart App requires you to install a VPN on your mobile devices. The VPN is called a Virtual Private Network – a secure and encrypted connection that allows the safe transfer of data from your device to Verto Analytics.


My concern about Smart App is privacy. But come to think of it, other big players know me more than I can I ever know myself. Why? Because they have all my personal data. So why not make some money with it using an app like Smart App?

Is Smart App legit?

Smart App is legit. However, it’s not going to make you rich. The Smart App panel is a good option for making passive income.

If you would like to make some passive income, don’t care about third parties accessing your personal data and you are actively connected to the internet, you should try Smart App.

Many users have complained about issues they face during cashout. This could be due to many reasons such as changing demographic requirements, internet connectivity issues, and internet browser proxy issues. Just like other paid survey platforms with downsides, this platform is no exception.

Here’s my take.

Sign up and see if you can get an invite. If you’re lucky to get an invite, try the app for 30 days and see for yourself if the app fits seamlessly into your internet usage routine. If it does, keep it.

Else, I recommend you try other paid survey sites like InboxDollars and PrizeRebel.